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The representative is discussing a year of knowledge self-paced learning program for students. The program is designed to teach the authentic traditional books in Islam and is in English. The program is designed to suit working and working mothers and is not designed to waste time. The student will learn the advice to themselves and become more productive.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I am so grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. To share this amazing news with you all, very soon, we are going to be opening the registration for the year of knowledge self paced program.

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What Every Muslim woman should know about Islam.

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We all agree that time sometimes is really an issue for us to do a full time program. So one of the feedbacks we get from the students is, can we have a program where we can do it on our paste, and that hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. That's what we are going to be launching year of knowledge self paced, meaning you have the same five subjects that we taught the full time students, however, you will do it on your own pace. What we are teaching is the authentic traditional books in the traditional way. It is all recorded and edited. So the student can learn, according to the paste, learn the five subjects that Allah subhanaw taala wants you and me to learn. What do we believe in

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to Arpita creed? How do I practice? So that's fit?

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And we teach through the toolkit, we cover the four school of thoughts, then, what about my heart? What does Allah wants from me? So we teach tusky? What about Torah, Swati salatu salam, so we actually teach The Commentary on the 14th Hadith. And then what about the Quran, and in the first year, we want you to get familiar with the book of Allah, and that is Illumina. So the program designed to suit the woman, whether you are a woman who a mother staying home, or you are a working mom, or you're working sister or your student, or you are somebody who has the time or just don't know where to start. What is special about this program, not only it is according to your self

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paced, but it is in English all however we teach the traditional books. So it's absolutely all the books that is taught in the well known institutes in Arabi, a lot out of his generosity, these books are actually translated, and we teach the translation and also we read especially the verses or the Hadith, read it in Arabic, the whole purpose of it is according to have paste. So it's not going to be I can't because I don't have that much time. Well, can you have little bit of a time and it will take you longer, but you are learning the advice May Allah subhanaw taala Make me worthy of giving advice to everybody is the following is don't waste any opportunity to learn and to learn for the

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sake of Allah so you can become familiar, the Muslim woman you want to be and Allah wants you to join us check the details on our website. I would love to see you part of this program

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they go home on sunnah

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