When You Find The Truth

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When You Find The Truth What Are You Willing To Do For It

From the series “Through The Fire – The Journey Of Salman The Persian”

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When you find the truth, what are you willing to do for it, the Muslim Institute presents q&a with almost Solomon. Many times when we are convinced about something intellectually, and we find what we should be doing, and the path that we know that a las panatela wants us to take, all of these obstacles suddenly start to pop up. Either it's the the person that's giving us the religion is not living up to the expectations we had of them, or its society or its family, or its geography, whatever it may be. many obstacles pop up difficulties in our own lives that would stop us from actually going forth with that journey. When you look at Selma and Pharisees all the time, who you

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have a man that went through every single hoop of fire that's imaginable in order to arrive at the truth. There are so many things that happened to him on his journey, that would have stopped most people on the first or second obstacle, but still modeled the law and who continued and continued and continued for decades until he found the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and realize that ultimate truth that he was looking for. Now, when you look at the story of sentimental the Allahu usually you read this Hadith, which is very powerful about him going to different cities in order to find the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But what type of religion that he belonged to? What was the

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Christianity like in Persia that he initially subscribed to? What was this Christianity that he was finding in different parts of the world that was disappearing? What was going on with the Roman and Persian Empire at the time? And then finally, at the very personal level, what are some of the lessons we can take from set amount of the allotted time on Whoa, and not being deterred? When we face similar obstacles to the truth, I want you all to join me in sha Allah to Allah for this L night which is very special, where we will go through the story of some of the Allahu anhu in a way that will make it deeply personal. And hopefully you too in your own journey, we'll learn how to

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continue forward no matter what the obstacles are.