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The upcoming trial will focus on whether the evidence for Islamist claims is accurate and if the evidence is not. The trial will also touch on the claims of Islamists to be evil and use drugs to manipulate people. The speakers emphasize the importance of happiness and happiness without submission to Allah's teachings, the need for compassion and justice in human behavior, and the importance of education and support for strong Christian values. They also discuss the need for strong institutions for society and the importance of protecting individual rights.

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Hang in there candidates want to stay in and we're gonna start to understand we're not going to be here we're not talking about I want to leave and truly unforeseen alum and say hi to Marlena and yeah he's allowed to Allah Philomel was ALLAH will finance le de la jolla Murshida what she said to Allah in in Allah why the whole nurse Rika level will call that will hand up where you need to go higher now your mood spear the hill higher while while adequately shaking but these are shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdul who are also wasafi Who will have a look at the Amana tabula rasa toner solid OMA will catch up a woman Ouattara Canada's magical Label Label how can i Hurry hurry is Ivana in LA

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Halleck Valley Hospital salatu automata Sneem on early he will be here woman is standing to be so naughty either yo Medina Allahumma jantan Amin Amin Alladhina Hamad one you know slightly how to Ottawa so we'll have to Ottawa so the subject and in our plan I mean we'll see from what I've seen it's up to Allah as well called eminent I will have what color data yeah you have Medina hammer chapel la Hatha to a party here well at some alternative level and to Muslim on what kind of to Allah you have NASA tokoto Bakula? The halacha from the nursing Washington Wirkkala coming has Jaha Robertson in Houma Regina and cathedral when he said What's up Hola Hola, defesa and he will come

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clean Allah I cannot equal Akiva will call the Tirana. Yeah, you had Edina Hammond otaku la our Guru golden said Either you'll sneak their way off the Rubicon woman you're going to learn how to sue that will occur because the fellows and Alima medalled we begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah, we declare His perfection our own imperfections we've ever witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. Subhanallah it's a habit. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu ani who was Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, and those that follow until the

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day of judgment and we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to make us amongst them, Allah Maha Amin, the brothers and sisters, it would be ignorant of me to ignore or I would be disconnected to ignore, obviously, what's been in the news for the last 24 hours, which was the death of a human rights icon like Nelson Mandela. But my hope was not going to be about Nelson Mandela. My thought was going to be about something greater than that, and something that I think all of us need to pay attention to a need to understand. And that is that what would motivate a person what would motivate a human being to stand up for the rights of other individuals to offer themselves selflessly for the sake of

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the for the sake of the cause of an oppressed people for the plight of an oppressed people? And not have Eman because obviously we look throughout history and sometimes we find that there are people that stand up for human rights despite not being Muslims. So what is it that would make a person stand up for those things in the first place, if they were not Muslims, and there is no doubt that those qualities are praiseworthy qualities. And the answer to that is very simple. That Allah subhana hoods Allah created human beings as good people in the first place, Allah subhanho wa Taala placed within us a natural inclination and fitflop a natural inclination, not only to him, but to

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all that is good to all that is pleasing to Him. As Pamela, we find particularly one of the most profound explanations of the fitrah of this natural inclination that we have, that I've ever read was the one by the amount of Rahim Allah, because he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed within us the inclination towards number one, him being the worship of Allah, so hate, that is the greatest sign. And according to the creative atmosphere, no, there is no such thing as a true atheist, we don't believe that they exist. We don't believe that there's a person who really believes in no God. And this is something that you know, that we see every single day in our lives,

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that, that these people who deny God who turn away from the oneness of God, when in fact deny the existence of a god or not people with Sakina are not people with tranquillity. You know, when's the last time you met a humble atheists that wasn't confrontational? You know, they have no Sakina no tranquility in their lives because Allah subhanaw taala says, woman out of Allah and victory for in Allahumma Isha down one care, whoever turns away from my remembrance has a constricting suffocating life. He has, you know, he has no tranquility, no remote, no peace of mind. No, you know, no sense of satisfaction or being content with what they have, because they choose to deny that which they

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knew is which they know is true and SubhanAllah. You know, there is an experiment that particularly interested me and sometimes, you know, unfortunately as Muslims, we look towards science to confirm what's already in the Quran and the Sunnah. And there was an experiment at Princeton University by Dr. Edward young, where he ran a lie detector test on third

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already atheists, the question was, Do you believe in God? And all 30 of them said no. And all 30 of them failed the test 30 Atheists that are asked, Do you believe in God and say no, and they failed the test. And he made a very profound statement, his studies, he said, No one argues with someone that they don't believe exists, you're angry with God, you might have issues. And you might, you might think that by denying this, that it would give you happiness in life, and that you would have absolute freedom to do what you want. But what we see is that freedom that doesn't entail submission to Allah subhanaw taala actually brings about misery, contrary to what people think, because an

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atheist is 213% more likely to commit suicide than a person who believes in a religion, they have no answers to anything in life, do what you want, find a party without any restrictions, but at the same time, there is something inside of you, and you're troubled when you deny that, and instead of trying to come to peace with certain things, you know, that you that you faced in your life and certain difficulties, you just denied that there's a creator. So Allah subhanaw taala, has created everyone to believe in Allah subhanaw taala, it's inside of us, we know that that power exists scientifically, you can read articles on a god spot that's inside of us a particular part of the

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brain that demonstrates more activity when God has mentioned, go through all the studies, but at the end of the day, know that Allah subhanaw taala, has already told you that He created you to believe in Him, and that a person is troubled when he turns away from acknowledging that oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. But what's more interesting than that, is that the added on top of that, he said, Allah subhanaw taala also added two components to the fifth law, not just belief in Allah subhanaw taala. But every single human being in his nature has a sense of compassion and justice. Every single person, and Allah subhanaw taala only calls us to that which is inside of us. And that's why

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Allah Subhana Allah says in Allah yet little bit of you an action, Allah commands you with justice and compassion, because it's already inside of you. You're born with that, that's not something that that you learn or that you acquire, you're born with a sense of mercy and compassion. You're born with a sense of justice, and Subhanallah, it was just this year, and I was in New Jersey, and there's a brother, a very good friend of mine, who's a pediatrician who sent me a New York Times article. And it was a study that was done this year, where they actually tested children, infants, to see if the if justice or compassionate justice and compassion is something that's taught, or it's

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something that you're born with. So they actually took these kids, and they would show them cartoons. And you know, if you, you know, you grew up, you grew up on cartoons, you see that there's always a bad guy and a good guy, right are a bad cat and a good rap. You know, whatever it is, but there's always someone who's bad. And someone who's good at these kids actually had a faster heartbeat. And were actually troubled whenever they saw that justice was not being served even in a cartoon. Allah created us that way. So you've asked yourself, well, well, how is it then that we have, you know, murderers, and we have the the Buchon acids and the CC's in this world that if were

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created with compassion, and justice, how is it that those people even exist? And the answer to that is very simple, that there's a great difference between nature and nurture?

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People nurture hatred, they nurture injustice, they become delusional. You know, there's a lot of truth to that statement that sometimes you tell a lie so much, that you actually start to believe your own life. And people literally create for themselves, you know, this this bubble, where they nurture hatred, they nurture injustice, they nurture the womb, they become merciless people, but at the same time, they will remain troubled, because it's still there. It might be hanging on it might be just a hair, but it's still there. There's still some level of compassion, some level of justice, whether a person likes it or not, because Allah subhanaw taala created you that way. And when we

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look at the world, we see that there are human beings that are not Muslims. And you know what, one of the biggest issues with Muslims is that we start seeing the world as black and white. We are Muslims and they are kofod They're all disbelievers, and they're all the same. Allah subhanaw taala said, they're not the same nations. So they're not the same. No two human beings in the world are the same. Don't sit there and tell me that they're all the same. They're not all the same. Hitler is not like Nelson Mandela. Okay, we Allah subhanaw taala taught us that in the Quran. When we start seeing the world in black and white, we we fail to recognize and acknowledge certain things. And

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subhanAllah we find that there are people that have taken up Muslim causes and I use that word because we see them as Muslim causes. They're really human causes Muslim causes, and they're not even Muslim. And subhanAllah. I'll give you this example. You know, all of us I would say as Muslims are somewhat passionate about the Palestinian cause out obviously, when different things happen in the world that then we start to become distracted because our hearts are not big enough. Unfortunately, sometimes take

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Hear about Burma, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Iraq all at the same time. We can't do it for some reason, we have to be tuned into one at a time. And but somehow the Palestinian cause is a cause that the Muslim community as a whole always demonstrates a special level of attention for it. You know, everyone cares about the Palestinian cause. Muslims always, you know, before 911, and even after 911, maybe after 911, it got toned down a little bit. But the Muslim community has always been on the forefront of the Palestinian cause. And subhanAllah. If you read in these last 10 years, and particularly, or actually these last 12 years, you'll find that there are peace activists and people

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that have actually went to Palestine, and stood up for the rights of the people over there that are not Muslim. And somehow I'm one of those people is Rachel Corrie. And I don't know if anyone in here has read about Rachel Cornyn, I know a few of you probably have the Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old white American activist born and raised in the States, not Muslim, who actually went to Russia with with with the International Solidarity movement, and stood in front of a bulldozer, as it was demolishing a house and Russell stood in front of a bulldozer, you know, and protested that house been demolished, as Pamela was killed in the process. You know, what is it that drove her to do

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that? It was her humanity. It wasn't her email. It was her humanity. And when we're called to Eman, we're called to humanity to you know, there's something about us as human beings that those those elements of compassion justice have to be present inside of us. It's Paulo, there's still people today, if you read about Harry fear, a person, a young man by the name of Harry fear that's been in London for the last four years, doing work over there, a journalist who dedicated himself to that cause that's humanity. That's just being a good person at the end of the day. And Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want you to forget that because of your iman, if anything, your Eman takes a hit when

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you start to neglect your humanity. Your Eman will take a hit when you start to neglect your your humanity and that's why I know the alignment says an authentic hadith narrated Muslim that a man came to the Prophet slicin and complained because what we'll call that his heart was hard. And also Allah fie Salam al sol and Yom Sahaba. Leah team was ALLAH Islam said you need to accompany an orphan. And pat the head of an orphan. So that you can you know, subhanAllah soften your heart. By making yourself more human, you make yourself a better Muslim by default. And a lot of times we fail to we fail to take those causes seriously, and we failed to take them as our own, and we bicker

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about it. And when someone does something about it, we say well, they weren't Muslim anyway.

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And subhanAllah that's not what we were created to do. And there's a very profound Hadith that I'll share with you all today. It's a hadith that's also narrated, listening by Muhammad with an authentic chain by Abu Dhabi, believe it or not, the Allah will try to who says that I was with the Prophet sallallahu it was Salah on a personal level. So it was just me and masala sai Solomon the companions of Rasul Allah. So I said, when they had him alone, they would ask him questions that were already addressed publicly, but they would they would want to get the secrets also. Right. So putting the code on your back when you give me some words that will benefit me and make it short.

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This is a man who intends to the hook was of the prophets lie Selim. And then here's the beneficial advice of the prophets is on all the time. But now I've got you to my own, you know, just just between me and you now I've got you on my own. Give me some advice. Yes, Allah give me some quick words that will make it easy. You know, imagine if you met the most successful businessman in the world, the most successful CEO CEO in the world, he might have given lectures on how to be successful, but hey, I've got you privately. Now. Can you give me some advice? Give me some secret advice. Give me a few words. So Abu Dhabi a lot of times says that I was with the prophets like

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Selim and I went to him and I said Yalow Sol, Allah Manda eungella. Abdullah now what is it that takes away a land Mina now what is it that takes away the slave from hellfire? What's going to protect him from hellfire? Now obviously for Salah My son has addressed this pretty clearly. Allah azza wa jal has addressed this pretty clearly, but not private advice. And he responded to Abu Dhabi, Allah and when he said Al Eman Billa relief and Allah Simple as that. Right now Subhan Allah it's a simple question, a simple answer, but Abu Dhabi Allah Han who wants to squeeze this as he says he also of Allah, in America and Yamuna, are their actions that accompany faith or their

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actions that accompany faith. What do we do that to accompany that faith for so long? And I'm so young Allah minmetals, aka hula he spends from what Allah Subhana Allah gave to him. And no, this is not a fundraising multiple. There's no fundraising at the end of the whole book. Unfortunately, I know usually when you hear about some of that it's got to be a fundraiser at the end. No, this is part of our eemaan The first thing that compensates that I mentioned was he spends out of what Allah says

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I don't want to allocate him he puts his money where his mouth is he shows his love to Allah subhanaw taala by spending on noble causes and then I'm without all the Allah I'm in response he says Jana Sula or ATIA in Cana *ery. You know, what if that person is poor, he doesn't have anything to spend with. So last lesson respondent said yes, it would have been rude for young man in one camp that he should enjoy and that which is good and forbid that which is evil. Enjoy that which is good. And for good that which is evil, you know what, that was free. You know, I'm gonna build my roof is free. You don't have to pay money to say something. You don't have to pay money to do

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something good in your society to to speak up. Right? Yeah, that would be my rule for you. And, and, and mooncup. This is all free. No one has an excuse not to do it, unless he's under fear. Unless he's living under fear. And it's a legitimate fear. It's not just paranoia, and he really can't say anything. You know, I hear people all the time, say, shall we can't talk about that. Because if we, if we keep talking about that, then you know, we're gonna get a visit and you're gonna get a visit, regardless of Allah subhanaw taala decree the visit for you. And if you stopped speaking the truth, Allah subhanaw taala will entrust you to those that you fear.

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Just speak, talk. Allah didn't make you weak. You know, and the Hadith of the prophets, I send them Allah aminika Winco. When you are you know who we are the whoever sees an evil, let them change it with his hand. And if he can't do so, then with his tongue, and if he can't do so, then he should hate it with his heart, and that is Allah awful. Eema. That's the weakest form of faith. But you can't resort to that unless you can't do the first one or the second one. You can't change it with your hands, change it with your tongue. If you cannot change it with your tongue, then you can hate it in your heart. But you can't just hate it in your heart because you're afraid of letting your

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tongue loose. You're afraid of saying what's right even though no one stopped you from saying what's right. No one stopped you from speaking up. So as soon as I said the app would have been viral for yet had in one cup. I will double the Allah Akbar response. He's taking this conversation and broadening it as much as possible. He says yellow suit Allah, what if that person is weak? You know, so he is living in fear. layers will be on the amount of weigh in and in one cup he cannot do a mobile model for nonionic mooncup. He cannot enjoin good and forbid evil. He stuck. Rasul Allah slice Allah said, Yes, narrowly.

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Very profound words. And they are so applicable to us here in the United States. By the way, Rasulillah Salam said, he should educate someone who can. He should teach someone who can laugh rock is someone who's a jerk, who's ignorance, but he has the means. So go educate the influence, make go educate people of influence, help people who can make a difference, see the light see the truth so that they can do it that go behind the scenes and try to influence people in position to do the right things. Subhan Allah, the prophets lie Selim is giving us truly, you know, a path to political and religious success, employing those who can do good, teach them and I was able to be Allah, I'm

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still not satisfied with the answer. He says he Allah so Allah, Allah ATIA in Canada rock, oh, in Canada, Jacqueline, what if that person himself is ignorance, notice that they are on yesterday, I thought, I can't do anything for anyone. He cannot teach that person who's opera, he cannot do anything for that person. So so far, he's poor. He's weak, and he's ignorant. And he's still carrying on this conversation. And we know that this doesn't all apply double double the law. But he's trying to broaden the conversation. He said, You are enormous bloomer.

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He should stand with one who's being wronged and oppressed. If you can't stop that oppression, at least offer some form of moral and emotional support to the one that's being oppressed. At least let them know that you're there for them. At least let them know, you know, go to someone who you know is being wrong. Tell them I'm making draft for you. You know, do you need me to do you want to come to my house? Do you want to talk about at least stand with that person since you can't influence a situation? And subhanAllah this is something that truly you know, we lack as Muslims and I'm the first one who's guilty of this. You know, a person has some issues in their life and no one even

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knows about it because no one asked about anyone was ALLAH slice others, despite having the congregation that he had noticed what anyone was missing? Where is that person? You know, where's the woman that was cleaning the mess? Where's that man that brings his son around to play? What's the last lesson I'm always noticed if someone was missing, and the prophets like some would go and ask about that person? Well, like we are guilty of this as a community, you know, not not properly taking care of people and we don't find out about the problems of a person until something dramatic happens unfortunately, standing with one who's being wrong, standing with one who's being oppressed,

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you know, giving someone a call and on a global level, you know, subhanAllah i I'll never forget this will lie and I know

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Uh, you know, we can we can have discussions all day long about whether or not you know, you know, protesting in the street or demonstrations do any good. And there's no doubt that there are some elements sometimes that are unassailable. There is no doubt, I'm not denying that. So don't throw that on me. However, I remember when I went to Hajj the year after a husband, and I met a person from Lazada and Hutch, and he came to me, he said, You know, I want to he knew that I was from America. First he thought I was just Palestinians. And he said, are you Where are you from? Where are you coming from, from from America, he said, you know, subhanAllah every time we wanted to give

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up, we looked at the TV and we saw millions of people all over the world standing in the street and supporting us. And that would, that would make us molt. That would show us you know, what the world is with us? You know, even if it was a US container of clothes, you know, we don't need clothes. Subhanallah what are we going to do wearing these clothes, but you know what? It showed us that people care about us, that there are people that are making dua for us, there are people that are rooting for us and really Subhanallah that's why we should never be little any effort. You know, sometimes I see people mock you know, there's something you know, there's something for Syrian

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relief, and they're collecting clothes, oh, they don't need clothes right now, brother, don't be little that good. Don't be little

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letter can never be little any form of good. You don't know the effect of it. Anything you can do to show the one who's being oppressed, that I'm in your corner, I'm with you. I'm standing with you, whether it's on a local level, or even on a global level, and we know that we are connected throughout the world now because of the Internet and other types of means. Other means that have been given to us by Allah subhanaw taala. Now what does that mean? That will be Allah Han who responded? Call a call to Allah so Allah I said to him, O Messenger of Allah, Allah acent and cannibals. What if he himself is oppressed? Last Portero Yes, not ashamed, he can't do anything. He

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can't do anything. And also last Sunday, he responded to Abu Dhabi, Allahu taala. And he said, Yeah, about not to read the central coffee sloppy with him. And if you don't want to leave any form of good for your, for your companions to do all of these things, you need to tell me he is completely incapable of all of these things, you know, at the profit slice of himself. Liam Sica, another one in us, you can't do any good. You can't change anyone's situation. You can't support the one who's being affected by that situation. Make sure that you're not part of the problem. Make sure that you're not hurting people hold back and restrain your heart and this is something that is consistent

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throughout our tax law. While the law it's a it's not only a hadith, it's a foundation it's a filthy Maxim. It's a foundation in our jurisprudence, there is no harm and no reciprocating apart. Montana you will be liable human asset failure to hire only us. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak well or be quiet, you can't do anything good. Make sure you don't do anything back. What was the responsibility that will be Allah on on the country or Rasul Allah either? ferula Malika definitely Jana

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said some O Messenger of Allah. If he did only that will be entered Jana Subhan Allah He just didn't harm anyone. He made sure that he didn't harm his environment or harm people. Well, so la Sai Salam responded, I will double the Allahu Taala and he said, Oh, man in Lachman Yakubu Hislop and how the facade there is no believer who takes any one of the things that I've mentioned in that has to be at the hearts out

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except that on the Day of Judgment, I would take his hand until it enters him into paradise. Subhanallah Can you imagine? Masala sites, the gravity of what the Congressman was saying? And what this deen is really all about how did this conversation start off? This conversation started off does matter. They wanted to know what's protects Alhamdulillah what protects the surface and hellfire and look at how this conversation played out and it shows you the priorities in our deen We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst those that are in support of our brothers and sisters we ask Allah Subhana Allah not to make us amongst those who are guilty of any shred of wound

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any shred of transgression or oppression on the day of judgment. And we ask ALLAH SubhanA to add it to use us as tools for relieving others of oppression and bettering our environment around us and bettering our afterall as a result Allah Muhammad Abdullah Khalifa was tough Allah you will accompany certain Western infrastructural well affordable him

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I mean whatever one is allowed a lot I mean when I don't give it to

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them about a calamity Kota Seleka Mohammed bin Salman love riding the sun by learning you will start to be with someone with a similar cathedra their brothers and sisters in closing you know Allah subhana wa Tada tells us off and about the tree

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of the prophets, the MBR that were beloved to him and that should make them Beloved to us. And subhanAllah we find this deep discussion in Surah Maryam in particular where Allah subhana wa says with COVID Kitabi and brought him in and who cannot so they are going to be make mention the book of Ibrahim, verily, he was a truthful a man of truth, and a profit and loss continent describes all of these MBR all of these profits as canola notice one thing, not a single profit was just described as being a profit.

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You know, Allah subhanaw taala mentions their traits, as he mentioned, their prophet hood, and as he mentioned that they were entrusted with the rissalah with the message, not a single person's name was mentioned, except that also Allah subhanaw taala also praised one of their qualities. And that shows you that these prophets were not just people of divine revelation. They were people that supported the cause of many others. They were people that we're known for their truthfulness for their honesty, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he became Rasul Allah, he was a Saudi. I mean, he was the honest the trustworthy one before divine revelation told him to stand up for the

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poor Rasul Allah sigh Saddam was the youngest person to take part and Hensel flawed in the in the league of the jumps to protect the rights of all individuals of that society. He was the youngest man there. So Allah Azza wa sallam, even though he still did not receive revelation, and the prophets I send him said, if I was to be called to that, even after Islam, I would still do it, I would still do it. And the prophets like some praised people that stood up for justice, even the ones that were not Muslim like mantra, remember ID, but also lost mycelium praise their sense of justice, and also lost my son, I'm sad that he would work with them, he would stand up for those

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causes. And this gives us and this is the take home message that I hope all of us will take home beyond obviously, you know, wanting the Prophet's license to hold our hands and enter us into Jannah with the Prophets why Selim beyond that, you know, our cause as Muslims can't just be down.

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We can't just want to be great MSA presidents and greatness of it, you know, and greatly Noms are, are great message presidents or, or just just have strong Islamic institutions for Dawa, there are causes other than Dawa, that are implicitly also Dawa, that are part of us being Muslim. We are supposed to champion the causes of social justice for all people in our societies. We're supposed to champion those. We're not just supposed to raise people and say, make sure that you're good at doing deadlifts. You know, doing Dawa is an integral part of our deen. And there are some things that make us just Muslim like standing for people like going to a homeless shelter, like taking care of

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refugees, like going to a food bank, like making sure that people's causes are being acknowledged and being validated standing up for people's rights. If we continue to view ourselves as outsiders in this society, then we can't expect society to view us as anything but outsiders. And sorry, that will be ineffective in the first place. Because as the man listen to him, Allah said about the prophets lie some of us that his data was started before he even knew it. How profound of a statement is that? His data was on Allah Islam started before he even knew that it started and it started with his husband and follow with his good character he didn't know he was doing that was the

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lice on him. But Allah subhanaw taala planted that way his character was giving him was giving him credibility, so that when he stood up and said La Ilaha, il Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, He wasn't just someone that came from nowhere and said, I'm here to save you from hellfire. The same person that was calling him and saying, I'm here to save you from hellfire was the same one that saved them from poverty and oppression was the same one that stood for their affairs and their goodness in this world. So we can trust that he's standing for our goodness in the hereafter as well. We have to make sure that we understand this and we can we have this proper mentality of saving people of standing

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for people's rights and standing for justice because we're Muslim. Not everything is a PR campaign. Not everything is just to get the cameras. That's not who we are. You know, I remember in Hurricane Katrina relief, you know, there were some Christian organizations that would send boxes, and they would have bible verses on the boxes, and I could see the looks on the faces of the victims and the evacuees when they would see those box boxes. Like really, this is disgusting, and there are questions. We don't need a message right now. We need food. They were disgusted. How dare you put that that Bible verse on the box while you're serving me food, I don't need that right now. I need

00:29:30--> 00:29:59

food and drink. I need someone to take up my costs. And as Muslims, we're not like that. We do these things. Yes, understanding there that well, but at the same time, it's part of who we are as Muslims. It's part of our Eman. It's what Elisa will be Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet slice Allah, that Allah Allah zyk Allah Allah Allah will never forsake you, because in a colossal wrong and you are someone who uphold upholds the ties of kinship, and who stands for the poor honors the guest that's why Khadija will be Allah Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

I said Allah would not disgrace her and as a community we become disgraced. When we neglect those very things that are these are on the Allah one has said, Allah would not disgrace the prophets why some important we become disgraced as a community. So we should all think and I asked Allah Subhana Allah that that he allows us to be used for good that he uses us for his team that uses us for that Allah and for Upholding justice and truth and that he allows us to leave a legacy with the people for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and benefit people for his sake Allah Amin Allah Muhammad, Nina was not me not when was the MENA when it was the match.

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was in the Christian we are

00:30:39--> 00:30:42

almost finished on our continent. 111

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alumna and for Santa Elena also have an Atlanta called an unlimited pass it in alumnos sort of waiting and we'll start off in a FEMA shadow a lot of them have already have a lot more us with while it's 100 Min. Kobina if you could imagine Allah Allah to be the ultimate ethnical while the mean of the body mean while bridging them and bringing him certainly mean river the blocks in along the road will be with their son. What are you talking about? 100 fascia it would wouldn't carry one belly. We are looking now look into the Quran first Corolla has got to come watch Grover and Anna is one of the cool markets. A lot of young workers thrown up in slot