Christianity Salman Alfarsi Experimented With

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What Kind Of Christianity Was Salman Alfarsi Experimenting With? explained by Omar Suleiman

From the series “Through The Fire – The Journey Of Salman The Persian”

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What are the types of Christianity that sin mountain fantasy was experimenting with? The Muslim Institute presents QA with almost Suleyman, what we see in the life of sentimental the a lot of time I know and really up until the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that Christianity was working through many issues of standardization. So they were trying to standardize the Gospels, they were trying to standardize a creed. And in the process, you had many of these breakoff groups that were really geographically and theologically becoming more and more distant from the Central Church. So so not only a lot of time, who was experimenting with a very particular type of Christianity, and there is

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historical documentation of what types of churches there were in the cities that are mentioned in the hadith of sentimental the law of time. And that's actually, for me was the most exciting part of the research of this class, was actually finding the perfect correlation between the Hadeeth of submodel the law of time, and the Christianity that was in those cities that matched with the toe Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in his call