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The speakers discuss the importance of Islam's teachings and its use in the context of the current crisis, including the use of "has been" and "has been" to describe trust and honor, as well as the use of words like "has been" and "has been" to describe the concept of trust and honor. They also emphasize the importance of following the Prophet's teachings and avoiding giving up on one's actions. The speakers stress the need for consistency and avoiding cheating in one's behavior, as well as working hard to achieve goals and be true to oneself. They also emphasize the importance of working hard and being true to oneself.

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Somebody's coming up into like, you've got a cat

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in a hamdulillah here or behind me, whatever, have one in our Blossomy without people too long somebody was about to cut out because we can Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam quite early, he was talking to a synonym for Steven cathedra the brothers and sisters and Hamdulillah I mean, today we talked about the Jamaat about the topic of Al Anon at the topic of trust, and this is something that's very significant that the Prophet sallallahu emphasized in many places. Also, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has emphasized in the Quran in many places, and so, this is something that's panela you know, at the moment important to be rocking hula, he described the ayaats in which Allah subhanaw

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taala describes the believers in certain marriage for Allah subhanaw taala says in the muslimeen a loving home Annelle Sanata Houda even when La Nina fee and when you have to Maroondah certainly when macro to the end of it, Allah subhanaw taala describes the believers with various descriptions and Subhanallah he said notice that the first half of those descriptions are are how the person maintains his amount of with ALLAH SubhanA Montana and then the second half one of the Nina Hui Mr. Naughty him we're asking him raw rune when Medina be shahada to him called the moon, ALLAH SubhanA, which addresses those who, when they when they take an oath or when they make a promise. last panel

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and data says that they make sure to fulfill those promises and they honor those promises. Well, Adina home bisha had that in him, got him on and when they testify to something when they make an oath and they fulfill those out so Allah subhanaw taala talking about the concept of trust, and the concept of honor and the concept of treating the believers with justice and the disbelievers as well obviously Amana is something that that goes beyond just the way you deal with Muslims. It's the way we deal with non Muslims as well as we'll see it in the fewer Hadith that we're going to cover today in sha Allah, Allah. Then one Latina who had also on that team, you have people, Allah subhanaw

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taala mentioned our Salah again, pray again, those who guard their prayer so Allah sandwiched the description of the believers between a person you know, guarding his salah, because no matter how well you treat the people, if you do not fulfill your trust to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then it's going to be absolutely worthless. So, you know, the trust that Allah subhanaw taala has placed upon you being a Salah, and that which he has written upon you is binding at all times, regardless of the way that you treat the people. Now, we ended up today talking about this beautiful story from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about two men from bending asleep. I ran through it, I

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summarized it. In essence, one man borrows 1000 dinars from another man. And he says Allah is the witness, Allah is the guarantor. So you don't have to worry about it. And by when the time comes for him to pay him back, he tries to find a way to get across the seas to pay the man back on time. He's not able to find anyone to take him across, he takes a piece of wood, he saw it, he put something he puts the money inside of it, and he puts a letter inside of it. And He seals it and he makes it to our to our last panel and to add, to deliver that amount of for him. And also last item says the other man, on the other hand, he goes out looking for a ship or something, you know that that man

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would come on, he doesn't find the ship, but he finds this piece of wood, he takes it so that he could benefit from it for the fire. And this shows you by the way, the perfect planning of ALLAH SubhanA what's out, right, this isn't a fictional story, the prophets lysozyme is telling us about two men, the perfect planning of Allah, that the man goes out at just that time to see that ship and instead finds this piece of wood and thinks to himself, let me use this piece of wood for fire. So this is Allah guiding this man. And you know, as well as guiding the piece of wood, as well as guiding the one that set the law into place to place the wood in the water at the right time and so

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on so forth. He takes it home. And as he takes it home, he saws it open and he finds the Amana and he finds a letter which describes what it is for and then, you know, meanwhile the other man is making his way to pay him another 1000 dinar just in case that didn't make it And subhanAllah when he gets to him eventually. He doesn't even mention the money that he put his

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By the way, he doesn't even mention it. He just gives him the 1000 dinars. And he apologizes. And that is his amount. And then he didn't say, by the way, I put another 1000 Just so you know, you know, I actually gave you 2000 Because 1000 I put in the woods. No, he doesn't say anything to him. He apologizes. He doesn't make any excuses for himself. He gives him the 1000, dinar, Fs and Subhanallah, the trustworthiness of the other man, when he says, Don't worry, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has already delivered your amount of the 1000 that you sent before. Now. So beautiful story which the prophets like Selim is showing us that the effect of Eman and the person's like now how do

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we understand this entire topic? This is something that's very significant or similar sites. And I'm says, in an authentic hadith it's narrated by Ebola the Allahu Taala and in sunnah Timothy the Prophet slice and unsaid al Muslim men, semi men Muslim warn them in the Sami he were the, that the Muslim is the one that has guaranteed the Muslim peace, okay, or that has been studied by Muslim Ottoman Lisanna he means that the Muslims feel safe from his tongue and from his hands. So Muslim is the one from whom other Muslims feel safe from his hand and from his tongue. Why is that because there's nothing that causes more harm than the tongue, and SubhanAllah. They're not here, they

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mentioned that the Prophet slicin I mentioned the tongue before he mentioned the hand, because it is more harmful to a person to destroy his reputation with your tongue than to punch him in the face. Right, it is more harmful. What your tongue can actually do to a person is actually a lot more harmful than what the hand can do. And span a lot. The tongue is what most people neglect. I mean, it's clear transgression when you walk up to someone, you know, and you punch him in the face or you actually physically harm him. No one will justify it at that point, right? That's okay, that's going way overboard. However, you can sit around, you can joke and in the process of joking you can back

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by you can gossip throughout that time, you are digging your pits and hellfire deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and you don't even realize and what did the messenger slice I'm saying? Or when the prophets lie, some went on the night of snarling Meraj What did he say? Say that he saw the people of Liba doing the people of backbiting what were they doing? What was their punishment?

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They had a solo si Sam said I saw a people with iman nows. And they continue to scratch their faces off completely. Once their faces would be removed, Allah would restore their faces and they would scratch them off again. And he said that asked you believe it his salaam, yah Jubilee? And who are these people? And he said, those are the people that used to backlight their brothers and sisters in their absence, the harm of the tongue. Now, why is it that the prophets lie Selim sees this image? Why is it that Allah would cause a person to remove his face on the day of judgment, because you harm that person's face in society. And so they, you know, subhanAllah they're not they say that to

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destroy someone's reputation is even worse than killing him sometimes, because the person lives to establish a reputation and Subhanallah we see what happens to people when their reputation is gone. A lot of people commit suicide, right? Young people, older people, when their reputation is gone, when they don't have a reputation when when they can't show their faces in society anymore. They kill themselves, because that's how that's how important the honor of a person is. And so the tongue can harm the honor of the believer, far worse than the handcuffs. So the Muslim is the one from whom other Muslims feel safe from his tongue, and from his physical harm as well. And the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, me no, man me now NASWA Allah Dima, him and Whalley, him and the believer a person of Eman is the one who guarantees the people their security in regards to their money and in regards to their blood

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meaning their doesn't you know, subhanAllah this this is something that's that's very significant because the prophets lifetime is taking two terms and Muslim well movement, which we typically only relate to theological concepts. We usually only talk about Iman and Islam and the concept of belief in Allah subhanaw taala and he's taking both of them and he's adding a social element to it as well. So Allah when he was set up, that people do not feel threatened by you. Okay, now generally speaking, this is just a lesson in eemaan versus Islam. One Iman and Islam are used together okay, when they're used together movement and Muslim, then they carry two different connotations. Whenever

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Islam is used by itself or Eman is used by itself or Muslim is used by itself or movement is used by itself. It means both Islam and Ema. So for example, the hadith of gvrd his Salah when Jabril came to the Prophet SAW Selim in the form of a human being

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And he asked the prophets why some questions when he asked a fermion in Islam, tell me about Islam, the prophet so I said I mentioned the external practices of faith. And when he asked a mutiny on an Imam, the prophets Weiss and I mentioned the internal practices of faith. So the articles of faith and Islam is the practice. So if these terms are used together, then Eman refers to that which is internal. And Islam refers to that which is external, if they're used separately. So if you hear Islam in a sentence Muslim in a sentence movement in a sentence without the other one, then it means both the internal and the external as if inaudible Rahim Allah Allah He wrote a book on this concept

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of the usage of the word Islam and Eman. The prophets I send them here mentioned that people don't feel threatened by the believer that there is a certain type of comfort that a person should feel around a movement and Subhan Allah, this is something that's very significant because you find that the prophets lie some number one, he didn't just mention Muslims, did he? He said, a nurse, people feel comforted by this person. People are comforted by their presence. And we find that when a believer practices his faith, and when he does what he's supposed to do, people naturally inclined towards that person. People naturally love Allah subhanaw taala through knowing that person, people

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naturally trust that person with their with their money, and how do I hear the province I mentioned and why they come with the money, they naturally trust that person. Right? So there's a natural sense of inclination towards that person. There's a natural sense of comfort, the movement, the believer puts the people around him at ease. He doesn't cause them hardship. And Allah subhanaw taala when he describes the tree of Eman in Surah, Ibrahim Allah Pantai says LM tava came from Baramulla method and Tony method for EBIT and cash by Eva also has added for 30 will have this took to cola Cola in a million euro behalf. Allah's printer answers have you not seen the example?

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allocating a pie you can search a lot by you. Okay, a good word that is just like a good treat being let Ilaha illa Allah, Allah subhanaw taala describes the tree of EMA and he says us to have that at its foundation is firm. Well, federal have the summit and its branches are high in the sky. And the rhythm that they say the branches being high in the sky means that if a person truly has a man, he doesn't just benefit himself. Rather, he benefits everything around him. Everything around him feel shaded in His presence is proud of everything around him. So the influence that he carries is like a tree that has branches and people are trying to find comfort. You know, from the heat of this dunya

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they go under that shape. So the believer naturally provides a sense of comfort for people. And so the prophets I send them always gave these two things together. In fact, I'm loving our vessel the amount of time that we married to them Behati

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from Abu Sofia, Abu Sufyan Had something happened to him before he became Muslim. And that is that while he was in Jerusalem, her Oculus, okay, that, you know, took him miraculous took him and his companions, and they weren't Muslim yet. And he stood the companions of Oblivion behind him. And he said, Look, I'm going to ask you 10 questions about this man that's claiming to be a prophet. He said, If you lie, your companions behind me will tell me that you lied and I will cut your head off. So you have to tell the truth, whether you like it or not, so although Sofia is fighting the prophets lie seven but you know what? He has to stand in front of her Oculus and he doesn't know

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maybe one of those guys behind him. You know, might say he's telling a lie. So he tried to be absolutely truthful, with everything so miraculous asked him

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10 questions. Amongst those questions of philosophy answered, miraculous asked me neither yet Laura. What does your Prophet commit What does Muhammad's mycelium command you to do? What does the Prophet SAW Selim commanded you to do? He said, For Zambia, and Amara converse, Salah was sick. He said, so I told him, I had to tell him that, that he has ordered you to establish prayer was slipped to speak the truth, while Atha to be chaste. And he said well worth that you will act and to be to keep your promises. And he said, What a man and to pay back your trust. So to be loyal to your promises and to pay back your trust. So this was something that the prophets I said have ordered the Muslims early

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on, so much so that even the enemies of Islam admired that about the prophets license call. So this is what he is calling us to says Pamela we find two of them or, or actually only one of them refers to the individual alone, which is a Salah after a Salah after the prayer, everything else refer

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as to his interaction with people, right? A sick when Atha when Wafaa when a man, these are the four things that the prophets lysozyme commanded afterwards. Alright, so being truthful, and to be chaste, to keep your promises and to pay back your trust. Abu Sufyan says that that was the last question he asked me. He said, Whenever I said that to Regulus, and this isn't Buhari, he says, what had the slipper to Nebby?

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He said, those are the qualities of a prophet, because miraculous is a Christian. And so he understood at that point, And subhanAllah the questions he asked were very interesting, perhaps one day we can go through all of the questions he asked. You know, each one of the things that he asked about Sofia has so much wisdom to it. One of the first lectures that I ever listened to,

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you know, really one of the most beautiful lectures was a lecture by monks illogical hearts called Islam means progress. And for those of you that remember the cassette tapes before CDs, and YouTubes, when it was just like cassette tapes, most of the top 119 8619 87 recordings for most of the top four, and Islam means progress was one of the first ever hooked was that I listened to, on cassette. And he gave an entire hotbar on one miraculous Astable. subpoena and the first question he asked and he said these people? Um, yes, he doona um, young person, are they growing? Are they shrinking?

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Meaning with all the tactics that you guys are employing to stop them from growing? Are they still growing? Or are they shrinking?

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So almost a peon had to say that he has even he said, they keep on growing? What does that show you, despite all of our Islamophobia and our tactics to turn people away from Islam, they continue to grow, which is a sign of the truth of the message. And this is true and humbly lovable. I mean, even in our times, despite all of the media, despite, you know, Muslims not doing a very good job sometimes in representing Islam in their daily activities and interactions with non Muslims and everything being against us, Islam is still the fastest growing religion and that's only the tow vehicle of Allah subhanaw taala that is the divine help and guidance from Allah Subhana Allah to

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have so this is something that the Muslims understood very early on. Okay, now keep in mind here that the prophesy son was speaking to Muslims that were living in a non Muslim society, which makes this even more significance. Right, the prophets I send them when he's telling them to be loyal to their promises and to fulfill their trust and pay them back, he's telling Muslims who are living as a persecuted minority to act in that manner and to be truthful, alright. So, what does that show you that this is the best form of data that a person can have? And sometimes I get asked this question, you know, what I get asked, I say, you know, my chef said that backbiting non Muslims is okay.

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Or an amoeba against non Muslim slandering non Muslims is okay. You know, these things that all of these if these things, the prophesy, some specified them towards Muslims, what happens to having personal hold of what happened having good character with non Muslims, so that perhaps the power they see the beauty of our deen through us, at the very least, even if some of that hadith specify, certainly,

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you know that your brother has a greater right upon you. That doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have any right upon you to be respected. Right and the Hadith of the prophets like someone, when as soon as I said, I mentioned a woman to whom a lady or the Sahaba mentioned to the province, I'm in the hadith of Abu Huraira and certainly in a say, in the Fulani, that's accumulate, what's the Salman Maha whatever I would have said that there is a person a woman that prays the AMOLED and she gives some other fun she does so many good deeds, and she fast during the day, right? They mentioned all these things about her what to the Gianna and she harms her neighbors. This was a

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makin Hadith

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the prophets like so meaning her neighbors are not even Muslims. And the prophets like some said laughter You have her here for no, there is no good inside of her. She is in hellfire. So a man is not restricted to Muslims, a man of good character and good manners is the way that we treat a mess people should feel comfortable with us as believers. Another Hadith which is one that I feel like is very significant, not a hadith Actually, it's more proof to our beloved.

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I'm loving Muhammad and also the love of time.

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He says that there are four qualities that every believer should have. And he said if you have these, you will not be harmed in this world or in the Hereafter. Okay if you have these four qualities, you will not be harmed in this world or in the Hereafter This is narrated in the Timothy. So he said personal personal follow Chrissa good character. What are thoughtful Toriyama okay and to be moderate and his food meaning to restrict his you know how much he eats was set to Hadith and truthfulness in his words. What have a man okay and guarding his trust or upholding his trust so good character, restraining his food intake

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He's being truthful in his speech and upholding his trust. Even so, Abdullah Mohammed also the law and he said a person a believer who has these characteristics will not be harmed in this world or the next. Okay, so this is very significant these four things do you guys remember what they are? And let's just go through them. What was the first one?

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Personal Holub Okay, so good character.

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Okay, moderation, restraint and his food intake. I know it's Friday night and we all have places to go and we're going to input the on the midnight, or my global or whatever it is. We're going to eat tonight, right? Restraint and your food. What was the third one?

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Truthfulness in your speech? And what was the fourth one?

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upholding your trust? You know? Subhanallah when I read this, it made me think of something very beautiful. Do you know that the keys of the Church of the Holy supplicant and the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem Do you know whether those keys are these are the two most holiest sites in Christianity? You know where they are? There was Muslims.

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There with Muslims, trustworthy a trustworthy Muslim family that maintains the keys of Christianity's most holy sites. There's Panama there have been articles about that. Every year an article pops up in the New York Times or Huffington Post like wow, Muslims, you know, hold the keys to the Church of the Holy supplicant and the Church of Nativity, Christianity's holiest sites because that family gained a reputation for being honest and trustworthy. You know what better data with what better data than that when a person maintains his Mr. Iman so much so that the non Muslims see him? And they say no, I'd rather do business with you. I'd rather do business with you we live

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in a time where a Muslim doesn't want to do business with other Muslims and let's face it because you get burned a lot when you do business with other Muslims right? How many of you have ever done business with a Muslim and regretted it? Raise your hand

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Wow, a lot of you are innocent or you just don't want to save because that guy is here right?

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It starts off with you know my shot live on with the older brother Mashallah. MashAllah this brother is good this brother is good and then as soon as you finish dealing with him you say stuff that Allah your mashallah turns into stuff good a lot. Right? This person is horrible, right? We regret it sometimes because sometimes people take advantage of it. I didn't fight him at a Josie.

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Josie Allahu Allah to Allah. He said that the most hated person in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala listened closely to this, he said is the one who uses a plan to do not the actions of obedience to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so that he can harm everybody to Allah so that he could harm the servants of Allah. What does that mean? He shows Himself He portrays himself as a righteous Muslim. So you know, as a servant of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so that he can harm the other servants of Allah subhanaw taala so that he can manipulate people and gain other people's trust. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah for protection from the Lama Amin I'll mention one more Hadith. And that

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is a long Hadith actually, I can't read the whole thing in Arabic, it's very long.

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But it's very interesting how the Hadith it's narrated Muslim, I'm from the familiar man on the long side. And it's an authentic narration. He said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me two things, one of which I have seen happening, and the other one for which I'm still waiting for the familiar man, or the alarm time and who was the secret keeper of the profits by selling muscle loss? Why so I'm told relief for everything. He told her they for things that he wouldn't tell anyone else. He even confided in are they fertile, the Allah Tada, and the names of the hypocrites of the Manasa tea. So the prophets I knew them, and he told her they felt so the Sahaba knew that for the

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youth I knew so that cause two reactions number one, if they follow the Allah Who abstain from praying Janessa on a person, they didn't preach on us on a person, because they were they fulfilled his janazah but people generally would shy away from brains and eyes on a person because they knew that they would stay away from the Jenna is from the funeral prayers of the hypocrites. Number two, all of us have been coming to relief of minima asking for relief, am I on that list? And the one who was most concerned was only going to be a long time. Although the Allah and we used to constantly go to or they follow the law and everyone say did the prophets lie someone mentioned me to you? Do you

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have my name with you? And they follow the Allah Tada and who also knew the signs of the day of judgment and the prophets why some specified things that would happen to the companions that other people that you know, he didn't tell anyone else I'm sure chef Yes, it was probably covering he will cover this eventually as he goes through I think he mentioned the death of vulnerable if I thought would be Allah on right are they follow the ALLAH and he was telling the Sahaba about the fifth and about the trials and tribulations I'm gonna hold the Allah Anthony says that that you know,

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he asked him something concerning it, you know if he's going to see it basically in his lifetime, and for they follow

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The law says don't worry. I mean, there's a door between you and those tribulations and Amato, the law and who asked, he said that door? Would it be opened? Or would it be busted? Would it be open on yourself? Or would it be broken and would it be shattered? And are they follow the law? No, sir. By the looks of he said it will be shattered. Amaro, the Allahu Anhu didn't say anything. No one else said anything. People were confused what at all? I'm going to just ask her Lisa. And when he was asking for data, he knew that he was going to be that he was going to die that he was that door between the fitsum between the trials and tribulations and peace and stability in the OMA and are

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they follow the Allahu Tada? And who was telling all the law on who you're going to be murdered? So will I be murdered? Or will I die? That's what he was asking. So he said The looks are the means you're going to be murdered, meaning the prophets lie some already told her they feminine the amount of the alarm about the assassination that will take place a phenomenon called Bumblebee love animals. So this is in Kitab and fitsum. In the book of fitsum.

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He said that there are two things I'm still waiting there are two two narrations, one of them I've seen the other one I'm still waiting. He said that the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, he said that Amana trust was preserved in the roots of the hearts of men. So initially, trust was preserved in the hearts of men meaning era and honorable generation, the prophets lysozyme had an honorable generation. And this is something significant because there were some good qualities of the people that the prophets Iseman was set to, okay, and one of them was that they were a people of trust. So, first Rasul Allah Islam said people had a sense of Ananda in their hearts. He said, Then the Quran

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was revealed. And so they learned a man they learned trust from the Quran, he said, and then they learned it from the Sunnah. So they learned it from the actions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then he said that the prophets lysozyme said that that trust would disappear. And he said, A man would go to sleep. And then Amana would be taken away from his heart, and only a trace of it would remain, like small spots and speckles. Meaning what as a person starts to depart away from Iman, as he starts to leave his faith, as he starts to feel less and less accountable to a loss of data. There's still some spots of amount of there's still some sense of trust, but they're very

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small, they're not deeply rooted into his heart. Some speckles, then also lost my son, I'm sad that he would sleep and as he is asleep, the remainder of the amount that would be taken from his heart, and the only thing that would remain would be like the size of a blister. So a very small part of trust would remain in his heart, then the profit slice and I'm said it would be like a small pebble that would roll down your leg. And he said it would, it would be an Missoula slice, and I'm says that pebble would cause pain, and it would fall in your shoe and it would cause your feet to be swollen. Meaning it's your you're having a hard time holding on even to the small sense of amount of

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a person starts to lose that sense of Amana, you're holding on even that much that it's like a small pebble at that point. Then Rasulullah saw I said, I'm sad that the pebble goes away and for the for the amount of the law and who said the profit slice and then he just did a pebble off of his leg to show for data. And he said, so the people would be left without any sense of Amana. And listen to what the prophets lie Selim says. Missoula sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but he will speak from NASA. He said that people would come to a point yet to their own, they would start to look around for people with Amana and they would not know them. And when they would find a person of Amana had

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tell you how to interfere Benny Fudan module and Amina. They will start to say, Oh, I found a person from this tribe from this place who's a trustworthy individual Subhan Allah so the prophets I send them said that there would come a time, that trust would be so rare, that that if a person was trustworthy, it would be a distinction.

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And that's exactly what the prophets lie Selim was telling us was warning us of that when it comes to that point where it's just that it's considered a distinction and it's not considered a duty. It's not considered something that is normal in the character of the Muslim it's not considered a staple in your character in the way you carry yourself. Then the Prophet spice and I'm set on top of that, as Sarah, you should wait for the hour at that point. The point is obviously in summarizing this entire discussion,

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you know, especially when it comes to money, especially when it comes to feelings. There are things that sway us away from ALLAH SubhanA, Bhutan, there are things that will make us compromise our ethics and our principles and unfortunately when we become when we have an unhealthy addiction towards dunya, whether it is fame, or whether it is money, whatever it may be, then we start to betray our trust with Allah spent time we start to betray our trust with the people

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and Imam Abu

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Hasn't she been working on Allah to Allah, Muhammad the CHE Bernie, he was once asked why he never wrote a book on test Skia because he used to give a lot of lectures on Tesla on spirituality and purifying the soul, you know and a lot, right, the soft softening of the heart and these types of things he used to constantly talk about it. And he authored a membership and rocking Allah authored 17 books. And in fact, he authored the Encyclopedia of Hanafy. All books of Hanafy go back to his volumes and lawsuit of Hanafi fiqh. So they asked him, he said, Why is it that you never wrote a book on our QA or test to spirituality? He said, I wrote the book of unbeliever kitab. And we will

00:30:44--> 00:31:25

say that I wrote the book of trade, sales money. And he said, The one who is honest with his money is pure at heart. And the one who's dishonest with his money is filthy at heart. It's Panama, that brings to us that discussion where the profits ice and I mentioned someone as simple as an honest tangent, just an honest merchant, being in the companionship of the shoes of the martyrs on the Day of Judgment, achieving that level, just by virtue of being honest in his business. So this sense of Amana is something that's something that's very significant. If a person does not fear Allah subhanaw taala, when he's alone in the darkness in regards to his trust with Allah subhanho to Adam,

00:31:26--> 00:32:04

then that is hypocrisy. And if a person does not fear Allah subhanaw taala in the way he deals with people, when the people are deceived, and he can take advantage of them without getting caught, then that is a sign of hypocrisy. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us Amana, with Allah to grant us that, that trust that sense of trust to Allah subhanaw taala and that sense of trust with the people and we ask ALLAH SubhanA to add to raises in the competitive of a sudden the award was Shahadat when MBR on the Day of Judgment, the Prophets the martyrs and the truth wants on the Day of Judgment Allahumma Amin controller to either I'll continue a little bit on this topic not not this next

00:32:04--> 00:32:10

coming Friday, the football after Inshallah, to Allah in regards to how we fade that into the concept of selflessness.

00:32:12--> 00:32:14

A guru for Rihanna was talking about

00:32:15--> 00:32:18

any questions? You guys have any questions?

00:32:24--> 00:32:25

Or questions? Yeah.

00:32:32--> 00:32:46

Very good question. Very good question. Is it possible to be dishonest one time and still be I mean, this is something that there's a hadith about the love and mystery with all the length of time I know that scenario, but even magic minutes an authentic hadith

00:32:47--> 00:32:51

the Prophet SAW Selim said there are different narrations as well the prophets I seldom said

00:32:52--> 00:33:12

that in the sitcom that verily truthfulness. Yeah, the the truthfulness leads to obedience. What in the world will tell you that agenda and obedience and righteousness leads a person to paradise? We're in our virtual lair, stoke Hatter, Dr. Grande Allah so the

00:33:13--> 00:33:58

and a person continues to tell the truth until he's written with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. The MACOM has to deal with the with the title of a subject of a truthful person. And the prophets I said, I'm sad. We're in El Cajon that barely lined yeah Tina for joy. It leads a person to wickedness. We're in those who do Sadie Illa now, and wickedness leads a person to hellfire, we're in the world who a person will lie until he's written with Allah subhanaw taala as a as a liar. What this shows us is that, you know, a person does not gain a good or bad title with Allah Subhana Allah unless he's consistent either one. So consistency is key. So if a person slips up one time, it doesn't mean that

00:33:58--> 00:34:24

you know if a person tells a lie one time, it doesn't mean that you can you can give that person the title of being alive. You might have slipped up he might have sinned, he might have fallen short so so he told the lie at that moment, but you can't then say that he's a kid that right? And Allah subhanaw taala is far more just than us Subhan Allah you know, an Imam, even pedometer Allah. He used the example of how the Prophet size seven talked about his camel.

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

This is a very beautiful some of us know this. I'm sure many of us know this narration but one of the prophets my son was on the way to Mecca to do a Ramadan. With the companions. The prophets lie sometimes camel stopped moving. It refuse to listen to obey the prophets like Selim. So the Sahaba started to insult the camel and they said color impossible. This camel cos was stubborn and the Prophet sighs and I said well Allah He mathematic the customer will then be full of habits or hobbies to feed. The profits license that will allow the customer is not stubborn. And you can't assign

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

that trades if possible you can't call the candle stubborn because this is the first time it's ever done this and the prophets I said I'm sorry the only thing that held it back or that which held it back is that which held back the elephants of Allah okay the elephants of Allah and fee so that's significant that you can't just and this is what Shavon tries to get you to if you commit one sin Shavon comes in and define to buy that sin

00:35:23--> 00:35:34

and he also tries to get you to define yourself by one good good needs let you feel a sense of pride and urgent now that's something that you work for your entire life. You work for that mcbomb You work to have a station

00:35:35--> 00:35:39

and the prophets I send them a signed a Sadiq to do

00:35:40--> 00:35:53

a rollback of the law even on many of the Sahaba were truthful people but there was one that surpassed everyone and that was a Rebecca the Allah on the prophets Wiseman also called someone that Amin of this ummah, does anyone know who that was?

00:35:55--> 00:36:30

Masha Allah, I didn't think anyone would know who that was. I want to be there until after the allotted time. The prophets I said I'm so this is the Amin of our country. This is the trustworthy one of our own. Okay, so although there are many Sahaba that were Amin and many Sahaba that were severe, but there was one acidic amongst the companions, and there was one of the amongst the companions. So you strive your entire life and just know that no matter how good you are at something, there's someone who does it better than you. Right? So in the OMA, there's someone that does it better than you so you constantly work to perfection, and good qualities and good character.

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

And we asked last time for success.

00:36:34--> 00:36:36

Other questions? Yes. This

00:36:43--> 00:36:43

is this

00:36:44--> 00:36:45


00:36:46--> 00:36:47


00:36:49--> 00:36:49

I would go?

00:36:52--> 00:36:59

Good question. A businessman will say that, if I become trustworthy, that I won't have a business in the law, what was

00:37:00--> 00:37:37

Allah is the One Who grants sustenance and that's why we said that a person who does not trust Allah cannot be trusted by the people because he starts to cheat people when he loses trust them almost. Because he starts to believe that money and income and sustenance is in his hand, and not in the last protagonism. So, you know, truly, if a person is honest, and his list is from Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, and he will not get anything more by cheating the people except for punishment, Mayor after he will not get anything out of it. Because we believe Baraka in the concept of Baraka in your wealth, as power, this is significant, because,

00:37:38--> 00:38:12

you know, on the profit side, someone says that giving charity does not decrease from your wealth. For example, he talks about the notion of bulk and your wealth. There's some people that make, let's say, $500,000 a year, and maybe there's some cheating in the way that they build their business. And that $500,000 that half a million dollars disappears. It's like where's this money going? They're miserable. They feel like they have a sense of poverty, Jared, Allah unfavourable binary May, Allah puts poverty between his eyes, and he doesn't get anything from this dunya except for the last four antiroll from anyway. And plus, because of the lack of Baraka, again, the monies is going right and

00:38:12--> 00:38:33

left random places, and he's not able to maintain any of that, whereas there's another person maybe who makes a 10th of that. Right? That's Pamela with a 10th of the Olympus buttock and his money, he's able to live a happy life, he's satisfied. And Allah's contact reserves. So it's not just quantity here. It's the quality within that quantity of money.

00:38:34--> 00:38:50

And, you know, I'll give you guys an example. This is our new orleans example, right? If our honor knows about this, as well, somehow there's a group of brothers that there's a lot of people that when they came to New Orleans as a Muslim community, and I told this story to some of you guys before,

00:38:51--> 00:39:11

a lot of people went into the liquor store the alcohol business. So unfortunately, Muslims have a monopoly on the alcohol stores and liquor stores and the gas stations, things of that sort, right. And there are some brothers that refuse to get involved in that. And subhanAllah. So they didn't sell some of them open gas stations, and they didn't sell how long and some of them went to clothing stores.

00:39:12--> 00:39:17

And subhanAllah 20 years later, Katrina, you know, after Katrina hit,

00:39:18--> 00:39:20

you know, discount zone, right.

00:39:21--> 00:39:25

The brothers that refuse to sell alcohol, all of their gas stations survived.

00:39:26--> 00:39:42

Pamela all of them survived. And the brothers that sold alcohol, all of their gas stations were destroyed. And the brothers that opened the clothing stores and the gift shops, and yes, every single saints shop in New Orleans is owned by a Muslim. So when you support the New Orleans Saints, you support Islam

00:39:45--> 00:39:46

every sense, so

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

all of a sudden, those people now mashallah there's Baraka in their business, and they're wealthy. And subhanAllah. You know, this was a large group of people that came to New Orleans, about 20 years before Hurricane Katrina. Now, obviously

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

I'm using a New Orleans story because it's something near and dear I am there are countless examples people that opted to do business in Hana and Allah bless their businesses and people that opted to do business in Allah and Allah subhanaw taala punish them with their money and with their children. Okay, and there is no better than what was given to them. So do you know Don't ever believe that you have that it's in your hands Okay.

00:40:23--> 00:40:25

Any other questions yes

00:40:39--> 00:41:03

know there's nothing looking up to NASA to take the means to work harder to put in overtime All that is fine. It's just understanding that it comes from Allah subhanaw taala at the end of the day, but you're caught up is you know, you have to work hard and Allah subhanaw taala will open doors for you. But the point is again, that you don't ever depend upon those means you exhaust those means but you don't depend on those means for this

00:41:05--> 00:41:09

and the other questions are the hos take your question and your question and that's it yeah

00:41:16--> 00:41:17


00:41:23--> 00:41:23

the person

00:41:26--> 00:41:29

personalities and identity with different people.

00:41:34--> 00:41:35

Value oral

00:41:37--> 00:41:37


00:41:39--> 00:41:50

yeah, the concept of being two faced. Now obviously the face the feature of the face that's been described as the tongue. Right. So saying one thing in one place and saying another thing and another

00:41:51--> 00:42:22

the the idea is contradicting yourself. And really what we can see when we when we read those hadith is the concept of betrayal and Fiat, so betraying the presence of the one that you were sitting in Memphis and must leave him alone with someone sat with him and started to back by he said, You betrayed the amount of the one that you're backbiting because you were sitting with him and you betrayed my amount of by not by not sparing me from your filth. So you've betrayed both of our amount so the concept of being two faced is saying nice things in front of someone that you know unfortunately but

00:42:24--> 00:42:52

let's face it this is a disease we have to work on as Muslims we really really have to work on this were in the masjid will give each other so I'm talking specifically in the masjid right now we'll give each other these big hugs big smiles tell a joke and Masha Allah Masha Allah and then right outside the masjid as soon as that brother is not there, we'll start to talk about that brother and we're sitting in a gathering will start to talk about that brother and those types of things. That's hypocrisy at its worst we have to work on this as Muslims that destroys communities. So that's so that's what's being described here Eliana,

00:42:54--> 00:43:28

you know, the concept of betrayal, betraying the trust, and obviously, you know, by extension, betraying your trust with Allah subhanaw taala. So if you sacrifice if you don't act Muslim in front of some people, but you act mostly in front of others, right, you try to conceal your SNAP, conceal your faith in front of others, then you're being two faced, and Allah is watching both faces, right, but you're still being two faced or maintaining one presence in one group amongst one group of people, and another amongst another group of people. And again, it's very easy to be two faced in this society in this day and age, you can have a completely different personnel, you can live in an

00:43:28--> 00:43:45

alternate reality online and be a completely different person in real life. Right? So some highlights we've mastered that concept. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it's very easy to maintain multiple personas. So we have to be very, very careful in that regard. Long Last question.

00:43:59--> 00:44:32

Okay, so if you know something if someone confides in you, for example, let's say that someone so let's let's try to use an example. Let's say that someone tells you that they're going to do something haram or that they're engaged in something haram. But don't tell anyone. And then are you supposed to then go tell the parents especially young people, you're supposed to go tell someone you know, that's that can help solve the problem? In that situation? Yes, because the prophesy son said on sort of data, volume and model you should support your brother when he's oppressed and when he's oppressing. And the prophets face and I was asked, how do we support our brother when he's

00:44:32--> 00:44:49

oppressing the profits placed in themselves by stopping him from his oppression? So in that situation, you know, the greater good at that moment is to stop that person from what they're doing. So yes, at that point, informing someone to get help to stop the person from their problem is unnecessary.

00:44:51--> 00:44:54

Okay, does that come off? They don't have one connection would like

00:44:55--> 00:44:56

to relate with cinema.