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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and events of France, including the French colonization of Muslims and pressure on Muslims to leave the country. The French have a large population of Muslims, with some being over 10 million, and the French president's language is English. The French have a strong "ideology of France" and "monarchic culture" that is driving the population to adopt Islam. The French have a record-breaking performance, including a German soccer player speaking out against the French's use of leather skulls as a symbol of Islam, and the French government should be proud of its success. The French political crisis is a problem for those who want to become Muslims, and the French conversion of French to Arabic is a good candidate for the job.
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What do you think when you see someone like Habib who was brave enough to speak up and he was speaking out against this and it's a good thing to have been but others speak up in going out on the streets and burning flags and smashing windows and all that stuff. This is not something we should do as Muslims. However, by insulting the last and final messenger sent to mankind, honestly it is not macro. It is not only macro macro is just this.

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Salaam Alaikum Welcome to the show. And I got Dr. Charisse, academic historian here to fill us in on what's going on in France, give us some history, and also up to date, current events, Sony cache, how are you?

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Lady Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, everything is fine from our side. I'm in the UK Alhamdulillah in France, so quite well, everything.

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Bringing us up to speed on what's going on in France right now, what's causing all the uproar.

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First of all, for the invitation, this one, unfortunately, not the best time to meet up and have talks about everything. But what it is, at this moment is the best time to finally find out what was going on. Something that I've been describing extra for the last three, four years since I started my my career as a speaker. I've been talking about France, actually, for a very long time mentioning the issue that France has as a country nowadays, which is

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a former colonial power.

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Country, which used to be part well, which used to have a lot of parts of the Muslim world, mainly in Africa, and still has a massive influence in Africa. So a colonial power, which owned a third of Africa, if not even more colonial power, which still actually plays the role of a colonial power in Africa, mainly, we're talking about countries such as in North Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, all Arab Muslim countries, even Sub Saharan Muslim countries such as Senegal, the Gambia, even a lot of Gambia was British colonized, but still, there's an influence from the French, Nigeria, and so on and so on up to South Africa, basically.

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This, of course, brought a heritage with them, they have at this moment in the country. France has more than 5 million Muslims in the country, some say between four and 8 million even, that's definitely more than 10% of the population, which is of the largest population anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. So the largest Muslim population in a country anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, because, of course, the colonial background, but also because they needed in the 1960s and 70s workers to come and work in their factories to help industrialized France further than it was. So that meant just go back to the former colonies get people over here to come and work for

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you. Anyway, Algeria, that time, by the way, was still a department, an overseas department of France in the 1960s. Still, and so it was basically just getting some workers over from poorer parts of France. That's the way they were looking at it. And now we have a population of more than 567, maybe even 8 million people have Muslim background, not only because of, of the background of migration, but also because we have a high conversion rate. By the way, in France, also one of the highest in the world together with Italy, more than half a million up to 1 million French Muslim reverts, Mashallah, and this is massive. And now we have a point, we have reached the point that

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actually the idea of the state being a secular, like, as they say, basically a state, which wants to separate religion, Christianity, mainly from the state heavily, so much so that even the priests don't get paid by the state, as it is in most other countries. So much so that the church has nothing to say in politics. The church is doing basically something on their own in their churches. They're the institution of the church basically has no influence in politics at all. And that influences the Muslim minority in France, because they say, we don't want the Christians to be involved with churches to be involved. So definitely, we don't want the Muslims to be involved in

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our policy. So they have to be quiet, they have to shut up basically sit in a corner and just do what they do what they're told to do. And after a lot of controversies that hey, job controversy starting early 1989 going into law in 2004 up to many other laws since that time, they will Kini bandwidth was also one that came up several years ago, meaning that women could not even wear the full swimming suit. Imagine that which was common in the 1940s and 50s. And he job girls with the job cannot go to university cannot go to institutions cannot work in public places cannot even enter public offices. And we're talking about a suppression of Muslims massively big Muslim population in

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France, which has been going on for the last decades. Not only

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Because of colonialism during colonialism, but even after colonialism and nowadays in such a way that certain Muslims react in a way that we know now that basically, there has been violence that has been aggressive, aggressive behavior on the side of the Muslims, on certain Muslims. And now we have a situation that basically they have increased the terror alert in France at this moment that they're saying basically, that we are scared of our lives, we are scared of Muslim fundamentalism and radicalism, because of what one major incident that happened several years ago, the cartoons of so called, you know, freedom of expression that they can basically, in South Africa, Mohamed Salah,

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Salah, and based on this, certain Muslims have reacted, there has been a beheading of a teacher, the school, as it said, officially, that's the official version. And after that, one, there was a problem in nice in one of the cities, as well that the church had been attacked. And we don't know more at this moment, we I think chill got killed. If I remember correctly, I don't have here some news about this one. So the church in nice, I think two people got stabbed, and killed, as far as I remember correctly. So we've come close to the point basically, that again, it's not a new thing, by the way. But for the ones who here for the first time, it seems to be something new, but it has been

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going on for the last three decades. And more, that the Muslims in France are again under siege. And at this moment is the Muslims have to justify everything that is happening because of one individual or two, because of the state imposing their politics on the Muslims. That that is hopefully a very rough and general idea that I gave, you know, what was it always for three decades? You're talking about like this? Or is it now increasing under this new president McCrone? Can you tell us a little about him? Look, honestly, it is not macro. It is not only macro macro is just a one of our, of the students of the Republic, you know, he is just just just following the policy that started actually,

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during colonial time with regards to the Muslims. And the feeling of the anti Islamic sentiment is not something that wasn't that Macron came up with, it's not something that only Macron came up with. It's something that it goes even deeper Morocco himself is not even as bad as certain other elements of France, there are the extreme right wing groups that are even worse than him. Imagine that there is even worse than him. That is even worse than what we see at this moment. There are people who actually call for a total ban on Muslims in the country, a total ban, meaning send them all back to Algeria, send them all back to North Africa, as I said, because of colonialism. Many of

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African descent many people have gone to France, and many of them are living in France now have French citizenship, as we're talking about second third generation, even if not even further down the line. And they all French citizens with a Muslim background. So the elements that actually asked them to go back to where they came from originally. And this is an outrage in my inbox. I'm so upset about this whole situation, simply because imagine now if somebody comes and tells you, you need to go back to Bosnia, because you're not American. You're an American, because originally from Boston, so you need to come back. You need to go back. Imagine that. That's exactly what you know, this

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moment. But you mentioned Algeria, I mean, isn't this where you had the tear the French terrorizing the Algerian people for over 100 years. And then they force any force force force, many of them out of their country into France. And then they were coming from from Algeria. And then they were working there, I mean, now. And now they're telling them to go back to the, to the place they originally terrorized them and, and did what they did to him colonisation. And all that. Well, 1830, the French colonialists, they entered Algeria in the 1830s. And they kept it until the 1960s, more than 100 years and 32 years, to be exact. And indeed, that time, as I said, before, they considered

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Algeria, not only a part, it was a department, one of the departments of France, meaning it was part of the motherland. I mean, not just a colony, but it was a one of the departments of France imagine like one of the states of the United States. So basically, if they lose this part is like losing a very important point of their state. So people there, although they were second class citizens, but they were actually a French citizen from beginning, French was and still is nowadays, the official language of Algeria next to for Arabic, there are more Algerian to speak French in this big Arabic, actually, it's causing universities. Frank is the main language and not Arabic. And it goes that far

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indeed, that you have Algerian people who don't even know Arabic, who very who are really like, I speak well, probably better Arabic than they do. And these very people, these are the people who are asked in the 60s to go over to France to go to the motherland and help them out in the industrialization that have France out with building the factories and industrial

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So these were the people who did that, in the end, who went over to help France. And now as their children, our children's children, allow us to go back to where they came from where their grandparents came from, actually go back to Algeria. So that's the outrage. Aha, do you think because this is all under the pretext of freedom of speech? But is it true that even if you if you say something against a certain group of people in France, if you question Holocaust, if you, you can give some more examples? If you insult the French flag, is that true, you can get fined. But then over here, it's under free freedom of speech to go and insult over 2 billion Muslims worldwide

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by insulting the last and final messenger sent to mankind. Can you talk about this a little bit of this hypocrisy, hypocrisy, double standards call whatever you want to of course, and even an idiot can realize nowadays that something is going wrong. I mean, something is going on with a country, something is totally going wrong. It's totally out of out of proportion, there is absolutely no clarity anymore. What do they want actually from us? What exactly do the French one from the Muslims what exactly they want from their people? Or is it really? are they hiding behind the idea of actually human rights and freedom of speech and all this stuff? Do they actually really want the

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policy that for national, the right wing policy party wanted the whole time, get rid of the Muslims get rid of everything that is Islamic in the country? Most probably that is the idea. And they're hiding it obviously, behind the idea of freedom of speech. And indeed, as you said, 2 billion people in the world can be insulted. But the President of France, there is a fine on insulting the president of France, there is a fine on insulting the flag, you know, the piece of cloth of France, and so on and so on. So there's clear hypocrisy, of course.

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Of course, I mean, anybody has seen that. So there's literally a fine if you insult the flag or the President himself. Yes. Then you can get fined. Yes. Yeah. Wow. That's, that's, that's amazing. So what else? Can you tell us? Are there any people that people that, you know, assumes that you know, down there, we were hearing that many masajid mosques are being closed? A lot of charity organizations are being closed? Is this true?

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Yes, we have that legacy report that I got. Last week. Actually, I remember correctly, there is an organization in France,

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which has been in the last 16 years 15 to 16 years,

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has been busy with getting the rights basically just simply asking for the human rights, which you in the States, in America, North America, you will not be able to understand. You will not understand that. There is something like people have to ask for their religious rights for the rights of being citizens,

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which is a given thing in America and North America and Canada, it's a given thing in the US. Whereas in France, it seems to be and this is against nothing new. What I keep hearing from brothers, I know there is that a simple thing imagine now that if you send your child to school, they go to the canteen to pick up their food, they sit down and say Bismillah that this very child can be reported by one of the teachers that is most probably radicalized so it will go back. So the director of the school has the right to go back to the parents and ask them you know, what they do at school at home, what they teach their children, how much quantity at all and all that stuff. So

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imagine already learning Quran is being radicalized. Imagine basically just being Muslim is already been radicalized. I mean, the five day you prayers, that is considered a something being part of being radicalized. So what else can I say? I mean, this has really gone too far. It's gone too far. Absolutely. And I think the problem is that we in Europe, the rest of Europe, I have the feeling that Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, they all hide behind France, and they cannot wait for France to implement the policy so that they could go on with it. Now I'm good. I don't expect this in the UK. Britain is a country, which I think has been always different than

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tolerant to the rest of Europe.

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So I think I expect that it will inshallah not swap over so much. But I think the effect of the effects can still be seen even here. That people that non Muslims get radicalized towards Muslims, get aggressive towards Muslims, and start feeling threatened by the very presence of just being a Muslim, having Muslims in the country is already enough to feel threatened. So that's the influence that process policy has, especially on the on the other countries in Europe. Now is this is this under? Because you talk about that France being the capital of Christendom, Is this correct? Does this have anything to do with now religion, or is this more under the

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of secularism, or is this

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from which direction? Is it there is a mixture of both? Well, if we look at big back 1789, with a big French Revolution, we should not forget that the French Revolution was what it was a revolution against the church's power against the power that the Catholics have that time, very strong power. And they basically control politics. So after the French Revolution, the idea was, and they beheaded priests, right? I mean, this is something that is known they beheaded clergy. So after that, the idea was to get rid of the power of the church, the power of Christianity, because there was just Christianity basically there to get rid of

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when Napoleon took over. And by the way, just to mention that again, I think I've seen one of the videos before that. It's mentioned that Napoleon when he arrived in Egypt, he proclaimed being the next Muslim leader. So in order to gain the population, of course on a side and to gain to gain Egypt and North Africa for himself. So he proclaimed being a Muslim. Now, some say there are some sources that say that he himself accepted Islam later when he was alone in France, and he died is a Muslim, allow him with his own true, allowing them anyway, the point after that was after Apollo, there was the time that basically the 19th century, the time of nationalism, okay, the the centuries

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of the century, 19th century of nationalism, where you will have a lot of national nationalistic revolts or revolutions throughout Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula especially you see people revolting against Christians, revolting against the Ottoman Empire, but also people as the Albanians, who were mostly Muslims, they also wanted a new independent states state in their fought against the Ottoman Empire. So these people get independent, we have a Balkan Peninsula, we have an independent Europe in itself, the Ottoman Empire crumbles, gets becomes a turkey, as we know, nowadays, and then we have national states, these national states have to find themselves and what

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is the ideology of France at this moment? Indeed, since 1905, the official license a secularism which is close to I would call it fascism. The idea that they are this second because most countries in Europe proclaim to be secularists. Okay, which means meaning basically dividing state from from from Christianity from religion, time, but no country, no other country, but France and Turkey. By the way, these two countries are the official secularists countries who claim to be holding the flag of secularism in the world. So it's just France and Turkey. Now, France, of course, has taken it much further. So since 1905, it is a like a secular country, which is in in war, with other with

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religion. The problem is now with Muslims coming into the country becoming more and more important, more, the structure of the demographics change, suddenly, we have 567 8 million Muslims in a country more than 10%.

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And these Muslims now demand their rights which they can get, because their human rights, religious rights, so they've been getting them. But the problem is for the French suddenly, seeing that they fought Christianity before Christianity has lost its power. French are not Christians as they used to be. But now they see that Muslims become a problem. So we need an identity. So what are we if they are Muslims, what is our religion? So hey, we go back to Christianity, we actually claim capitalism again, bad. But that does not mean that suddenly they start worshipping God, suddenly they go to churches, that does not mean it Catholicism and Christianity in France, is actually a

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part of the identity, meaning I am French, so I'm Christian. Because I'm Christian. I'm French. That's it, you know, but in order to actually have a it's a point to go against Muslims. So we have Christians, because we're not Muslims. That's it. Right? So they are Muslims, we are Christians, that that's the idea. That does not mean that they do follow Christian values and understanding of, of way of life. But they do take it as an identity. So Christianity has seen a kind of renaissance in France,

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in order to be a part of that identity. So for that reason, Christianity has become stronger as a part of their identity in order to counter basically Islam and Muslims. That's what has happened. What do you think when you see someone like Habib, who, who is brave enough to speak out? You know, he has a big following. And he was speaking out against this for Islam? And he has some some words to say, what did you think about that?

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So Hon, Allah first of all, congratulations to him and to Muhammad Ali. These are people masala, who we should look up to, simply because they are not ashamed like many of our people of our people in general, you will see an average Muslim who works in a college and university, whatever they're trying to hide that there was

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So hamdulillah These are people who come out with their Deen are proud of their Deen. And that's how we should be. We should all be proud of our Deen and they come up with their Deen. They're proud of it. And they don't have a problem with proclaiming their Deen. And actually even reprimanding people like Macron with regards to what they're saying, we have to protect

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our Dean, our Prophet, Muhammad's Islam and Islam doesn't need they don't need protection, because Allah is protecting them. There's no problem with that. So there is no need in going out on the streets and burning flags and, and smashing windows and all this stuff. This is not something we should do as Muslims, however, however, to speak out and speak up against what is happening against what macro is doing at the moment. And again, as I said, it's not a macro thing. It's a French thing against what is happening in France and in other countries. There is no doubt about it, we should all be doing that. And there was a Twitter storm, by the way, yesterday, on Friday, and there was a

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twitter twitter storm. And Mashallah, I hope that it has gone it has gone worldwide. So I think it's a good thing. Something is happening. And I don't think it's bad. As long as we don't use violent violence and we can respectfully go against

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the this racist and Islamophobic behavior, then there is no problem with it. Of course, yes. And it's a good thing to have been, but others speak up. Yes. I mean, you'll see that this is like you said, I mean, someone who has that, like Mohammed Ali. He was somebody who was great inside the ring, but outside this is what left his legacy he was speaking against injustices, Habib now has a chance to do the same to go ahead and use that big following that, that he's been blessed with a huge following. But now consider a trend with other and how much impact can someone like him, or you have many of these football players from France, they're Muslim, you have other celebrities who have

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millions and millions of followers. Now the average person can send a tweet, share Facebook, they can do that. And like you were saying we don't condone violence, but use that freedom of speech that you have Don't be so so weak to the point that you can't share a post Share this video maybe and go ahead and create some awareness, but how important it is for let's say celebrities, Muslim celebrities who are out there who have millions of followers and now for them to also speak up in situations like this. No absolute Mashallah. I mean, this is why I think also your show is very important, Mashallah, I really think that we have to speak up as much as we can, even if our

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followers obviously doesn't Habib's but still still I really believe that even if we reach 1000 people, Mashallah we have done our part, even if I've reached, you know, recently, I spoke again, just two days ago, tomorrow until I'm going to be on a German podcast, inshallah, and is very important, because the German brothers, of course, I affected more heavily than we are simply because they are bordering France, and there is a connection with fonts. So it's going to be even more important to speak not

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to mention this to the German speakers, and to speak, speak out against this this injustice and suppression, no doubt about it. No doubt a lot. Yes, absolutely. Do you follow any football or when it comes soccer, football? There were some reports that some I don't know if that was, it was fake or real. But something about some of the football players they were also speaking out just like Habib was Is this true? Or did you hear anything about that? I heard of one football player soccer player. Yes, I don't one was Muslim, obviously. And he spoke out against it. And I was what I read. The problem with tonight is you don't know what is true and what's not true. And that he actually

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quit the football team. A bit later he I received another report saying that it's a false claim. There's not just one.

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So I'm not I'm not sure what's happening at this moment. I myself, I'm clueless at this moment. I don't know what to believe. But something is happening. That's for sure. I think something is happening. Don't forget, a third of the football team of France's football team is Muslim. Half of them are foreign coming from Africa, mainly. So 100 extremely important to mention that yes. Yeah. So that's why Yeah, someone asked you about the hobby, because I think I think strongly if people are out there, you got people who are Muslim, and they're in these positions, is very important, because the least we can do is create some awareness and help those who are because it could be

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coming to a town near you. I mean, tomorrow, it could be you and now nobody's speaking up.

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Absolutely, absolutely. If you allow the French to do what they're doing, and this has been going on, again for the last two to three decades in Europe, that France does something and the rest follow. So they're hiding behind what the French do. And I've realized that when I was living in Holland, actually in the Netherlands

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1990s, I realized the same situation in France and in Belgium, things were happening, especially the whole headscarf affair, and the Belgians and the Dutch were actually doing everything because they're smaller companies, nobody would pay attention to them. Everything that France would do, just in a in a smaller on a smaller scale, but it was happening in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium, and now the the burqa ban in Belgium, which again was not covered by the media so much because it's a small

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Country unimportant actually, but Belgium following France, and the same the Netherlands. So you see that the neighboring countries, at least the neighboring countries, because as well Germany is also affected, Denmark has also affected. So they do follow and do everything that France actually does in big they do it in a smaller scale. So that's why we need to definitely speak up. Absolutely. It's an obligation not a couple more questions tell us Is it true? There's there's a, there is a museum or something of the like that they have in France, where you have actually skulls in there? Yeah, what does that what's the significance of that museum?

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museum was supposed to actually be a museum of humanity. Okay. So to show some kind of cultural,

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being a kind of

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show the Heritage of Humanity in the world. And what the idea is of putting 37 or even 67

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of the freedom fighters of the revolutionaries from Algeria, or North Africa, put them and then keep them in there or giving them not sending them back to Algeria to the family. This Don't ask me as the French. But indeed, that is true. That is true. I even heard of another Museum, which I cannot verify another Museum, which has actually 18,000 skulls of people of revolutionaries, from mainly Algeria. I could not verify that. But I know the first one, as I mentioned, with skulls of made leaders have revolutionized That is correct. That is true. How many innocent people died. What are the estimates? In this? in Algeria? At this time? 2 million people? How many? between one and a half

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and 2 million, 2 million innocent human beings? Absolutely. Yeah. So in the innocent, what you what you what you correct, because many of them were not soldiers. Many of them were indeed just civilians, the majority were actually civilians, women, children in this day, I mean, the French, they were just, they did whatever they wanted to. And again, this is not something that I'm saying because of the situation now, because of my call. If you go back to lectures that I've had the last three, four years, this is something I've been mentioning, every time we have to be aware, France is following a specific policy towards Islam, the Muslims in the Muslim world, especially Africa, in

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such a way that I would call it clearly a fascist state, secularism that they follow is fascism and secularism.

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So if you if you now you compare you do a contrast, and you look at the rights that are guaranteed, under the divine law, in Islam, to Christians to Jews, and the dialogue that took place, can you say that there was this kind of oppression? I mean, where you have in the divine law, the Christians have their rights, you know, people of other faiths, they have their rights there that you cannot take that as you have the these people now just literally taking the rights of innocent human beings in their country on Oh, yeah. So Paula, of course, obviously, I mean, if we take it back, I mean, 1400 years ago, I suppose an asylum has given definitely the rise in Medina, if you look at Medina,

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and if you look at the Constitution of Nigeria, by the way, which in Washington DC,

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isn't respected, you will be able to vote that it is known in America. The the Constitution of Medina is seen as a model for other constitutions. And if you look at the Constitution of India, now you see the rights that are given to Allah Kitab, the rise of a given to the Jews into the Christians, as a religious community. Now, that's what the point is. The friends do not look at religion, they don't look at their religious communities, they look at nation nationalism, which they have defined as being a certain people, the best being white, of course, coming with us, having a certain historical background, which is within the borders of what is nowadays France, and having,

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of course, a background, which it takes them back to capitalism mainly, and not even Protestantism orthodoxy. So it's Catholicism that they go back to, but not as religion but as part of their identity. As I mentioned before, it's not that they have African religious people, they are more taking it as part of their identity. So it's a contrast to the Muslims in the country. So indeed, the Muslims from Harlem we can be proud of our Constitution, we can be proud of what Allah has given us, we can be proud of and so on and so on has left us behind. And this is what makes me a person who is very upset. When you look at a person like McCrone for example. Now, this case, who when he

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was 15, by the way, he had his, his tea, his wife was his teacher, what an affair with him basically, I hope this is known that this very same child you know, was 15.

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That's how far his moral values go. But again, it is not only a macro, it is a general

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No French problem. And the problem was there before macro, and will most probably be the outcome I brought as well. One, the other president has come up with what will come, whoever will be the new one. So that's why in France, for example, you have an issue of French Muslims, Muslims having a French nationality, which are more than 10% and could actually have an impact on politics in France, many of them did and do not vote. Okay, that I think personally is a problem. Because if they don't participate in the voting system of political system of the country, where they live in, they allow the right wing to actually come up as as as, as it has happened. And so

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that's why as Muslims, I mean, Subhana, Allah, what can we say if I have to come up with the ideas and the ideals that the Muslim constitution and an Islamic state would would would indeed come up with, for us would be nothing? In contrast to that absolutely nothing? We should be really proud of what we have as Muslims, you know. So, again, it doesn't it doesn't diminish the status of Allah, with whatever this man says. It doesn't take away anything of our Prophet Muhammad, Hassan, our love to Prophet Muhammad says, I mean, the country. I actually, actually, I actually should, I would like to thank him for what he did. Because, again, it shows again, like, like September 11, most of the

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people who have become Muslims whom I have met in the last couple of years in Europe, actually became Muslim after September 11. Now, before the time when I became Muslim, that was 10 years because of the by 11. I barely met any European, any German, French American, whatever, who became Muslim, but most of them nowadays, I know, became Muslim after September 11, because they started getting curious about this Deen finding out what is that now again? Now we have a chance again to come up with Islam and I'm very, very sure that it's actually going to be a good propaganda for us in July in general, inshallah, thank you very much, Michael, two individuals I want to mention, get

00:31:57--> 00:32:34

your take on it, and then we'll close up. One is Hercules, can we say can we say that there's an ancestry here, if you look back towards with the French people with Hercules McCrone connected here, where when he heard of a messenger and he got he got a letter directly from Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and you know, the condensed version, just double soufiane on the one before he accepted Islam, he was called in front of him and then he asked certain questions about Prophet Muhammad he wanted to know, and after asking those questions at the end, he said that if he was with him, he'd be washing his feet he would be himself washing the feet of Prophet Muhammad. So

00:32:34--> 00:32:50

this is now acid after asking the right questions and getting to know him somewhat, but not even going to that extent. So what do you think now is a lesson that McCrone and others can learn from Hercules

00:32:54--> 00:33:31

is that is a very good question I should exactly what can they learn from that what they can learn is that after Iraqi us you know heraclius came from the same manner where I come from right he had a business background Greek Orthodox background, and I'm sitting here talking to you about the beauty of Islam and I'm sitting here talking to you praising our Sula Salah setup praising the deen which is the best thing on this planet Masha Allah so if you take this as an example Michelle back home, be careful because if you yourself don't accept Islam, then it will be one of your people later coming it might be from a family it might be children. And we have seen these cases in all our

00:33:31--> 00:34:02

Mashallah for example, in the Netherlands, we know about a Dutch politician who was a right wing politician and he Mashallah turned to became Muslim. And now this moment he speaks he speaks out against back home. So I have to rely, yes, they should take it as an example. And there is a good concern that you know, that he did, he said that he said he'd be washing the feet of Prophet Muhammad. Did he not say that? You know, he did. He did my show. I mean, as far as I know, Yes, he did. So that means that inshallah McCrone or somebody coming up following him will be doing the same.

00:34:03--> 00:34:21

And then you had you also have the who's a French hero, Isn't he the former emperor of France. It's stated in July, July 1 79, eight, that Napoleon Bonaparte that he said I respect God, His Prophet Muhammad and the Glorious Qur'an

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

What do you think lesson could he can you take from that? Yes, as I mentioned the beginning because I thought that he would ask me that exactly as Apollo and Apollo This is going around now. Indeed. We have a lot of authentic material, authentic sources that tell us that Napoleon Bonaparte at the Maya Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim at miad even the Muslims, but in the military way, okay, he's so Prophet Muhammad says Adam is one of the greatest military leaders and they can learn from them. So it was not that arrogant to come to dismiss resolution asylum. That's one important point. Now with regards to as I mentioned before, when Apollo arrived

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

In Egypt, he proclaimed himself as being Muslim. He said, Follow me basically wanted to grab the Muslims. And most of the people, of course, we cannot look and nobody's hard. But most of the people say nowadays historians also say that he basically just made a claim a false claim of being Muslim. However, what we know later, when he went back to France, and upon him, when he went back into Europe, it said, there are some sources and I'm not 100% sure, authentic. They all are. But I do I've read a lot about the indications that

00:35:35--> 00:36:09

Napoleon was most probably even praying that Napoleon was actually had turned to Islam, allow them, I don't have 100%. And I don't want to just say something if I'm, yeah, I want to keep it into fact, but most probably something had happened in Apollo's life, when he came back and he did, what you just mentioned, then others even more important things, we showed admiration for a solar cell asylum and Islam and the Muslims in the Middle East. So they are clearly authentic sources that clearly tell you that one thing we can say 100% Napoleon was not dismissing on

00:36:11--> 00:36:52

him. He was not at all on that level, Mr. McCoy's nowadays, and the Republic is nowadays. And that's for sure. Now, if he accepted Islam or not, I hope for him that he died as a Muslim. That's it. Yeah. So the the first conversion was a fake one. But then there are some sources that possibly may be and towards the end, that he did accept Islam, we can't verify that 100%. But there would be a strong push. Also, if that was true to cover that up. Would you say that that would be something that people would want out? I mean, of course, that is even more difficult to cover. They cover up things that are not even in France, in the south of France, there was one to come, there was an area

00:36:52--> 00:37:28

which was called vaccine, a production in Arabic. That was an area in the ninth and 10th century where the Muslims had actually established themselves and part of Islanders. So in the south of France, where the court does, is okay, there was an area which was called vaccine production. So the Muslims had established themselves, they were French Muslims as well. And they were living there in harmony as they were living in Orlando, shooting the dominant the Iberian Peninsula. And from there, they marched all the way through northern Italy and Switzerland, and they open Switzerland to Panama. So for around 100 years vaccine existed in the south of France. And this the French don't

00:37:28--> 00:37:53

mention at all, this affinity don't teach at all. They don't even engage with it. They even tell you that you are a liar. Although we have authentic sources. Now they've proven that this vaccine existed. So yes, of course, they will try to cover anything they can. Even even things that are even here even then you have to you have to basically come up with authentic sources. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing that with us and giving us some history and some insight to what's going on.

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