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The speakers discuss the struggles of working in black context and the importance of worship in one's life. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and standing before upcoming panel to build a habit and receive reward for their actions. They also discuss the importance of following the spirit of Allah's teachings and not missing anything. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing gratitude and humility to achieve fasting live the message of Islam.

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I'm definitely gonna want to stay honest I feel honest and deep when we went to white kid or whenever we've been loving only women slowly enough

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or something you can do as an Amana Tavella visa to Allah Subhanallah okay Shalom

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had to delay law legal code Kennedy had as if I'm having the hardest time in the last five or 10 months a sneak while he was something he wanted to spend every synthetic he on the deep love agenda Meanwhile, on the other day now that environmental slavery has also impact your loss of self I mean have a brand name what we'll see from what I've seen in terms of learnings for Katamon at the help of ALLAH to Allah you had an email and a couple law hackers will continue with that term. What's your next level and they won't get you unacceptable. Robert Mueller The Color Purple medicine wackiness of hammer coming has over half a million money dad and get here or what is WhatsApp Allah

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that He would have been able to have in the locker? Can it grow fever? Yeah, you under the now and on top of problems that either goes

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way up.

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Or you're planning that also level for the plaza fellows. Alima mother and we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala by bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. We praise Him we thanked him we declare His perfection in our own imperfections. We asked him to send his peace and blessings upon this final messenger Mohamed Salah fighting with Sonos, his family, his companions and those that follow until the Day of Judgment. Can you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to make us amongst them what I mean, the brothers and sisters that have developed without being we are in very rare territory. This is a territory that we

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are in right now. That people would wish that they would have been able to achieve that people would wish they would have been able to live to see just the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And from that enough, these are the best 10 Nights of the entire year. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us that opportunity. And we saw so many people that we lost even from this community Beloved to us, right before these last time nights. And not only should we be thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that He allowed us to see them. But at the same time that Allah is well done has given us the opportunity to worship in peace. And if you've seen the images that come from overseas, where where

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you have an analysis of the bombs that are falling, and still in Syria, and environment in the Central African Republic and these different places where there is where there are massacres going on right now, you find people gathering to pray each other we're gathering for thought gatherings and pranks on a week. As the moms are falling taller, they're heartbreaking images to imagine a people crying salaam, praying they're trying to lead and they have bombs that are falling upon this at the same time. But still they're gathered and worshiping Allah Subhana Allah to add their concern is whether or not they would have anything to break their fast with when the time when the thought

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comes. So we thank Allah subhana wa Tada for the blessing the opportunity that he's given to us to be able to worship in peace during the last 10 nights and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to accept from us and from our brothers and sisters overseas, that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant them victory and patients alumni meet their brothers and sisters. We talk about coming to these 10 nights and doing the extra Elijah the extra acts of worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has been attributed to Ramadan that Allah azza wa jal has given us the opportunity to do it from Allah. The question that we should all be asking ourselves is What does Allah subhanaw taala really want from

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me? What does Allah azza wa jal what needs to do in these last 10 Nights? What is the last patch I don't want to do in Rome Allah because too often

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very bad that the acts of worship are not about what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us but it's about what makes us feel good. And so we come together and mashallah, we have beautiful Quran, the city beautiful reciters that recite the for Adam, and it's amazing to stand and to listen to them and to enjoy the recitation. Right. And sometimes you find people that say, well, the only proper trade behind the not only great extra, if he has a nice voice if he doesn't have a nice place I can't have for sure. So I might enjoy my recitation. So that's why your message gets flooded. Mashallah, you have a beautiful body. A lot of people come from other places, right? They want to

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enjoy the recitation. I want to enjoy Ramadan. And I felt amazing last night, you know that that feeling of time away from that feeling of the mundane

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intention, you know, the lecture that I heard last night all of that felt amazing. But the point is dear brothers and sisters, is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will not forgive you if you felt amazing. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forgive you if you're any bad, if your act of worship met a standard, it not what Allah Subhana Allah to Allah expected of you and wanted of you in this month. So the first thing that we have to be asking ourselves is whether or not we're coming out of this month, free from the sins that we fasted from during this is pauwela. Throughout this month, you'll find people from their control from their natural disposition, you know, as they are driving

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as they're going through the motions of the day of fasting, and a conversation comes up where they know, they're, they're not supposed to engage in that backbiting. And they say I'm faster, you hold yourself a little bit more, because you don't want to jeopardize your fast, where you see something, something pops up on the computer screen.

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image on the on the sidebar, it's something there. And you're a little bit more conscious and all along. So you say I can't look at that because I'm fasting I don't want to jeopardize my fast. The goal is that we come out of this month, and instead of saying by fasting, we say I'm muslim, right? And that's enough for me to stay away from these things because the sins don't hold the same significance that they held inside of Ramadan. And as the Imam Shafi I don't know what to add the sun, they add to our mantra either to hearing about the fisherman in Canada and

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Luca Shanna, what's the point? What's the point of spending an entire month of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, if you follow it up with the same evil that you brought with you to it's, and so the first thing we need to ask ourselves is, what is the quality of our St. Paul? What's the quality of our seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala because on these on these timelines, and in fact, any night that you stand before Allah subhanaw taala in the ambulance, there is nothing greater that you can achieve that Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, forgive me, forgive me. And that's why the greatest of the statements that Allah is as amazing as he descends to the lowest desert in a way

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that the pictures I don't want to add up is when he says hallelujah and more stop feeling after Allah. Is there anyone seeking forgiveness, that I need forgiveness.

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And when you talk about seeking forgiveness, and standing before our last panel into it, and really crying about your sense of Allah, He, I want you all to take this as an assignment over these next 10 nights every single night, I want you to sit with yourself. And I want you to think about a sin that you've committed, or a sin that you are committing, or a bad quality that you have one of the moody count the destructive flaws, a disease of the heart, a character flaw, a sinful behavior, I want you to think for half an hour an hour just to sit with yourself and to cry over that sin and to build resolve that you want to return to it. And to promise Allah subhanaw taala out of that that's

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the end of that sin. I buried that sin on the 21st Night overall.

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And to actually make the game plan for yourself. That that's that's how you witness that beautiful night of labor to God and that's how you witness the momentous occasion that takes place every single night, where Allah subhanho wa Taala offers you a chance for forgiveness. Because if Allah azza wa jal forgives you that's greater than anything else that you can achieve from Allah subhanho wa taala. As Pamela you know, a lot of times we don't value that forgiveness. And because we don't value that forgiveness, our EVA that life quality as well. You know, you think about hugs, for example, when you go to house, people even if you took the cheapest package, the cheapest package,

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and you struggled the most. And he walked the most. Right you have to walk miles you have to walk the entire height. You didn't have a bus, you barely had to fetch food, but for those five days, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada forgives you for all of your sins, forgives you for all of your sins. You know, Isn't it worth it? Isn't it worth it even if Eliza was to hang you upside down and to have you beaten for five days versus worth it? Likewise on a lot of sama on a lot Eman and rocky saga Warfield.

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The prophesy song says whoever faster will align with faith and seeking the reward Allah azza wa jal will forgive them for all of his sins. The same wording the prophets mice themselves men bomb and ADA to the public. Whoever stands up on the night of codon Eman and YT cyber warfare Allah that will match up other women with a man with faith and seeking their word Allah subhanaw taala produce him for all of his sins, the same reward as if the province Einstein was telling us that you can redeem yourself. If you do what you have to do for that one night you can redeem yourself and you can cover the rest

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Romola everything else that you missed? If you go to that night's with the proper mindset with the proper attitude seeking forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and seeking redemption in the sight of Allah azza wa jal and your brothers and sisters, the prophets of Allah by your sunnah did not just teach us to make is to follow them to seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when we've done something bad or when we've done something wrong, and it shows them his personality more than anyone else, but also LaSalle Allah who I think it was suddenly

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his entire, you know, prophethood his entire Naboo In fact, his entire life, Allah azza wa jal Nigam let's assume he made an invalid but still as I'm loving I'm gonna hold the Allah Tala Andrew says, I've never seen anyone who sought forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala more than the Messenger of Allah so Allah it was, he would make his this bottle over 100 times in one city, saying love desperately wants America Yeah, in that character to well over him. Oh my Lord, forgive me and accept my repentance because you are the exemplar of repentance and the Most Merciful. What was the prophet twice I'm seeking forgiveness for? Was he seeking forgiveness for something he did wrong? Or

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was he seeking forgiveness? Because he didn't feel like he did enough, right?

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And that's the key over here. Well, so loss maximum tells us on the Day of Judgment, as a lot as a result sets up the noisy as he sets up the skills. And those skills are so vast, that if you were to place the entire heavens and the entire Earth, in that scale, Louisiana, it would weigh them accurately, what LSU actually, I think we fit them completely, meaning quote, meaning you could fit the entire heavens in the earth, it's not big, and it's not accurate. So if you weighed them, without missing anything, I'm assuming most of them says that whenever that happens, you know, there's one creation that's witnessing along as well as setting up those skills. And this is a

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creation that really doesn't have to worry about any. Right. And that is the creation of the morality of the creation of the agents. There if there is any creation on the Day of Judgment, that doesn't have to worry about Allah subhanaw taala punishing them and doesn't have to feed our last panel to estimate like, everybody else has to be in fear. But the angels as they seem those skill set up also was I someone they say, Yeah, Neiman. Yes, you know,

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who is this scale supposed to wait for? What's this being set up for? And Allah azza wa jal responds, you might have shot me,

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or whoever I will for my creation. And then the angels who did nothing but worship Allah subhanaw taala responded by saying, so.

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How perfect and glorious Are you? We have not worshipped you as much as you deserve to be worshipped. We did not give you as much a bad as you deserve. Oh Allah, keep in mind, here you have the like, and that I've done nothing but makes June, from the beginning of of time to the end of time. Their creation was into June, and they left this world into June and they rose in front of Allah subhanaw taala with nothing in front of them with nothing on their record, except for sujood. But even the angels feel that sense of all of ALLAH SubhanA wa jal and they say we have not worshipped you enough. Why did they say that? Because they haven't sinned? They haven't done

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anything wrong. Last one, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, they don't disobey Allah subhanaw taala. But he commands them, but at the same time, they recognize how great Allah Subhana Allah is. And when you recognize how great Allah Subhana Allah Allah is, you recognize the reality of yourself as well, the greater Allah subhanaw taala becomes in your sights, the smaller you become in your own sights. And that's the case of them. And I can then what about human beings who actually have to worry about not having enough good deeds and having too many sins, we have to worry about the sins that they've committed against the loss out of what's your island, and the disobedience is to Allah subhanho wa

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taala. And the complaint on the Day of Judgment, the brothers and sisters is not not either law, the law, that they didn't worship Allah subhanaw taala the way he should have been worship, what the other law how

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the complaints is that they didn't take it seriously enough. They didn't give a lot his dish estimation, then realize how amazing their creator was. Had they realize that then they would have felt a sense of awe and they would have felt a sense of gratitude and they would have felt a sense of shame for that which they've done. Because it's not just a law that that we have to worry about. I imagine Epson law demands a halt on the Day of Judgment, every soul

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We'll know that we should put forward of sins and shortcomings. And that was it lagged behind that was it left behind the opportunities that Allah azza wa jal gave them to worship. That which they could have done that they didn't fully take advantage of. That creates a sense of humility in a person to where he sees Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in a different way. That's the thing that even messier little gala Iman was talking about when he spoke to the tampereen when he spoke to the next generation, he said, you know, you people, you worship Allah subhanaw taala more than the companions and that's a feature of the second generation of Muslims, you find that they used to pray a lot

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more, they used to cost a lot more, right you find things from the second generation from the children of the Sahaba acts of a brother that were not found the master Sahaba some beloved was a little kid long time ago, he says you people you do things that we did not used to do. You have acts of worship that we did not used to do, but at the same time, the Companions beat you because the way they saw a loss of kindness

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and the way they love Allah subhanaw taala was different from anything that you could ever achieve the way they viewed a boss Palatine and honestly no matter what the loads are actually said the same thing to the temporary extent but you do things you commit deeds and you consider them to be hella the feelin Companions would have considered to me about it. We would have seen them as major sins meaning what the violations the gray area, right? The it might be highlight things you do those things that you're finding though, being the Companions we saw those as major sins, meaning what the way they viewed a loss kind of went to highlight and even amongst the Sahaba there were different

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categories. There is the category of Allah welcome on the old timers who the prophets lie some of them said no cuisiner emailed me back what email I handed out the odds are Hakima will be back if you were to put the Imam and everyone on a scale and on the opposite and just put the faith of humble wickedness and these were the Allahu

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Allahu Bekins Eman was greater than everyone else's ie nine put together. Everyone in here. All generations of people excluding the Gambia excluding the prophets if you put their Eman on a scale and you put up a vegetable the lower animals came out on the opposite apobec his demand was greater. And the man that wasn't enough. Ecoli says Masada so how would we get on with this? What's the app? It's not that he beat the companions with praying more in my past and more. So Southern army say a Glock or a pistol. He'd beat them with something that was in his heart. The way he loved the last panel tied to the same description that was given to vomited on hemo lungs from sleight of hand Okay

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son says Maulana Allahu Akbar Allah Hafiz holy even.

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I've never seen anyone who Allah is greater in his hearts than this young man. It wasn't that he used to pray a lot more. No, his wife says he only used to pray tonight because of the AMOLED every single night. But the two records of all would have been disease were greater than all of our records come together. It's how you view a loss of Hannah what's Allah it's the fear and the humility that you have as you're still standing up at night as you're still worshiping Allah as you're still breaking your fast on that Nick, when it was really hot. I wasn't even really hungry and thirsty. And as you're breaking it, you're still making is the fog because you're saying this

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still isn't enough? Oh Allah, that characteristic that attribute that attitude? I start with the law and then she asked the Prophet so I set up the ayah in the Quran, when it came to Saudi Arabia it was a lot that they rushed towards good deeds that they are the ones who rushed to the deeds I showed them the law and she asked the Prophet so I said yes to Allah are these the people that steal and commit Zina? Briefly these are the people that have made big mistakes in their lives and that's why they rush to do good deeds because you know that that feeling of guilt that temporary guilt unfortunate it's usually temporary that temporary guilt that comes right after committing a sin

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usually it's first you have to do a good deed. Right thanks you rush to do something else. Is that what this is talking about your school Allah also lost my son I'm says that there is no issue. Hola, Dina your small loan. They're the ones that are praying for someone. And they're the ones that passed by us on the phone and they're the ones that give charity while only a harpoon.

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And all the while they are afraid that ALLAH SubhanA runs out of them up to something.

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Allahu Akbar. These are the ones that are always rushing towards good deeds. Why? Because they never feel like they've done enough. They never feel like they've done enough. And there's that great draft that I want you to think about which if you don't memorize it, you need to memorize it, say in the distant bar. The chief of season

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Forgiveness, the prophets by some call that the master of seeking forgiveness. And just think about the wording of that hadith the wording of that. And the prophets like Selim says, momentarily

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dies upon those words will enter Jannah and anatomy Why are the prophets why sometimes you say that if you say that, that MyKad that forgiveness, that seeking forgiveness during the night, and you die before the day you enter China and if you say it in the morning, and you died throughout the day, you uninsurance agenda, What is Allah and Tommy? Oh Allah, You are my Lord. Allah, Allah and tom de la de la, there is no God besides hudec 21 100 You created me, and I am your slave. You know, the greatest favor that anyone could do for you, is to create you, this to actually bring you into existence. And that's why from human beings, there is no one greater than your mom the favor of your

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mother. If she was the means by which you are brought into existence, Allah

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brought you to existence. So just by that by virtue of that you are always indebted to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah Fini, you create and we all love. Well, I have to do and I am your slave. Meaning even if you were to torture me, even if Allah subhanaw taala gave you nothing, even if Allah azza wa jal put us in Kazaa, or put us in Syria, or put us in Burma, wherever it may be, put us in a situation where we have to fetch food and we're starving and we can't even eat or drink, even if Allah subhanaw taala put us in that situation he still disease deserves to be worshipped and sought forgiveness from and those people understand that they understand because Allah already gave you

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enough. I mean, mystery, Allah and Allah as he narrates, no Adam, Allah, Allah said, it will allow me

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to know that Allah subhanaw taala was to punish all of us. He would punish us without being allotted without being an oppressor in any way. And think about what that means you created me That's enough. Oh, Allah, you gave me the opportunity, product, any one I do. And so I am your slave and a slave has no right to make demands of his Lord. And a lot of us through these last two nights, the entire tonight so spend asking a lot of for more things. But you shouldn't be humbling yourself. Ask Allah subhanaw taala out of the things which you shouldn't be humbling yourself and asking Allah for forgiveness, that's the greatest thing that you can do. Well, and I became aware of it, I am to your

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covenant and to our to the promise that we made to that. I mean, that's the line so I will do my best. I know I can't do everything, but I'll do my best.

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To recap, and show my emails on art.

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I seek refuge in Allah, O U O Allah from the evil that I've committed out there Matthew jeredy. Well,

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you see in disconnect this default seeking forgiveness, from gratitude, I won't well that can be American it currently. I admit to you, Oh Allah, the blessings that you've provided

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with me, and I admit my own shortcomings my own sins and meeting those blessings. You don't Subhanallah at least what was the climber say Quan? What caused him to rebel. He wasn't considering what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave to him with the position that I was putting him in a gym who was able to be amongst the angels to be amongst them, Annika and Jana, and have all of that he wasn't paying attention to them. But instead, what was he paying attention to? Why Adam? Why did you give it to him? Right. And a final minute, I'm better than him. And that's what caused his downfall. And that's what caused his arrogance. And that's what avoided everything that he did. Everything that he

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put forth up to that point. It wasn't a life of anybody. It was a lack of gratitude, a lack of humility. It was that bad attitude that caused the bliss to fall. And what did he say he would do to us? What does he do a couple shocking things, you'll find that they won't be great. Because if they're not grateful, they won't worship you properly. They want to seek forgiveness from you. They won't recognize what you've done for them, they won't see you as great as you really are. And so they will see themselves instead as greater and deserving of warmth, and that kills your spirituality. So you admit to Allah subhanaw taala all that can be nerve racking. But our goal will

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be that will be I admit to you Oh Allah, the blessings that you've given to me what I want them to be and I admit my sins. I admit my shortcomings. I know that I've fallen short that I could have done better I know that I haven't done enough hub federally, so forgive me that in that would if there was been all that

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because no one forgives except for you. And subhanAllah so lost my son What did he say? So I'm gonna pray.

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son keeps on committing a sin. And he keeps sincerely seeking forgiveness for it. But he goes back to it but that doesn't stop them from saying stuff that Allah and constantly seeking forgiveness. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah forgives him and Allah Subhana Allah says because he knows that he has a love. He knows that he has a lord that loves to forgive. He understands he has a lord that loves to forgive. And that is enough just knowing them. Knowing that you have a lord that loves to forgive is enough. If you are truly trying and you are making your effort, and the greatest drought that we can make in these last 10 Nights, Allah inna caribou

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back for me need, Oh Allah, you are the one who hardens you love to harden. So pardon me, forgive me and overlook my shortcomings we asked the last time to produce all than to overlook all of our shortcomings. In the photos that we had that was tough to love, you will have points out and misdemeanors have to in the whole world.

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mean, whatever you want to get out of water, he went around to the block and somebody was selling robotic around the corner. So they have a lot fighting with someone I knew or somebody was selling just seemed to feel their brothers and sisters. There was a man in a time of jeopardy. And I want you to go home with the story and thinking about the story and think about it for the rest of your 10 Nights. A man from the days of jeopardy by the name of Angela Judah. And now I'm loving to do that was a man that was hated by his society and a loser. He felt that everything in life he felt in his career, he filled with his family, he couldn't get along with people. As Pamela one time, he

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actually considered committing suicide. And so he went to the caves and as he went to a cave, he saw the shadow of a snake. And it was the pipe on ready to strike. And so he got scared that he realized that it wasn't moving. So he went into that cave and he found that it was made of gold. It was a snake made of gold and not the eyes of that snake were emeralds. It's Paola he looks for it. He looked further and he found that that cave was full of the the tombstones of the tribe of Judah or the Royals of Judah and treasures and their tombstones were made of gold and they had rubies and he discovered the treasures of Jonah the tribe that came to us married it the salon and hides them when

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they were in that situation. And so he became a rich man. That's kind of what we read about him throughout Janelia he was one of the peoples that was responsible for him for for doing for the League of the just to ensure the rights of people. He used to give charity to everyone. If someone was in need, he would send you candles he would send you food he would send you a drink he used to most of the people that came for Hajj at that time. He did all of these amazing things. And a Muslim I shall have the Allah either she is the prophet slice.

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She said that it wouldn't count the hostel rockin is to sell this good ties with his kin while you cream on Blake. And he used to take care of his guests where you came into my psyche that he used to take care of the poor. Will this benefit him at all all of this that he's done everything that he's put forward. And also last little love it was so damn sad that it wasn't benefits in one bits BNF Columbia put me on the path because he never said in a single day of his life of this 30 Humbly a T Gilman D. O Allah forgive me for my sins on the Day of Judgment. Because he never wants not forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, all of his millions of dollars of charity, everything

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that he put forth, was worthless in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala as believers we do we give we show gratitude

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through the chakra Oh family on David Oh man we have dealt with is not in a way that expresses your gratitude. We live. Shoko we give, we talk, we act, we show in a way to Allah, I don't want to add that we are grateful for what He has given to us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add that we realized the goal of bro Allah, the first goal of fasting live the contents upon the second goal of Ramadan after he was 18 and tough one piety what well, he took me in order and that's what he can do but he told me Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah contestable that should come into a state of gratitude. We asked Allah to make us from a shack and even those who are grateful we ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to forgive us for our shortcomings of the gospel loss and Pamela to either to overlook our faults in our good deeds and in our sins. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to have mercy