#15 How do I move on – For Those Left Behind

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You're not supposed to move on from them, move forward with them.

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There's no such thing as moving on, it's moving forward. The Prophet sly Sanam is our example and everything and he certainly did not move on from Khadija. Well, the last time he moved forward with her, and in fact he kept her alive, in the sense that I shall have the law on her says I was never jealous of any woman like Khadija even though I never even met her. But it was the mention of the prophets lie some of her and the praise of the Prophet slicin them for and the fact that when the prophets lie, some sacrificed an animal or a sacrifice came to him, he would send a share of it to her friends, he would send gifts to her friends, he would hear the voice of her sister, and he would

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rush because the voice of her sister sounded like her. He always thought about her. And there's a saying from the law on her, in part of that, where she says, Ken, I'm yakun for dunya Illa Khadija and I just found that so ironic, as if there is no other woman in the world. But Khadija except that Hadees about the law and he was the one that was debt. But it's as if there is no woman in the world except for Khadija, although the allowance and on the profit slice of them kept her in his heart, through his trials and through his triumphs when he gets back to Mecca. What does he do? When they say Where do you want to pitch your tent, he pitches it in June, which is close to the grave of

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Khadija will be allowed on so he's always thinking about her, always making mention of her, always actively doing for her. And that's moving forward. The prophets lie Selim was not crippled by his memory of Khadija he was motivated by his memory of Khadija, the Prophet slicin did not mistreat others because of how much he loved Khadija, he did not fail to show emotion to others because of the emotion he had for Khadija. But instead he used the expanse that he had, because of that time with Khadija will be allowed to add on her to include others as well. You're not supposed to move on from them, move forward with them. And this is something that we have to come to with ourselves, by

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the way, that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to frequently remember death, and nothing. Nothing causes us to remember death more frequently than the loss of someone that is close to us. So suddenly, now, death is being remembered. And that's good for your heart. And that's attached to the person that you love. When you say in the law, he went in that direction to Allah, we belonged and to Allah, we return you're not just talking about them. You're talking about yourself as well. And you are what's keeping that person alive in this world. And you have to think about that legacy and what that extension of that legacy is in this world. When you look at the Sahaba of the Prophet,

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slice alum, you see Xena bent Abu selama, the extension of Abu salah and on selama you see our beloved is obeyed becoming a warrior like his father, you see some big news as becoming a general like his father, you see at Isha, deca, Ventus, deca, the truthful one, the daughter of the truthful one fathima all the time, the one who resembled the profit slice on more than anything else, I've loved Norma and have some a lot to be pleased with them and their father, the way that they extended the legacy of their father, you are what's keeping that person alive. And anything that's going to cause you to remember death more, anything that's going to cause you to do more good deeds is

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ultimately going to bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But ultimately, what you have to come back to is that, what would that person say to me if they could speak to me

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about how they want me to move forward? Would they be pleased with me being idle with me being crippled and paralyzed to where I can't do for myself and I can't do for them? Or would they tell me to move forward and to work for myself and to work for them as well? Because just like you're keeping them alive. By living out that legacy. You also want to do enough and to follow suit to be righteous yourself so that someone keeps you alive as well after your death.