Ramadan 2013 Khatirah Day 22

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So this reminder that

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you have actually the iPads going around so if you haven't signed up yet then please make sure to do so shall

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not be

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tempted to happen

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got to the last second

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what I was wanting

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the long run was, I think he was like yourself,

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you know, just off the top of my head and something that I've been thinking very deeply about. When we talk about data to conduct what many people don't understand is that they love to but that is not just the night that the Quran was revealed, because a lot of times people think about the liberal pundit as the ninth of history. You know, it's something that we celebrate in history, but native to Putin has significance every single year. And in particular, one of the names obviously one of the meanings of its name later, but it is the night of the decree, okay. So it is the night that everything that will happen for the next year, is decreed. And there are many different writings and

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obviously this is in the, in the science of political philosophy when you're studying the science of the Divine Decree, you study at everyone Kitagawa mercy, I will help you talk about the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah, the writing, his will, and then his creation, these are the four principles of bubbling under the writing, okay, the the idea of writing the writing of the decree of Allah subhanaw taala, you have different types of writing. So you have, obviously the major writing, you have a look in my fourth, which is the preserve tablet, that is with a loss of kind of what's out where everything has been written 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens in the earth.

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That's probably a lot there's, I mean, this, this is a very beautiful

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Hadith, or it's a it's from a radical silence, but they're volatile. He was talking to his son. And he says to his son, that, you know, this is at the time of his death, he says, Oh, my son, and he's giving him an advice. He's telling him that before Allah subhanho To Allah created anything and last kind of data created the pendant.

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The first thing Allah penance either graded was the pen. And the last panel had to add a toad the pendant This is 50,000 years before the creation is Pamela This is a very, very, this is a long time ago in the last panel to add to the book to write and the pen responded to a loss parameter and the pen center loss accountants added What should I write and Allah subhanaw taala responded, the maca did the calculations, the estimation of everything, everything would be written. So this is a detour about the assignment. All the above is saying to the sun, that oh my son, know that you will not taste the sweetness of email, you will not taste the sweetness of email. And it's kind of like the

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use those those beautiful words talking about email, literally, the taste of email, you know, you might, you have to have a bare belief, a bare minimum belief in the bucket of Allah subhanaw taala just to be considered a believer, but you will not taste the sweetness of Eman Hatta data until you know, Anna or sabak, that that would struck you was not meant to have missed you. And that that which missed you was not meant to have come to you, you will never be able to taste the sweetness of email, you know, because you might have this bear belief that you know, puppet a lot of us are fine. But then when something very serious happens to you, you're unable to taste the sweetness of the man

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you're unable to, you know, your fate shakes to the court because let's face it, you know, poverty leads to conflict, right? You know, hardship leads to conflict sometimes because a lot of times people cannot handle you know, this this question is why did this happen to me? Why me? Why me? Why me? Whereas the believer always understands that everything is happening for a reason. And so he takes the sweetness of human because he finds the good and everything that happens to him. But in these writings of the vulnerable loss connotes I don't when you have a look at my phone, one of the writings that you have is the writing on neighbor to mother. The writing that takes place once a

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year the writing of our decree where everything that has to happen for the next year is written and you know I've been absolutely allowed to I'm says that even the names of the people that are going to hatch are written on the night of Elena to the public.

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Can you imagine that, you know, Subhan Allah in one of these blessed nights a loss of adequate to Allah will have the names of the Hajaj written.

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And so it's an amazing occurrence to think about that. What am I looking for? I'm not just celebrating the historic events, I want to be on the right page. I want to make sure that our last panel data is pleased with me whenever everything that's going to happen in the next year is going to be decreed especially for example, if I'm trying to go to Hajj which is you know, a dream, you know, I'm trying to, I'm waiting for something to happen from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, I want to make sure that on these 10 Nights, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah finds me in a situation that He is pleased with me. And this is the meaning of the of the iron Yom Kippur war, Masha, Allah subhanaw

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taala races, what He wills and Allah subhanaw taala use but Allah subhanaw taala makes firm because of their can buy food, that writing is untouched, it takes into consideration everything that will happen. Right? I mean, that writing is intact, it already has everything recorded there. Whereas the writings of the melodica, the writings of the angels can change. Right. And so the writings of the angels, so you have the low hanging fruit, which has been the last few minutes, and then you have the writing on labor to Father, you have the writing that takes place when you are in the womb of your mother and you have the writing every single day, the daily decree, quoted a young man who have

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a shot every single day, Allah subhanaw taala has your decree being written. So I mean, when you're talking about the writing of the angels, your app can change the writing of the angels, it contains your puppet for that year, you might have been met and just think about how powerful this is. You might have been not to die this year. But because of your app, Allah Subhana Allah decides to extend you because there's some loss if someone says nothing extends, it prolongs a person, life's a person's life like your app, and good deeds, literally your life can become extended. Now someone might say, well, then isn't there a contradiction between the low hanging fruit and the writing a

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letter to God and so on so forth? No, because it's just like when you ate food, and you drank, it became a means for the extension of your life. But Allah subhanaw taala already had it recorded. Allah subhanaw taala already has this recording. But on those just imagine, you know, on if it's this night, it could be this night, we know when the 23rd night, it could be any one of these nights on this night or on any one of these nights. Allah Subhana Allah will have all of that written for me for this entire year. So it's not just a celebration of history, it's actually hope for the future. Hope for the goodness of this year to come. The good of it in the studio, and of course the

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good of it in the Orthodox. We asked the last panel it's out of that he finds that allows us to witness later to button loss canons, Allah finds us on this blessed night in a way that is pleasing to Him and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to taste the sweetness of the one that I mean, was that one famous