FaceBook-Twitter Message for March 7th 2014

Omar Suleiman


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The speaker discusses the upcoming expansion of the Umrd's Dallas location, including plans to build a new facility and encourage people to contribute to the project through Facebook and Twitter. They also mention a new facility in cooperation with Xochimilco.org. The segment ends with a mention of a "raszen itch" message on Facebook and a welcome to live it again.

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So now I want to come back into labor to counsel the brothers and sisters on Facebook and Twitter, and Hamdulillah. You know, everyone wants to move to Dallas everybody knows about Dallas. Everyone knows about the great things that are going on here, particularly here in Valley Ranch Islamic center. hamdulillah we're doing some amazing things. We're truly trying to establish a masjid that can be a model for massages all over the world inshallah. Many of you are connected to this message. It's through all of the live streams every single night, you've got the hot dogs every Friday, you've got the jalapenos, Wednesday, you got the Halacha so many of you have benefited tremendously

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from this Masjid. Already, what we're doing is we want you all reaching out to you through Facebook and Twitter and sha Allah to add it to please contribute to this project in sha so we can keep this project going in sha Allah, we can continue to do great things. We're moving into a new facility in sha Allah, we're trying to build a new facility. With that we'll have new activities in sha Allah and new things to benefit the Ummah worldwide bitten the lights are on so please do consider donating to this beautiful project inshallah you can go to Valley Ranch masjid.org inshallah that's Valley Ranch. masjid.org Click on the link donate make to Xochimilco Hi Ron was Santa Monica,

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welcome to live it again.