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The speakers emphasize the importance of holding oneself to the rule of opinion and avoiding trees and animals. They stress the need to hold onto to a higher standard and not condemnation, as well as the importance of not apologizing for actions and not allowing others to take advantage of it. They also emphasize the importance of Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's Jana's

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just a quick announcement, before I start, just to remind everyone and shell outside this Thursday night between mockumentary Shan Shan will have the last session of the class which is describing those that are shaded under the Throne of Allah subhana wa Tada and that will be here inshallah Tada this semester between Muslim inertia and sha Allah, then after that inshallah to Allah brothers, so, hey, we'll be starting a 10 week or it's what was it 10 or 12 weeks 10 weeks, adults 10 week program in Charlottetown it should be very good inshallah. For people to work on their Tajweed inshallah to know the importance of temporary and mashallah he wouldn't say this, but he's very qualified to

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teach the class. He does have any Joseph shall be I know from Jeff McMahon plan, and so be good himself time for everyone to attend if they can show up.

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So it wasn't expecting to give them a half. I was hoping

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I wouldn't have to but at the same time, I'll share a few words based on just the discussion that we've been having. In the book shot kita imaginatively say to do, which is the journey to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and the journey to His pleasure.

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One thing that is that stands out right away when we discuss the Sahaba and we discuss the companions and we discuss this entire notion of making the religion easy, not making it hard. We find that some of the Sahaba that were most lenient in their filth and most lenient in their jurisprudence were actually the most ascetic themselves and the greatest worshippers themselves. So for example, amongst the Sahaba you find our beloved ambassador, the longtime Hebrew scholar of this ummah, Amanda is known for his riba known for his worship, known for his knowledge known for his standing up in prayer at night, knowing for his love of the Quran. But at the same time, his

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jurisprudence his fifth, his opinions out of all of the companions are the easiest. Okay, so he has a fifth trestle, they even used to call his fifth, the lenient fifth, the fifth of an ibis on the allot of time. Now, what is that show you? What it shows you is that there is a standard that you should hold yourself to. And there's a standard that you should expect the community to be held to the standard that you should hold yourself to is your own tequila, your own fear of Allah subhanaw taala, your own piety, your own consciousness. So for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and Hello, Jonathan, if he wants to have anytime there is any difference of opinion

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on any matter, for you to exit that gray area and exit the realm of difference of opinion and take the safer opinion is better for your topic. No matter what the discussion is, if there is if the law if there is a difference of opinion, on any issue, it is better for you, it is safer for you, and it is better for your tough one your iman, to take the more conservative opinion. However, to try to hold people to that same standard is unjust. And that's exactly what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was talking about? Yes, you will have to ask you to make things easy not to make things difficult. So for example, if you know if there's a discussion on you know, some permissibility and

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impermissibility of certain foods, for example, if I want to take the conservative opinion on the hedonic meat discussion, for example, that's fine. If you want to take the most strict opinion out there in regards to halal meat that it has to be hand slaughtered, and that you see the person yourself, right, you're watching the person saying Bismillah, and slaughtering the animal and you know, the entire life of the animal from the day that he was born, to the day that he's being slaughtered. You want to put an extremely strict protocol on yourself for the type of meat that you're going to eat and hamdulillah that's fine for you. And we would hope that Allah azza wa jal

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would reward you for them. But at the same time, you don't go to someone who's following an established opinion. And Phil was following another scholar, a qualified ad, a qualified footballer, and tell him that what you're eating is how

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you see, the standard you hold yourself to can be very high. But don't expect or forced that same standard on the entire community. And that's what the companions were teaching us that your standard is taqwa. The standard of everyone else is futsal. To read the taqwa and to read the fatwa for you yourself, do you want to take the facts or do you want to ask for a no I'm not just talking about meat here. I don't want you guys thinking about me and thinking and if I said that, you have to actually go and watch the slaughter and make sure he's no I'm not talking about that. The point is, is if you want to be as strict as you want on yourself, then by all means, do so. Do not force that

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on everyone else. Do not condemn people for taking an easier

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have a more lenient opinion. Do not tell them that you are upon this and that you are upon that. You hold yourself to that standard and that standard is a lot of that standard is what's known to the sun as water water. It means that anything that is doubtful is haram as far as I'm concerned. It's a Shobha, it's a doubtful matter. It's in the gray area, I'm just going to go ahead and assume that it's haram for my own sake. And at the same time, if it's more cruel to me, It's haram. If I know Allah hate something, then that's enough for me to not want to do, even if Allah subhanaw taala is not going to punish me for doing it. Yeah, Quran, Allah subhanaw taala hates it. Therefore, I'm

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going to treat it as if it's haram. And if it's Mr. hab if there's something that's that rewardable muster, have pseudonym and do something that's rewardable that there is good in it. And I know Allah loves it, then I'm going to treat it for my own sake as if it's false.

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All right, I'm not going to leave it, I will make sure that I tried to apply each and every single thing but at the same time, I can't condemn another person. If he doesn't produce the numbers, I can't say anything to him. For me, I need to hold myself to a higher standard I need to chastise myself if I miss the Sunnah of federal for example, but if I see someone else didn't pray this enough that he did what was upon him, I can't tell him anything, I might be able to advise him not in a harsh manner but say, you know, it would be good let's let's you know pile up and let's learn the sinners of the Prophet slice them together. But at the same time, you are not allowed to hold or

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burden and entire community or anyone other than you with those standards. And so the strictest of the companions on themselves, and who out does even above the law town, I'm doing anything you know, in regards to Quran and arriba the strictest of the companions is also the most lenient in his field because you need to know where people are and you need to know where you are at and you should strive for a higher goal and a higher standard and we ask Allah subhanaw taala what was on them and and what's up here along with John them in Washington in the hospital was fantastic to meet us from the mantra team and to make us from the mercenary we asked the last panel to make us that people

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that are held that hold themselves to that higher standard and enter into gender to further dose into the highest level of Jana whatnot I mean any questions

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okay, good. Finance

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well, he if all we do not

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want to hear