Omar Suleiman – Mihja, Umayr, and Ubayda (ra) – The Martyrs of Badr – The Firsts

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The shrouds are important in the upcoming season one and season two of the series, with the first shrouds in season one and the first shrouds in season two. The Islamy culture in Mecca is discussed, including the names of the people who died in the first day of bed, the first legal day of the month, and the first legal day of the month. The unsighted deaths of two Islamist leaders, Subhanab Tada and Subhan bulk... Teeraj Teeraj, are also mentioned.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh overspend Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and obviously laowai early he will Sahil Manuela Welcome back to the final episode of the first shorts, season one hamdulillah not the first we still have more to go but in the night Tada but the final episode and shot lots out of this particular elements where we have been looking through some of the short biographies that we find that we want to revive it in the nighttime for ourselves so we can properly appreciate them. Now before I get into the Sahaba today, what do we plan to do in shot lots Anna, sometime shortly we will start Season Two but in the night Tada. So look out for that. And we

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will pick back up with the full biographies inshallah Tada. And we'll start with the earliest of the unsought to come and to embrace the Prophet sly summon his message that set the stage in Medina. And so please do remain tuned in and I appreciate all of you who have been a part of this and have been adopted I mean, and I prayed that it's been of benefit to you and your families, and that we not only name our children after these great people, but we emulate them in our own lives and inshallah Tada be gathered with them with our beloved Prophet slicin them and these noble companions in the highest level and for those who are an alumna, I mean, so does that Zachman often once again, it's

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the 17th episode which is a beautiful, you know, place for us to be and inshallah Tada, we will continue to go on and on. And I hope that it will remain of benefits and may Allah forgive me for any shortcomings along the way. So as we have now started to move towards and Medina and orienting ourselves towards Medina. And what is to come in El Medina, I wanted to talk about this last group of people from the Mahajan. And they are the first in Beddit. Now what I mean by that is these are early Muslims from Mecca, who made the sacrifice of the Hizbollah and who died first amongst those great shahada of Budish And subhanAllah. I want to focus on three people that are the first of the

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first in this regard. Imagine the very first Shaheed on the day of Budish. That is an incredible honor. Right, the best companions were the companions of bed that the best angels were the angels of bed that this was your metaphor on the day that the criterion is sent, the day that everything is made clear. This is a day of great reward with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada imagined on the status of the shahada of the martyrs of bethard. And imagine the very first Shaheed on that day. And this is a man by the name of Mitja in Slotta, Mitja Well, the Allahu Tada and we know almost nothing about literally Subhan Allah, you comb through the books to find anything that you can about this man. And

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you would think Subhanallah, the first martyr on the day of bed that and you'd have so much about him, but like many of these companions, just the liner to about who they were so mad Jack will the Allahu Tada and who was one of those who was a slave in Mecca, who became Muslim and was persecuted. However, the one who would free him was not a little bit of Sadiq or the low tide, I hope but rather it was going to be a hilltop or the low tide. I know so we know that he is amongst the severely persecuted slaves in Mecca. But the one who frees him is going to be the hot lava or the low tide on home. And so he became loyal to all over the hopper the alongside and who and continue to accompany

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say no, I'm not really allowed to and who for the rest of his life, and Mitja are the Allahu Tada and the only thing that we see about him are these small lines about his Ava for example, that he was a great worshiper that he would pray at night with almost the low tide on her he was, you know, one who was competing with the rightest worshipers in this regard. We also find the narration where it said that the prophets lie Selim and this is an unhackme that the Prophet slicin I mentioned Claytor Sudan, the latter, that the best of all black men and women are three Lookman al Hakim, Bilal and magia are the Allahu Taala and home. So he is in the in the category of look, man and

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beloved. And of course, there are multiple courses and books that you can go look up where the prophets lie, some talks about the specific, you know, forerunners of a people so he counted magic or the Allahu Anhu. Amongst the best of all black people in the category of look, man and beloved, are the Allahu Taala and Jemaine so this is something where you find you know, a lot of benefit and a lot of blessing. And what we find on the day of bed is that one narration of him is that he was saying in a major way that I'll be out of here I am the hedgehog into my Lord, I am returning so he would continuously repeat an image, I imagine what you thought I'll be object and to my Lord, I am

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returning, and what awaits to return to his Lord Mitja will the Allahu Tada and who was struck by an arrow on

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They have better the first martyr on the day of better to the first Shahid on the better, or the Allahu Taala animal. The second person we'll speak about here briefly is our VEDA Adnan hateth. If not, didn't Multilib or they didn't inherit for the Allahu taala. And who was a cousin of the Prophet slice alum who embraced Islam before dawn autocomp. So he's also considered one of the earliest Muslims and are available and Harris, you know, being who he was, in terms of his lineage is a person who will enjoy the privilege of at least not facing the same type of severe persecution that we have in Mecca toward some like mid Gen, the Allahu Anhu and some of those others that we

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covered, but obey the law, the Allahu taala, and who was about 10 years older than the Prophet sallallahu. It was to them so he's an older cousin to the Prophet slice on them. That means that when the Prophet SAW Selim received revelation, he was already 50 years old. And he immediately embraces the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and dedicate himself to him because of who he was. He is said to be amongst those that suffered under the boycott, but he stayed in Makkah, despite all of that, and he made hijra with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was someone that also was given duties early on in Medina, to be amongst the flag bearers. So he is someone who they

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say was the second flag bearer in Islam, after Hamza will the Allahu anhu, leading 60 Mahajan under his command. And as he was fighting embedded, what we know about obey the law, the law of town and who is that he came out on that day in the early duels. So we spoke about this with Hamza as well as it may Allah be pleased with them, that on the day of better as you had the duels that took part as you had the duels that took place in the very beginning, from the sight of the Muslims, Hamza came out, Ali came out and Aveda came out, so these were the three Muslims to come out in the beginning of the day of budget, and they fought Aruba and Al Walid and Shaybah. Okay, so herb ADA is the only

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one who suffered a wounds in that duel in the very beginning of the battle Hamza will the Allah Tada and he overcame Aruba and he killed him right away. Ideally Allah Tada and he overcame a lead and he killed him right away. As for Aveda, while the Allahu Anhu as he was fighting shaver, they were both wounded. And then Hamza and Ollie overcame Shaybah in that duel, and so Shaybah was killed and Obaidullah the Allahu Taala and who was severely wounded, but he survived, at least the course of weather. And he died on the way back from bed there. So he was the first to be wounded on the day of bed, and he was being carried back from bed and he died in a place called a sofa. Apparently, I've

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been to that place it's just his grave. It's not so far from bed that as they were returning from bed that he's not buried with the rest of the show had that bed that you just have the grave of or they didn't inherit all the Allahu Tada and, and there's a narration that later on, as they walked by that place of a Sofala they smelled musk, and they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about that Musk that they smelled and the prophets of Allah who it was still him said, How could it not be such when Aveda are the Allahu Taala and who is buried there? So another distinct individual on that day from the Mohabbatein that were also martyred on the day of bed that and we'll talk about

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some of the unsought later on in the series inshallah Tada. So you have the first martyr, being misjudged the first one to actually lose his life on the day of bed, and you have the first one to actually be wounded. But of course, he would die later and that was a beta and then how to throw the Allahu Tada and who died shortly after 10 years older than the Prophet sallallahu it was seldom so he was at that point 63 or 64 years old and buried in a sofa and then there's one more person that I'll mention inshallah Tata here, and that is homemade, who costs all the Allahu Tata animal are made to be well, cos was the younger brother of Saudi Arabia will cost will be allowed on on hold.

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And he embraced Islam, you know, very, very young. And he wanted so badly to fight at the date of bed, and the prophets license sent him away because he was too young, and Olmedo the Altana and who literally cried and begged to be amongst those that would fight on the day of bed that he did not want to miss the opportunity. And eventually as he cried as he showed that deep emotion, the prophets lie some allowed him to fight despite him being a young teenager and our natal the Allahu Tada and who passed away in that as well. So Subhanallah you have the old man in obey them and how to throw the Allahu Anhu the cousin of the prophets lie Selim, who came forth on that day, and you

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have the likes of Romania and we will cost who came forth on that day and he said, I don't want to miss out on an agenda. I don't want to miss out on it.

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Jelena this whole thing to him was about something far more great than anything that he would achieve later on in his life being in that momentous occasion. And being amongst those who were counted amongst the great martyrs of better May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them all. Allama Amin, so inshallah Tada as we covered Mitja and obey them in Hadith and are made with us. As the time goes on with the next season bitten the nahi Tada we'll get into some of the longer biographies of some of the unsought as well that showed up on the day of better and that were killed in better may Allah be pleased with all of the companions of the Prophet slicin I'm enjoying us with

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our beloved prophets of Allah who it was seldom his family and his companions in the dose that Allah Allah Amin to Zack mylol Hayden was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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