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The next question is from Nitin Sharma from India.

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Is it possible for me to become a Muslim?

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I want to accept Islam

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question man in Sharma and I hope you're watching this program live your question on the WhatsApp that you want to accept Islam and can you accept Islam? Yes, you can choose to accept Islam, to accept Islam, there are basically two requirements.

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If you believe

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that there is no God worthy of worship, except Allah subhanaw taala and you bear witness to it, and you bear witness, that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, you become a Muslim, these are the minimum two criteria required for any human being to accept Islam. After that the other thing will come slowly and slowly. If you believe in this truth in and I'm and I agree that we have been seeing my program and my videos and you may have learned from other sources about Allah subhanaw taala. I'd like to ask you, brother, that do you agree that there's only one God? Do you believe that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah? Do you believe that idol worship is wrong? And

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if you believe in this thing, that there's no one worthy of worship except Almighty God, Allah. And if you believe that there is no partners to him, and you believe either worship is wrong, and you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger, then you are ready to accept Krishna. I'd like to ask you whether that hope no one is forcing you to accept Islam. I hope no one is pressurizing you. I hope no one is bribing you. Because to pressure anyone to accept Islam is wrong. to bribe anyone to become Muslim is also wrong. And I'm missing and my wife Tasmania time they don't know because of this COVID 19 issue. We don't know when would the gathering for lecture take place

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again? It has drops in the last few months and when we start we don't know we are missing those times when we can you lecture to large audiences and they are not Muslim accepted Islam. We can see him face to face but we are having similar sessions

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on online

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on the social media, on the satellite channel, on the Facebook and I'm happy brother that you want to accept Islam. I will just say it in Arabic and you can repeat it whatever I said earlier it's the same meaning I said in Arabic slowly you can repeat it inshallah.

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I shall do.

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And La

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Wa I shall do anna

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Muhammad, Abu.

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it means I bear witness. And we're gonna repeat this also. I bear witness that

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there is no God, but Allah.

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I bear witness

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Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him is

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the messenger

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and servant of Allah Marshall brother

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if you have said this after me a Hamdulillah you are Muslim and it's not compulsory that you have to declare it in public but you're doing it is good mashallah and I pray to Allah smarter than me he got to Jana may give you gentle for those all your previous in brother Nathan has been forgiven. And whatever greatest sins you did, it will be counted as positive. And I prayed Allah smart Allah that may he guide you to the right path further and maybe get more knowledge of Islam and may you be a better practicing Muslim, and inshallah maybe meet John Nigel