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The speakers discuss the concept of luxury and profitability, as it is not recognized as a means of wealth. The importance of begging for wealth and being independent of Islam is emphasized, along with the use of hesitation in Islam. The speakers also touch on the topic of prosperity and the Bible's importance in shaping people's views of their beliefs. The speakers end with a discussion of the media's influence on people's views of their beliefs, including the use of d inhibitors in religion and warfare.

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Okay do I have for what

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what were the four things that that the DUA that was covered yesterday that the prophets I'm used to ask for

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when IFF when Lena mash mashallah, you guys got it okay. Translations Houda means what? Guidance tilba

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I guess piety righteousness. It's a comprehensive word.

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I thought

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chastity and Lena

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content contentment with what you have. Okay, Michelle, I thought that would take a lot longer than I need to extend my feet a little bit more.

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The prophets of Allah it was some of them here and making this dua he teaches us something very important. You know, I'll tell you guys something that you might not know about me in particular, that one of the things that Subhan Allah, I remember in college, I was studying other religions, I had this huge interest in world religion, and actually even taught world religion before. And I did a minor in Biblical Studies and SubhanAllah. One thing that I remember shocked me as I studied other religions, was how different the concept of asceticism is different the concept of zoom out of all things there. asceticism is think about all of the Eastern religions, all the Western religions,

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marriage is hated. Wealth is despised, poverty is praiseworthy. In fact, this is something that's consistent across religions, even in Christianity. Do you know that in Christianity if you could assign an account and tech Livia to it, and Christianity, marriage is between micro and haram? Okay. If you studied Christian theology until the 15th century, until the 15th century, marriage was something that if you could not control yourself, so it wasn't just it wasn't it wasn't just the nuns and the priests, it was something if you could not control yourself, meaning you were on the verge of committing adultery and fornication, okay, fine, you can get married. So they made it

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allowed for that purpose. But you know, what, you can't control yourself, you go ahead and get married. Until today, there are still some Eastern churches that consider marriage actually how long I consider marriage prohibited. In Russia, there is a particular church in Russia, which is which is very famous, in which they actually undergo surgical procedure so that they cannot be intimate with the opposite gender, and it's a Christian church. So Subhanallah, marriage is hated, it's despised, it's condemned, actually, in the Bible marriage is actually condemned. It's looked down upon.

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As far as the Eastern religions, you know, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, you go through the list, you find that celibacy was the way of the righteous, everyone else was, you know, was horrible. Everyone else was, you know, they just made the cut. Okay, fine, we'll accept you. Likewise, when it comes to wealth, look at the concept of wealth nos, obviously, in Christianity, you have a lot of differences within the Christian church and a lot of, you know, sects. So you can't really identify one particular view on wealth within Christianity. But because now you have the prosperity doctrine, the prosperity doctrine is the evangelical doctrine that if your riches because God loves you, if you're

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poor, it's because God hates you. Okay? That's what the meaning of the prosperity doctrine is. If you look at Buddhism, again, Jainism, begging was something that was praised. Right holding, you know, the description of the Buddha is that he would go out with his bowl, and he would have sometimes he would go weeks without eating, and he would wait for someone to put some money or put some food in his bowl, and this is what was preached. The point is, is that now compare this to Islam. Islam has a heavy emphasis on spirituality. But our version or our understanding of asceticism of Zulu is so much more reasonable, and so much more attainable than any other concept of

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asceticism. Not only are we allowed to make money, and are we allowed to get married, it is praiseworthy, you are rewarded for getting married, you are rewarded for being intimate within your marriage, you are rewarded, if you try to seek wealth for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and for the sake of avoiding haram means, you are actually encouraged to ask ALLAH SubhanA which Allah for this dunya as well. So Subhanallah first of all, hamdulillah for the blessing of Islam, right and Hamdulillah that we have this this religion, that is what the Prophet slicin have mentioned, the religion of the fifth law, it is the natural religion is the easy and the natural religion because

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it does not contradict any part of our human nature. Now, when we look at when the prophets lie, some use to ask for a particularly Alina, okay to be self sufficient. Again, this understanding of spirituality in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said earlier to the earlier teittleman And yet the SoFlo that the upper hand is better

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To the lower hands. And he ended earlier he had wanted to do this with a sofa. He has said that the upper hand is the one that gives and the lower hand is the one that receives, it is praiseworthy in our religion, that a person retains enough wealth, where they don't have to ask and begging was not something that was praiseworthy, and the Prophet slice and I mentioned that a person would bank until he meets Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with no face in the sense that you lost all faith in society. So begging was displaced. And those who had wealth were supposed to seek out those who they know what they knew were going through hardship, and support them and take care of them. The point

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is, is that this is something that was praiseworthy, and also last night, so I'm setting the Hadith a scenario by Saudi Arabia, well, costing me a lot of time. In Allah you have beloved at Turkey, Eleni al Hafi. Very beautiful narration that Allah loves the servants, that is Turkey. And one of the prophets Einstein used to ask for a woman Yes, hello, hello to all right. So asking particularly for a Toka Allah loves a servant of top one. And Allah loves a servant to his money, which means he is self sufficient. He does not need other human beings. And Allah loves the servant that has coffee, meaning hidden from the sight of people. Okay, so this is this is Pamela very different in

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the sense that again, Allah azza wa jal wants you to watch yourself and to be careful. When it comes to Alina, when it comes to wealth, you don't ask for wealth so that you can be pompous, you don't ask for wealth so that you can be arrogant so that you can be extravagant And subhanAllah look how the prophets lie Selim gemera, vain ilani wealthy, the prophets Isilon combined money and alpha fee, the one who's who has money, who's self sufficient, who's content with what he has, and at the same time, independent of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And despite that, is still Kofi is still humble to himself, you know, does what he has to do worships Allah subhanho wa taala, without

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craving fame or without seeking a position of prestige or position of power. So again, what is the point of being as any what is what is the goal of asking the Las Panatela for dunya that is to be independent of Allah, spontaneous creation, so that you will not compromise on your faith in order to make money because when people are in need financially, they might do things that would be that would compromise their principles, compromise their Tuckwell, compromise their religion with Allah subhanaw taala in order to become wealthy, or in order to get to that point, and that's why I actually went on and that's a probably a lot of times, you know, we study online and we study a very

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harsh man with the Lavon. Right, you know, you think he's very harsh. That's, that's at least the the portrayal of Allah, very, very, very harsh, but almost all the Allahu Anhu was harsh for the truth, and federal, he was the one who distinguishes between truth and falsehood. When he became the Khalifa, he actually increased the salary of all of the people that worked in his administration. Little little known fact why because he said, then they want you know, there'll be safer from corruption. There'll be safer from facade people that are taking advantage of their needs. And so when we ask Allah subhanaw taala, rather than attina for dunya, Hassan, what will ask your auntie

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Hassan are working out other than not, Oh Allah, give us the good of this world, the good of the hereafter and protect us from the heat from the hellfire. We're asking Allah subhanaw taala to give us enough wealth that we will be satisfied with and that we will not be in need of other people and enough to do good for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada the MBR of Allah, the prophets of Allah. Anytime they asked Allah for something they asked Allah for dunya for the AKA, they never asked Allah for dunya for the sake of dunya they always ask Allah for dunya for the sake of afio Zachary Ali Salam when he asks Allah for a son. So the man and his Salam, when he asks Allah for a kingdom,

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God out of the 30 will have anyone can lie in that environment when he asked Allah, Oh Allah forgive me and grant me a kingdom that no one else will ever have. Meaning the kingdom that is special, he wanted it for Allah for the Ocho. So when you ask Allah for this dunya ask Allah for dunya for the sake of your hereafter for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala with that dunya that would increase your chance of having that dua answered, and at the same time, it would be a means of bringing you closer to Allah subhanaw taala and lastly, a shift yes was mentioning yesterday this dua, what is the time that we say this dua attina for dunya has nothing. It has no peanut. Does

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anyone remember particular between a Brooklyn Imani and imagine? And by the way, you don't do it as a group.

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You know, you've always got the guys that go up that that everyone else goes up. Donna, Tina, Tina, do you do it to yourself? Well, I'm gonna add Tina for dunya hustler of an Archeologia hasna work in our job and not a notice in this. Lastly, notice in this year

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At that, the proportion of the DUA that is for Africa is two thirds. So Subhanallah if you use that equation in all of your jobs, two thirds of your interaction be for the accurate 1/3 for the Gini, and SubhanAllah. That is, that is the means. That's how you know that your DUA is blessing because you rarely see the Prophet slice and I'm only asking for dunya and it's a sign of insincerity. When the only time you ask Allah subhanaw taala for anything, is when you ask for dunya so 1/3 of your reserve it for this world, two thirds of it, reserve it for the hereafter, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us with that which He has given us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to put baraka to the

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blessing and what he has provided for us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our worldly means a means of attaining elevation in the hereafter and not a means of destruction in the hereafter love I mean, what was the drought again? Allah made me as a local

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Okay, someone other than that, I'm sick Yasser. Allah from India and Okay, who the what to call when will Lena that was the Prophet SAW Selim, we ask Allah to grant it to us all? I mean, any questions?

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Yes. Concept of

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wondered the concept of zuba change for the Christians and the James and the Buddhists, the concepts were the same. Absolutely. Well, for the James.

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For the James, it was in the founding in the very inception of the religion, that Jainism believed in that concept for Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion, you know, the Buddha himself. Many people allege that he's actually a fictional character. So there's very little knowledge about when he came, what his actual religion was, I've heard like Dr. Izak, and I talked about the possibility that he might have been unabIe of Allah subhanaw taala. Because, you know, actually, if you read his scriptures, he was, you know, if you read some of the statements from Buddha, they're very much so in line with Islam. So he could have even been enough, there's very little knowledge about who

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Buddha was, and what his actual message was. The later Buddhists actually denied the concept of Afghan altogether hereafter altogether. So some theologians they say that Buddhism was a response to Hinduism, because Hinduism believed in this, you know, in this in this idea of this, this idea of, not somewhat incarnation, I'm talking about the concept of Karma, the concept of basically that if you're, if you're born into a miserable situation, if you go through the whole samsara, and moksha, and if you read the concepts of you're born into a miserable situation, because you did something really bad in a previous life, so something is happening to in this life, and until recently, you

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know, even in certain parts of the world, if you were in a hospital, if you were injured, you would be refused treatment, because they would say that was a sign that you disobeyed or you did something bad in a previous life. So, Buddhism concerned itself with, you know, there's some theologians and say, Buddha actually rejected that whole concept. And His thing was, let's worry about our problems in this world. And you know, as well as the hereafter, and now the later Buddhists just completely denied the hereafter altogether. So Buddha's don't believe in Africa and hereafter, or reincarnation, they believe you die and you die. And that's it. With Christianity. The apostle Paul,

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Paul changed many concepts of the religion, many, many, many concepts of religion and modern day Christianity is the religion of Paul, it is not the religion of Sid history. So, unfortunately, it was changed very early on, very, very early on because Paul basically took it's actually in the Bible, Paul actually says, I have become all things to all people so that they may accept Jesus into their lives. I have become he admits I have become all things to all people which means that he goes to a land you guys worship these gods Okay? Why don't you just replace their names with Jesus? And instead of calling it this celebration, call it this and instead of doing this for this God do it

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for this God so he accepted all pagan sacrifices, pagan holidays, pagan worship, but just call it Christianity so that they can accept Christianity. That's just the history of Paul and you know, in himself the way that he he spread Christianity throughout the world. Hold on. Yeah.

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Why did study man or Islam ask for a kingdom to spread ALLAH SubhanA wa antis message all over the world. There are various Hadith about that actually about about the man and Islam when he wanted to have a bunch of children all in one night. You know, he wanted to establish Allah's kingdom on earth. That was his goal. So his motivation was to be a well established mighty king that could spread the deen of Allah subhanaw taala all over the world and he succeeded in doing so.

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because your

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bond is the criteria, Farooq is the one who enforces the criteria is that right?

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So Farrokh enforces you so if you find a guy named photo he just

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should use you to to enforce that which is right and wrong you're the criteria

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last question shall you

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can you say that again

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is that

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I don't I can't never repeat the question sorry

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wiring the wiring the coil, okay. Well, yeah my accent No, no, no, no, you have no accent. I just can't hear you from here I'm sorry

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that prosperity doctrine

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Okay, so actually, my father actually has a whole chapter called the virtues of poverty. And at the same time he narrates these are Hadith about asking for Divina. self inflicted poverty is haram.

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A person should not inflict poverty on himself. However, if a person finds himself in poverty or tested or something of that sort, it's not because we don't automatically say God is punishing him. Rather, we know that Allah subhanaw taala tests someone that he loves and the prophets lie Selim said the majority of that agenda, the majority of the people of paradise, are the poor people, the majority of the people of paradise and prophesy Some even said that the rich would enter Paradise after the poor 500 years later. They said why is that a messenger of Allah sigh Salman. He said because of Catholics in

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the long accountability, they have to account for more money than other people do. So if they wasted $1 You know, when you get richer, you tend not to care about the $5 bill, there are a $5 bill here or something of that sort, you tend to become extravagant. So Allah will ask you about more. The prosperity doctrine is that if you are rich, it means you're doing something that means that you are good. If you are not rich, it means that you are hated by God. And so this is what Allah subhanaw taala dresses and suits your budget. So I'm an internal either Muhammad Sallallahu Rocco for a Khurana one and that they are called the achromat. Where am I either members Allahu Calderon, he was

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caught by a cool rugby ohana. This is exactly what this is Allah Subhana Allah says, As for the human being, when he's tested by Allah subhanaw taala you know, giving him wealth and status fair, cool, Robbie acraman. He says, My Lord is being generous to me. Not no way of thanking Allah, but in a way of boastfulness? Well, I'm not either Muhammad sallahu but if Allah tests him for other Allah He risco meaning ALLAH just restrains his wealth a little bit, and I've seen this with my own two eyes, right? Someone that makes a million dollars now makes half a million dollars, says a lot be 100 Why is God doing this to me? My God is humiliating. So in essence, Allah is warning from

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associating your worldly status with your status and Allah sites, because Allah tests with ease and in touch with hardship, and everyone has to pass that test in their own ways. Well, longtime Zacco Loffredo political and other stuff we're looking at Santa Monica Mountains away.