Adnan Rajeh – The Importance of outreachdawah #2

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of hadiths in Islam, including the idea of hiring people to facilitate actions and teach others. They emphasize the need for individuals to perform actions and encourage others to do so. The importance of outreach in shaping people to act in a way that benefits them and helps others is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the need for guidance and making things accessible to others, specifically praying for others.
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You know what I mean? Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabi you know Habib You know Muhammad Ali he was so big man you know that Your Will imam or Muslim if he so he and I have us occupied Aqua Muhammad Al Ansari will be three or the Allahu Anhu. But

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on an abuse of Allah Allah Azza wa salam tonight, the collection of Muslim writers by the Masada webinar

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on Saudi beggary. And he has a number of a hadith and they collect in the different collection of the Sahara and and they're all they're all quite short and quite profound. And this one today tonight is within the theme of outreach, which is we're going to be covering over the next week and a half or two weeks, I guess. And it's a really short Hadith that you've heard before, but it's so good one to memorize and maybe contemplate on your way home. But he said I thought that was that was a fun column and della Heiden further who Mizzou Angelica la Mandel Allah Hierin fellow who Miss Liu UEFA, Avi, whoever point someone

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or help someone find a door of hire, and they get the similar reward as the person who's going to do it. And there's context of this hadith there's context actually an another narration of it where someone came to the Prophet Allah He sought to ascend and so he also Allah you're going on a battle? I don't have anything m&e meaning provide me with a horse, and the armor and all the weapons and when I need and the food to get there and back, I don't have enough money to acquire any of the stuff, you need to take me the proper audio sources and said, I don't have any of that right now. So a man came and said, Yeah, ha, ha, I do look either many army look here, I can forge out for you

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someone who will. There's someone who has wealth and is willing to support someone to go on this battle. So he did, and that person found that other person, because it is on this hadith, the prophet Isaiah. So Saddam said this. So there's a context to it as well. But the the idea of it, of course, in the context of outreach is much more meaningful and much wider. And

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it's not that it's not just that you do hire, if you are someone who introduces people to hire, if you facilitate, I want to use that word, or you make it accessible to others, and you ease it for them, then you get the idea that they will do as well, they don't lose obviously anything, but you get that as well. So it's not just doing good deeds, it's making good deeds or good things accessible and facilitating them. For others. That's just as meaningful. And in the context of outreach, that's what we're talking about. You want to perform all the acts of Islam and get the agile, or you can even facilitate those actions for others, or introduce people to these to these

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concepts and these behaviors. And you'll it's like you put someone on the track and they'll just beat you just go on and you got the idea just keeps on running for you as they do it. So if you think about it, if you're a nomadic, many people are Michela, yeah, a lot of financial minds here in the masjid. People who are good at business know how to make money. It's a bigger bang for your buck. Like you get way more, if you just perform a little bit of Dawa, a little bit of outreach, you make more way more than doing the deed yourself. I'm not saying you shouldn't be doing good, doing good deeds, you cannot preach something you don't practice, that makes no sense at all, it's not

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acceptable. But if you don't want to, you know, repeat the same thing a million times to get a job, if you just do it a few just enough times to get get by. But you introduce others to it and you encourage others to do it and you teach them and help them do it got more than just a better long term investment for you honestly.

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And this is the profile that you saw. This I'm saying is telling us just delta Allaha you just standing there pointing here's here, let me show you where faders, you can do here, this height, you get the idea of the person who's going to do it, because you enjoy it because if it wasn't for you wouldn't have happened. See, that's the piece that Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us if it wasn't for you would have happened. Now of course that's not true. Because we you know, Allah subhanaw taala will decree what he wants. So, but he is allowing you to be the facilitator for their lack of a better word, the tool that will allow this procedure to actually occur. And that's just his grace.

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And that's His love towards you. He's allowing you to be that person will point out to others and help them do it so you can get the feel for it. If you don't do it, someone else will. If you don't do it, someone else will and get the Azure might as well be you it is not don't misunderstand this we do this not because we are going to bring guidance upon knowing that's allowed brings guidance for people we don't He guides whoever he wants and he miss guides whoever He wants and we're just being we're just fortunate that he guided us. Now guidance is going to happen it's going to happen through someone

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might as well be you may be you will be somewhere else it'll still it'll be somewhat easily you'll be easily someone else but why not? You

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Why not make sure it's you, that's how you see this plane is going to happen. pointed out that you can get the edge of the idea is up for grabs, take it before someone else comes and takes it, because that person is going to Bank A lot, because it's just a better long term investment for them. So think about it that way. That is people are going to find guidance, higher is going to be pointed out to them, they will find clearer, make sure it's through you, why not you why someone else get the idea for this when you could, if you just put yourself in that position where he facilitated good deeds, or you introduced or made them accessible to others, there's a lot of value

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in making things accessible to others a lot of value in doing that. And I think we sometimes miss or underestimate the importance of just making that accessible. So that's another aspect of outreach which is which is what I think you're here at the masjid. You have found this place accessible to yourself, you're not uncomfortable coming here, not uncomfortable being here, listening, sitting, getting up and leaving, sitting wherever you want and praying however you want to be in the Quran and talking to people, not everyone feels that way. Most people don't feel that way. Most people come here and they feel very out of place, very uncomfortable and very self conscious. And they

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don't know where to sit. They don't know if they're doing this right. And they're not sure if they should be here or there. And they don't want to take the shoes off or they don't have the bathrooms or they're not sure if they're standing in the way they don't know what you don't know if they're uncomfortable. So you can stand here and just pray and do the do the action and get the edge of yourself or you can facilitate it for someone else. And then you get the pleasure every single time they do it. Like you're praying as your choice every night. If you just take time to point it out to someone else, you're not gonna pray for them, but you can facilitate it for them. So think about

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those things because I think we are missing out on a very beautiful opportunity that he's offering us that Allah is like if you're Muslim with us here and you must obey me I'm really sorry he'll be three or the Allahu Anhu call call and abuse of Allah Allah who earlier Salam Mandel Isla Hayden fellow who Misu as you refer a lot of Rasulullah sallallahu Hendriksen Allah Allah lends itself to very well said Allahu wa salam O Allah rasool Allah nabina. Muhammad, you know early was like Kamala Harris

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