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The Bible is discussed in a series of segments covering various topics, including safe living in the environment, using gates and a guide to protect against attacks, and heavenly we'd be shut off and seal tight behind them. The use of wallcovering to show the people of heavenly we'd be shut off, and the use of a wallcovering to show the people of heavenly we'd be shut off. The segment also touches on the use of heavenly we'd be shut off and seal tight behind them, and the use of a wallcovering to show the people of heavenly we'd be shut off.

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deal with the Allahu Anhu who said those who are mindful of their Lord will be led into the garden and when they arrive at the gate of it, they're going to find a tree. And at the root of that tree, there are two streams that are flowing out. So they approach one of them just as they have been commanded and they drink from it. And then all of the dirt and the filth and the foulness on the inside is washed away. And then they drink from the other and they do will do it from its water and everything on the outside is washed away. And this gives them this radiance. That is Jana like, and after that he settled the Allow time and hope that their skin will never change. It will never crack

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their hair will never be disheveled again, and it is as if they have been polished. Then they reach the keepers of paradise who will say to them, Stella, I'm gonna add a completely Tim feather Hooroo ha ha the dean, peace beyond to you, you have become purified, enter it now and abide their interests.

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When the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam came to Medina, and he gave his first address to the people, the first thing he said about getting to Jana was F Shu salaam spread peace. And the last thing he said was tell the whole janitor this alarm, you will enter into Jannah in peace so you want to be welcomed into Jana with salaam then spread Salaam and when we look at the way the angels greet us the angels say Saddam when it comes to liberty and peace beyond to you, you have become purified, so enter into it forever. Now pay attention carefully to each of these phrases. Salam aleikum, you will only have peace all around you. So the scholars say that means you will be safe from your

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environment. deliver to them you have become purified so you're safe from any of your own sins or anything that is internal inside of you said to Hulu ha ha redeem so enter it forever. You are safe from the eternal meaning you're safe from time you're safe from exploration. You're safe from any enemy you're safe from ever being expelled from religion. In contrast, the people of hellfire our tool didn't you get warnings didn't you get messengers? Didn't you get signs and the punishment is only increased by the pain of them knowing that they had so many chances to respond to the call of Daraa salaam, the place of peace and hellfire only gets worse the scholars say pay attention to how

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ALLAH SubhanA wa says will do who Abdullah Johanna enter through the gates of hellfire. But then Allah says Odorheiu ha enter into Jana. So what's the difference between enter the gates and enter into as for enter the gates when the people of hellfire enter the gates, the gates shut behind them. And it only gets worse inside in the heart I need him solder fiam at the moment that it will be shut on them and seal tight and their extended columns behind them and these are columns that will be holding the gates from behind, like a huge stone which is placed behind the gate may last pans out protect us from that fate Allah I mean, as for those who enter into January, it is Odorheiu ha be

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salaam enter into it in peace meaning roam freely, no one would want to walk out. And in this world you closed gates to either trap something or to protect yourself. The people of paradise don't need to be trapped and they don't need protection from anything. So there is no mention of the gates of paradise ever closing on the believers. Now technically you also don't need a guide because you know exactly where to go and in fact you're more familiar with your home and Paradise than you are with your home in this world the profit slice and I'm said well enough CBD in a huddle home be Manzini. He filled Jannetty mean who will be mass Kenny he can afford dunya by the one and whose hand is my

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soul, one of you will know your home and Paradise better or as much as you knew your home in this dunya and this is the tough seed of a home in paradise that Allah made known to them. Allah says Allah has led him he made it known to them, and that too is connected to our deeds. Ma'am Hassan robustly Rahim Allah said was of Allah who to Allah Allah who will janitor for dunya so Allah madeha out of hoo ha viously Fatiha Allah has described paradise to them in this world in such a way that once they enter into Jannah they will know it by its description. So you will remember everything we spoke about in this series in sha Allah to Allah when you actually enter into genmab in the

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nighttime. So what's the purpose then of an angel that guides you? That's only to make you feel more welcomed MacArthur Hi yah Mahima Allah said that we are told that the angel entrusted with the care of the children of Adam, who will walk in paradise and

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Child of Adam will follow him. And he will show him all of his properties until he reaches the final dwelling. And then he will tell the person about everything that he was given in Jannah. And then once you enter into your home with your family, the angel goes away. And in one narration, the angel says, No, a ye will kill levy will kill Toby Emmerich that I am your caretaker. And you have been entrusted to me. So you have a whole welcoming committee in Jana. And it starts with the angels are made of no Hila Rahim Allah says that when one enters Paradise, and is given the form of the people of Paradise, and then dressed up with their dress, and then adorned with their jewelry, and then

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showing the maidens and the servants and all that is in there of the creations of paradise, that you become so happy that if it was possible, you would die out of joy. And then it is said to that person, you see this happiness that is overwhelming you, it's going to be like this forever. Meaning you're always going to be this happy, like your first entrance of the hacker Rahimullah set. And then when the believer enters into Jannah, the angel leads him to all of its different lanes and pathways and says, What do you see here, and you say, I see palaces of gold and silver. And the angel says, All of that is for you. And then when you reach there, there are servants at every gate

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of every palace, and they welcome you. And they say, No, no luck, we are for you. And then the angel says walk with me further and says what do you see here and you say I see beautiful canopies and companions. And it will be said to him, that all of this is for you. And then you reach there and you're received by them and they will say to you now No luck we are for you. And the man of God says and then when the believer enters heaven, first he is received by 70,000 servants as if they are shiny pearls. Two rows of those servants are arranged on both sides. Neither one of them seeing the other. And anytime you walk, they follow you they walk with you. And the spouses of paradise

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welcomed each other by saying what end to hibi and a handbook You are my love, and I am your love. And that's all of the other wallcoverings but what about the greatest welcomer of all? Allah subhana Hutan Rasul Allah sighs and I'm sad that Allah will say to the people of paradise. Yeah, a little gem. Oh people of paradise. And the people of paradise we'll say La Bayko Sadek. Here we are. Oh Allah, here we come. What is it? Oh Allah. And these people are the same people that used to say, Lubbock, Allah and this life here we come. Oh, Allah, here we come. Now they're saying it in Jana. What is it? Oh Allah, we're ready. And Allah says, How will lead to them? Are you pleased? And they

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say, How could we not be pleased when you've given us everything that we could possibly want and things that you've not given to anyone else of your creation? And Allah says, I'm going to give you something that's better than all of that. And they say, Yeah, rob our Lord, what is better than that? And Allah subhanaw taala says, Who Hillary comrade one, fella us Fatwallet combat the other day, that I am pleased with you forever. And I will never be angry with you again. I Subhanallah that shows how in this beautiful abode of Allah's pleasure. If he wasn't pleased with us, he wouldn't have given us all these palaces in paradise. But here he is saying, This is me being

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pleased with you forever. And that's the greatest welcome. When as you enter your home in paradise, there's a logic to each one of these palaces and each of these homes, and they're not all of the same genre. So no one feels like they have a smaller home or they live in a worst neighborhood and Genma but the most special homes and Paradise are for those who responded to severe trials with exemplary patience. So this genre of homes is not because of specific deeds, which we're going to talk about later. But this is about that quality of people who just wanted Allah's pleasure no matter what. So an ASCII it has Salam says My Lord Robin Hillier, and decorate and fill Jana, my

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lord, build for me with you a palace and Jana, she said that as she was sacrificing her home and her comfort and this life all for Allah's pleasure. And Allah subhanaw taala gave salam to Khadija with the Allah on her surgery it has set up and he gave her the Bushrod the glad tidings of a palace in Jannah of special pearls with no noise or fatigue, because she gave that type of a home and comfort up in this life, all for Allah's pleasure. And when someone loses a child and still praises Allah subhanaw taala through that pain, Allah says built for my servant house of praise, because he lost what made his home praiseworthy in this life. So he deserves a home of praise and Paradise all that

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person wants it was salam from Allah and the reward of Allah. And now that person has submitted claim Rahim Allah gives us the scene. He said, a person enters into their palace in Paradise, and they know their place.

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And then you're met with your family who are full of joy and receiving you. And this is even more so than when family come together and rejoice in this life after a loved one has been away for a long time. And then he hears the greetings of all of the new companions of paradise. And then he goes and he reclines on his bed, and he looks at the foundation, and he notices that even the bed has been erected on beautiful pearls. And he sees green and red and yellow pads and drapes and he raises his head to the roof of his house and had he not been created for it. He would have lost his vision. And he says he's looking around Alhamdulillah Hillary Hi Donna Lee Hannah Womack couldn't Nalina Tada

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Lola and her down Allah. All praises be to Allah who guided us to this. We would have never been able to get this had ALLAH SubhanA wa not guided us.

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