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AI: Summary © The importance of clear understanding of one's actions in order to avoid overwhelming emotions is emphasized. Each body is involved in various ways to keep the body engaged, and the concept of "The Last shot" is used to symbolize the upcoming return of the Sun. Consciously reciting the Quran is not allowed, and the focus should be on the concept of finishing work and getting out of a situation. The importance of writing out words in Arabic or translating them into English to avoid confusion is emphasized, and finishing one's job and getting out of a situation is suggested.
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problem I mean want to ask you to inform solving a certain data cut out because we can from this Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, He will solve your certainties in the cathedral. So shifty acid was here he would be continuing and Kitab a death car. I remember no, we don't want to Allah. So what I will do Inshallah, tada, I want to address something, which I feel like is very significant when we're discussing Vicodin. As you guys know, what I will do is I will try to get more perspective into what has already been mentioned. So a question for you guys. Is it valid? Would Salam be valid if a person thought slaughtered Fatiha sort of did a class for example, he

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thought the tech could be and he and he thought, you know, subhanAllah, the rod name. So for example, if a person came to Salaam and said Allah,

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and then stood there, but did not move his tongue, but instead remember the last panel to add only in this box, would his salami valid?

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Know, his prayer would actually not be valid. That's Pamela, sometimes you notice, sometimes a person might be standing and they're praying, they're sitting there, for example, and their mouth is closed, their tongue is not moving, you know, it's just

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there, right? It's not sufficient to merely think out the words. Alright, why is that? Isn't it already hard enough to find crucial and our slots already hard enough to find a sense of concentration and devotion in our prayer? Okay, so if your thoughts are, you know, if your Likud is just coming from your sea of thoughts, then obviously you're jumping between thought to thought to thought to thought the top into thought, even if you're actually saying the words, you're still going to have an issue. So in essence, one of the beautiful things about our Salah and then we'll we'll broaden this to include thicket as a whole is that in our prayer, the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam taught us how to engage each and every single body part. Alright, each and we Subhanallah Our hands are engaged, right? Why do you think it is that when we stand together, and obviously in the position of Imam Malik Rahimullah, the stronger position the Maliki method was to leave the hands to the sides, otherwise, the majority of the scholars, they say, to hold the hands, right to hold our arms, whether it's like this or like this or like that, holding the arms? Why is that? Right, so that each and every single part of your body is being engaged in some way, there is a position for your feet and Salah there is a position for your arms and Salah there is a position

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for your eyes and saw, your tongue should also be engaged in the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala. So in essence, each and every single part of your body is in some way, shape or form lending itself to the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, when you do record, there's a certain way that your back has to be, there's a certain way that your knees have to be when you stand up, there's a certain way that you have to stand up when you do sujood there are certain parts of your body that have to be touching the ground. All of this is to keep you as engaged as possible in your remembrance of Allah Subhanallah to have. In fact, we you know, it's to the point that the

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prophesies that I'm has taught us whether to keep our hands like this or like this, our feet, the way that our toes should be pointing, whether we are doing if they are sitting on our you know, the Sunnah of the Prophet Tyson which is to sit on the foot on the left foot and to hold the right to prop the right foot up. What if it's the first shot and if it's the last shot with the second dish out of the Salah, to point the feet out the left foot outward in a position of a political the profit slice and I'm has taught us all of these things. So that each and every single part of you is engaged in remembering Allah subhanaw taala in some way, shape or form and it's already hard enough

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to have concentration. So you know what you're supposed to try to do by saying the words although obviously if you're not the Imam, you say them in a very low voice you say them, you know, you say them only in a way that you're just moving your tongue you don't want to bother the person next to you sometimes it's really annoying when you have someone next to you. You're trying to read your own sort of fatty hamburger

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bothers the person next to you right you're not you forget what part of fat you had that you're in because you're listening to the guy next to you. So that's not what's what's implied here. No but but moving your tongue? Why is that you can fish the thicket of the thought of the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah out of those thoughts and synchronize your thoughts with your tongue and try to focus just on that. And don't let your eyes wander except on the place that you're going to make your schedule. Right don't let your eyes go around try to synchronize everything towards remembering the last panel to add now to broaden that discussion when we were discussing the remembrance of

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Allah subhanaw taala as a whole and I noticed that a lot of questions have come up in the last few talks you know, can we do vicar at this position? Can we do Likud when we're laying down? Yes, of course the last contact says Alenia Quran Allah pm and will corrode and Maharaja Mobium people that remember Allah standing sitting and laying down there's no doubt about it. Well

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Can I read Quran in this situation very poor and in that situation, there's a difference between what's permissible, and what's going to get you the most out of that remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that recitation of the Quran Okay, in fact, the you know, when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, there is not a single ayah in the Quran, which prohibits any portion or any part of reading Quran in any situation outside of the Salah, the very you know, when Allah Subhana Allah tells us that whenever the Quran is being recited unselectable that we should be quiet. This ayah was revealed in regards to Salah because previously talking was not prohibited in the salon. Okay,

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they wouldn't have conversations in their salah. But in our model, the alarm said if a person came late to the Salah, he would ask the people that were praying, what wreck are we on? If a person sneezed, he would say and hamdulillah the other people would say a hunk Allah, they would say a Salam or Aleikum to one another whenever they entered into an image and this was the origin of saw talking was not prohibited, you know, in the absolute sense. So Allah subhanaw taala when he revealed this is that when the Quran is being recited that we shouldn't be silent, it meant or you know, it was specifically revealed for the Salah. So, you know, obviously, you can listen to the

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Quran, you know, if it helps you focus while you're studying, so on so forth. It's not prohibited, it's not haram, it's that add up to consistently hold conversations with the Quran in the background is background noise, but it's not haram to say you know, a few words or so on so forth, while the Quran has been recited in the background. So even give it a sentence or two. Right, but at the same time to get the most out of the poll.

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You want to focus on it, you want you know, there is no doubt that if you're laying down and listening to it on your on your phone, you're not going to get as much out of it. If you're sitting up, you know, in a particular place in your room, maybe in front of a window, you know, looking out to the sky, something of that sort, right, you're going to get more out of it in that situation. And that shouldn't be the goal of the thicket. And subhanAllah that's something that the prophets like some taught us, you know, I remember, I just I just taught a four week class on two engines in East plane almost. And subhanAllah I remember when I was reading all these books on success and

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productivity, they said that you should always associate your your place of sleep with something that will make you productive. Right. And so the prophets lie Selim, for example, he used to break the AMOLED in his place of sleep on his study of Salah Hardy was on his house saves lives on on his Mac, the prophets like some would pray please, I'm the lead on that. So that when he wakes up and he looks around, he would already have His Will the prophesy some signals to already put his water next to him. So that when he looks at the water, this is will do okay, this is for will do he already has it all setup. You want to make everything around you lends itself to the vicar of Allah subhanaw

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taala, as much as you can, the workplace, wherever you are, you want to have certain things that remind you of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Now, I remember, you know, it's funny, because this actually just happened a few days ago, you know, I was visiting a brother and he had this huge calligraphy thing in his house. Huge, huge, huge calligraphy thing in his house. And I asked him what it said. And he said, I don't know, I noticed that. But he didn't know what it said. And I was like, Why do you have it up there if you don't know what it says? Well, for the for the blessing of it. And obviously, this is something that leads to innovation. And sometimes it even leads to shift

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to believe in these these amulets, to believe in these even hanging out in the car, putting certain things in the house that it's going to somehow serve as protection from this protection from that and then obviously, it becomes a business right, you've got the blue eye, you know, to ward off hassad or whatever it is, all of this has been out all of this innovation. But here's what I would recommend to you guys. And this is something that can be very powerful. Do it with your families. Take just just go online and type out for example, the vicar that's supposed to be made when you enter into the house and take it to the door right Bismillah to our culture Hola. Hola. Hola Kota. I

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live in the thicket when I finished my will do what should I say? Right you have it next to your sink frame and put it next to your sink. Not in a fancy way it doesn't have to be all fancy and, and all of that. No, just have it next to your sinks that whenever I look at it a shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Actually, Kenosha, no, no Mohammed bin Abdul rasuluh you remind yourself, keep things around you that remind you of Allah subhanaw taala you know orient yourself towards towards the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing make sure that everything around you lends itself towards that Likud and try to always bring

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yourself into full concentration with every part of you. Whenever you remembering the last panel down when you're reading the words of Allah protyre reciting the Quran will not return any questions? Yes.

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The best

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So having the Name of Allah, very simple solution, have it in transliteration. Don't write it in Arabic, write it in transliteration. I'm just saying have something. And this is not soon I'm saying that it's good for it's a, it's a means of reminding yourself until it becomes habit. Right? So you can just write it out in English transliteration, or something of that sort.

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Can you say that one more time?

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Right, right. It's a very good question. Look, we have to understand see in our society, you know, especially with the way that the urinals are set up and stuff like that. People talk and read. I mean, we're, it's cultural. It's okay to take your magazines with you to the bathroom. jelica Milan, you read that or you talk on the phone in the bathroom. It's really awkward because I go you know, I'm in the airport all the time. You just walk into the bathroom, everyone's having a conversation and their stalls. Right when someone else you would hope with something else.

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Just all kinds of conversations. It's severely it is disliked even prohibited to some of the scholars to talk while the person is in the bathroom and prophesize and will not respond to Saddam even he would not talk he would not respond to anyone while he was in the restroom, you should want to do your business and get out of there. Finish what you have to leave. So it's not good etiquette to sit there and read emails or or update your Facebook status or whatever it is while you're in the bathroom as a whole anyway, it's just not it's not up for the believer as a whole a believer should finish and get out. So yes, it wouldn't be impermissible though wouldn't be haram if you know you're

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you're putting yourself in

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an unnecessary situation where the name of Allah is gonna pop up on your phone you know, you're reading emails and someone wrote you an email in Arabic and it says anymore the name of the last panel tiresome if Quran because then you're, then you're engaging in Allah because you're bringing something that's prohibited into a place where it should not be. Okay, so a person should be cautious and no, you should not open your phone and those types of things. And that's also by the way, I really I don't I know that sometimes we try to be overzealous and religious but it's not good to have if Quran or the Adana as your ringtone things of that sort I really don't believe it's a

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good thing because that goes off in the bathroom. That's really inappropriate and if it goes off in Salah that becomes an issue as well right? You start asking yourself what happened to Schiff Yeah, so why are we getting so this right now? Someone's cell phone so it's not good to also have it as your cell phones or your ringtone or anything of that sort of having the name of the last time even wearing you know necklaces or bracelets or things that sort of shirts or the name of Allah and these are not things that we find for the messenger size

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alone Yes.

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artwork a

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lot of us

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there's nothing wrong with it I'm saying

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that serve a particular purpose or a lot of cover art.

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Having calligraphy there's nothing wrong with with having calligraphy and I'm saying that if you believe that there's something that comes from it. Maybe some special particular purpose like you believe that it Ward's off evil in that room or something of that sort. That's when it becomes an issue. But having it just just as that's that's fine. There's nothing wrong with it.

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Anyone else last question. Okay, Zach, will offense panic, one