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The importance of finding a partner to support an upcoming election is emphasized, along with the need for a strong faith in Islam to avoid violence and maintain healthy behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for a strong faith in Islam to avoid violence and maintain healthy behavior. The segment also touches on the use of people to motivate people to do things that bring comfort to their bodies and joy to their life. The segment ends with a discussion of the struggles of Islam during the pandemic and the importance of trusting in one's spirituality to avoid violence.

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Sit on wanting to live Okay.

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Anil hamdulillah

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he went on to study when are we likely to LMS rhodium fusina woman sejahtera Melina in omega de la la la

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la la, la la

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la la la la la sharika wash one no Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu Rahmatullah mean. watching the movie in Omaha Jackson is leaking order to Nevada Germany and Allah hoby wasabi. Wasabi are in an army and then summon Haku and hold firm for long metzia hygroma jazzy tena V and

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what as soon as he

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won wa salam o was it What about the Kali while he was happy? Well, Allah Jimmy or the minister can be so negative

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and bad. So we'll see from one FC beatiful la

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Vina who may Allah Allahu Maharajah

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all praises to to Allah alone. And when we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both for forgiveness and repentance. truly human loss of hello to Allah guides, none can mislead. And Humala leaves to go a stranger is none who can guide and bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, save a lot alone. And then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both his servant and His Messenger.

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The Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them,

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narrated to us, a hadith

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that is narrated or recorded

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in Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the lie of Lulu Yeoman kiama al mucha hub una mujer de la oma

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favilli yo Ma.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that indeed on the Day of Judgment, Allah will proclaim Where are those who love each other for my glory? Today I shall shade them underneath my scenes on the day when there is no shade, save my shade.

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This has been

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we will mention some of the great benefits that we can take from it.

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The profits in the long run even send them says that Allah will say this yomo piano on the Day of Judgment. And so it is important for us to think about your milk, the AMA,

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes the pain and the torment and the hardship and the adversity of Yeoman tianma.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions and one add to the notion Melia Matina had such a cool immunochemical daddy.

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He says the sun will be brought close to the creation until it is as though it is one mile from them.

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And the narrator of the Hadith Sulaiman when

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he said for law he met

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me and he said, Oh, by law, I do not know what the prophet meant by a meal I mile. He said the prophets mean a mile as in a large distance, as we say a mile today, what did he mean?

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He says,

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He said the profits are lower. So the mean the small stick used to put on the eye.

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And then he continued and he said in the Prophet said, fair, Kuhn, fearfulness, Allah podria, many people will be treated according to their deeds. He said, so there will be those of them up to their ankles in sweats, and those up to their knees in sweats, and those who will be hot women, many of whom knew a lot to me and those up to their necks. And those the profit from the long run even sent him described they will be like the bridle of the horse. They put a bridle on the nose and the mouth of the horse he said they will be like that, in terms of their sweats. This is the intensity of the heat due to the sun being brought close to mankind. And the prophets Allah and Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned to us in this era to set it shake on

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the earthquakes of the hour. The shaking of the hour, is a tremendous matter.

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yoma Corona, Corona.

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On that day, you see the mother who is breastfeeding her child, that mother who loves her child and takes care of this vulnerable child will throw the child away.

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And each woman that is pregnant, will abort their pregnancy from the intensity of their fear. Allah subhanaw taala describes that day he'll may have funeral moment, the day where the men will run away from his brother will mean run away from their mother and their father. While so hey Betty, you have any and even their wife, their spouses and their children.

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liquid liquid

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honey, on that day each person will be preoccupied by a matter.

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And so between this suffering this terror this fear this anxiety.

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There is a voice that calls out in the midst of all of this chaos. There is a voice that calls out and it is the voice of a law. And this voice says Amen. What's going to be Gianelli? Where are those who love each other by my glory.

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Where are those people who came together for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala who helped each other for the sake of Allah, who supported each other for the sake of Allah, who pushed each other, to worship more, to be better for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala who comforted each other in hardships and trials for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, Where are these people? Today I will give them shade, the shade of his throne on the day when there is no shade except the shade of a muscle penalty. Because you chose a law in your relationship with people.

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you prioritize your relationship based on the last panel data because people build their relationships for many different reasons. Some people build a relationship with a person because of monetary value. You like this person because they're wealthy, because liking them brings you access to wealth. liking them helps you succeed professionally. And so that love for the dunya for wealth becomes the basis of that friendship. You like something

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people because they are entertaining. When you're with them, you laugh and you smile and you joke. And that becomes the reason that you are brought together with this person. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, and the last panel, john is encouraging us to have relationships, the basis of his being our love for Allah subhanaw taala. I love this person, not because he makes me laugh, even if he does not because he brings me opportunities in the dunya whether he does or doesn't, I love this person, because he brings me closer to a law when I'm with him, he reminds me about a law when I see him is doing, and it reminds me to do this. When I see

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him, he's never thinking of going to places where he's doing things that are wrong. This person reminds me about a law, my relationship is based with him, on the basis that he brings me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you do this, you find yourself connected to this religion. How often are there people who say, you know, there was a time where I felt so close to Allah now my Amen, you know, is going down. I don't know how to feel more connected in my prayers. I don't know how to feel more connected to a loss of adults either.

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One of the strongest ways to connect you to a law

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is to be connected with people who are connected to Allah subhanaw taala. They will remind you of a line bring you closer to him. In this day of Friday, it is highly recommended for us to recite Surah finncap.

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And in it's the first story of four is the story of people persecuted for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala persecuted because of their religion, and Allah subhana wa tada reminds us have their friendship, one to each other. And he reminds us and he talks about the dog in the story. And some of the scholars they say look at how often

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Allah mentions their dog.

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He mentions the dog over and over. And they say it's just a dog. It's Allah honors the dog by mentioning it over and over and over for you to realize that being in the companionship of righteous people will increase your honor. Just as a law increases the honor of a dog, because it's in the company of righteous people in the community. And at the end of it as if the lesson of this story allows a panel to artists as well so enough second matter Lavina in the room out of the home, that he or she will be doing our job. Allah subhanaw taala says keep yourself patience. Persevere, spend your time with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and in the evening seeking His favor

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when I tell him to do Zenith and higher to dunya and do not let your eyes go past them looking for the dunya rather look for those who bring you closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And we know the story of the man who killed 99 people. And he seeks repentance from Allah subhanaw taala. And when he finally comes to a person of knowledge, that person of knowledge tells them what you want repentance, of course on level except to repentance, but you need to leave the city why they now call Miss Tommaso because they are evil people. And if you're surrounded by evil people, you're gonna do evil things. He says go to another city, there are good people there. They will support you

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to do good. And if you do evil, they will oppose you.

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And it says if to tell us you want to tell them, You need to surround yourself with people who remind you of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is a question for all of us are the people in your life? The people you spend time with? The people you invest your relationship? Time with? Are they people bringing you closer to gender or closer to the Hellfire?

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And this is a question sometimes or a topic we only speak to our kids about it. Who are your friends, you need to have good friends? Well, it doesn't matter what age you are. I see people having a midlife crisis is golden age. Why? Because of the friends that they're hanging around with.

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Somebody who spent their whole 4050 years of their life, never committing certain types of trauma, all of a sudden they're committing harm. Why because the friends that they're now with are committing.

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It has an effect on every human being it doesn't matter their age.

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And look at the beautiful story or some of the story is, you know the story of Aqua Marina some of the scholars saying might be related, that he was friends with obey even honnef

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and these they were he was the worst opponent of the Prophet sallallahu when you send them and when obey left this Mecca and he went to a sham

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began to listen to Islam. Listen to the Prophet, listen to the fore end and he felt moved by it.

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He almost was going to convert. He was thinking about converting maybe on the edge of converting to Islam. And when his friend came back and heard people saying rumors that might become a Muslim or has become a Muslim, his friend went to him and said, How dare you? And immediately opposite No, no, no, no, no, I wasn't thinking of it and he backtracks because of his friend. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed, well we all go volume Allah.

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Allah, Allah mentions the example of a man on the Day of Judgment, who will bite his hand from regrets, saying, Why did I take a path besides the path of the Messenger of Allah? Oh, how I wish I had not taken that person as a friend, the friend, leading them astray from Allah subhanho wa Taala, about linear and ethically bounded journey, what kind of shape and insanity Lula indeed he led me away from the remembrance after it came to me, and indeed shavon Seaton is a dessert for two men. And another story of authority a long one. And I asked him, the Robin Hood are performing Hitler together. And they were on their way to Medina, and on their way to Medina, Mujahideen, some others

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cut them off. And they went to Russia and they said, your religion says to be good to your parents, and you are leaving your mother in Mecca. And she has sworn an oath that she will not eat food, and she will not drink water and she will not take shade until you come back to Mecca.

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gave his friend good advice. He said, Oh yes, this is just a ploy.

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They're just trying to guilt you. When she gets hungry, she will eat when she's thirsty. She will drink when the sun becomes too intense. She will take shade. They're just trying to play on your emotions. Forget about them let's continue to Medina. But I actually come to this guilty guilt trip because him on and he decided to go back to Mexico with them on Robocop and felt there was treason happening or more such as take my camel because it is fast. And if you feel any treason or treachery run away with my camel you'll outrace them. So he gave him his camel. And he took the slower camel and armor continued and is running back to Mecca. But on the way back to Mecca, Abuja and some of

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the others. They said we'd like this camel, can we see it? So these he said, okay, he stops. And as he came off of the camel, they grabbed him.

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And they put him in handcuffs. And they took him back to Mecca. And they tortured him and imprisoned him until he agreed to no longer be a Muslim.

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And he left Islam according to some narrations,

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and he stayed in the States.

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And honorable hapa look at the good friend.

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Imagine his anger his hurts is and what happened in him not listening to him.

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When the verse was revealed

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to me and so for them to see him, let's open up.

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This verse was revealed in Medina, all my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of a lot. When I heard this verse, it was revealed he immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper years later,

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and he sent it to America. And I received this letter from Alma with this verse. And as soon as he opens the letter, he sees this verse. And you can see the camel that almost gave him

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an immediate immediately he's reminded, no matter what you've done unless parents either will accept your forgiveness, and he's reminded of this from his good friend, and he sees the camel that his friend gave him and so immediately without packing without preparing, he drops everything grabs the camel and goes to Medina to be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Muslims. Look at the good friend who helps his friend reminds them of a law constantly helps him support him he does whatever he can to help bring his friend towards Allah subhanaw taala Allah Hello yo

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denardo champion Allah subhanaw taala says the best friends and close friends on the Day of Judgment, they will be enemies to each other. They'll say you send this to me on this day you insulted me, You took my money. You didn't repay me for this. They will be attacking each other. They will be enemies on that day. Allah Subhana Allah says he didn't want to leave. Except those who have Taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. Those who reminded each other of a law who brought each other closer to Allah.

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cannon Woods Allah, so Allah as origin says

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una v Jalali Where are those who love each other for my sake, today I will shade them on the day when there is no shade but my shade Falco Cody

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was a happy woman what

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our religion stresses the fact that we have to be together.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man,

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whoever takes a brother is a true brother to another. For the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. A lower res is ranked in gender, Leonardo da Vinci in harmony as you arrive at a place in Jamaica, that he could not arrive because of his good deeds, but he arrives in it because of his friendship to others.

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We have to worship plus paddletail as a community Juma

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one of the greatest obligations in our Deen, we can't do it by ourselves, we have to do it together. Unless we paddle to Ireland says what are Sweden incentive Yukos in the Lavina Amman huami to solve the hot water while for will help to tell us all the sudden losses by time men is that loss except those who believe in do good deeds and together tell us they cooperate together for truth and they cooperate together for perseverance. Allah Subhana Allah says we'll see for Latina

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Latina Kapha will agenda Matsumura. The people will be brought to Hellfire gonna be brought in gatherings and troops will see if I love you. levina mercyful Athena Taco Bell, Mila jannetty Zamora and those bots agenda are going to be brought in gatherings and troops, the people were together, the people were community or supporting each other, those going to agenda and those going to join them are going together. Because we are not alone. We have to be together, why Chelsea moving to Nigeria, and all of you hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And this is an important reminder for us and especially in these days of quarantine and COVID. It's very easy for us to separate from each other.

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And this is not necessarily healthy.

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Our religion is to have brotherhood, and sisterhood for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That means to call your brothers and sisters in the state for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to check up on them to have a relationship with them. And I say this specifically for the men.

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Because women, it's easier for them to have personal relationships with their friends, men for some reason, it's very easy for them to cut off the world.

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And this is based on statistics. Men and women both get depressed. Men commit suicide at far higher rates. Why? Because men can cut themselves off of friends and family and people very easily. Women will still have a friend that they talk to will still find people that they talk to men can cut themselves off. And this is an epidemic. And our religion encourages us to have community to have friends for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to love each other for the sake of Allah. It's easy to say oh yeah, I love that brother for the sake of Allah but you never talked to him. If you love them for the sake of Allah, you're going to talk to him, have a relationship with him, meet up with them.

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Go out for coffee. I know right now it's difficult. But even if you're meeting in a parking lot, for a half an hour,

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every week or few weeks or something like that this is a big effect on your mentality on your psyche.