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In the Trenches of Uhud – Angels In Their Presence S02 Shorts

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Omar Suleiman

Channel: Omar Suleiman

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The Muslims collectively lost the support of the melodica when they disobeyed the Prophet slice of them and this is very important that even in battle right when you say Allah is with you, that means Allah support is with you and that manifests itself in the presence of them Anika in the presence of the angels in some capacity, okay? And the Muslims will have Allah with them when they follow the prophets of Allah Allah who was southern. So because 40 people disobeyed the Prophet slice of them and came down from the mountain of archers that led to the entire plot unfolding right where how did the road either all the alongside I knew at that time on the other side is able to take the

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disbelievers around the mountain and capitalize on the Muslims being distracted by what being distracted by dunya being distracted by the spoils of the battle, because they thought that it was already over