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Fiqh of Worship – Invalidators of Fasting, Forgetfulness, and Doubts

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spinoff from the law says Mr. tsuda loud earlier.

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Today inshallah Allah will go over this chapter and we said the fact of fasting According to the American Kodama in his book shalonda.

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We had, you know, for the first week we had what we talked about the ruling of Ramadan, and the beginning of the month ruling of fasting ruling of fasting Ramadan and how to determine the beginning of the month. The second week we talked about as habit Azar people who are exempt from fasting and we talked about color makeup and so on. This week, we will talk about the things that invalidate fasting. Next week inshallah, we will talk about the last two chapters which are a smaller chapter. So that's why we combine them and that would be cr macatawa, involuntary fasting, voluntary fasting, I'm sorry, voluntary fasting and

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lactic acid which is a devotional retreat. Today inshallah we will talk about things that invalidate fasting part of the discussion will include rulings on forgetfulness and compulsion and acts that do not invalidate the fasting and having doubt.

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So let's begin.

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Kodama Rahim, Allah said Babel myopes you know some of the things that invalidate fasting woman Aquila, I will share Eva, our starter house Allah Allah jiofi che and I am older and can come to our cabella LMS

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ohada Tata Mohammed executor lissoni for the festival song, okay. So he eats or drinks takes anything into his throat through his nostrils.

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Takes anything through any other route intentionally vomits, masturbates cases or touches the opposite sex and subsequently ejaculate semen or has mezzi which is has secretions excite, that accompany that sexual excitement has a drama copying with bloodletting or does it someone else intentionally hand while remembering that he is fasting for all the above the fast is nullified for all the above the fast is nullified. Okay.

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One thing he did not mention here, it's important to

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basically pointed out that he did not mentioned intercourse here as an invalidated or fasting oversight

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from Robin Kodama?

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No, because he included it in the previous chapter. And the reason why he separated intercourse from the rest of the validators is what is that ad has a set of rulings by itself in the Hanbury mouth hub and the shafa emails have intercourse does not require is the only thing that requires that Kfar, you know that severe expiation in the masochism, Hana fees, they consider also any invalidation of fasting to require it, but in the must have intercourse is a category by itself, because it requires the afara which is the expiation, you know setting free as slave or you know, the ones that we have gone through before the past 60 days to feed 60 people and so on.

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So, he did not include intercourse here, but that that is certainly an invalid dater and that was covered in the previous chapter. What he says here is woman Akela how Schrieber whoever eats or drinks, had eats and drinks to intercourse and those three things are invalidated fasting by consensus of Muslim scholars. These three things are invalidated as a fasting by the consensus of Muslim scholars. Why is this

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because Allah subhanaw taala seven the Quran