Omar Suleiman – Angels in your Presence #11

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for your brother and sister, as it is a means of solidarity and boasting. They also encourage individuals to practice praying for themselves and their brother without the need to respond to a message of their brother or sister. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding the right person to pray for and mentions the use of the word "immediate for yourself" to describe the person.
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So to defend your brother behind his back is one thing. But to mention him to Allah behind his back is another thing. And you find yourself in these moments where you're coming across, you know, a message about what's happened with this person, what's happened with that person or something causes you to remember your brother or sister, one of the best things that you can do is to tune yourself to immediately praying for someone, as soon as you see something with them. So you know, that's one of the ways that we ward off envy is that you see something that someone has, and you immediately say, a llama, llama baraclough Allah bless them with that thing, right? You accustom yourself to

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making to supplicating for them, as soon as you see something.

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One of the beautiful things about doTERRA for your brother or sister is what the profits allow it was set up said that when a person makes two out for their brother or sister behind their back, be allotted late. So this is not something that you go and you tell someone constantly, hey, I was making that for you. I was praying for you. Now you can do that as a means of showing solidarity, but not as a means of man, which is a means of boasting or claiming some sort of favor over someone else like I made do out for you last night, so that you can make that person feel like they're indebted to you the same way with Sala with charity, you might let someone know you're giving them

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charity, as a means of solidarity, but not as a means of giving yourself an upper hand over them to where they feel like they owe you and you could chip away at their self esteem by mentioning your favor upon them. So this is making their devoted life in complete absence. A person is with a loss of Hannah Montana, and they mentioned their brother or sister who profits license that no one does that, except that Allah sends an angel. So this is a specific Angel mortel that is interested. And that is Mr. Java. So the Prophet slicin I'm setting one narration, it's an accepted there. And the angel will say each time and mean, well, that could be misleading. I mean, and for you as well, so

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that there will be accepted for you and for your brother and sister, because the angel is the one that's making the drought. As a pilot, you've got to ask yourself who do I feel more confident and having accepted from myself or an angel that Allah sent to specifically say, I mean for two hours. And this fosters a sense of selflessness. Also, just like, I don't feel a need to respond on behalf of myself, but I feel a need to respond on behalf of my brother and sister. In this case, I do make your art for myself. But I can engage myself in a prolonged fashion of making your art for my brother or sister without them knowing about it. Knowing that an angel will say I mean, and for you

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as well. So what's the best thing to do with this practice? Number one, make it a habit, something that you do every single time you come across someone randomly, you see someone just say May Allah bless them as part of town, increase them, if you see something good that they have, may Allah make it easy for them. If you see that they're going through hardship, a lot purify them, immediately accustom yourself to being able to respond to the mention of a person's name with a drop from the heart. That's the first thing. Number two, you know, we find email, email actually had a list of people that he would make you out for at night. And he actually said one time that I actually feel

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more confident in being accepted for someone else than when I make do out for myself, what's the point of even engaging in a prolonged grace for myself all the time, if I can make it for my brother and sister, and it would be accepted for them and for me, and the third thing is that a person diversifies the nature of the supplications that they're making based upon the needs of the people. So for example, one person has an issue with their health make up for their health, one person has an issue with their sustenance, make up for their sustenance, one person has an issue with their family, make their art for their family, and so on so forth. They're there thereby you're covering

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all of the different facets of drop for a whole bunch of people and at the same time, covering all of the facets of your life. Because you would make do out for sincerity for yourself, for health for yourself, for your own family, for your own wealth, and so on so forth. So you cover all of those people with that. And the angel says amin and for you as well and that goes on your record also and increases your sincerity and increases your station with Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know that Allah would not just send an angel to say I mean and for you as well, but Allah will also put blesses people in your life if you're that type of person who does so for others.

In Episode #11 our beloved Imam Omar Suleiman teaches us what to do when we are faced with insults against the prophet s.a.w.

To defend the prophet s.a.w. is one of the most beautiful acts a servant of Allah can engage in. Jibril a.s. once asked the prophet s.a.w. about the position of the sahabahs who fought in the battle of Badr. Prophet said they are the best of us. Jibril  a.s. responded the angels who fought in the battle of Badr are also the best of us.

Can you then imagine the reward of a person who defends the prophet s.a.w. intelligently and intellectually? The answer lies within this brief talk of our beloved Imam.

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