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When you speak of the Day of Judgment, it's a lot of darkness and only our good deeds are lighting the way for us, we're desperately trying to find light and Allah subhanaw taala lights up the parts of our bodies that were engaged in good deeds. Now that's the Day of Judgment when it's dark, but paradise on the other hand has no darkness. So what happens to all that light that was on our bodies, when we no longer need to get through the darkness. When we enter into Jannah that newer the light becomes added Zina, which is beauty on the very same parts of your body. So while you no longer need the light to see, the beauty of those good deeds will remain on you forever for everyone

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in paradise to see. Now some are going to be more beautiful in some ways than others. But all will be beautiful and Jana, and not feel any deficiency of beauty because paradise is a place where no one feels left out.

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The prophets lie some describe that our faces on the day of judgment are as bright as our iman as our faith. So the first batch of people to enter Paradise, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they have faces like the full moon, and the prophets lie some was described as having a face like the full moon in this life. Now our forms in Gemini are going to be very different and it's hard to perceive and appreciate. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people of Paradise will be raised in the form of Adam it has Salam 33 years old, with no hair on their bodies, and their eyes will be smeared with COVID. Now, obviously, hair on the body and this life is not

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necessarily unappealing, especially when you think about, for example, the beards of men. But remember, Jana is different, and our bodies are entirely different. Once we enter into that realm. Some of the descriptions even sound like translucent beings, but there's a clear beautiful definition to the bodies at the same time. As for our height, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, everyone who enters into Paradise will be in the form of Adam, it has Salam, who is 60 cubits tall, so that's like 90 feet tall, or about 30 meters. So when you speak of height, we're all going to have a height that is unknown to this world, but it's pleasing and we're all the same size

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and Jana, we're all also the same age and the Prophet slice and I'm said that the age of the people of Paradise is again 33 years old. Now in this life, this age is what Allah subhanaw taala describes as Bella I should do, which is your peak age. But even then 33 and Janna is not like 33 in this dunya because there's imperfection with every age in this dunya but in Jannah The point is, is that we're all at a middle age to our joy and to our delight. So we enter into Jana with the height of Adam it has salaam the beauty of use of it has Salaam and the age of reciting history, longing for the companionship of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course there's a well known funny

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narration about the age of the people of paradise where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam jokes with an older woman, about her entrance into jungle so this old woman says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ya rasool Allah ask Allah to enter me into paradise. And the prophets lie, some says, but old women don't go to Jana. So she started to cry and the prophets lie. Some said no, no, I mean that no woman enters paradise while she is old, because Allah subhanaw taala says, In uncertain now Hoonah in sha, Allah Hoonah Cara Ruben Utsava that we made them a new creation, young again loving and equal and eight. Now as this is talking about the women from Paradise, which are the special

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creation known as hooded rain, or the maidens of paradise, or is this speaking about the believing women when they enter into paradise? So the answer to that question is that every description of the physical beauty of the Hudler again applies to the believing women as well. But there is more in one narration on Salah model the Allahu Anhu asked the prophets lie Selim she said Yasuda Allah, Nisa dunya Afula um, who remain, O Messenger of Allah or the believing women of this world better, or are the maidens of Paradise and the prophets lie some said Bella Nisa with dunya alumina hudl ain Kapha with the hara I will be planted, he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi salam, rather, the women of this world

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are better than the maidens of paradise in the same way that the outer lining of the garment is more beautiful than the inner lining. So the garment on the outside with its decoration and beauty, over the garment on the inside, and I'm Stella model, the Allah and her response. And she says, Well, Bina Vacchiano sort of Allah and on what basis is that a messenger of Allah? And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, B Sana T hinda was the Hina worried that he hinda because of their prayers because of their fasting and because of their worship of Allah

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Law. So the believing women who enter Paradise from this world will have the beauty of their creation and the beauty of their ibadah. They'll have the beauty of their worship and righteousness, attitude, the beauty of their creation and Paradise and bustle the Allahu Anhu Ma said, If a woman of Paradise was to show her wrist between the heavens and the earth, the whole creation would be infatuated by her beauty. And if she showed her veil or her garment, it would steal the light of the sun. And if she exposed her face, its beauty would illuminate everything between the heavens and the earth. So our beauty in Jana women and men is more than this world could handle and we will all be

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more beautiful than anyone ever seen on the face of this earth. Now, it's not just beauty, but also the functionality of the body that's different. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the people of Paradise will eat and drink, but they will not blow their noses, nor will they need to relieve themselves or digest their food or urinate. So we have no excretions from the body and Jana, no urine, no mucus, no menses. So how does the food and the drink come out? Or remember, the mechanics of Jana, and the House are different. So the realm of possibility is entirely different. The profit slice and I'm sad that we would sweat and burp Musk that inspires us to

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glorify Allah, not out of heat or discomfort or indigestion, but only in ways that are pleasing and pleasant. And what do we do in this world? When we sneeze, we say hamdulillah naturally, and in Jannah, you naturally will praise Allah subhanaw taala with every one of those, and some of the scholars said we had to come to this earth to use the bathroom because Adam and Eve ate from a tree that move their stomachs in a strange way. So treat this earth like a bathroom stop and continue on your journey back to Jana. So why do we even have organs? Or do we have organs in Jannah? Allah's parents I knows best. Some of the scholars said, we probably don't have organs. And if we do have

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organs, then certainly not the ones that we had in this dunya. But there is a level of being described again, as transparent beings. So for example, the prophets lie, some said you could see the bone marrow of a woman in paradise. And that doesn't sound particularly beautiful here. But it will all make sense when we get there in sha Allah to Allah, even our communication, how do we talk to each other? Do we all speak Arabic, the famous quote that the language of the people of Paradise will be Arabic isn't a hadith, but some scholars said that at that point, perhaps we all know and speak Arabic And Allah knows best, but we will be able to communicate in ways that we can understand

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and be understood. And there's some form of common language amongst the people of paradise, but reflect for a moment, on the connection between our bodies in Jannah, and how we use our bodies in dunya. You're asked about your body and how you consumed it on the day of judgment and just the female oblah and the wounds of the shahada are flowing with beauty as they once did with blood on the day of judgment and it's all beautiful scented perfume. And in dunya you asked Allah to beautify your Holyoake being your character as he beautified your hudec being your creation Allahumma Kemah I sent a healthy for Heston Hello okay oh Allah as you have beautified my outside beautify my inside

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and now in Jana, your creation is beautified because of your character and in that is a sign that if you focus on your inner beauty in this life, Allah will beautify your outer beauty in the next in ways you could never imagine. Yeah.

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