Nouman Ali Khan – Addiction Avoiding Uncomfortable Truths

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The Surah of the Bible is a complex and complex story that describes the transformation of the world from a mess to a revolution, including the destruction of humanity, shift of sky, and loss of humanity. The segment uses a description of false statements and false false accusations as examples, as well as the transformation of the world from a mess to a revolution, and the importance of protecting oneself and others from the danger of judgment in court. The segment also touches on the importance of learning the Quran and being a part of one's lifestyle to avoid future accidents. The segment ends with a promotion for a digital book and book club.
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Long long

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Al Hamdulillah Hi, Adam Bucha I didn't know what he made of Gollum. While most of you just subliminal LM for multitone but he had another

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financial guru who Alan Messiah AB comanage guru who Allah Nyan one who suddenly Allah rasool Allah Hilah Quran the Shadowfell Hashem even noodle

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will cater will mark what camellia nabina will hartham Say you develop the Adam? Allah the Bashara be here is someone who Maria whether it be Oceti he Ibrahim alayhi salam Hina Cornejo, Pharaoh koa a debate in the hill Muharram for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while at a very high rate Omen Alladhina BarakAllahu B hem Kapha to nurse a lot of Birmingham Raja

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hamdulillah and let the let me attack with one of them with me Aquila, who share the console milk with me Aquila, who Walia Mina zhu li what Kabir put Akira

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hamdulillah and Lydians Allah Allah Abdi hidden kita with me agenda wherever

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what hamdulillah Allah the dama de who witnessed a novel when I started fiddle we're not many will be here when at our country

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when our old will be near him and surely unforeseen elements at Medina when you had the healer who fell and will be another woman you believe follow her the other when a shadow Anna ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed and Amendola he wore a suit of a Salah hula hula, I believe Buddha was in in lieu of Hera who Allah de Nicola, he worked FRB net he Shahida for something Allahu Allah He was selling them at a Sleeman. Kathira on Kathira, a MOBA in a circle, Hadith he Kitab Allah well hyaluron had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a CharBroil Ohmori whatta to her were in Nakoula desert in with Wakulla with

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Aquila wala that infinity

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Allah Allahu Allah azza wa jal FICKY tambien Karim bada an Akula arugula human shaytaan regime

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yo meta moral sama or Maura what a cog bird was a euro for you doing yoga it Dylan McKenzie been a Latina Humphrey how the eye bone the ALMA Yoda owner Ilana raise your hand number that had the hint now we'll let the quantum be how to get the boon FRC one Heather and Tamela to zero in

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on the Shaklee salary where Cindy Emery Hello Dr. Mindy Sani Ali Allahumma sabitha and the no TV La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Mina, Latina Amman and Samuel Sally had what I was so happy what it was for the southern Armenia Robert Alameen. Today's brief hotbar is going to be involving sort of a tour of the 52nd Surah of the Quran. And for those of you that would like to reinforce some of the things you hear and learn more, you should just go back over this weekend and inshallah Rizzuto toto read your translation, read it and see if you can, and get some more insight into this beautiful Surah of the Quran. Allah azza wa jal in many sorrows, describes the scene of

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Judgment Day. And this is one of those sorrows it's opening describes the scene of Judgment Day. And of course, we know the summary of what's going to happen on judgment day there's going to be in one place like Allah says, will continue, as Rajan said, Atha right there, humanity is broken up basically into two groups, when you can call it even three groups. There are believers, there are disbelievers, and there are the elite of the believers, the VIP section of the believers, that's described in Surah tilaka. But basically, believers and disbelievers and the people that are on the wrong side, the disbelievers have been described in different ways. They're not just called

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disbelievers. And every time Allah gives them a new description, we learn something new about what to make sure we avoid. So Allah didn't just say they're kofod they're not believers. Allah gave them different descriptions, and every every description has a lesson in it. And this surah has a very particular description of people that are going to be in trouble on judgment, they may Allah not make any of us from them. And I want to focus on the description that Allah gave these people. And then what's the opposite of that? That's also mentioned in the Surah. Right? So Allah azza wa jal describing the beginning of judgment a yo Mata Musa uma hora was a serial Jiabao to say Allah The

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sky is shifting, the mountains are starting to move the Earth is not what it used to look like anymore. Humanity is coming out of their graves. And now Allah says for Waylon Yoma Elon Musk has been and the worst destruction and how terrible things are going to be on that day. For people who used to call the truth a lie and look at them as someone who you

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Tell them something true. And they say no, no, that's a lie. They deny the truth, or they consider it a lie, or they call it a lie. So the difference between the first subtle thing I want to share with you is the difference between a Khabib and a mocha the Academy's a liar, a guy that was just a liar. A Mocha, is as if he does a few things, he or she does a few things. The first thing they do is when they come in, when they are confronted with the truth, when you hear the truth, I hear the truth. And I don't want to accept it. And I say, Nah, that's not true. And I just dismiss it. Now, I'm not a Khabib. I am now a mocha.

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I dismissed the truth. That's the first description. The second important thing to know about a mocha business, not just that, I dismissed it, I go around telling everybody else that's a lie. So it's kind of you think of Dawa means dharma means you're inviting people to the truth. A Mocha is inviting people to accept that the truth is a lie. They're doing a negative campaign, they're doing a barbell campaign. So it's not just that they don't accept it themselves. They try to convince others also, that it's untrue. They try to spread the falsehood that some hookah dip. So that's the first description we're getting. And that that what that what I learned from that is for myself, if

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I hear something true, then it doesn't matter. If the truth is coming from a child. It doesn't matter if that truth is coming from a Muslim. It doesn't matter if the truth is coming from a person I like or it doesn't, I don't like it doesn't matter. If it's true, then I will not reject it. That I will not reject it. Now, why do people reject the truth is not because people are evil?

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Is because for example, if the prophets uncle sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not accept the truth. He didn't accept it. But the question is, why didn't he accept it? Because if he accepts it, there are other political problems that are going to happen in his life. He has business dealings with people, they will pull out of business. He has other social situations, and all those social situations are going to become a problem. He'll have more problems in his family. So he looks at all of these things and says, I know it's true. I can't accept that. Because the price is too much. There's too much to pay. I can't I can't do it. And this is not just about Abuja, and Abu Talib, and

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all of those people, you and I, even though we're Muslim, even though we're Muslim, sometimes we even within Islam, Islam is okay. La ilaha illa. Allah, we accept Allah is the only God we accept Muhammad is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, but within Islam, within your family, somebody comes in tells you something that's true. But if you accept it, your father's not going to like it.

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Or if you agree with it, your brother's not going to like it. Or if you accept it, you might have to quit the business. Or you might lose some money. Or you might have to pay somebody back. There's a price to pay. So now what do we do with that truth? Nah, that's not true. No, no, that didn't happen. The tech the buzz of the rissalah, Ema and of Allah, that's the cream too. But technically it happens in lesser senses, too. It happens in lesser everyday you can do the cream. And you know, they say there's a saying in English, they say the best defense is offense. Right? So now you didn't accept it. I didn't accept the truth. But that feels bad. So the way that I can make myself feel

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better is tell everybody else. No, no, the reason I didn't accept it is because it's wrong. And now you know, deep inside, you know that you're wrong. But to make yourself feel better, you promote that you're the one who's right. And the truth is also actually false. This is a way of defending yourself. So that's one description of people on Judgement Day that will not be able to hide what they used to do weigh in on Yoma. It didn't didn't occur to me. But then Allah gave them a second description. And this is where things get very interesting in the Surah. You would think under the unacceptable very silent because that will be in every conceivable window and Lavina Cafaro Vinda

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the ones who disbelieved in Allah, the ones who called the messenger a liar, the ones who call the word of Allah, Allah, you know, the description here is a novena Houthi holding the Abilene those who are drowned in now I won't translate the word yet. They are drowned in hold. The Arabic word is cold, and they're playing around. Yeah, the Abu and they're playing around. So let's dig into this word. Hold on a little bit. Let me explain the origin of this word to you. And what we might learn from this word. As filebot is spelled out in MMA is when you dip something in the water. When you when you put an animal in the water. This is thanda if you're walking in the water and you're cold

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start getting wet because it's up to your knees, how often he's walking in the water. So when you're when you're dipping yourself inside the water, they used to say for example, if father Marrara there

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At the, you know, the, the field where the the sheep eat and the goats eat, where's all the grass and they can eat all the grass, if that gets a lot of bushes. And now when the animal goes inside the animal gets stuck in the bushes that that field has been suffering from home, actually, then they use the word use the word myth word for you know, the ladle. Back in the day, when they used to serve drinks, they would put the spoon inside the pot, and then they would pour the drink, the thing that goes deep inside and you pour it, that's called a Michelob. And they used to use the word mequoda for for a for a loop for a pearl, because you have to go deep inside the water to get it.

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And this is then became this became a figurative use, they started using it for holofil Kalaam. When you go into a subject and you keep talking about it, and you're like ground in that subject, like somebody you did, some of you played video games, right? You play online games, and you're just always in the game, you're drowned in the game, you're doing holding the game. Somebody's into cars, they're always talking about cars, and I was thinking about cars, the background full, but the background on their phone, you know, the wallpaper is a car. Right? They're always watching videos on cars. And always, you know, looking at updates, this is this person is holding their cars. You

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see, hold actually means when people are drowned. A good word to understand this nowadays is when people are addicted to something when they're addicted to something. And this is really interesting, because there's even books on this, you should look up a book called The Age of addiction. This age we live in now, before this age, people used to talk about alcohol addiction, right? Gambling can become an addiction, people that go to gambling, they don't just go once they go back, they go back, they go back, they lose their house, they lose family, and they they can't stop, drugs can become an addiction. And many of you might already know the social media giants of the world like Facebook,

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Instagram, these companies, they went to the top casinos in the world when they were first developing their behavior because their their apps have algorithms to make sure that the users that they have stay on the app. So they want you to they don't just want you to turn tick tock on and then turn it off. They want you to turn it on and swipe and then swipe again and then swipe again. So they had to study behavior, right? So they actually went to the casino industry. And and they got the best psychologists because the casino industry first hired psychologists to make sure that when people sit on that slot machine to get the money out, how do we keep them there? How do we keep them

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there as long as possible so they can stay more addicted. The same people who engineered the behavior in the casinos in the gambling industry in Las Vegas are some of the same engineers that be modeled the behavior for you know, social media apps, they were hired by Silicon Valley to do that. Why? Because they know they can get the most out of you if you're the most addicted. If you are in hold. If you're drowned in, you can get out. And you're if you don't do it again, you feel something missing in inside you somebody who's addicted to alcohol, they drink, they feel like they're done. They go one hour, two hours later, I gotta have it again. I got to do it again. Give me another one

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give me their stomach is hurting, they're still drinking. They're in pain, they're still drinking. They can't, they're trying. They're half asleep, they're still drinking, they wake up, they need a drink immediately. It's the same way with these kinds of other addictions, the addiction that you know, that are the addictions that are online, the addiction to entertainment, some people are addicted to you know, movies, Netflix, you know, some people are addicted to sports, but these addictions are now the next thing Allah is talking about. When the truth comes, the truth comes, which is what the Quran is actually talking about. You have to deal with reality. You have to take

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responsibility for your actions I have to take care of how am I going to spend my day? How am I going to spend my night I have responsibility to myself, I have a responsibility to Allah, I have a responsibility to my family, I have to take care of all of these things. But if you don't want to accept that truth, and you want to escape reality, you can go find yourself lost in one addiction or the other. And you can go inside of a hold even to the point where you know what some people do. If they hear a little bit of you're at a gathering because as you know a lot of people had to eat gatherings they got together family got together they're sitting and talking and somebody brought

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something up about Allah's deen and you loaded some people in the family immediately they changed the subject, and they wanted to hold in a different subject immediately. And they won't talk about it and they'll all Oh no, no, what about that UFC fight? What about this game? What about this movie? Oh my god, that was amazing. And then I don't want to keep talking about it talking about or talking about it. You know? And if they do talk about

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The dean, they talk about the Dean as a joke. It's like it's something funny to talk about, you know, LD even then Allah even describes Hetalia photobooth he had Ethan rady he don't talk to them when they're talking about your the until they go and start diving into some other subject. They want to get immersed in this and this and this. Now you and I have to ask ourselves, this is not a criticism of humanity. It's just you and me have to think about ourselves. Whatever I'm diving into every day, does it have a purpose? Or is it just me playing around? That's the real question. I have to ask myself. Judgment to Allah says Whelan. Yoma invalid mocha DB Alladhina, Hoon, fee holdin

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yella Boone, they were drowned in things and they kept playing around. They kept playing around. And every time the Quran was being called to the truth was being called to responsibility because judgment is all about responsibility, isn't it? The foul it is judgment is court. And what happens in a court, the judge tells you you are responsible for what you did. That's all it is you have to present yourself in court. And anybody who goes they have a court date coming, and they have a trial coming, they'll get ready for the trial. That's what happens in this life. And it's the same logic for Judgment Day. But someone who's not getting ready for the trial and they're playing and they're

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too addicted to their games. Right? Then they're going to be in big trouble on that day. And somebody says, hey, the trial date is tomorrow, the trial is next week. Come on, let's go get ready. You're not ready. You didn't finish your work is going to be held against you. Get out of here, man. Let me play. That's not true.

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These people are so extreme. They're so extreme. They're so negative. Let me just live my life. You know, there used to be a time where the you know, philosophers were talking about capitalism and communism, you know, atheism came now we're in a new world we're in emotivism. The your emotions are the new religion.

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Let me just feel good man. I just want to feel good. Let me just live in my feelings. You know, and this is actually the description that Allah is giving of these people on Judgement Day. When he says under the arena, goofy Holden yella goon. And there's do well you know, when someone's drowned in something, they're not moving, they're stuck there in the same place. When you find people that have an addiction. You meet them last year, they were exactly the same place. You meet them next year, they're exactly in the same place like the world changed. What they're exactly the same place. You know what, when people don't move, then Allah will make them move. So he says, When the Deena was,

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you know, Yama, Yoda una Illa Han Nevada there'll be pushed towards the fire of *. They're going to be pushed because they're not moving themselves. They don't want to go How do you never let the content be how to cut the wound? This is the fire that you were calling allied. A festival how there is this magic? Of Antonia don't settle or you can see. Because you sir, I don't see any fire. When you say stuff that Allah don't do that. We should be afraid of Allah. You should be afraid of judgment. Oh, yeah. Or should be afraid of fire. I don't see any smoke. I don't see the temperature increasing. Where's the fire?

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Allah says, Oh, is this is this a lie to win judgment day comes, I'm going to let him kill you know, you don't see it. as slow as mutawatir Spirou. So our alikhan in our two zone about Quantum Time at noon. Now go enjoy it go inside it. Have you want to be patient now or you don't want to be patient. Now it doesn't matter anymore. Now it's of no value. Now your support is of no value. Now I want to wrap this football up on the flip side on the other side of this equation,

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is what Allah says, is going to be the people that are not in trouble on Judgment Day. Allah says in Tina, fish and nothing wondering. That's all he says. People that protect the people of tequila are in Jannah. And they're relaxed. That's what he says. And the rest of the IATA are a description of Jana, which may be for another time. But what I want you to think about is actually the word teen. The word with terpene, which we hear all the time we should have Taqwa we should have Taqwa comes from the word weightier. As you might know require means to protect. Baka yaki, we use this the derivative of this word we use this in the DUA Joaquina. Enough, from the same word as taqwa, Pina

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other Banagher protect us from the punishment of the fire. That's what it means. Like Allah says, Go and fossa Kunga honeycomb Nowra protect yourselves and your families from the fire. It taka or a mood tip is someone who protects themselves.

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So if you go home and you lock the door, when you walk in, you lock the door behind you. You just did a little bit of Taqwa. That's a little bit of because you protected yourself. So sometimes you translate that what is the fear of Allah actually fear is cofund Arabic Kashi and Arabic agenda in Arabic. There are lots of words in Arabic for fear. That was not one of them. The choir actually means when you protect yourself

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When you take precautions like when somebody goes to hajj Allah says what as overdue for a higher Azad at Taqwa will make sure you pack enough things to take with you. Because the best you know, protect them the best provision is precaution to protect yourself so that it has a material meaning to now what is this doing this is this IRA is saying, the people that protected themselves that were on guard. So they, they saw themselves going into a behavior that's becoming an addiction, and they said, I need to protect myself.

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Then they saw some company, when they're in that company, they start going into some kind of hold. Oh, no, I need to protect myself. So they were constantly protecting themselves, cutting themselves off from opportunities to slip up, that are all around us. They're around you. They're around me. Nobody's safe. Nobody's safe. And by using the word, pin, it's like someone who's always careful. They're never relaxed. They're always on guard. They know that I can slip. So Allah says in Milan mattina Heejun, not in one name. And so I leave you with this, this gift from Allah azza wa jal. Okay, we have to live carefully now. And I have to constantly remind myself, and I'll mess up I'll

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slip, I'll make a mistake. Then I have to get back and get careful again, that I will flip again. It's a constant struggle I have to keep doing it, keep doing it and keep doing it. And at the end, Allah says, fish and nuttin when I when you get there, you people. You get gardens but more importantly you get name and nickname comes from neuroma, which means softness, and also means relaxation. They finally get they don't have to have any Taqwa now. They don't have to be careful now they can just Hi can relax. So what is Allah do? Allah shows us two pictures. There's a person whose name right now I'll be holding Neil Abu and they're just playing around relaxed. They don't

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care. They're chillin. Right. And then there's the people of taqwa, who will get to relax later on. You decide which one you will get to relax, you can relax now, or you can relax later. You can relax temporarily now, and then be in a lot of trouble later. Or you can be extra careful and protective. Protect yourself right now, and then relax forever later. That's a choice humanity has to make. That's a choice you and I have to make. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from any form of hold. That takes us away from the truth and makes us from the Mocha Debian May Allah azza wa jal make us a people of Taqwa that are either going to be entered by Allah's Rama into his Jannat and into nerim

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BarakAllahu li Welcome to Quran and Hakeem when finally what year it was came.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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setting the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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