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Santa Monica Welcome to La Habra cattle seminar. hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while only he was gonna be here, woman Werner. I hope you all are doing well. I pray that you're keeping in high spirits with everything that's going on May Allah keep you all safe under his protection and in good faith with everything that's happening May Allah protect you and your families and allow this to be a moment of great reflection and raising your station in the sight of your Lord and doing much good.

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I'm gonna inshallah tada just as I'm about to start and get into the depth of the topic that I had an actually, you know, really wanted to hone in on this subject of sincere intentions and truthful intentions and show love with everything that's happening right now. And before I do that, I need to make my weekly disclaimer since I'm going to be doing this every week. This is not a tomorrow. All right, this is not a replacement for your football. Please do not pray tonight guys, and then blame me on the Day of Judgment.

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Prayer for decades of the love of prayer, as soon as this is over inshallah Tada. And, you know, this is merely a reminder to keep us engaged at this time as we usually would be in the gym or football until we're able to get back to our weekly ultimas and demaras in the masjid inshallah. Tada. So with that disclaimer, I want to talk about three things here. Number one, this idea of truthful intentions, and the discussion of truthful intentions and I'm deliberately using the word truthful, instead of sincerity or sincere for reason, which I'll get to inshallah truthful intentions, under limiting circumstances, and guaranteeing your rewards, how are those three things

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connected, because usually, we start talking about intentions when we're unable to fulfill the action itself. So we're not able to actually commit to the things that we otherwise would do. Or we're not able to do them with the same level of excellence with the same level of faith with the same level axon as we would in other times. So when those circumstances become difficult and become constricting, then suddenly, you know, we start hearing things like, you know, I wish I would have done this, I wish I would have done that. I personally, you know, I can't tell you how many times I've thought about all the times I could have gone to the masjid, but I didn't go to the masjid when

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it was open. And now, you know, as I'm sitting here thinking, you know, I wish I would have gone to fetch it every day, I wish I wouldn't have missed out on the prayers. Now as I'm thinking about that, whether that's going to actually continue on to when the message reopens in sha Allah to Allah if I'm actually going to allow that to materialize in a regular action, or a commitment to to regularly going to the masjid or not. And of course, beyond all of that, whether Allah will reward me for it or not, because if I'm sincere in my intention, whether I'm able to do the action or not, you know, is actually irrelevant, right? It's about whether or not it's sincere because Allah will

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accept it based on its sincerity, not its performance. However, the sincere intention leads to a certain level of performance. Now, what I'm going to talk about is a Nia sadhika. This idea of a truthful intention, and a truthful intention encompasses sincerity. But it's not only sincerity. So let's talk about this in sha Allah, the Most Famous Hadith tradition of the Prophet peace be upon him, so the larger Salaam that gets quoted, it's in the beginning of most of the major Hadith collections in them and I'm out of the net. We're in the Mallika limit in Manoa, that very early actions are but by intentions, and for every person is that which they intended. So if your

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intention is sincere, your action, your reward is guaranteed whether or not you fulfill the action. So if someone fulfills an action, but it's not sincere, it could have no reward whatsoever. If someone has a sincere intention, but they're not able to actually perform the action. They could be rewarded tremendously for that from a loss of Hannah Montana, and for everyone that's sitting at home right now, and otherwise would have been a lot of humor. I want to read one Hadith to you to start this off the hadith of Baba or the Allahu taala that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and then at half Elijah, who were who are young we and the Akuma, you suddenly mean la favela

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that Marina had to us by her. Whoever goes to sleep at night, intending to pray the AMA LED, you went to sleep at night and you intended to pray Fiamma limb. So you intended to wake up and pray, but then sleep overwhelms you until the morning. Okay, so what that means is that you you tried to wake up, for whatever reason you didn't wake up to your alarm, or you said are five more minutes, or you didn't hear it at all. The point is, you went to sleep at night and you had the intention of getting up and praying to me later that night.

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cootie Bella Houma Noah, what can I know who Saba the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a lot has written down for you what you have intended. And the sleep was a charity from Allah to you, the sleep was a charity from Allah to you. So if you are sincere, in your Joomla, your Joomla is written for you, even though you're sitting at home right now, if you were sincere in saying that you would have gone to Joomla seeking the reward, your Joomla is guaranteed for you. If you are sincere about going to the masjid for your prayers, your prayers are written for you, you don't get a decrease in your paycheck with a lot of the way that you would with other people, right, there's

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no decrease in the reward because you weren't actually able to do it. And the time that you have at home right now is a sabbatical from Allah. So this is paid time off from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay, so long as your intention was sincere, based on the Hadith that I just read, it is paid time off for you to with the loss of Hannah Montana right now. So how do I make my intentions though, not just sincere, but how do I actually guarantee that they're truthful. And this is the next step of that you see, when you're talking about making your actions accountable, you make your actions accountable by looking at the performance of those actions. So you have for example, you know, in

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prayer, for example, you have the candle wedgie bath in the center, you have the pillars of the prayer, the mandatory actions of the prayer, and you have the voluntary deeds of the prayer, and you look at making sure that you fulfilled their performance. You pay them on time, there are certain things that make every one of your actions from an external perspective, accountable, and certain things that make them acceptable, and then beyond making them acceptable that make them even more rewardable. Right. So whether you're talking about prayer, or fasting, or how you break your fast what you break your fast on, there are ways to make your actions accountable. But how do you

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actually make your intentions accountable? Meaning isn't enough to simply say that I'm sincere in my intention, therefore, Allah is going to reward me or do I need to actually see if my intention, if there are things that I could measure my intention against to see whether or not those intentions count as sincere, truthful intentions in the first place. And so that's what I want to talk about also, even if I have a sincere intention, can one person's intention the more sincere than another person who also has a sincere intention? What that means is that two people could both be sincere, but one person sincerity which is not as quantifiable as action or in fact that all one person's

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sincerity surpasses the other for the same intention for the same action. So they both have the reward of a sincere intention. But what are the double jobs? What are the steps what are the stations of sincerity within the same intention, so when Allah says, will equal intelligence to amendment amilo and for everyone, there are stations in regards to their actions, meaning there's a customized reward. And this came in the capacity of how a lot

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divided the companions based upon how early they came into Islam. So now yes, that we have in common and for coming public that he will carton without you can outrun them or damage a 10 minute Lydian and * on them back to our partner will couldn't unwind the longer prisoner. So when Allah says that those that became Muslim later on are not like those that became Muslim First, the ones that became Muslim after the fact meaning in the last couple of years of the Prophet slice on this mission are not like those that accepted Islam. In the very beginning. The people of Medina are not like the people of Mecca that accepted Islam first. But Allah says everyone has their customized

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reward because it may be that someone accepted Islam in the last year of the prophets mission sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and because of the sincerity of their intentions, they actually surpass someone who accepted Islam in the first year of the Prophet sallallahu. It was on them, right? So the della jaat the degrees of reward, depend upon the depth of the sincerity within the intention, so they could all be sincere, they could all be special, but how special how sincere depends upon that person and Allah sees that could learn why the lovely listener, Allah has promised everyone a different reward a customized reward. Allah sees that no one else sees that no one else sees that.

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So the stations of sincerity within the same intention for the same action. In this case, it was accepting Islam with the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them right accepting the doubt with the call of the messenger. But the same action of acceptance has different levels of sincerity and intention. And while someone may do something on the external that causes them to surpass their companion, the sincerity of the intention of

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allows that person to surpass someone who's also sincere, who also did something wonderful who also did something that's great. But the degree of the sincerity allowed that person to surpass them. So there are delegates and intentions as well. There are levels of sincerity within sincere intentions as well. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us all amongst those that are sincere alone that I mean, and I want to actually reference the story that you've probably heard many times in a hotel or in the lecture, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was, you know, he was talking about this group of people that enter into paradise, enter into gender without any form of other than

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without any form of Aesop. They're not punished, nor are they even questioned. So the prophets lie, someone said, there's this group of people that enter into paradise, without being questioned, without being punished. May Allah make us amongst them alone, I mean, people that will just immediately be fast tracked into paradise without even having to go through the hisab without even having to go through having to go through the questioning. Now, if you've heard this Hadeeth There's a famous incident around it, that when the prophets lie Selim said that there was a companion by the name of Akasha, while the alojado kashia raised his hand and said, O Messenger of Allah, make their

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olana Cornermen home, make supplicate pray to your Lord, that I may be amongst them. And the prophets I send them said unto him, in whom you are amongst them, and then another person said, Yes, a lot O Messenger of Allah And me too, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Seva, pukka de ha or Akasha ro kashia has surpassed you in that row. kashia has surpassed you in that. Now, if you've heard this before, in fact, I've quoted this Hadeeth many times the lesson the usual takeaway is that

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is that Akasha had such a level of alertness to the pleasure of Allah that when he saw an opportunity, he jumped at it, right so it's usually speaking about Akasha but what about the other guy? Okay, we usually don't talk about the other guy. And you know, I was reading in the shadow of this Have you been the explanation of this or even I found something very interesting. It'll probably our yard. rahimullah he said Kayla and not modular Thani lahmacun minnemann Yes, the hip tin can Manzella that it said that that the second person was not amongst those that deserved that station, what I cannot be slipped out to be feed off your Akasha and he did not have the

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characteristics of those people, whereas Akasha did. Okay. So are kashia and this other person are not the same. Okay. And on top of that, he said that candomble nafi plan. Rather, this man was a hypocrite that Jonathan w Salalah. Hardy was some of the Macalester minimum so the Prophet slicin and basically told him you are not amongst them, but he says that when the profit slice and I'm sad, or Okasha beat you to it that was because of the profits good character solahart. He was sent him instead of directly telling the men and crushing him and saying that you are not amongst those people. He said, akasa beat you to it. So he made it more about Okasha than that man in hopes that

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that man would develop that same level of sincerity. And that same level of desire for loss pleasure that Okasha had, this is a really powerful point here, right? Since we always talk about booyakasha, the second person, right? Did he just say seven o'clock? Or did he just say, and I want to be amongst them too, because he saw an easy opportunity.

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Whereas Akasha did not just see an opportunity, or Akasha was putting in the work, right, or Akasha, was already trying to attain the highest level of paradise. And when he heard the Prophet slicin, I'm talking about this group of people that get to that level, he immediately right instinctively responded and said, O Messenger of Allah, pray that I'm amongst them. Right. So Akasha was doing the work in accordance with that sincere intention. When he asked the Prophet slicin, I make sure that I'm amongst them, whereas that second person, right, simply try to latch on, you know, and that's something that that's important for us to take. Because

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it's not just about simply saying that you have a sincere intention. It's not just about verbalizing that intention, there's got to be something more to it than that. So I actually want to give you five things are five points in regards to what a truthful intention is and what's on it. All right. So Nia saga, what does it mean to have a truthful intention, and to guarantee the rewards of the intention, especially when there are limiting circumstances because the limiting circumstances prohibit us from doing certain actions. And so we have to really make sure that our intentions are sincere and are truthful so that we can reap the full rewards during these extraordinary times

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number one, and the first to actually refer to the law

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Refer to sincerity. So the first one is it only for a lot and no one else is it only for a lot and no one else. So would you still do the good deed? If no one was watching? So here the limitation refers to the site. Okay? The site

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is it only Allah watching me or other people watching me too? Okay? And do I only do good? Or do I only do that good deed. When someone else sees me as well as Allah, Allah always sees me. But someone else sees me as well as Allah subhana wa Tada. And they'll tell you more him alone, he says, and Madonna just Salah keen, he says that a person who considers himself to have attained his loss, should know that his loss likes his loss. A person who considers himself having attained sincerity should know that his sincerity lacks sincerity. Why? Because the first donnager the first station of this is that you do the same actions, whether Allah alone sees you, or whether a lot and other

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people see you. The second action, or the second station of this is that you do that good deed with even more quality with even more excellence, when it's only a law watching you. And so you have effectively you have effectively made the sight of Allah subhanaw taala more beloved to you than the sight of other people. So that's the first level here. Is it only for Allah and no one else? Okay. So if there are good deeds, and let's think about the things that we still do in private that we were doing in public, we have to ask ourselves, right, one test that we can put to ourselves right now.

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Especially the prayers that we were doing in the masjid, right? Is my prayer going to be of the same quality as it would have been in the mustard one other people are watching. Right now I'm going to be praying the five daily prayers at home, I'm going to be praying, I'm going to be doing these deeds at home. How do I make sure how do I how do I actually see if I can make them as good as weather as if they were going to be in the mustard right now. Right? So what do I add on to the prayer? What do I immerse myself in, in terms of for sure, and humility, and also that I can assure that I'm actually putting in, you know, the same amount of sincerity the same amount of good into

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that prayer? Because right now, it's just a love that sees me, no one else sees me. Okay? So again, there are two double jot two stations within this one, which the first of the five was is it only for Allah and no one else? The first one is that would you still do the good if no one was watching you, but Allah? The second one is, how do you do that? Good one, it's only alone watching you. Alright, so that's the first category. Number two? Is it only for the hereafter? Is it only for the art hidden and nothing else? So the first, you know, the first one is, is it only for Allah and no one else? The second is, is it only for the author and nothing else? Only for the hereafter and

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nothing else? And this speaks to the second part of the header on the profit slice, I'm set for mentalities, what do you see? Oh tinian kid who have for his daughter Lila had on it lay on the profit side. Some said whoever made the migration

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leetonia you sleep will have for something of this world that they could attain or to marry someone, then there Hitler, their migration is for the purpose that they set out for it. So and this is something that Allah says in the book, an encounter you return to dunya, it was enough to know what the 1111

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no one feel at the moment on FIFA.

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Won't be Hello Hassan, Allah Subhana Allah says, whoever desires this world when Kenny would either hire to dunia was enough to whoever desires this world, the life of this world and its amusements, it everything that comes with this with this world in terms of the superficial, whoever seeking something of this world, when they when they actually do these actions. So their intentions are worldly in their nature. Allah says, look, we're going to give them the full reward of what they are seeking and they won't be cheated. Okay? Well, if you have to hustle. And what that means is that, you know, if you're doing something good for a worldly purpose, then you'll be rewarded with good in

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a worldly sense that don't seek out anything in the hereafter. Okay, don't expect anything in the hereafter. And so if you're going out to visit someone who's sick, and your intention is, you know, because that person who's sick, happens to have some sort of position in society or whatever it may be right, that there's a worldly benefit to attain from going out and visiting that person, then, you know, that's a good thing. It's good that you're going to visit that person, but the only thing you're going to get rewarded for or the only thing you're going to get rewarded with is the nature of that which you saw it right, something worldly. So you wanted that person to to remember you the

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next time they're doing something the next time they're giving something out the next time they're doing promotions or whatever it may be. Well, you got them

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Right, you wanted that person to think about you or, you know, you were trying to marry someone that's related to that person, whatever it may be. The point is, if there was a worldly intent behind it, it's still a good action, but don't expect a reward in the hereafter. Okay? And so that Hadith of the angel stopping the person who goes to visit their brother for the sake of Allah, is it really for the sake of Allah? Or is it that there's something else, right? I'm giving charity to this person, you know, and charity is a good thing, right? But maybe I'm giving charity to this person. Because I know that if I give charity, this person, it's going to cause this person, right?

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To take note of that, and then I'm going to get some worldly benefit in return for that. Okay, or to assemble Kathy when she has a smile on the face of your brother's charity. But I'm really smiling in the face of that brother because that brother can give me something that I want. Okay, so the second quality here is is it only for the accurate of the hereafter and nothing else? Right? So as I said, there, five. The first two relate to Atlas. Okay, the first to relate to sincerity for those of you that are tuning in, and it's always good to repeat, we're talking about the five requirements of a Nia Saba a truthful intention. The first two are worthless have to do with sincerity, the first one

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is and to quantify the certainty which Allah but it's only done for a lot, no one else. The second one is that it's only done for the reward of the hereafter and nothing else. Okay, the third one, not giving up so easily. It'll cost a lot azima and him a plus Li zema. And him memory refers to the determination that you have the effort that you put behind that intention, at what point do you give up on that good intention? Okay. Someone says, You know, I have the Nia to, to go to, to hedge, you know, and right away, right away, as soon as as soon as something breaks out. Oh, nevermind, forget about how much.

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You know, your work tells you, you're gonna have two weeks where you can do that, Oh, well, it is what it is, right? Someone who says, You know, I know I want to pray Juma every week, you know, I want to pray to Him every week you get a new job. boss says you got to be there Friday. I'm not even gonna try. I'm not going to talk to my employer. I'm not going to try to do everything I possibly can to get that break for tomorrow. But you know, well, you know, I had the knee. I had the intention, I was gonna do it. But then something got in the way. Right? At what point do you say oh, well, when you make that good intention. Okay. So I was gonna give Silva I was gonna volunteer for

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this thing. Oops, something else came up, you know, at what point do you give up on it? Okay, so this is a really important part of a Nia saw the club, the truthful intention, which is you are really going to try to fulfill that intention. Okay, you're not now at what point is trying too much. The point that you stop is when the effort actually becomes harmful to you or someone else. Okay. So you know, I have you know, I'm not I'm not telling you right now to say you know what, I have the Nia slide the the true intention to go pray so often Juma? I'm going to go bust the doors down. You know, go pull the security guard down and be like, you're praying Jamal, with me right

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now. You know, I'm not talking about that. There's a reason why we have the restrictions that we have in place right now. What I'm talking about, is that you you know, when you make a sincere intention, you do everything you possibly can to see that that sincere intention is fulfilled, inshallah tada in any way possible, so long as you don't cross the boundary of harm to yourself or to someone else. The fourth thing, and this is so important to everyone that's quarantined right now to everything that we're going through right now, the fourth thing is doing the next best thing. Doing the next best thing is a testimony to the truthfulness of intention. So when the companions

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the poor companions, you know, complain to the prophets lie some that we don't have the ability to give charity like the rich companions, the Prophet slicin himself hasn't given you something to give Sabbath or with, like, hasn't given you an avenue of charity as well. So your test beer your Suppan, Allah as a solo player, as a Saba to charity, your line Allah as a charity, the profit slice of them said to justly reconcile between two people as a charity to help a person on the riding animal is a charity to lift their luggage is a charity. a kind word is a charity every step towards the mustard is a charity removing something harmful from the road is a charity to assemble. cahuachi Elite Silva

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to smile in the face of your brother is a charity. So don't you have something to give charity with right now? You know, don't you know? Are you are you doing the next best thing or not? Okay, are you doing the next best thing or not? So if you can't smile at someone in person because of social distancing, you can smile at them through FaceTime. Okay?

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If you can't, if you can't spend money, you can spend time. All right? Every single person has the next best thing. What's the next best thing when something gets in the way of your intention with your action? What this means for Juma for Friday, it's Friday and you can't pray tomorrow, but are you doing Salawat meaning and when I say soulive, sending Peace and blessings on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the night and day of Friday are the best day of Salawat are you reading certain calf? Okay, the prophet sighs Antonis to read through the calf every single Friday. The Prophet sighs I mentioned the last hour of the day of

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Friday. So between Asa and muffet of that it's a time of day or at a time of supplication Are you are you giving up on Friday all together because you can't pray Juma in the messages. So the next best thing is extremely important here. You know, in proving that you have a truthful intention with the last panel data number five, and the last one, forgive me this one might bite a little bit. But calling out to Allah and committing yourself to do the action when the opportunity presents itself, I'm going to say that again. Calling out to a lot and intending to do the action once the opportunity presents itself again.

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Let me talk about this for a bit and shot and I'll go ahead and I'll conclude when Allah says Mina Mina return on sada boo nada de la la, that from those believers are men, of course, by extension men and women that are truthful to the promise that they make to Allah subhana wa tada covenants that they make with their Lord, they make these promises to Allah, that should this happen, I will do this. If this opportunity presents itself, I will certainly be amongst the first to do this. Okay, minimum man called Ananda woman, woman, young woman, but the route of de la some of them actually have the opportunity where, you know, their intentions are put to test, they say that when

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things get better, I'm going to do this, when I get this, I'm going to do that. Or when this happens, I'm going to do that. So they make these promises to Allah, these commitments to Allah, that as the as the circumstances open up, okay, I'm going to do something different and make these promises to a loss of time, I will do this action and allows us some of them have the opportunity to fulfill that meaning for some people, the circumstances do change in a way that they have the opportunity to do that action. For some people. A time comes where, you know, they have the wealth that they said that if Allah gave me this wealth, I'm going to do this, they have the time if Allah

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gave me this time, I'm gonna do this for law gave me this opportunity. I'm gonna do this. And some people never get that opportunity. But the point is one that the dealer they never lost resolve with their intention, meaning that sincere intention always remained no matter what. Okay? So, what does this mean for us? If Allah sees a Nia to sada, a truthful intention, Allah is too generous, to let that go to waste without giving you the full reward altogether. A lot is far too generous, to let that go to waste. If Allah sees that you're sincere and truthful, and your intention, that if the circumstances were different, you would do this, Allah will reward that fully because Allah subhanaw

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taala is the most generous of those who who show generosity. But we have to make sure that that these promises that we're making to a lot of these commitments to Allah have some weight to them. Okay. So right now, if you're saying, you know, I missed out on the messages when it was open.

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As soon as the message opens up for me again, I'm going to be amongst those that go to this many times a week, I'm going to make sure that I don't necessarily anymore.

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You know, I used to go late to Juma and I miss john. As soon as the masjid opens back up, I'm going to go early to Sultan Juma. Alright, if you have the intention to go to Oman, or maybe Hajj. Okay. We have stories from the pious predecessors, stories from the center of people who went to hedge in the hundreds of 1000s and a lot did not accept any of their hedge, but a lot accepted the hedge of a person who had a sincere intention but wasn't able to make it. And because of the sincere intention of that person that wasn't able to make it a lot accepted all of the Hajj or all of the all of the the pilgrimage, the hedge of everyone that made it that year that actually physically was present

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because of someone that actually wasn't physically present.

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Think about this for a moment. Okay, so if that's the case, that if we have these stories from the likes of Abdullah MOBOTIX, or haemagglutinin, the person who's had just accepted and the only person whose house is accepted as the one who actually didn't get there. You think a lot needs us to be in touch, right. If a person

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is sincere in their own lawn and their hash and their intentions. And they really mean it like, yeah, Allah, I'm going to do everything I possibly can to make it there. And you're not able to actually physically go, you think Allah, the Most Merciful, the most generous is not going to accept that. So, you know, it's really important for you here, and for me here to make these promises to Allah. But to really be serious about these promises, yeah, Allah when things open up, I'm going to do this. And should things be this way, I'm going to change this about myself. And the last message that I want to give here is Do not delay your repentance. Do not delay your Toba Don't delay your

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repentance. Some of us in fact, all of us are living very comfortably with certain sins in our lives that we've just accepted as a part of us. And we have these, you know, these marks in our lives. Okay, so I was just talking to someone that was that was intending to go to Hajj and then had to pull out and they and they happen to work in a home business, okay? Meaning they sell alcohol, alright. And he said, that if I you know, what I was intending to do was I was intending to go to Hajj. And then once I got back from hydro is going to shut my business right now a lot, you know, is shutting his business down for him.

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Why did you have to wait till hatch? Why did you have to wait till hatch? Right? So that brother that was thinking about, you know, I'm going to do this differently Once this happens.

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You know, I had a sister that was telling me that I was planning to do this, but after my wedding, okay, she had made the intention that she wanted to wear hijab and she says, I'm gonna start wearing and after she committed to it, she already had this intention. She said, You know, I want to do this. But so after my wedding right now, her wedding got called off somehow, if you have a devotion that you that you plan to Allah, if you have a sin that you plan to quit, if you had a good deed that you plan to undertake, if you had something that you wanted to pursue, don't wait, right, this is those things are not circumstantial. It is about us thinking about.

00:32:10--> 00:32:49

Now, you know, so, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala accept our sincere intentions, that he makes them truthful that he forgives us for our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us when our intentions are insincere or not truthful? May Allah give us the full reward of our intentions and our actions and these limiting circumstances may Allah allow us to be sincere about what we're going to do, once these circumstances actually are lifted from us and May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be prepared for the inevitable circumstance of death and the inevitable circumstance of meeting him. May Allah allow us to do good with the opportunities that he's provided to us may a lot not

00:32:49--> 00:33:26

make us amongst those that are paralyzed by our circumstances, but instead that are empowered to do the good that other people might not be doing may allow some parents that allow us to lead the way and higher in our personal and our communal obligations in these times May Allah subhanaw taala be generous and be merciful with us may last 100 Towner protect those that were already vulnerable from being more vulnerable. May Allah Subhana town allow those who pass away due to this from our brothers and sisters wherever they may be to be granted Shahada May Allah comfort their families, all of those people who can't do a proper janazah for their loved ones may have lost some parents

00:33:26--> 00:34:06

are allowed the angels to replace those people in those Genesis in those funerals may loss of hundreds allow us to pass this test with flying colors and loss of Hannah Montana allow us to pass this test with a full reward. And join us with the profit slice alum. Give us that reward that kashia was guaranteed by the prophet slice lm May Allah give us that full reward? May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to develop a closer tie to him. And these days first and foremost, and May Allah subhanaw intown allow us to develop our relationships with the people that we may have been neglecting throughout this time may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be protected from the sins

00:34:07--> 00:34:42

that come to us in our times of idleness. May Allah subhanaw taala replace our fears of the uncertain with our certain knowledge and his power and his capability and his ability and his full power over this universe. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the best of this life and the best of the year after a llama amin inshallah Tada. I'll see you all tonight in fact at 9pm Eastern sha Allah and next week, Friday at the same time until a loss of 100 Tyler allows us back into his homes may last time allow that to be sooner rather than later, which is Aquila Hayden was sent back into one