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Episode 5: Even If Abu Dharr Doesn’t Like It
There is hope for the major sinners, as long as they turn back to their Creator. Allah doesn’t want you to be weighed down by your past in a way that you can’t meaningfully progress in the future.


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Santa Monica from Florida cattle Welcome back to the faith revival. So yesterday I scared you about major sins today I'm gonna make you feel better inshallah not so that you can commit major sins but so that you can recognize that do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, as long as you don't insist. This is a hadith it's one of my personal favorite Hadith because it involves one of my favorite characters other than the Prophet slice Allah, a man by the name of without it, may Allah be pleased with him, the great companion of the Prophet peace be upon him without his character was one of extreme righteousness the prophets lie Selim says, that this earth

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has not carried a man more truthful than above felt that this is the most truthful man that this is a man full of faith on the inside. Now it can happen to someone that's full of faith and a person that is Azad an ascetic is that they can start to look at those that don't practice like them, and not see the same things in them and not see that they are deserving of the same salvation that they have. So Abu Dhabi says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said that there is no believer who says La ilaha illAllah who affirms the oneness of God, and then dies, except that he enters into paradise. And he said that when the prophets lysozyme said that I said what in zona was

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stuck, even if he committed adultery and stole the profits license in xenosaga. Even if he committed adultery and stole, he said, I sent it to him again in Santa Rosa. Even if he committed adultery and stole the profit slice that I'm says even if he committed adultery and stole he said, I said the third time even if he committed adultery and stole and the profit slice and him said he said it to me a third time in Zen Allah setup even if he committed adultery and stole. So he said, I said it to him a fourth time usually these narrations stop at three. He said I said a fourth time, well in zen, Allah sanuk, even if he committed adultery and stole, he said, even if he committed adultery and

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stole, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the fourth one, he said, and even at the defiance of of without, even if without hates it,

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even if without he doesn't want that to happen, Allah will enter that person into gentlemen. So I will notice that I walked away and I was saying and even if I was out, hates it, even if he doesn't want it to happen, it's going to happen. And Abdullah comments and Bahati after the halifa narration, he says this is a person who before he dies, repents to a loss of Hannah Montana and bears witness to the oneness of Allah, Allah will forgive all of his sins, He does not have to be pegged down. And if you think about it with your faith, shavon wants to disconnect you from your email. That's that's his goal. Before you commit a sin, He tells you don't worry about it. After you

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commit a sin, He tells you, you have no chance of ever connecting back with your Creator. So after a person has committed a major sin, they should know that they should come back to Allah and Allah will not disappoint them. If you think about the Hadith of the man that killed 99 people and then went to a worshiper and says to the worshiper, again a worshiper, I've been worshipping Allah in this mosque this entire time. And here you go coming to me, and you're asking if Allah can forgive you. So he says, Do I have any chance of being forgiven? He tells him No way. You have no shot. And he hated that answer so much he killed the worshiper and then he went to a scholar after killing 100

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said, any chance of Allah forgiving me, he said, Who can stand between you in the mercy of Allah, but you have to change, you've got to stop killing people. You've got to compensate for what you've done, repent, move to this land, start your life over. And that man had enough of her son of one Billa a good opinion of Allah assuming goodness of Allah, that he made his way to another land and he died on the way and a loss of Hannah Montana, forgave him and entered him its agenda just because he was making his way to that new lens. The lesson that the scholars say that that murderer had has never been Billa. He assumed well of Allah. He knew that Allah would forgive him, despite his past.

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You have to keep that hope alive. That is how you disconnect yourself from sin, Kalia about the readiness law for Allah and forcing him latok Natoma Rahmatullah in the La Jolla through the Nova Jamia in a hula for Rahim, Allah says, Oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, don't despair from the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives all sins, but at the same time and he will eat out or become you need to change you need to turn back to Allah subhanaw taala. You need to reverse that course that you are upon, but Allah can forgive your sins and if a person has a man, two more things, number one, the Prophet slicin him said, My intercession on the Day of Judgment is for an Al

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Adam enormity is for the major centers of my own. I will intercede for them. One of those that aren't major centers. Number two, the profits license. Whoever has an atom's worth of faith in their heart will eventually be protected and rescued and saved from the fire. So low eemaan is not equal to no email. A lot of times shavon tries to get us to tank. Low email is not no man. Having some faith is better than having no faith, even if it's an atom's worth turned back to a loss of Hannah Montana. Do not let shavon convince you that you're doomed because of one time that you committed that major sin. Turn back and have a good opinion of Allah subhana wa tada and he will accept your

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faith with the night Allah May Allah accept your email and my email allama mean Xochimilco heinous and I'd like to advocate