Dunya Became Your Purpose and You Neglected Allah

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The Messenger of Allah gave him the path of Allah over $20 million $20 million

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and there would be nothing to cook in his own home. So Allah mahine Myskina What are Mitanni Myskina Allah when you take me from this line dunya take me in this state of poverty

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take me in the state of poverty. You know the narration mentioned The Hobbit The Mercy of Allah have

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when he passed away,

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seven day, seven humps

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and he said the Ayesha How much do I have in my position? She had seven Durham's.

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He said given a path of Allah

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she says he became unconscious, I was busy with him, he regained consciousness and he said I should have you given those seven, Durham's in the path of Allah

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Allah Masha Allah is busy, the Mercy of Allah said I don't want to stand in front of Allah, Aloma mich new schema. I don't want to stand in front of Allah. And I have gold in my position given the path of Allah.

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The whys of the message of Allah say that we didn't have oil,

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oil to burn in the lanton

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when the Polish Allah Allah Allah was gonna pass the wheat

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the army of Arma of the Messenger of Allah was called to a Jew when he passed away.

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It was born to a Jew when he passed away.

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Alma Heaney miskeen Anwar mytilini miskeen.

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Look at our lives.

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Allah give you wealth, Allah give you more wealth. But look how much we spend our time, our effort. When we settled ourselves. Now it's our children.

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Now we need to buy a house for our child. Now we need to do this for our child. Now we need to do this for at all that time. And this is where the problem is. This is the problem all that time. You will never had time for Salah

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you never had time for Tila Quran.

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You made everything for the dunya and nothing for the Ashira

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nobody's making dua I'm not making dua. No, are you making dua because we don't have the Eman that Allah give us life in poverty, give us death in poverty. But there's a balance there. These were the the message of Allah the Sahaba or the Allah and then a man was said we are not making that dua. But then is this one extreme?

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Where your dunya never never finishes?

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Roberta Arjuna Fidelia hashanah Well, Phil, philanthropy Hasina. Allah we weren't good in this dunya because why we weren't good in this dunya because we want to concentrate in our bother towards you.

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We don't want to be worried about the food for our children, the house. We don't want to be worried about these things. Remember the Arjuna for dunya Hasina. Waffle are healthy Hasina. Because the dunya is a bridge for the hereafter. We burn the bridge.

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We burn the bridge, your entire life runs after your children, your families, your wives stable when you close your eyes.

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Ah how many how many?

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A person spent his entire life accumulate the 1000s the 10s of 1000s the hundreds of 1000s the millions and all that worry accumulated became this source of his family dividing. Fighting over the house fighting over the car fighting over this Amin fighting over the land. So was it worth it?

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And you did nothing.

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You didn't nothing to prepare for your Asherah