Is it a Sunnah to cover the head for a Muslim Man?

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate Zakat Is it a Sunnah to wear the headcovering wear the cap

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because we do see a number of people, particularly those people who have returned from Gulf countries and such like hedge etc, that deliberately remove that cap

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whilst they're praying, is there any basis for this at all? As far as the first part of the question is concerned? That is it asuna is it most up to cover man's head?

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There are various Hadith which say that Prophet Musa seldom His head was always covered by the with the cap with the Tobin the with the helmet, and even the head of the Saba so covered. It's mentioned in say Muslim, or number two, in the book of hijab, added number 314. It it says that when Hamas Allah seldom addressed the people, on the day of the victory of Makkah, he was wearing a black turban. So the many Hadid saying that most of us uncovered that further, according to Hadith regenerated by Omar, it says that masala Salam wore a white cap.

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It's led by bloomer and according to Bernie, he has rated this as

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one of the category of a person and according to mom, Cod, it says it is a highly authentic hadith. He says in his book sarojini while number four is number 112 very say that this is a highly authentic leader masala Salaam are wearing a white cap. The Arabic word is Kofi, for a cap in India with Adobe

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that is authentic, and there are other Hadith saying that the Saba is also covered dead. A similar Hadith is mentioned in

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say Bihari on number seven in the book of dress. Number 5802 says that and has been Maalik libraries a Tim he covered his head. He wore a cap to based on all these Hadith almost all it's unanimous agreement among the scholars of the scholars that covering the head is Muslim. It is a Sunnah of the Prophet. This must stop is encouraged all all the four schools of thought. The Hanafi, the Shafi the malarkey, humbly, all four schools of thought and all the four m Mas, they agree that covering the head is Muslim. And when you pray, while praying, also it was tough to cover the head. It's most and if you pray bareheaded, it's macro.

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The reason that why people when they come back from the Gulf countries, or when they come from Hawaii, they normally even in India, previously a few years back maybe 1015 years back

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the people when the pinion the most 99% or 99.9%. Whenever any man prayed in the mosque, he had his head covered, maybe 20 years back. But now we find that 25% 1/4 or 1/3 of the people they pray the Salah bareheaded.

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The reason is that previously it was known that it must have to cover the head. So even when they didn't cover that normally, at least by offering Salah they have to cover that umbrella. Even though they didn't cover that normally, always. They covered the head, at least fair offering. So it's a good sign. When people go to Gulf countries they realize and they come to know that covering that is not further for the fire to be accepted. And there are many people because they come from different parts of the world in the Gulf countries and they have different ways of practicing Islam. There is a hadith in which one of the sabas to show to the people that it's not fired, he just put one piece

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of cloth from the shoulder down

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below the knee and he prayed salah and accepted. So if you ask that is it for him to wear a cap a cover that we're offering so it's not a firm? But it is Mr. hub? This is what they feel to realize that it is Musab. So why should we not do it? When they come back from the Gulf countries and they come to no it is not a foreign they try and show the people that we have knowledge and they purposely don't cover the head and now we find in the mosque about 25% 1/3 of them don't cover that which I feel is going away from the Sunnah of the Prophet. These people they fail to realize that if they asked the scholars of the country's top scholars, all of them they cover

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all of them before that, so just because it's like lack of knowledge is dangerous. Does because fine fella will be accepted but is most the hub and ownership NASA galbani he says that covering that is most up and praying bareheaded is macro

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and he faith that the hadith of Edna bosma will be the Tim ordinariates about Prophet Musa al Salaam that

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He kept his cap as a sutra in front of him while offering Salah. It's a definite it's not authentic. And some of the scholars especially from Egypt, they're given the fatwa that you know because in Iran when you're performing hajj or Umrah you will go ahead and the salary accepted therefore covering that is not the criteria of offering salary. If you read the report Mr. assylum never did the Prophet left his head uncovered were praying except in Iran, except for performing hajj or Umrah were the prophet in coverage at all other times he had his head covered

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the reason that during ombre while in Iran that wasn't covered is because it is haram to cover the head

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many things which are messed up or haram during the state of Iran if you say that because in HUD you don't cover the head that it's a rule that you should not cover that in Salah is totally wrong. There are many things which are must have for example cutting the knees they must have in the normal day to day life but in Iran it is haram

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similarly covering head is mooster but in haram only it's haram so giving this logic is totally wrong.

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In Iran, you don't have to cover that because it's not allowed it's violating the rules of Iran otherwise you should cover the head and if people are at least covering while offering Salah they should continue they will get some up and that's what all the for a month's said. Eventually NASA Rabbani me Tamia Sheikh bin buzz, and all the scholars and Mr. Malik said that from the time of Islam till today, always the scholars and the Abbas and the Salafist all in the covered head and the turban you know, whether they were Tobin or goofy etc. So I encouraged the Muslim should cover that. It's one of the recommended acts of the Prophet