The Veterans of Badr – Angels In Their Presence – Shorts

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So in one situation, there was a Muslim that was chasing someone from the other side is an imbecile. The Allahu on Houma says, and just as he was going to him, he heard the sound of a whip over that over that man. And he heard this voice, this voice that was so loud that said up to them, Hey, zoom, go forward. Hey zoom. So he said that when he heard that sound, he looked up to see who it was. And then he looked back at the man, and he saw that the man had fallen off of his horse, and he had the scar from the lashing on his nose in his face, and Subhanallah it had turned to green because of the severity of the strike that came to his face. So he came to the prophets. I saw them after that, and

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he asked the prophets I saw about what he saw, and the prophets lie. Some said, Hey, Zoom was an angel from the third heaven.