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AI: Summary © The first two segments of the transcript discuss the history and use of the operator's symbol of the third prophet in the Quran. The third segment explores the use of negative language and the importance of preserving one's actions to avoid giving up on others. The speakers also discuss the use of Subhanallah as a symbol of peace and love, and the importance of patient and love in life.
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on one meaning people to move along and suddenly we're sending robotic radicals so they can have a lot more and he was telling them why the editing was happening.

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So inshallah to Allah just before I start, I wanted to sort of just speak a little bit more about what I mentioned after slot jimma that inshallah Tada on Tuesday nights we're going to be starting

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a book study and that's going to be really something inshallah to either that, I hope in sha Allah to Allah will be a program that lasts for years and years to come, it's going to be more of an intimate setting than just a typical lecture. So I expect everyone in sha Allah to either to either have the book in print or on their computer, and we will sit and we will discuss in sha Allah to Allah, some very classical books in sha Allah to Allah and at the same time books that really can solve some issues for us in the 21st century. So particularly the first book I had to say to dojo, which will be about salvation, the concept of salvation and a snap.

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But but written with with with truly a classical breath, and so what I want everyone to do that number one, there's going to be a level of commitment that's going to be required for the Halacha as well. So please try your best and shall be consistent with it, it'll be a great thing to bring your family to inshallah time as well. So that you can discuss on your way home afterwards when the lights are on, and there will be a sense of accomplishment. Because typically, you know, in the past when we studied, you know, books, like Madonna just started again, or here are the

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books that are, you know, 1000s of pages long, you never really finished. And so there's, you know, almost like this, the sense of of

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feeling incomplete, after you've studied the book for a whole year and you haven't even finished it. So in short, I will be studying books that are no more than 200 pages, every book that we study will be no more than 200 pages. And these will be some of the early letters

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that were written by some of the great scholars in the past, on very specific subjects in sha Allah to Allah. So please, Inshallah, tada, get the word out, spread the word out, it's going to be a very unique program. Let your friends know inshallah that live around the metroplex, so that they can start attending. But that being said, in Charlottetown, it'll be after Solana nation of this coming Tuesday. After the time changes inshallah we'll switch into positive after some of

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that being said, today we talked about the first mention of a prophet in the Quran and who was the first prophet that was mentioned, I hope everybody knows us. Jonas, it has set up the first prophet that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, as an example to the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam possibility hooked me up Nika. Well, that's a con because like in the cruelty is another one. That Be patient with the Command of your Lord and do not be like the companion of the well whenever he called upon the last panel to add as he was swallowed, so don't wait until you are swallowed to call upon Allah subhanaw taala.

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I mentioned that there is a very interesting order of the Quran. Now the first Surah that was revealed to the Prophet so I said it was what it should be very simple. It was the entire sort of revealed

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no, the first five Ayat reveal to the messengers on the law it was what was the second sort of that was revealed to the Prophet size

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McConnell up notions

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that would take a long time to get right away.

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So little column,

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element does su return Mudassar and this is something that we find the profit twice uncertain authentic, I need from javelin or the law or the law of tide and that while I was walking, so the profitsystem Obviously he first went to and had to get inspiration to receive the revelation he received the revelation. Now he said that while I was walking while the prophets I some was walking, and he was bewildered, I think his thought was confused as to what had happened to him. And the prophets. I said, I'm said even expressing his emotions. He said, I fought to throw myself off of the mountain. Now the prophesy son wasn't going to actually physically literally commit suicide.

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He's explaining his emotion. So Allah it was seldom that as he's walking that mountain, and he's trying to figure out what it is that has grabbed him, what it is that has happened to him, he said that he looked up to the skies and he saw Juby and Annie Salaam and debris filled the entire skies, and the ayat were revealed to the Prophet slice and I'm Yeah, you had Mudassar comb that in there, okay, so certain would death it was revealed in its entirety to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on that day. And that was the command of Dawa, the command to go out and to call people and to warn people. What was the next order that was revealed to the Prophet spy center?

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Soon it animalism Okay, yeah, you will Muslim in Pullman later in Felina. Oh, you was wrapped up and we're definitely Muslim in both teams, the one who was wrapped up and embraced and so on.

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah commanded the prophets like some to stand for the world. And Allah subhanaw taala commanded the prophets like some to stand for himself. What that means is that what is something that benefits you and everyone else around you, the am laying the order of the AMOLED is something which is a benefit to you. And you cannot fully do this without doing that. So you need to have your spiritual fulfillment you need to have your moments where you stand with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada along and you intimately discuss with or you intimately make dua to Allah subhanaw taala and draw closer to your Lord. And there's something very interesting here because usually when I asked

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this question, when anyone asked this question, if you were to logic, if you didn't know the history of it, logically, you would say, was a mill comes before Buddha, stand up and pray and then stand up in one, right? But there's something very, very significant here. A lot of times we feel like especially those of us who work in the field of Dawa or who are involved in Islamic work, you know, you reach a certain level of spirituality and then now you can go preach, whereas the fact of the matter is, is that while you are preaching you should be consistently practicing. And so the order is actually precise that you know what, as you are going out there and calling the people to Allah

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don't forget to stand up and call Allah every single night. So the order of pm will lead came to the Prophet slice and it shall be a long time to answer she actually says the first page of SUTA Muslim was revealed initially, okay, it took several years for the last I have certain resemblance to be revealed one or two years, actually one or two years for the last item to be revealed. Why? Because initially formula elap vallila, the command of the AMOLED was felt it was mandatory upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and few believers to stand up and break the omelette every single night. It was mandatory, the four the five prayers were mandatory. This shows you how

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essential pm live is to the life of a believer standing up and calling upon Allah subhanaw taala having those private moments with Allah subhanaw taala because the level of persecution that they would face would require them to have a very strong connection with Allah subhanho to Allah and there is no greater time to establish that strong connection with Allah subhanaw taala than in the middle of the night standing and calling upon him. Interestingly enough, think about this. The command to pray, woman Leila Illa kalila, no spa Whoa, our post Minho, Kalina, LZ de la he worked in in Khurana tal Tina, the command was to pray half of the night, a little bit less than half or a

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little bit more than half meaning somewhere around half of the night is to be spent in Salah and reciting the Quran, of which you only had two and a half solos already revealed. Think about that.

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And this shows you the way that piano lead is supposed to be prayed is not enough now mean that it can keep happening now like Buffy within Pinella didn't know

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for Salah Salem from Santa Monica the Allah Allah says he never read more than one eye at a time and has never, not even historically thought to philosophize and would read and I am counting what I did. He would repeat it. He would make dua he would cry He will remember Allah that he would move on to the next time. There are a hadith of the prophets like Saddam spending an entire art you saw the Allahu Taala and how she actually narrating this hadith in Sahih, Muslim calm and Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was lost by Saddam stood up for the young led the eye with one of the entire nights. The prophets like Selim would stand up and pray sometimes repeating the same idea over and

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over and over again.

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Subhanallah think about that. So pm Allah is really meant to be a time where you stand up and you read the Quran with the Dumbo and Africa with contemplation, deep thought reflection remembrance do spend time with us as you don't have to get anywhere. You don't have to rush don't rush your conversation with a Folsom kind of mentality. And so the believers had this command literally to stand up and pray with the few ayaats that were revealed to them every single night with the amulet, then rightly so the longtime Anasazi Allah subhanaw taala revealed sometime after in the Rhonda Korea animal indicator home full of a lady on the street who was a hobo refer to Mina LatinAmerican,

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while longing probably will later when they have it him and then to have so moved further and incompatible Marti is still I mean, animate and say a woman called mandala are only ever to have one off in

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the last panel to Allah says that there will be people that are younger to older men formula for only a cartoon if he's a bit Allah brief translation of those higher which somehow this one is equal to happens the rest of the surah brief translation of this is Allah subhanaw taala made it optional at this point, Allah knows your situation. Allah knows your circumstances. Allah knows how hard it is for you to stand up every single night and pray half the

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Night. So Allah subhanaw taala forgave you with your weakness but still stand up and recite the Quran Allah knows sometimes you may be sick, you might be out pursuing your worldly affairs. Well I don't know your party in order for us to be the law there are some that are in battle for Quran uma testament, but at the same time there should not be utter neglect. You still have to stand up some of the nights and pray and recite there should not be complete neglect, although it is not mandatory on you any longer to stand up the entire nights. The next Surah that was revealed was after certain Muslim

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shorter to taller, okay, so at some color known while column one is thrown into the net material we mentioned we're in a lack of agile environment we're in Nicola Allah Filipina Aleem Allah Subhana Allah Allah defends the character of the Prophet sallallahu it was completely defend the Tao of the prophets, why Selim clarifies to the prophets of Allah it was salam that he is not upon misguidance and clarifies to the others that the prophets of Allah or it was Salam is acting upon pure good and clear guidance from Allah subhanho wa taala. absolving the prophets lie Selim of all of the claims that are made against him. So Allah subhanho wa taala, after giving the prophets lie some of the

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command to call Allah Subhana Allah to Allah then called himself and defended the prophets of Allah

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and gave the Prophets of Allah Azza wa salam, that backing to coloration, that you are not a madman, that your character is flawless that everything they accuse you of they in fact are guilty of that. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, Fussa total serial, while you will see it on va II can win enough to win, you will see and they will see which one of you is actually crazy and corrupt, you will find out with due time and somehow that's exactly what happened. Right? So you will come to see and they will come to see the AUMF tune. And Allah subhanaw taala also said what do you know, to the you know, that God he known, they wish that you would only compromise. And so they would compromise as

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well. Meaning what? That these people are not a people of principle. They don't really believe what they have. They're willing to compromise on their faith. That doesn't mean that you should compromise they wish that you would show them a little bit of compromise, and they would happily give up everything. And this showed itself obviously later on when they told the prophets that lies on him. We will worship Allah one day and you worship our gods for one day. And then and then they said, Okay, fine, we'll worship Allah six days a week you worship our gods once a week, then once a month, then they even came to the they said, We will worship Allah the entire year, just worship our

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gods is one day of the year. They weren't a principle people. They didn't really care about their religion. The rear of the honor that they had was not about their gods or their theology. It was about their egos and about their tribes. So Allah subhanaw taala says, what do

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they do they you know, look, these people are waiting for you to compromise and they will happily compromise. But Allah subhanaw taala commands the prophets lie Selim to remain firm. And it is in this surah Allah subhana Medina mentions for a second time. This is for not this to me. Subhan Allah is mind blowing. Because usually when we think of villains in the Quran, we think of a Buddha. Allah subhanaw taala revealed that entire sutra Tibet he had a beloved WhatsApp which came in the fourth year after the public call of the prophets of Allah Arnie was sent him to his family. Okay? But Allah subhanaw taala actually before a Buddha has mentioned one person twice, one enemy of Islam

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twice, not by name, Allah azza wa jal mentioned him in certain will deaths if there are any woman follow up to Wahida and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mentioned him in Surah two column and Canada Marlin why Benny either took him to Nepal as our three will worry, Allah spend time maximum and certain depth that destiny Danny woman fell off to Wahida leave me and this one that I've created along what Jive to level nine and whether Nina and I gave him his wealth and I gave him his children. So this is a proud man who was very rich and who had many children very rich and had many children and even used to donate 200 camels every single year when they did Hajj for their pagan

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gods. When donate 200 camels for slaughter. And the little the Prophet SAW Allah on ECOWAS sunnah because he was a rich man and because he had many children and thought very highly of himself. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada describes him and certainly more depth than Allah describes him and sort of color as well are tuned in Bernadette because Annie and Canada man in what the name either took literally I had to work money, call ourselves a wedding, Allah subhanaw taala says that, that this person is someone or to an inverter delicous Annie, as the name would be like a child of Zina, meaning no one actually wants him but people tolerate him because of his money. You know, when

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you're very rich and you have a lot of power. Even if people don't like you, they

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will tolerate and they will tolerate your bad behavior and they will tolerate your bad mouth and so this man is tolerated because of his wealth and because of his power. And Allah Anton says and Canada men and women he just because of his money and his children, and because of that, whenever the IRS are recited to him whenever the Verses are recited, he he passes them off, He belittles the Quran and says a Southie ruin a wedding. He said these are just the fables of the past. These are stories that were told in the past. This is these are all fairy tales, and none of this is real. So Allah azza wa jal is, is talking about this man's pride. Does anyone know who this man is? That's

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been mentioned in two of the first four schools that were revealed.

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And Waleed

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and Walid Molina, okay, well, he didn't and Molina now who is the son of it would either believe

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it Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal from his offspring produced safe Allah, the sort of Allah Subhana Allah who would spread the glory of Islam all over the world. Right and Allah subhanaw taala humiliated and worried and this is really the miracle of it all possibility hook me up Vika as a last pantile As we said, Allah as was mentioned that the first example to place which was in Bologna, Africa, Middle males have an agenda to ox or more, they are certainly wouldn't have must behave well is that known for profiling apart from an obligor for whom not important for us for healthcare, sorry, but another must behave until the end of the story, what last month I mentioned

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this group of people that inherited a garden from their father, and their father was generous and used to feed the poor. And they started to hate the poor people. So they said, Let's go out at night before they come and, and read all the crops so they don't get to see anything. And so Allah subhanaw taala added destroyed all of this. So this was the first example that was given to Quraysh. Interestingly enough, interestingly enough, what happened to Quraysh when they rejected the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And one was so lost, a son was expelled from Mecca. They suffered from famine, they suffered from droughts, they suffered from all kinds of things, Mecca, become became

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struck with poverty. And they were destroyed, their dunya was destroyed, their honor was destroyed, everything was destroyed, they lost everything. And so Subhan Allah belief in Allah subhanaw taala is a means of preserving your dunya as well. So this was a warning to erase that you are rejecting the Messenger of Allah and he was salam. Because you're worried about your money. In the case of I'm going to have you're worried about your lineage in the case of Abu Jahan, and whoever these people are, you're worried about preserving your dunya but actually, this is a cause for the destruction of your dunya and then Allah azza wa jal gave the first we thought of the first example to the

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messenger space of Uranus and es Salaam Yunus in the matter, that you know, do not give up, do not give up. Don't be that person who gives you understanding as salam he made that mistake. And Allah subhanaw taala blessed him and chose him afterwards because of the sincerity of his tone. But don't be like him at the moment when he was swallowing and last patch I did not say whether it's a continuous or whether it's a clinical saw him and who to period what as they come to soften difficulty is not that we're more mature, don't be like us it he said, I'm when he gave us And subhanAllah I mean, we find that the prophets and myself on the date of thought when he made your

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act to ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah to, you know, or when when he was asked rather by the angels whether to destroy these people or not the answer of the messenger slice and on which was perhaps from their offspring, perhaps from their offspring, you will find people who believe in the last panel, Allah rewarded the prophets like Selim for his patients, and somehow what will we find? Number one, sort of two general sorts of thought there was a group of gent that accepted the prophesy sentiment,

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we find that there was a young man that would come on the day of fetish Mecca on the day of the conquest of Makkah. And this young man was from God. And subhanAllah his name slips me right now if you asked me again on Monday, I'll tell you the name because I forgot his name. This young man comes to the province my setup and says that Mohamed Rasul Allah, and he says, I already memorized sort of the bottom

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Why do I memorize the bottom because the day when the Prophet slice and I'm linked to the life of the prophet slice, and I'm reciting sort of the potter and he was one of those children that stone the prophets of Allah Almighty, He was seven, but the impact of Sorrento Patek was so much that he memorized it from the day the province is done and recited it, and he used to recite it to himself until 11 years later when he meets the prophets why Selim as a teenager and say that you're not alone. I'm gonna

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I already know it. It's already here. Allah subhanaw taala allowed that message to be planted in the heart of that young man and reminded that young man and also a loss of Hannah Montana finally blessed the prophets of Allah it was salam

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With the children of his enemies, Eric Rama in Abuja, Abuja who dies in rejection, economic dice heat in the Battle of

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a martyr. Right. The children, the children of unworried and Emelina thought it over the allotted time, and asked them will be his son, Ahmed have been also the Allahu taala. The enemies of the prophets I send them their children were the ones who were primarily responsible for all of the conquests that took place in Islam.

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Think about that, and how amazing that is, and what that should tell us in regards to our patients. And now we're not expecting immediate results when we do things but rather seeing 2030 4050 years ahead of time, when we act and being patient with Allah subhanaw taala. And understanding in the medical biller that all you have to do is deliver the message. Just do your part, Allah will do the rest and be patient with the people and love the people who love good for the people. And do not depart from your own theology live your own standing up in prayer. You know, somehow I tell people this all the time in life, you just think about this new hallelujah Salaam in 950 years of doubt,

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how many people accepted him?

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At 80 people that's less than a shahada for every 10 years. Can you imagine if you lived the life of Dawa and you only got one shahada every 10 years?

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People would consider you a failure. Right? You you'd be depressed, know how they said I'm living this life for 950 years, and only got 80 people to say that you have to accept that Subhanallah look what what has become of no honey Islam now, though, right. They know how they know that there will be a surah in the Quran, which will be preserved for all of history, named after him where we would call upon the last panel to Adam with his call, where we remember his frustration, his time you know how tired he was his complaints to Allah some kind of attack. And on the Day of Judgment, we will testify on behalf of no hiding his Salah to his people, on behalf of Northern Islam to his people.

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So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us patients we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to grant us endurance, and that patients only comes through beyond we live. And having a deep connection with Eliza tested, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that as we call the people to Allah, we do not stop calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. And as we call the people to good, we never stopped being good ourselves. And as we call people to guidance, we never go astray ourselves along with all the other stuff and I recommend any questions

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regarding how to

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train for them. So can we make it more informal?

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As we're reciting

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we come across in a way that we can actually like have a conversation about like global

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warming kind of say, I don't understand.

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So the question is, when we pray our family, can we make it kind of informal where we come across and if we stop and we just make? Absolutely absolutely. I saw the love of time and has spent the entire night with Amendment law. I know.

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Last print, I showed benevolence to us and protected us from a grievous punishment spent the entire night reciting that I am making absolutely make an informant make it personal make it private. And by the way pm will lead lives with Justice London, Me and Me Tonight they don't be him so did them what piano those who spend their nights Institute and then pm prostrations standing up the AMOLED refers to general devotion that's done at night, whether it's due out on recitation

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or prayer in the sense of formal prayer salatu Veda is more specific as the prophesy son used to call it was his praying at night 200 is more specific than that which is going to sleep and waking up better that means to get up going to sleep and waking up to

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the AMOLED includes any devotion that is done from the time slot Tonatiuh until the time of so often funds and according to my customer mostly from the time of muddling the time

00:24:10--> 00:24:14

any devotion and in craft counters beyond any

00:24:16--> 00:24:18

other questions Yes.

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

Yes, reciting them

00:24:31--> 00:24:32

would also be considered beyond

00:24:34--> 00:24:35

any other questions yeah

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

well, Salah prayer is the is the best form of Likud because it combines pm and combines the good combines both and it combines all of the all of them. In this one act of Salafi

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

engages the entire body so, so long as the most rewarding

00:25:04--> 00:25:15

but in the meantime, I mean honestly, if you're if you're not able to get up and break the Hamelin just get up in your bed and just pull out your phone and read pull out until you get used to that regimen and then you start getting up and praying and shot.

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Last question first.

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Okay, does

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this mean,

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man you're walking early

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then he can keep Ebola or you Buffy.