Muhammad Al Bizry – Could Muhammad Have Authored the Qur’aan; Stages of Revelation

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad Ali's actions have caused harm to the public's reputation and reputation, including slander and apologizing for mistakes. The importance of correcting behavior and apologizing for mistakes is emphasized, as well as the use of negative language and false words to assert one's own claim. Personal emotions and their impact on behavior are also discussed, including discovery of personal emotions and the discovery of the Quran.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he will be here, woman winner. So the objectives of this lesson, we're going to look at two main things, how to refute those who say that the Prophet Mohammed authored the Quran, that's in your notes, they asked, could Mohammed have authored it. And the second thing we're going to look at is the beginning of lesson for the descent and the sending down of the Quran and its stages. Those are the two things we're going to look at.

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So go to page 19, from your notes, where it says, couldn't Mohammed have authored the clan, you're gonna hear this claim a lot, before I going to accuse aucilla of authoring the Quran, that's actually a compliment. They're giving you more credit than he deserves, because these are the words of Allah azza wa jal. Now, there are many ways you can refuse such claims. Give me one of the my brothers.

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I sent he was illiterate, he could not read and write his own name. He couldn't read yet. He could read into situations better than you and I, he couldn't write. Yet he comes with a book that is memorized by millions read by billions.

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And this books of patent law is the greatest book on the face of the planet. We challenge anyone, anywhere, to bring a book that is read by over 1.8 billion people around the world on a daily basis five times a day. Show me any book, show me any book on the face of the planet today that is memorized by millions of people around the world, from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds who don't even hold the Arabic language as the mother tongue. Now the book, that's why you find the scriptures of other religions. They're lost. They're not implemented in people's lives anymore. They don't even memorize them. They don't even read them. In fact, there are memorize them,

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they don't even read them. So that point, the prophet Mohammed couldn't even read and write, he couldn't read or write and this is something that even non Muslim historians testify to good.

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So in refuting those who say Rasul Allah authored the Quran.

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So number one, the prophet was illiterate.

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Yet the Quran as we've taken in Hadith, and the sadhana comes with explicit details are correct comes with explicit details on embryonic development. Yet How did you come with these facts? Another way you can refute them. How?

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How can you refute those you claim the Prophet authored the Quran?

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Yeah, the poet's and the most linguistic and eloquent of Arabs could not produce something like it. Good.

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And the Prophet Mohammed was not known to be a poet, but he came with something which out did all of their works.

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Now in your notes, it goes on to mention some of the ways you can refute such people who claim the Prophet Mohammed invented the Quran. The first it goes on to mention

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the pause of Revelation.

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When the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam first received the initial revelation of eclub, Islamic Allah the holochain, which surah

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Allah good. He, of course, went home to his family went home to his wife scared, but when he's when his heart settled down, he was longing for more, and would quickly spread that he had received these revelations. So the people began to mock the profiles were too slim, they began to insult him, they get Where are your revelations? Where are they now your devil has forsaken you? Your Lord has left you. So Allah azza wa jal revealed which Surah Taha malwa dakara buka they said, his Lord has abandoned him, no matter what doc or book, your Lord has not abandoned you. What that is so dear when you say farewell. That's what the in a boy that's what that was. I know he didn't fare well. He

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didn't bid him farewell. Now, if he had authored the Quran, the prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam would have come with his own revelation his own eyad Why would you subject yourself to the ridicule mockery of others, though mocking him saying, oh, he's got nothing. He would have easily said, No, no, wait, I just received revelation. You're going to the hellfire. How do you like that one? Okay. He could have done that. But no, he didn't because the revelation is not from him. It's from Allah azza wa jal in Who else do you have? So that's the first way mentioned in your notes and how you can refute such claims. The second point in notes goes on to mention the slander of eyeshadow. The Lada,

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like I said, is all in your notes so you don't have to write anything down but what I'm doing on the board for you is just putting them into easy categories for you to remember inshallah.

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inshallah delana. The sweetheart and the beloved wife of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam was slandered What did they say about her

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monasticon said she committed Zina rosabella

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just like the present day one African, who are a

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little worse than the Shia. They say the same thing. They say I showed the wife of Rasulullah committed fornication in Zina. How is that? So? by insulting her, You are insulting rasulillah that's his wife. That's his family. That's his integrity and honor. Someone curses your wife, someone insults your wife, they're insulting you. You wouldn't tolerate it.

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And he was waiting for Allah azza wa jal to send it out about the situation to declare her innocence. He was waiting and waiting days on end filled with grief, worry and anxiety. If he had common ortho could add, what would he have done? He would have brought his own if he would have declared your innocence A long time ago. But what was he waiting, showing us the coriana not his words, showing us this could add is not from him on his sled to slip. He was waiting. And as we said, why would you subject yourself to the mockery and ridicule of others? No one likes to be mocked. No one. You just get one. accusation insults thrown your way. Well, I turned your whole week

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upside down. You got to kosala more Liverpool, Westfield, someone goes Are you Muslim terrorists. Muslims come back, you know, hurts you. You got back in until others and it just you're thinking about it for the whole day. Imagine walking into work one day.

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As soon as you walk into the office, people start throwing rubbish at you calling you names mocking you laughing ridiculing you. You're not gonna walk in the next day with a smile on your dial, give me more. It's hard. But Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would come into his day job which was our day in and day out with a smile on his face. It's upon Allah. And the mockery that he was subjected to, was in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal mentioned what they were saying in the Quran.

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For him and he sort of slumped to even recites that stuff, he'd be reciting these ayat, that is not much known. He's not crazy. That is not to say, hey, there's not a magician, there is not again, it's not as to say, he is reciting them, reminding himself of what they are saying, and that's tough. And he knows that the oma is going to recite them up until the day of judgment. If it was his words, you wouldn't he wouldn't have put them there. But it's not it's a word of Allah as a wizard, because you don't like other people to know what you don't like the community and others to know what other people are calling you. The mockery and insults you like to keep it to yourself. Usually

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you don't want everyone else to find out. So this slander by Isha, when word was spreading, of course, you can imagine being in a situation would you like people to talk about the integrity and honor of your wife and the community? No, no way you don't like that? But it shows us it's not from him. It's from Allah azza wa jal, and Alhamdulillah Allah azza wa jal declared to innocent in the north, he declared innocent from such vile disgusting actions.

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Allah azza wa jal has honored the woman in this lab. There is an entire sutra named after women with Sora. Certainly said number four, you don't have sort of the original, the sort of the men, the status of women is high. Therefore the honor is also something which should not be tarnished. The Honorable muslimah is extremely sensitive and precious, extremely valuable. That's why Allah azza wa jal made it a crime to slander, chaste, believing women, the one who does so without proof and evidence. What's the recompense? What's the punishment? It lashes. If we have an Islamic State, the heart the fixed punishment is 80 lashes for accusing a chaste woman. So who are the people who

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accuse Russia today?

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Who are those accusations in a today, the role of the Shia and every single year on Ashura, they are carrying out the prescribed punishment with their own hands on themselves up until the Day of Judgment by lashing themselves. So patola I just recompense because they are using Ayesha. Then now Alhamdulillah they actually carrying out the prescribed punishment on themselves with their own hands gonna keep on doing it, so they keep on doing it.

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So the slander of Ayesha is no doubt a very strong proof that our sulla did not alter the Quran. And finally, in your notes,

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it mentions

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that there are many I add that admonish the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and correct his behavior, correct something he may have done wrong.

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Now you're not going to say criticize, but I don't like that would criticize Kane is more denoting harshness, whereas admonish is to correct and teach. It can be harsh, but it can not be. So there are many I did not put an Eliza which is admonishing the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam.

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Give me an example of Eliza just correcting Rasulullah admonishing Abba Sato. Well, I'm sure we all know this. What happened to the Prophet Allah sorts of slum who was once giving Dawa to the leaders of Quraysh and of course, he was

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agar for them to accept Islam because if they accept Islam what happens?

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Many people do after them many people follow suit because they are the leaders. She was eager to give them down who comes along. Abdullah ignore makhdum he was so happy that happened to be blind. So he comes to the profile is slim and interrupting sort of pseudo law. Friends I besides Roberts is found with the eyebrow like that Not with the mouth. Ibiza, he found whatever and he turned away and a hula because the blind man came and Allah azza wa jal correct in one way you did Eagle Allah Allah who will make you know that this Kaffir will become purified. So mmm and Jessica. Yes. Hi. Well, hello yaksha Santa ano de la The one who came to you. Yes are rushing striving? Well who is Allah to

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him? You a hatless Gala. Don't do the Euro Sala Look at the beautiful wording of the Quran. Allah tala says Ibiza what Allah Hey friend he turned away it in third person. It's not our best jasola WHAT A while later, and it's not you did it? you frown you turn away. No, it is a Hey Fred, whatever he turned away, third person will lie. This is a lesson in manners and how we should correct others. Unfortunately, when someone does a mistake today, what do they do?

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For the harm? they expose him? Yeah, they expose them they kill their life. Literally destroy them in front of everyone. No, let's be private educators, non public terminators, people, they just kill their life when a person doesn't say Oh, look at this guy. Put him on shore in front of all the boys. Another example would be Yeah, you had Navy, Alaska, which is talking to the Prophet Lima 200 remote man halala hulak Tabitha the metadata is magic. Oh, Prophet noticed a lot as we just did not say Oh, Muhammad, Allah never said yeah, Mohammed in the Quran. It's always Yeah, you have nebby Yeah, you have Rasul also teaching us the manners and how we should address the Prophet Elisa to

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slip Lima to have the moment hamdulillah hulak. Why do you make how, what Allah is made Helen. This is a story when once he was with his wives, and because they complained of this type of the smell of this honey that he was eating. Then he said that is it I'm not going to eat this honey anymore. So Allah tala said what do you make that which is halal haram on yourself. So Allah azza wa jal is now correcting him here. And also Yeah, even Avi, Allah, what did he say? He addressed him in a respectable manner. Oh prophet or messenger, that's respectable, then he corrected him. So these are all methods of teaching my brothers these are teaching methods and how we should correct other

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people in the dome mistake. In other words, before you correct someone, say to that brother, for example, not I say dawn, and nine an idiot, come over here. Now rather use nice words respectable terms, and say yes Habiba lovey for the sake of Allah and forgive them first, and then you actually correct them. That's what Lazarus is teaching us.

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Now, when Abdullah IGNOU Al Maktoum came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Yes, he was blind, but could he he?

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Could Abdullah Ibn Al Maktoum is still here? he could. He could still hear us speaking. So who was the one who acted inappropriately first was Ross Hello, Abdullah.

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Abdullah Sahabi rhodiola Anwar da ba he could still hear the profile as with some speaking, he still decides to come and interrupt. Therefore it's not the Prophet Allah sort of stems fold and Rasulullah founder turned away But this man was blind could he say that? No Solo Solo did not hurt his feelings. So as you can see, the situation isn't as bad as many people think. But this is a situation where the Prophet Allah is with Sam was being corrected by a large region. And if the words of the Quran were the words of the Prophet, why would you include such as you are being admonished and corrected? in fear of losing followers? And impost? The Prophet wants as many

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followers as possible, like people to another one many followers on Facebook as possible. many followers on Twitter, if you're a fake, you're an imposter. You just want the fans you want as many people as possible, but also law No, it wasn't like that. Therefore, these two were there, even though it could be risking his followers, risking people doubting But no, because either the words of Alaska virgin, not him.

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But there are other examples, for example, the Battle of Reddit, when the Prophet Allah He sought to slam he ran from the US law. He ran from the prisoners of war. And this is now doesn't mean that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam made a mistake in the city I know. This is what is called Turku Ola.

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He left that which is more appropriate. For example, between that in the economy, what should you do

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if a person is ready to put an as a harem

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No, but they should be performing something better. That's the example of telecoil Ola. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam didn't make a mistake in the Sharia, where he ransomed off the prisoners of war after the battle, but rather he just left that which was more appropriate. That's why a lot of jail is teaching him when he revealed us is after the Battle of better, where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, ransom the arsenal of the captives. But it doesn't mean he seemed rushed to understand that when I was correcting the Prophet doesn't mean he's sinning. We explained, the ayah was still living. What does that mean?

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Does it mean ask a lot to forgive you of your sin. Zambia, we said, comes from the word Deneb. What's the

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title? What does an animal do with his tail when it's embarrassed and ashamed?

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talks in between his legs. So that's what them is. It's something you're embarrassed of. It can be a sin. But with Rasul Allah was it was something he was shy of something embarrassed of, but it doesn't mean a sin. Because the standards of Rasulullah are much higher. For example, if I came in today and taught you and I was wearing tracksuit pants and a jumper, you think you're going to come and teach us we're going to go and play some soccer? You're gonna do some sport. Would that be appropriate for me to come and teach you with wearing tracksuit pants and a jumper? It's not appropriate is it for a teacher? But is it haram to wear? No. But for me to come in like that it's

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not appropriate, so that it's not a sin, but it's not appropriate.

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So those are many ways you can refute those who claim the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or the Quran, so let's quickly go over them. Number one, he was illiterate, couldn't read and write even by non Muslim historians will testify to that pose a revelation. What does that mean?

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Revelation stuff that went up and

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correct. People mocked him made fun of him. They said he's devil as a man in him his Lord has abandoned him. So if it was his words, what would he have done?

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He would have come with his own as but he didn't. He waited patiently. Good Sandra Vijaya What happened?

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And before law, the prove to innocent

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there's a period of time where you're subject to too much grief and anxiety. Therefore, it's not his words. Otherwise you would have come with a an immediately declaring you're innocent. No one wants this spouse to be accused of Zina.

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If you have the chance to declare them innocent. now or later, you choose now. So that shows you that it's not his words and admonishing us Allah.

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We said Abba satola also

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the first as sort of the dream,

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limiter, Halima halala, hulak also the is regarding the Battle of Reddit and other if nom

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nom yeah good I sent a try will love this very good point okay for the so many other examples that you can show that Osceola did not offer the grant like that. And when you read Hadith and you read Quran especially knows you know Arabic can see a huge difference between Hadith and Quran. Anyone who studied Arabic grammar and narrow and soften Bulava can see a big difference between Quran and Hadith big difference. Even the push through courage could tell the difference. Therefore the heart if you can talk through some of those words, the Quran is totally different, totally different. It's on different ozanne altogether those who study Arabic will know.

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Also, he was subjected to much persecution, torture, mockery, insult assassination attempts, has said envy, witchcraft, all this cast on him. Yet you don't find in the Quran, his personal emotions and feelings coming up. When you feeling angered, it's going to come out in your speech, right? Have you ever sent a text message or an email or you're angry? Ha ha, try reading it the next day? What did I write? You can really be expressive when you're angry and upset. But you don't find those personal emotions coming as though it's coming from a person when those events would occur. I'm going to demolish Quraysh what they did to my profit. And then I don't have that I'm going to wreak

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vengeance because of what they did to euro sola. And you don't have that. So there's so many examples, but we're not going to go into all of that now. So we've taken now

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how can you refute those who say Rasul north of the Quran? So let's look at the descent of the Quran and that is on the next page, listen for the descent and revelation of the Quran.

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The Quran that we have in opposition now the most have on your table, in your phone, etc. How did it come down? How did it come about? We're going to discuss that and more in further detail. But firstly, we're going to look at the stages of revelation

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stages and descent of the Quran.

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In other words,

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How was it sent down? That's what we're going to look at now.

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There were three stages.

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The first stage, it was with Allah azza wa jal in a low unmuffled. What's that mean?

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The preserved tablet at the first stage, the Klan was with Allah

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in the preserve tablet, along with everything that would recur from the beginning of time up until the day of judgment. When Allah azza wa jal created the pen he said right, I said what shall I write is everything that will occur up until the day of judgment that is all recorded in Alabama fourth you may ask him what does it look like? And I'll say I don't know never seen a solar engine they use it

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he said but what information in a tablet Yes, it's possible just like today you can have so much information and data stored on a small USB

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microphone trip you can have that therefore now don't quote me and say Mohammed busy said the tablet is USB No. And then I say that but just as you can imagine a lot of information on a small piece of data small USB likewise, with a larger anything is possible. All this information is in a lot on my fourth manga is the Quran

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then the Quran was sent down.

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This is where many people get confused. When was the Quran symptom?

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in Ramadan, we know that what's the proof?

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shadow Ramadan, Allah the own Zilla for

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the month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the Quran is centered on another area would be

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in Angela houfy Laila till further we sent it down in a little cottage. Let's call this Ramadan. That's correct. It was sent on Ramadan, but someone will say But wait a minute, there were some areas that were revealed and sit down outside of Ramadan. Is that true? Sure is. How do you reconcile

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the Quran was revealed in one hit one night in Ramadan to the lowest heaven in vitalizer. So it was with a lot of agenda in the preserve tablet. And then it was all sent down stage to

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to the lowest heaven in a house called beta laser. And like I said, Don't ask me about how look, never visited this house. But it's called beta, the honored house, it's in the heavens. So it all came down in one hit.

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And like I said, these are all in your notes as well.

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So it was revealed it was sent down to beta aza which is translated as the haunted house.

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That happened when

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in Ramadan, and in specific on letter to Qatar.

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That's the second stage. And then from there in the heavens, in vitalizer. It was sent down gradually piecemeal, over a period of 23 years, meaning the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So there's no contradiction there. From there, it came down,

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piecemeal gradually,

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depending on the circumstance, depending on the situation, depending on when Allah wanted, he would send them paths gradually over 23 years, until all of the Quran was revealed.

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There is no contradiction. They both took place. Yes, the whole Quran was revealed in Ramadan, but after that it was sent down paceville.

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And it's great wisdom behind that which we're going to take in the upcoming lessons. But that is it. That's how we understand that the center of the Quran, you might ask Koster, I get it. Give me a worldly example very well. I want you to imagine a CEO in a company.

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He has been a

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general manager, a GM

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on Monday morning,

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single day of the week, he goes through with a big folder, he go, boom, puts it all on his desk, a huge folder with all of these files. He says to him, you need to distribute all of these files, all of these commands all of these issues to staff over the next 23 days. So he does.

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So it was all given to him on one day, the general manager, then over 23 days, this general manager has to distribute all of these orders all of these files to the staff. That's a worthy example that you can relate to. So likewise with liquid and of course, when Elaine refferal Allah to Allah azza wa jal belongs to the parables. So with Allah azza wa jal, it was sent down in one hit all of them How could an all of the add to the lowest heaven in beta on the night of other just as was one night there was one day here with the CEO manager parable and then

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From there it was sent gradually down to Rasul Allah to give to the oma in the sense of recited Ayah to the oma over 23 years

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yes okay so

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yeah, now let's try remember this everything with unseen knowledge is always based on the lead lets the author never speak about anything with a normal life unless you have the lead. Next time someone says you're not allowed to throw hot water out at night because that burns the devils or something like this or and then so where's the proof? unseen in all our light incense candles could it attracts the jinn Have you heard that?

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People say that so where's the proof? Anything to do with unseen you need proof that is it. So panicked alone or shadow and

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want to work

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