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Why Laylatul Qadr? The Significance & Virtues… | Behind the Scenes

Sh. Omar Suleiman gives an introduction to “Why Laylatul Qadr? The Significance & Virtues of the Most Important Night of the Year”, which he coauthored with Dr. Nazir Khan and Sh. Ibrahim Hindy, as well as some practical tips to help maximize our reward during the final 10 nights of Ramadan.

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So we're at the last 10 nights if you started fasting on Wednesday.

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And so that's why I want to start with this for a reason.

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There is a reason why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam observed all 10 of the last 10 nights, even though we know that a little card that falls on one of the odd nights. For one, we really do not know which night it's going to be this year. And we don't know which of the nights are truly odd. And therefore, it is important in short, lots out of for us to observe every single one of these nights until the end of Ramadan. Imagine if you missed a little quarter because your odds were off or your evens were off. And then you show up on 11pm and you say, I followed the wrong moon sighting calculation, or the wrong opinion or whatever it is. Observe each and every single one of

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these last 10 nights because you don't know where that treasure is. There brothers and sisters today we released that European Institute for Islamic research and article that I co authored with Chef Ibrahim Hindi and Dr. Nasir Han. On the theological significance of layers of color. There's a lot to unpack about the beautiful night itself. For one. How is it that it's the Night of Decree? Aren't our deeds already decreed or aren't our lives and all of these things already decreed with Allah subhana wa tada in a low helma food in the preserve tablet, yes. But on this particular night on Laila to the other one, it takes place and we know that it will take place sometime in these last 10

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nights. And this particular night, Allah Subhana Hood's Allah allows for your decree to be downloaded. Let's use terminology that we can understand for the year to come from a low helmet fold from the preserve tablet into the records of the angels. And those records contain everything that will happen for the next year, including By the way, those who will go to Hajj. So if you want to make the intention for Hajj this year, now's the time the night Adam Allah subhanaw taala write it down for us and accepted Hajj bitten Allahu taala Lama I mean, this is the time for you to start planning in sha Allah. And you really want to be found in a state of observance on these nights so

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that Allah subhanaw taala sees you in a state worthy of good and the prophets lie. Some said nothing prolongs a person's life, like charity and drama. Okay, like charity and drama so good deeds and supplication and charity actually prolong one's life. So it may be that in these decrees that come down in the records of the angels and that's what a loss of hundreds it means when he says Yakubu la Maya sha Allah erases what He wills and confirms that what is in the record of the angels will take into consideration what Allah knows of you to come for the next year. And so something might change because of how Allah sees you in that observant state. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to let our

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other let our decree be good and it is always good for the believer, because if he is struck with something that is apparently good that he praises the loss of hundreds out of gratitude, and if he is faced with something that is apparently bad than he thinks, then he is patient with a loss of hundreds and so it still becomes a means of elevation for him. Dear brothers and sisters, what are the some some things for us to do, I just want to kind of go over these last 10 inshallah Tada, and just some important tips for us to take into consideration. There's really a beautiful statement from any mama chef or you know him a whole lot sadder that I came across. And it's actually within

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the article I wrote about the statement particular that I find very powerful. I remember the first time you know when when I went to hedge, and there were some people in alpha. And there was a brother that was reading on and someone went up to him and yelled at him and told him out of his time for your app, not a time for reading Quran and I thought to myself, Well, okay, I don't have time for down out of his specified as a time for sure. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to raise his hands from the beginning of the whole all the way until the sunset, right? It's supposed to be a day of drought. But then I came across narrations of some of the stuff, taking

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breaks from their drought and reading Koran. And I thought to myself, so Pamela, so did it lose its quality of doing that the main act of worship should be doing or is the point of alpha and the point of those specified times that you stay engaged in worship, even if you're going to break away for a moment from or from some time from? How does this relate to labor to the quarter these last 10 nights? They are nights of standing in prayer. They are nights of supplication and certainly the best thing that you can do is to stand

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in prayer, and to enjoy as much of Salah as you possibly can in these last 10 nights, but he mama Shafi Rahim Allah said something very beautiful. He said that the way that Laila to Qatar started was with a word to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam ikura read. Right, so the very first command of Laila to the quarter to the Prophet slicin was read. And the end of that surah is what the end of that that chapter which was revealed to the Prophet sly Salaam, which commenced revelation on needed to cover what's the end of the chat what is the end of the surah? What should walk through,

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prostrate and come close to Allah subhana wa Tada. Do sujood and come close to Allah subhanaw taala. So Shafi Rahim Allah, He says, so the night of Laila to Qatar should be spent with everything from east to west should walk through, reading, prayer, prostrating and coming close to a loss of Hannah Montana, and everything in between. Meaning what if you need to switch to different types of ibadah have a healthy diversity of the types of good deeds that you're going to be doing in these tonight's The point is stay engaged. So switch from reading Quran, to making your own to standing up and praying to listening to the lecture enjoying the halaqa and reflecting to some time where you just

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sit and you do to speak and Vicar and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But everything should be within those bounds of Accra to was to the doctor, reading and engaging in that and engaging in that act of worship, to the ultimate act of worship which is to prostrate unto come close to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so all of these good deeds are fine. And you want to also be very careful and understand that what you really don't want to do on data till color is a loss of Hannah hoods out of find you in a state of disobedience.

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Alright, so any moment now we owe him a whole lot to Allah pointed out, as many of the scholars did, that, in times in which good deeds are multiplied. The severity of sins is also compounded because it's like you're turning away from an opportunity from Allah subhanaw taala a time where you should be doing good. Imagine Ramadan, the shale cleaner locked away. And then now the angels are descending in these last 10 in particular, to where they are like the pebbles on the earth more plentiful than the pebbles on the earth, and you still find a way to be safe, authentic, you still find a way to display behavior that's pleasing to the shell clean rather than all of these angels

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that are surrounding and descending, you still find a way to cancel that Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala coming upon you. So watch yourself, watch yourself in these particular last 10 nights. Don't get caught in a thought because the night begins that muffler By the way, don't get caught and if thought over a conversation, or seafood or something else backbiting or saying something that you really don't need to be saying and canceling the blessings of that night. So that's the first thing is watch yourself, diversify your good deeds and then watch yourself from any sin. Because if there are any times to watch yourself, it's now in these particular last two nights and you've had the

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preparation of Ramadan engaging in there out we know that the supplication that the prophets lie some recommended is what

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lahoma in a careful one, to help with alpha alpha four or alemannic alpha and Kadima to hibel Alpha five for Neo Allah, you love to forgive you are and you are the one who forgives. You are generous and benevolent. You love to forgive so forgive me, this is the most beloved dislike and out of the profit slice and I'm said the best job is La Ilaha La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu mercola al hamdu Juana Galicia in Kadir, the prophets lie some gave a line because it's a long period of time. So when you find yourself blinking and trying to think of the next day, or trying to connect or walking, then go ahead and repeat that. So repeat that. So in times when you're transitioning,

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that's the best route for you to repeat but don't only treat it like a transition, because it is the most special deal that you could make. And just like the profit side seller mentioned that the best decurrent Nautica is everything that comes around La Ilaha Illa. Allah is the praise of Allah subhanaw taala the best do as on a little cousin, are the ones that entail forgiveness, because there's nothing in the decree that is more precious to you that you should be seeking than the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's also good if you want to have some other good deeds that you do in these last time. Don't overlook kindness and generosity as you're walking into people

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bumping into people by the way, that night of Carter was lost the day was lost because of what

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an argument

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we lost the day because of an argument. So how would it look if our neighbor to the other you got into a fight with someone in the messages? Because you said go over there and don't pray

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here and do this and handle your kids. And then of course, security has to do that. So they they do it in a kind way in sha Allah Tada. But how? How bad is it? If that's how Allah subhanaw taala sees you on that night, the night was lost because of arguing. So don't be one of those people that lets their ego get in the way and gets into an argument with someone over something silly. It would be better for you to be patient when something distracts you and maintain the blessing of your night and in fact seek seek the worship of Allah subhanaw taala in your patience than to blow up on somebody because you want to hold on and do liquid because by the time you get back to your baton

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and victory, you would have lost everything in the first place. So be patient with people and show generosity and smile at people as you walk in as you encounter people give Salaam and if you can even respond and give sadaqa inshallah tada Of course we'll provide you an I'm not gonna say that I know later to call this Friday night for the VRC fundraiser, but there's a chance there's a chance it might be Friday night so inshallah tada exert yourself and charity as well. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to find that night and to be accepted on that night And may Allah subhana wa Tada. Forgive us all and allow all of our sins to be taken away from us and all of our good deeds in this

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month and beyond to be accepted alumna. I mean, zachman loffredo sin I want to go