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Omar Suleiman
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member Heyman handed in I mean, a lot a lot of mean people to this one subpoena almost nobody was sending without ecologico so we can

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send them on it and he was happy he was selling * Kathy, I want to welcome you all back to court and 3430 from the law Tonight, we're joined by my very beloved brother, Hassan one from California. So I think you still have to break your fast right now I'm still like, actually 35 minutes so Okay, perfect time. We'll keep the show just the 55 minutes

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of time.

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Me Welcome to welcome to this to this series. We're looking forward to hearing your insights. I want to remind everyone inshallah, before I start, inshallah tada that you can inshallah tada from now, donate in sha Allah tada TMP Institute for the last 10 nights and if you click the link below, you'll see an option where you can break your donation over the last two nights have been denied any time your Southern COVID catch Davidson covered no matter which of the 10 nights of this so May Allah bless you for your generous support co payments, all of the other wonderful work that's being done out there, whether it's a relief organization or dow organization or or educational

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institutions, may Allah bless you and except for me

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so tonight inshallah, Tada. We're going to get into unhedged and sort of sort of the hedges and sort of neck. We started off from certain hedges and certain hedges begins with

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the regrets of those who wish they would have taken rightful guidance. So it actually begins with the expression of regret. And Allah subhanaw taala says in verse four, one Economic Area Illa, Allah Kitab of Macedon, we never destroyed a nation except that they had a clear book with clear guidance and clear instructions. And this goes

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and sort of a hint that our last chronotype does not punish the people had to end up after Masuda until he sends a messenger here last dresses that he sent a message to them, as well. Verse five, and six, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the insults to the prophets, I saw them so he's addressing the Prophet 18 slotless. And I'm directly after this long string of sources, where you have all of these prophets and their stories, and they're rejecting rejection, and mentioning to the profit slice of them, they say to you in June, that you are that you are a madman, and they insult him it is Salatu was Salam. And they say to him in verse six, no matter no matter to everyone that you care

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to include someone aside that even if you would bring the angel show us the angels, show us the unseen, and then maybe we would consider you to be amongst the truthful allies of goes on to verse nine and Charlottetown. I know this is what we'll be talking about at some point. Tonight, as well with our dear brother and Chef, Dr. Hassan, where last time it takes an oath to protect and preserve the land which is a beautiful, both if you think about how Allah talks about how these previous nations fumbled their scriptures, and how things were lost guidance was lost as a result of the actions of the people. And unlike giving this oma a great Bush, a bush not a glad tidings greater

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than the bushing of a child. the glad tidings that guidance will always be intact for this moment that the call and will be preserved, that we are the ones who revealed this book what not to hold the half a loan, and we too will preserve this book. Now I want to go forward in the sutra inshallah tada and verse 28 and 29 Eliza talks about the very beginning of automatic salah and these next four sutras In fact, in the center of the solar you have the story of the creation of atoms and the challenge of these but a different elements of the challenge of shape on every time so it keeps on coming up and recurring in the middle of all of these suitors as it's coming up. here Allah subhana

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wa Taala talks about the moment in which the ruler the soul is breathed into Adam it has Salaam for either so a two and a half two feet in a row. He took out hula hoops it and the last kind of ties us so when I have molded him and breathed into him the Spirit then fall to him in prostration. And some of their inner might say that there's a beautiful lesson in this that Adam It

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was not praiseworthy because of his physical or external makeup. And that's where it bleeds failed. And last night Dr. hudy elaborated on this beautifully this idea of the exterior versus the interior and value being in the interior. And here Allah subhanho wa Taala did not command the angels to prostrate to automatically set up until the ruler

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Which is what a sanctified, the spirit was placed within them it is set up, which shows you the value of over the jessen's the soul over the body. And then police was only able to see the exterior and not considered the interior he compared his exterior to the exterior of Adam It is so that, hence becoming the first racist in history, saying that I am better than him because of how my exterior is compared to his exterior. Then the last point I mentioned is the story of a police expelled from Paradise again, because he refuses to be amongst those that prostrate, and in the last Tula sort of brought him

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you have the ending, the ending is at least saying to the people of Hellfire, that a lot made you a true promise in the law to come, I did have to confess love to come when I can only I didn't come in so far inland out to confess digitally until the end of the AI, at least telling the followers and Hellfire that allow me to a true promise. And I made you a false promise, but I never had any control over you. My promise was false. A loss promise was true. You followed me. Here we go back to the very beginning and a lot of telling, at least at that time in everybody, Lisa like it on in America. We in verse 42, that barely My servants, you have no control over them, except for those

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that willingly follow you. And verse 49. Beautiful if not Reba de me and a love for him? Well, and they're gonna be cool. Any last palletized says, tell my servants, oh, Mohammed said a lot. He was telling

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me that I am most forgiving and most merciful, what and who, and I love him and that my punishment is a severe punishment. Now, this is similar to pseudo Brahim, where loss of patterns as well to ensure counsel as he denticon if you are grateful, I will surely increase you. And if you are ungrateful, then the last points I mentioned in there, that'd be there said that my punishment is severe. But Allah does not promise the punishment with the same certainty as he promises the reward and the increase, right, letting you know the punishment is there, but not ascribing it to you just yet, to welcome you to repentance here. It's the same thing, right? Not everybody tell my servants

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that I am Forgiving and Merciful. And yes, the punishment existence is severe punishment, but you still have a chance and you don't have to go down that route. And

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it's not something that allies does, because the last panel kind of wants to do more people, but people make themselves worthy of that.

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I'm going to rush through this this part right here because I want to get to a powerful point in the next surah Allah mentions done the destruction of the people loot ru Salaam, us how will aka us how the hijiri the people of the mood. So Allah mentioned some of the nations that turned away from Alon became arrogant to make that point in verse 87, Allah Subhana, WA tada praises certain Fatiha sub msrt, the seven verses and a lien and the glorious core and, and this is the last of that sequence of songs were the very beginning of the sutra, the first eye is a praise of the poor app. So this is the last of them. And so you're coming to the end of this surah where a lot praises the poor and

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once again, and specifically praises sort of the fact you have I remember how in the beginning of this sort of Allah mentioned that they say these words to you that hurt you in the end of the sore at the very end of the Sora while I've had not unlike a legal subject of email kulu we know oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that your heart hurts because of what they say about you. It hurts you to hear these insults being being thrown at you for subject behind the ABI callicoon Minnesota Dean and glorify the praises of your Lord and be amongst those who prostrate not like at least some Yaqoob ministers have been refused to be from those who prostrate be from those who prostrate why would

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Rebecca had to carry him and worship your Lord until you have been comes to you not to plug me in here. I know it's every time we say a peon, right, you have been here actually refers to death, meaning until the end of your life that you worship a lot until the very end of your life. I'm going to mention one fact of sorts and that ties into what chef Abdullah was talking about, in a very beautiful way yesterday, and inshallah tada he can take it from there. So it's the NACA is named after the beat. And Allah mentions various favorites in creation in this school. Then he talks specifically about the honeybee for its preciseness and how magnificent it is and the benefits that

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come from it. Look how small it is, but look, how many benefits come from it. And what does she have to talk about yesterday? What intero do net Matala he, that's what he were to take one blessing of a lot and try to extract try to extract the many blessings from

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That one blessing, you would not be able to do so. But I want to share with you a benefits Pamela that I found very beautiful in the last years. And when she talked about yesterday What intero do netmeds Allahu Allah to Ursula if you were to count the blessing of Allah, you would be unable to do so in that insana double lumen Kufa. Allah says And verily human beings are inherently transgressing and ungrateful, inherently transgressing and ungrateful. The same is in this joke, but look at the difference. What interrogate Rahmatullahi dots are so hot if you were to try to count the blessings of Allah you would be unable to do so in the Lucha level forum. And Verily Allah is most forgiving

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and most merciful. And what that the beauty of this the benefit of this is that some had a lot an incentive alone. A person who is inherently transgressing, requires a Lord that is a foolish, right, a Lord that is forgiving, and that will always overlook their transgression so long as they turn back to him. And though we are inherently ungrateful, there's cofra near we will be ungrateful at times, but we don't descend into the code for the ultimate code, which is not even acknowledging a lot over us and associating partners with him and disbelieving and Allah subhanaw taala says, What can I be me Nina? Why Hema, and Allah has a special mercy for the believers on the Day of Judgment.

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And so in South Africa for a person who has cat food, who is inherently ungrateful, but doesn't descend into disbelief, finds themselves in the categories where they have a ham on the day of judgment to rescue them for their deficiency. So this time, Allah Subhana, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the rescue from his side subhanho wa Taala in you know, in response to us, and verse 58, and 59 Allah mentions an AMA that people are ungrateful for you know what that nirma his daughters, the people that would bury their daughters alive what either Bushido had to homed in on one lunch room or sweat and kaeleen It's a lot I mean, a

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lot of he lost contact says when these people were given the glad tidings the bush rob a young girl, they would be in shame, they'd hide they take them away and bury this NEMA from a loss of Hannah what's out there? What a disgusting thing to do. How dare you not acknowledge the blessing of a daughter that Allah gives you the Bushido of a daughter that Allah gives you. And then finally, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us versus 66 to 69 you have to read those verses carefully. And if you don't know Arabic, read the translation, please 66 to 69 because a lot just starts elaborating on all these small blessings that you never considered the blessing of cattle and the

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type of milk that comes from cattle and the blessing of date fruits and the types of blessings that come from date fruits and how grapes can be used to make common intoxicants or wholesome sustenance. And then a lot of talks about the beat the way the beast sets up the hives the way that the honey is not just sweet, but it's also medicine and goes on and on and on and on, to keep driving home the point what intero doing there metal light matters. If you were to try to count one blessing of a law, you would utterly fail. And Chatelet Allah with that I will pass it off to Chicago after failing to stay on time.

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This allow us to let us know that we're still early Sacramento. Well I when I was reading, you know a nutshell that's exactly exactly what I was thinking of. So Pamela used to see all of these forms of creation and how last month it gives you examples, you know, you think of a cattle but he mentioned all the different manifestations of how he, how he provides us from them.

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It's upon Allah. But then as I was reading on I ran into one verse and so panelizer you know, let me take advantage of the opportunity to speak about this verse. So this will be led Sophia Allah subhanaw. taala says in chapter, the chapter of verse number 90, there's a verse that he mentioned that all of us, some of us may hear it now online and Facebook Live. But when we're in the masjid for Juma, we definitely hear this verse and I said, let me take an opportunity to expand, expound upon this verse, after the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his tofik and his guidance

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Allah says after all, Gene and all of you when you hear it when you hear the beginning of this verse, you can follow along with me I'll recite it slowly inshallah especially the little children other than us on gene in the Lucha yet Moodle Bella idli. What is it what he time either quarterback when her and in fact show he was one carry? One belly? Yeah, it will come, I'll come knocking here to the Laila. Come to the Kuru. Now, I look him to the Quran. Allah says Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and being good to relatives. And he forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He is admonishing and reminding you perhaps you'll be of those who reminded Okay,

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numerous campaigns have spoken about this verse. The prophets of Allah, even mezuzah Leela Han who he said the most comprehensive

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Regarding Good and Evil is in this verse, also a little harder to study. And his book of history, he mentioned some kind of law that he was passing by a group of people and he asked and they were talking he said, What asked him, What are you all speaking about? And they said, we're talking about Moodle. Moodle is honor chivalry, a graciousness, right. So he said, a mecca falcom an idea. He said, America faculties is this is not sufficient enough for you and you recite it in the law yet, what will I do with the verse that we just recited, and also Subhanallah a companion immerse mandiberg on my throne, he recited this verse to I leave, and I'd be talking so it's probably before

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and when he recited it, he was amazed and he said, Well, ah, he and he said, he says, to penalize you or to to implement this bird, this verse, you would be successful. If you're, it's a bit rude to flee, he said, if you were to follow and implement this verse, you would be successful. So understanding how he even mentioned also, that this is from the mechanics of luck, that this verse is from the best of etiquettes This is a verse in the sign of etiquettes. One thing that I want to capitalize on when you hear this verse inshallah, in the future, which we all will inshallah angioma in the massage it soon, soon, soon inshallah.

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That the shittier

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you hot tip to assure you are too hot and fitter that the Sharia is speaking to your fitrah it's speaking to your, your, your natural inclination, you see, all of us have these natural characteristics that Allah has given us from those natural characteristics is the soul and from the soul is a mad that it's an element inside of us as human beings that acknowledges the presence of its maker. And that is what we call fifth Allah in Arabic. And fitrah can be also fitted with an SD photon. So Allah, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that this is the fifth or that he has a created mankind upon or has a natural disposition, the disposition that men and women has. So for instance,

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when you lie, you feel guilty the first time when you do a bad deed, whether it's, you know, religious or something, you disobeyed your mom or father or someone that you respect and value, and you went against those values that you believe in. That feeling of guilt is a characteristic of the fitrah. religion, Islam in particular has come to align, and beautify, align, and beautify the fitrah it's come here to make sure that you stay straight, for example, we all have desires, but those desires that we have need to be within a compound, it's within the confines of what the most knowledgeable of us, what the creator of us what the most wise of all of creation has set. So within

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those desires, for instance, the opposite gender and Islam, it's important if that desire is there, to take it upon yourself to get married, and not to take any other route to embellish upon that desire. So in any case, it's very important that we have that premise and that understanding in the beginning that this should be the blueprint of Islam, the legislative body of Islam, what Islam says is permissible and not permissible. When a law speaks in the Quran, when we read the Koran, it is speaking to your innocent, pristine self. But those desires that you may have, will cause you to put layers on your thinking on your spiritual, your spiritual element to where you may deny it in the

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beginning, but you know that it's true. And that's why the shittier and the Quran itself is such a cold and tequila. It is such a heavy statement. The statement is heavy, it's deep. You'll read it over and over again and the concepts will come to you and they will probably you say read this for years. And then you you know upon 3430 for instance it comes to light or in any other program. So firstly, the last one is in the law. Yep. Moodle. And I'll take about three minutes between electonic Verily Allah subhanaw taala Yep, Moodle Bella, I believe what it says that really Allah subhanho wa Taala calls to justice. And it says, now and I did an accent justice is giving

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everything its do right. And the most important justice on this earth is giving the Creator of the heavens and earth, his right, giving him his right by being worshipped by himself and not saying that he has any characteristics of his creation. So a lot orders and added and some scholars mentioned that even our best my best friend, the LA numa in a basketball I'll be pleased him. He mentioned that it is La ilaha illAllah. So an understanding that there's no God but Allah. So an understanding this is that the most important aspect of justice putting something in its proper place, is saying that God deserves to be worshipped by himself. And after that is the justice that

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is for all other forms of creation, animates and animates. Whether it's a plant or a person, they

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All have a right? And if Sen is a Ziad it is it is extra, as some scholars mentioned, you have fulfilled your obligation. But when you do it son it can be translated as excellence, it can be translated as good conduct. It sound is smiling in the face of your brother when he sat or she said, You know, it's it's it's making them laugh, you know it's doing something to bring them joy, it's giving charity to someone in need, all of this is it isn't. And that's why it can be translated to so many words in English, it's such.

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But the origin of a sad one of the origins of it is to beautify something. And I always choose to use this. Because when you do an action of good that people aren't expecting when you take them out to lunch, and there's no return for it. They don't want. They said, What do you want, you say, No, I just want to take you out to lunch, or you smile at someone for no reason just to be kind to them. It's a beautiful thing. They remember that action of a sandwich you've done to them, even though you may have the opportunity and the right to do something that they may not like or that may be harmful to them, and they know they deserve it. But it's an is a level that's above that. It's a level

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that's above that, what he talks about, and also in giving. The third thing he says is giving to the relatives and as a scholar, as mentioned, because he uses this example it's an example of who you should be just with and have rather a sandwich as in the Quran, Allah mentions in numerous verses with the law and so should be he should and the worship of Allah and do not associate any partners with him would be the wily Danish isn't and with the two parents, good conduct manners, excellent, go extra. And the scholars mentioned, why did I love mentioned what in law I mentioned the relatives, because we will have the most would be most negligent of them because we're so used to

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them. We're so used to being around them will be so negligent of the basic rights that they may deserve, or going extra starting with, with the prophet SAW someone said three times that deserves the right your mother, your mother, your mother, and then your father as a property. So that's the piece of blessing be upon admission. So those are the three that he ordered the three that he prohibited was forbids immorality, bad conduct, and oppression will lie the English does not do justice to the Arabic language. But we'll give it a try. I said William had in fact shot in that fashion is to go beyond the balance or to do a lot of that which is not permissible. A lot of that

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which is not permissible and fascia well monka monka is the opposite of maruf it is that which is known to be bad. It is that which is known to be bad. maruf is what everyone knows, knows to be accepted. That's where we get the word are from. Right so when we talk about infest shout when MOCA was buzzing, and Buffy the scholars have mentioned particularly is that which is a transgression against someone else. It's a transgression against someone else. And that is the total opposite of justice, which we can say is one and then the last one, Allah says yeah, look, look into the Quran he says he reminds and admonishes you, perhaps you'll be those who are mindful, this admonishment

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and a reminder for you to be just and to fulfill the general manners of Islam. And that's one of the wisdoms that scholars chose to recite this verse at the end of Juma to remind you that this religion is a religion of tourism. It's a religion of what sorta it's a religion of justice. It's a religion of good health. It's a religion, of being good to the people that are close to you. And that is the ultimate wisdom. And the middle course of that often was ducking. So we asked the last point out, it's a blessing to keep us on this sort of the straight path for really that easy path agenda challenge is that I can walk over to the law and the court has some, the greatest blessing is the

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blessing of guidance. And I believe that ties into what you will be talking about John's publisher has

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1100 letters Mr. Oberlin was selling CDs. And while he was not bothering me, sorry, westerly, Emery was local. Let me listen to Paulie. It is said it is not about the words that leave our lips. Rather, it's about the heart from which our words come. And I started with that, because I'm speaking about the best words the words of all time. So I have to start by asking Allah Subhana Allah not to reveal the beauty of the word, the words of the Quran with any darkness of my heart. The verse I wanted to share with you today is verse number nine. So the hedge, but to understand the power, the beauty of this verse, I will just go quickly about the circumstances. What happened, when

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was it revealed, and I think that is in itself says a lot. So the ledger was revealed in Mecca when things went into good. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam it has been more than 10 years has been prosecuted. People were tortured, people died, and finally the through him and everyone that supported him in the desert. So it seems the message is not progressing. It seems that

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Muslims are under the feet of everyone, it seems they're going to be approved that the message is going to be extinguished. And in that condition in that situation where Muslims felt so vulnerable, so weak, that, you know, things are not well at all, sort of the hedger is revealed. And it was revealed in a time when when

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they were asking, as she explained, they were working so much, and they were asking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, where does God? Where are the miracles? We need miracles? Why don't you bring some angels? If you're a prophet, if this is the truth shows the angels and Allah Subhana Allah guided response in the most majestic way, the way the pseudo open this strength of this world, that there they will come. And those who mock those who today look like they're strong, they will wish they will see. And you will, how can you say that? That was said when the Muslims were under the feet of everyone, and that's a strength, but then also handled algos and addresses

00:25:58 --> 00:26:34

the topic. They asked for angels, they want American, they think of an angel comes down. See even some atheists nowadays they tell you where is God, if I see God, I will believe but Allah Subhana Allah then addresses this in the most beautiful way. It's also kind of Allah saying what you want Angel angels to come down to you. I've already sent something bigger than angels, I've already sent a miracle. I've already sent down something to you miraculous, more beautiful, more profound than the angels but you didn't see it. And that's verse number nine, in zelina. We're in allow,

00:26:35 --> 00:26:59

you asked for angels, you ask for miracles, that you're surrounded by miracles, the words of the end, what the horrendous to the heart of the or ended to those who follow that, in by itself is a miracle. And if you did not see the miracle of the Quran, what makes you think you can see the miracle and an angel coming down the carrier of the crane.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:06

Not only we wrote the best of the words, the words of Allah subhana wa gyla, miraculous

00:27:07 --> 00:27:11

Mohammed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and almost as soon as

00:27:13 --> 00:27:56

you see them, they look at you, but they don't see. The problem is perhaps it's not the absence of Americans, perhaps it's blindness, perhaps the real problem is I'm not I'm surrounded by Americans that I don't see. And then almost no data to make another point. Not only I have sent down this for n, but at this point of time, where the Muslims were so weak, they couldn't even they were dying. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam lost his wife and his uncle, and there is no protection. And it seems they exposed a loss as what not only I've sent this for n and it's American, and here is another American, it is going to be protected.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:40

And you have to contemplate when was that sent, they didn't have computers have USBs or memories, they can hardly write on, on perhaps some bones and, and to make the claim, no matter what will happen. This core n is protected is preserved. Now this impacts me greatly. Whenever I feel insecure, whenever I feel you know, I've exposed all what I have to do is look at this person and see who's who panela whether I'm in China, I'm in Egypt, I'm in the United States have protected this brain and it hasn't been protected because we did it a lot it the one that protected this for and inshallah can protect me and my family, the one that protected this when I asked him I implore

00:28:40 --> 00:28:44

him to protect this core and in my heart, you know, become a

00:28:45 --> 00:28:50

devotee that he meant to be. And there was a story about the person

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who went to his shift complaining, you know, Yoshi, what happened?

00:28:56 --> 00:29:12

A thief came and stole everything in my house. And the chief told him say, hamdulillah and this person said, yes, you can handle I just told you everything was stolen. He said, See, hamdulillah It was a thief that stole your house. And it wasn't shaitan that stole your email.

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I need have. And I implore the one that guarded and preserved the for end, to preserve Amen, in my heart in difficult times. And if he did that with the with his words, I think I have hope that he indeed can do that in my heart, but it doesn't stop there. So the Allah Subhana Allah saying, the problem is not the absence of miracles what it was the heart because he can look over your fallopian which would have been the problem is that Allah gives but the heart can't receive. There is a problem of the heart is blind. And that's why Allah says when I lay in bed, the Minister met you follow up on June and if I opened a bigger than angels, I'm going to open a door in the sky and let

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you ascend and see you all

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The miraculous things, what will they say? The following them so clear out of sorrow, but not upon us for No, they, they won't believe themselves. Perhaps this is a, you know, an optical illusion, our eyes are deluded. The problem, therefore is something else. We are surrounded by Americans. And that's why a lot of that stops being about this creation of the wind, the mountains, we are surrounded by miracles. If I right now I have a wooden table in front of me. If I was to bang my head in the wooden table and bring an apple for you, you will see that some miracle How did you do that? But it happens every day. Look at an apple, three woods that comes from the from the ground

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brings happens every day in America, but we don't see it. Why? What is the problem? Why can't we see the miracle? Why can't we see the poor and that is one also kind of kind of brings the example of please, please. Here is a creation of Allah Subhana Allah who spoke to Allah, He spoke to the truth, but he could not see the truth. So for the atheist that says, If I see God, I will believe that the Quran says No, not necessarily. There is another problem if you because there is a case, someone who spoke to God who saw the truth, but yet he didn't believe in the truth. What was his problem of arrogance. It is not about the lack of evidence. It is about the presence of arrogance. That is

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what's going on. That is why people cannot see the poor. And that is why people look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all what they see. How can you describe him as an imposter? Don't you see his words? Don't you see the core? And don't you see the beauty around you? Don't you see the creation of a loss?

00:31:47 --> 00:32:17

And if the problem If the answer is no, then the Quran says check for arrogance. And finally, a final point you ask for angels to come down. And then the same sort of also penalizes Yes, angels came down. As the surah describes to situations angels came down to Prophet Ibrahim, how did he receive them? Oh, he was generous, he provided food. And because Abraham was righteous, they came down with good tidings. The very same angels

00:32:18 --> 00:32:30

went to Prophet loans. How did the people have not received the angels? What did they want to do with them, that they see that they're injured is no, they saw them as a utility to fulfill their desires. That's it.

00:32:32 --> 00:33:14

And then it was a distraction for those people. And in a way Allah Subhana Allah saying, if I sent a miracle for you, it's up to you will you receive it with gratitude? And then it's an elimination, or the opposite. You will do like the other people have arrogance. And then it's a source of destruction, in a way that always gives, there are miracles all around for me is America. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is American, the creation of Allah Subhana. Allah is a miracle. I wake up every day, the AI by which I see I'm surprised it's American. The ease by which I hear is a medical term guide. I'm surrounded by miracles. But it's absence of this heart that can see all

00:33:14 --> 00:33:21

those miracles. And it's Can I receive them or not? Obama what other direction Anwar.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:51

mashel. When we saw what I thought, for the halat Min, hydro, perhaps illumination, lights, spiritual gifts, one of the things I was always giving come to your heart, but it finds your heart that's the problem full with the importance of creating food of ailments. Yes, there are viruses around and we have to develop new habits like washing our hands to get into to protect ourselves. There are spiritual pandemics going around.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:07

narcissism, arrogance, hastiness, ostentation, showing off, the effect the heart, and the heart therefore cannot do its basic function. It cannot see properly, it cannot comprehend properly.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:33

And that's Danny, my reflection, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our hearts from all spiritual aims. I ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect faith, La ilaha illa Allah in our hearts I also ask Allah Subhana Allah to open the eyes sides of our hearts, by which we can see his closeness and the hearing of our hearts by which we can hear the beauty of his words. Does that

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00:34:36 --> 00:34:40

love having you on Zack Walker for joining us, Mike.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:43

elevate you increasing?

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

* as you were speaking just to give people I guess a 32nd take home message and that sounds. We started off this whole series with the fact that the beginning of the Quran is an ask. It's a duality supplication. And it's an ask for guidance and the law says here you go.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

The greatest blessing is the blessing of clarity and purpose. No other blessing can compensate for the loss of clarity and purpose. You could have everything in the world. But if you don't know why you're here, and what you want, and what your destination is, no cars, no palaces, no money, no wealth, nothing would ever be able to fill that void of guidance. And with that, and how long it just reminded us tonight, what the profits lies, I'm setting her to neck

00:35:27 --> 00:36:03

muscle, and I feel that the plan is approved for you, or against you, you have the call, and I have the call and we have this blessing from awesome parents and will we respond to it in the right way? What will we do with it? What would cause it to actually testify against this on the Day of Judgment, we're doing the series on the angels, the angels can be bushrod glad tidings or they can you know, they can they can be a source of harm towards us if we do that, which repels them and they can base the shale team instead in our lives, you can watch all the angles series that you want but unless you're applying the sooner that are in those those important acts that are being mentioned in

00:36:03 --> 00:36:12

there, then that's what's going to cause those angels to love you and of course the last turns out to love you as well. We ask a lot to love us all. And we thank him for this blessing

00:36:13 --> 00:36:29

and the snare of one another and brotherhood and sisterhood and this narrow of guidance in this narrow on a lot is that a lot of hate on to share has them to you share from below as always, thanks everyone for joining inshallah, we'll see you all tomorrow. So then when you come into my hearing about accounting Philharmonic

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Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Dr. Hassan Elwan, explore gems from the 14th Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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