Builders of a Nation #03 Sawdah bint Zamah (ra)

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ceremony from Morocco to La he will Barakatuh I hope you all are enjoying your Ramadan hamdulillah who was take you in another trip back to another builder of a nation.

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And this one is very different from what you heard yesterday. This is say the Sodor she's the second wife of rasool Allah Who salatu sera

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absolutely different than, say the Hadith, but very unique, and has characters that if we want to be a builders, we definitely need. So let's see who is she first. She's from Orange, from the noble tribe of Quraysh in Makkah, she was married

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before she was married to her Swati salatu salam. And she actually was a widow with a child

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and the husband died. So she's a single mother, and one of the first woman also to become a Muslim. And then the Roswaal a saw to a Sudan, as we learned yesterday, he lost Seda honeydew. And now he's a

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single father, a father of four daughters. So people used to come to him and says, and they see him how sad he is hold lonely, and how much he missed the cedar Khadija, why don't you get married. And one of the names that came in or actually His concern was basically who was going to marry a father of four, four daughters, and one of the names came in as a say disorder.

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She is a woman who accepted Islam before she got married. Tara Swati soft was Sarah. And she was also a single woman. So her name came up. And the Rasul Allah saw to a Salam said, Okay,

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what is unique about se disorder as a woman, she was not very beautiful. Actually, the books of history described her as being tall, with a heavy build, and a dark skin and known as not very beautiful,

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or a Swati salatu salam for him at this point, is his family, his daughters, and a woman who can take this responsibility. So beauty was not the issue. For her. It came to her that Allah Swati salatu salam wanted to marry her. as surprised as she was, she knew that she is going to be coming to a different chapter in her life with a lot of responsibility. But again, with a lot of honor, she will enough she will be called the Mother of the Believers. So she absolutely accepted. In fact, some reports said that her husband saw a dream before he passed away, and he told her, you're going to marry Roswaal he saw to Sarah, and she saw a dream also, that she will marry or Swati Serrato

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center. And she did have the uniqueness of a Seder. Sodor from the other wives offer a soiree salatu salam, and uniqueness as a woman is faith.

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First off the first woman to accept Islam, migrated twice to be senior and coming back and then migrated before Rasul Allah salatu, salam to Medina.

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Now she took care of his daughters

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to the point that his daughter has migrated with her to Medina. And see there appear with her husband was with her and other senior, so she really was a woman who offered support, let me share with you some of the characters she was known for. And now let's look at these and see which one I have. Maybe I have more than one, and why this will make me a builder of a nation. Number one, they said she is a woman of sacrifice for the others. She sacrifice, what may be looked at as her right for the sake of others to make people happy. And the number two, which comes with number one, she was very content. And if you look up her up, you'll see this comes repeatedly. She's a woman very

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content with what Allah gave her the content she has, that

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she knew in her household. She had woman because there are Swati sought to Sarah, married as we know, in that time more than one wife at that time. So she had said Aisha and she had to say designup And she had said almost Salama. They were all his wives

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from among them. Number one she

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Never compared herself with them. She never felt jealous from any one of them. On the contrary, she was the support for them. And she was absolutely happy of who she is, how she look what Allah gave her. And this reminds me of a hadith that is very beautiful. This is narrated in a new manager and say no, Herrera said Lisa Lavina and Kathy Loudon Well, I can Lena Lena knifes. The true richness or wealth is not how much I have in this world. It's rather how much I am happy and content with what I already have.

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And this is a sea disorder. As we are talking about her content, there is a scene to see now what are your eyes some says that it is said by Ross soiree salatu salam.

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And it is Allah saying subhanho wa taala.

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You have been Adam, son of Adam, for roughly a barity empty yourself for my worship emlo Sodre Covina

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I will fill your chest and your heart with contentment. What a sweet deaf o'clock

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and I'm going to suffice and fulfill your needs with a limp to file my letter to sadhaka Sugarland, well, I'm a pseudo overclock. And if you're not going to be content with what I gave you,

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and instead you're going to be running around trying to get everything else that others have.

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This is what will happen. And that's the continuation of the statement. And you will always feel that you are in need.

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This is the uniqueness of soda soda.

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If she compared herself with the others, she will have seen that I don't have enough. I'm not like the others. They are better than me, prettier than me. She did not. She didn't even wasted her time in this rather she focused on what she has to use it to build her legacy. And Allah gave her this contentment. And she used it to the point. At one point, she wanted to focus more on Allah subhanaw taala spend more time in worship, and she said to Roswaal a surah to a sinner who was he was worried about her because of her character that the other wives may make her feel less.

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She said let me just spend my time with Allah subhanaw taala and I'm gonna give my day to say to Aisha

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to the point to see die she has said the following about her. I have never wanted to be another woman except one woman.

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I wanted to be a Seder soda, how passionate she was, how much a giver, she was. And this is actually reported. So you can be a devote person. You can be content, you can be simple, but also it can be fun. And she said the following she prayed with her Swati salatu salam behind him. And he went for Sajida It was a long session. And then when she got up after the Salah, she looked at him and says Yara, so Allah, this was long, I felt my nose will bleed. Second funny story. She was actually with the other wives of rasool Allah Sato Sinha. And they start talking about the giant.

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The false messiah. She got scared, she starts running. So scared thinking is going to come right away. And then the Rasul Allah is AUTOSAR and went and brought her back and he said, Yes, older, it's not now it's not at this time. And she looked down and start laughing. Because of the feelings she had. She died in Medina. And she was buried in Medina, in El Baca, uniqueness in her sacrifice, contentment in her acts of worship, sense of humor, taking care of people. All these are characters that we can build nations with. The first nation we need to build is our homes. What do we have of these? Maybe all of it? Let's use it to build our nations.