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Want to ask you about two months long Saudi cinematic but it got us to the camp Mohammed Salah who it was? Finally he asked me to send him to single cathedral who remembers the draft from yesterday?

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Other than chef Yes, yes

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one word

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Okay. Anyone else want to give it a shot though? Say

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okay, so both of you together get it right and shall let's dive in. Alright, so yeah, more suddenly for the Pulu. And as Chef Yasser mentioned the more common narration which was the most frequent the Prophet slice on actually on the Prophet when I shall have the Allah Han was asked what the most frequent the prophets lice and unless she said, yeah, we'll call it evil Kuru serpents but reality in alternative hearts make my heart firm on your religion on your path. So this is obviously you know, just going to expound a little bit on what was mentioned yesterday in regards to the hearts there's a very important question here to be asked, How much control do we have over our hearts and

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As Justin mentioned yesterday, the Hadith, about the hearts being between two fingers and the fingers of a Rama and the way that the fitsum SubhanaHu into Allah for Allah wills, He turns them or He guides them.

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As far as keeping the hearts firm, you know the prophets of Allah Azza wa salam has described al Kullu in different ways with different analogies. So once the prophets lie, Selim he described the heart like a boiling pot of water. Okay, another time the prophets of Allah Islam described it like a leaf that would turn over in the desert. So there are different ways that the prophets of Allah is described the heart. However, all of those different Hadith they show us that the heart is indeed, you know, very, very unstable in its nature to fondle. It is always changing in its nature and SubhanAllah. With the water if you boil it too fast, what happens?

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What happens if you boil water too fast? That's not a flip question.

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It evaporates, right? It evaporates. And so Subhanallah some of the scholars they commented very beautifully on that hadith. They said, that's like a person and it fits with the with the Tuesday night Holika we're talking about the next week I have with aromatic and Allah one of the most beloved actions to allow the consistent ones, even if they're small. That's you know, sometimes you find people that try to jump all in, at one time, they're overzealous and they try to get all in all of a sudden, they tried to change their entire lives, make unreasonable change, you know, or have set unreasonable goals for themselves. And they ended up burning out and they ended up being

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actually worse than what they were before they started. So developing yourself at a steady pace, trying to make the heart firm. Now the other Hadith of the Prophet saw some describes it like a feather or a leaf turning over in the deserts, or blowing in the desert with the wind. What does that show you? What can you derive from that hadith? There's something very profound to derive from that hadith. What control do you have now? Yeah.

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The winds.

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Not necessarily, the wind is not. It has something to do with the winds. So the heart is the leaf.

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Nautical Luffy outside influences affect the state of the hearts. The way you feel right now, in a masjid is far different than someone feels outside of the Masjid. In essence, what Allah Allah azza wa jal has not given you control of your heart in a sense that you know, you cannot just you don't decide what's in your heart and how your heart will be. However, you decide what to surround the heart with, in essence, you create your own wind, you have the you have the ability to bring about the type of winds that will decide where your heart will go. So obviously, if you keep your heart in an environment, that gives it life, then it will be a living heart, if you put it in an environment

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where it will die, then it will die. So for example, when when when Allah subhanho wa taala, or when the Prophet saw is that I'm said the most beloved places to Allah subhanaw taala are what? The massages and the most hated places to Allah subhanaw taala are what? The marketplaces right? Why is that because the masjid is where Eliza is most likely to be remembered. And the marketplace of course, you know, keep in mind the absence of the existence of clubs and things of that sort at that time, right but the marketplace is the least place where Allah subhanaw taala would be remembered. And in fact, it still could apply because you know, you're so busy and self buying and selling and

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transactions that you really forget where you are not thinking about loss prone to either while you're in the marketplace, but the point is, because this is an environment of life, that gives life to the heart. It's an environment of wicked, an environment of wicked is alive, an environment that is devoid of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala is dead and that's why the prophets why some says method or the earth could Allah whether the lay of the land with your how you will meet Pamela the exam

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Apple is the one who remembers a lot. And the one who does not remember a lot is like the one who is alive and the one who is dead. It's like life versus death. And that's why shift was them. And Jamie came along as the very famous statement where he said that victim to the heart is like water to a fish. It is your oxygen. Okay, it is your oxygen your spiritual oxygen is the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala remembering Allah with your tongue, surrounding yourself with things that will help you remember Allah subhanaw taala and stabilize the heart and obviously the more that you expose your heart to this environment and environment of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala an

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environment of knowledge and environment that is conducive to a healthy and living spiritual heart, the more you will be able to tolerate the outside right? Because you're making the the stronger influence the message you look forward to it your heart anticipates that okay, your heart anticipates those those gatherings where a loss of Hanuman two out of the spoken about and the masjid in the places where the heart has like now obviously it's no easy task. It is it's no easy task and that's why the prophets like some of them the very famous narration of a breakfast the liquid the Allah I mean such to the prophets is on the other side not that sad because I see your

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hair turning gray all of a sudden and the profit slice unresponded to with what she Bethany vote for Allah to Surah good and it's sisters turns my hair great Sudha hood and it's sisters turn my hair Great. Now obviously this is in Makkah and we set in the football a few weeks ago who was the first prophet that was spoken about in the Quran. Jonas I need to select phosphor Lefort Mirotic Allah to conquer Swahili who did not have a moment, right masala spice Salam initially in the revelations, when he was told about the prophets that came before he was told about their struggle, their patience, their victory, the destruction of their nations. Okay, and how they had to endure much

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pain and much hardship before Allah subhanaw taala gave them that victory. So che Bethany who do a lot to Surah Hood and the likes of it turned my hair great. Maybe not. The last time he says that what about sudo who turned the profits by storm is here a great one is where Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna says for stepping cannot omit one and tab America what I talked about in the movie my chairman animasi, Allah Subhana Allah says, stay firm, as you have been commended for stuck, stay firm as you have been commanded. And those that have turned back to Allah subhanaw taala with you and do not turn away ALLAH SubhanA or you know, do not do not switch over actually do not switch over Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, verily is all saying he sees everything that you do, and he sees everything that those that are with you. Now, the point of this was that even Ambassador Milano, he said that there was not a single ayah in the Quran. That was a shadow a shock to Allah rasool Allah he had an idea that there was not a single ayah in the Quran more severe or hard on the profit slice and under this giant why? Because staying firm and staying stable and maintaining your direction towards a loss how to how to maintain your art in a way that it's turned towards a loss pentatonic consistently is no easy task. And that's why even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if there

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is any one of Allah's creation that should not fear his heart moving in any other direction. Even the prophets lie some of his most frequent was yarmulke Lehmann Kulu. Submit on the other bienick alternative hearts make my heart firm on your path. nonpersonal, Basilan Allah finally when he used to read this, I used to cry and he used to say hola man Tarragona for this department. Oh Allah You are our Lord. So grant Stefan is the common means to stay discipline and firm. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us an S diploma. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make our hearts firm and we ask ALLAH SubhanA which Allah to allow us to die in our best state to make our best actions, the

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last of them and to make our heart you know, turn towards him in our last moments, Allah Lamoni

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Zachman lafaye fun.

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All right, there's a VRS brothers losing.

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Water ball have

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