What are we doing to attract the Mercy of Allah

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Hello Malaysia Philippines. While early he was heavy human wala award.

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My dear brothers, one of our dear brothers sent me a quote from

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evening Kodama kalmak, DC, for Mr. Lightoller, one of the great scholars of Palestine, and of the summer,

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who, among his teachers were shahada, Casa de La Nina Talalay from all that.

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And even then Josie, and his most famous book is a book called alchemy, which is in 10 volumes and many other books in several volumes.

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said something very profound.

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And he said that a man

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who is floating on a blank in the middle of the ocean,

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you know, somebody who ship is sank who ships sank in a storm, and he is left with a verb. He's just floating in the middle of the ocean on a piece of wood. A man floating on a plank,

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in the middle of the ocean,

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is no more in need of the mercy and kindness of Allah subhanaw taala than somebody who is sitting in his house, surrounded by his wealth and his children.

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He said the man floating on the sea needs the mercy and the kindness and drama of others Rotella just as much as the man who's sitting, apparently secure in his house, surrounded by his family and surrounded by his West,

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that man is no more you need that this man they're both in equally in need of the mercy and kindness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So beautiful quote, because it teaches us the value and the importance of our Quran Allah

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and only the one who has tasted the Tawakkol of Allah subhanaw taala can actually give up material wealth.

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Giving up means both spending it in the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. And even more importantly, and which come before the spending is to take it out of out from his heart.

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There are many people who claim not to have any love for the dunya in their heart. But what we claim has no meaning has no value. What has value is what our actions show

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when the love for the dunya has no relation also and has nothing to do with how much wealth you have. Somebody can be very poor and be completely in love with a Dunya

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doesn't mean that if you are poor, that you do not love the dunya you are poor because of circumstances because you could not get enough dunya

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you can be poor and be in love with the dunya and you can be wealthy and have no love for the money.

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And vice versa you can be wealthy and have a lot of love for those.

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That one is usually the more the case

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where people have wealth and in the cling to that wealth.

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And they do not want to spend that in the path of Allah subhanaw taala

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so I remind myself and you to reflect on this and to see what we are doing to attract this mercy and kindness of Allah subhanaw taala

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or whether we are so feeling so secure

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in our homes and amongst our families that we feel that we don't really need Hola.

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No Muslim will actually say that. But once again, the actions speak louder than the words.

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So taco taco has Bab a shake Tawakkol on the ASVAB is Chef

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and the essence of Tawheed historical and Allah is to have faith and to have our call on Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla Jalla who alone

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and that's why I thought this quote of Nevada rato Lolly was so appropriate.

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And, of course he learned from the best of them.

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And his teachers are among those whose names we take with great honor and with great respect.

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And so he learned well and he taught well, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill his grave and the graves of his teachers and his students with with no, and to be pleased with them. And to enable us to learn these lessons. The lesson of the Oracle the lesson of seeking the pleasure and kindness of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And the way to do that is to make the seeker of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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To live a life of forgetfulness, a life where we do not remember Allah subhanaw taala, even for a second even for a minute,

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the best of zikr of Allah subhanaw taala is Salah.

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And therefore we increase our Salawat we increase our knife in the forest of course we pray, but increase of Nevada is a means of getting close to Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah subhanaw taala said, make such that and come close. So to Lucara

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Allah subhanaw taala said, he acts as the that come close

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and that's why we

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must do this increase the number of scheduled customer to sue

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also among the best ways of vicar of Allah subhanaw taala is still out to the Quran.

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And therefore make it a

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make it a habit, conscious habit, not an unconscious habit to read Quran every day

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and compare it have some sense of proportion because people read this you I read one Roku,

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one Roku is what one paragraph

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and then you say compare that to the amount of television you watched, compare that to the amount of whatever else you did, how much time did you spend in that

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ideally, you should not be spending any time at all in those things.

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Total Health total flux total,

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you know, moving away from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The best that can be said by about some of these things that is that design

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is often thought of Allah subhanaw taala. The best that can be said, for example, if you take

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the latest fad, which seems to have affected all the Muslims everywhere

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is the following of football. World Cup. So football fans, people where football, this is a supporters of this club and that club. And they wear those club logo shirts and so on with the Biot great cost. You have grabbed account manager for that money, believe me, you're going to account for the money you spend on an arsenal shirt

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or whatever which are the club's

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will say is an hour

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we will do account for that, that this is the money we spent on the shirt.

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And then we spend time watching those matches. Either. We spent a lot of money to go and watch it live and become part of the character insanity in a stadium screaming and yelling and shouting or a ball being kicked around in a field.

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Somebody sent me this morning a picture of

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one of the stands in a football match of people yelling and screaming and jumping up and out. And he said If only there was so much passion for something which was really worthwhile.

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He said I wish there was so much passion for something which was really worthwhile.

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How many people are yelling and screaming and jumping up and down and showing passion and passionate support for the fact that there are people who are dying of starvation.

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Showing passionate support for the fact that there are widows and women who have no support in this world.

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So in passionate support for what is happening in Philistines

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we don't see passionate support for that received passionate support for a ball being kicked around in a field.

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And Muslims have no shame in participating in that. And no shame in being part of their collective insanity and collective madness.

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Seriously, ask yourself this question What if at the end of that scream, you let out all your breaths in that scream yelling for your favorite football club or football star? And then Allah subhanaw taala decides not to send back that breath

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and you drop dead in the stands of

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a football match.

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Imagine that.

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And as I said the best that can be said about this. I'm not saying it is haram. That is for the Mufti to say.

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But the point is that it's not issue a fatwa, its issue of Taqwa. It's the issue of love of Allah subhanaw taala it's the issue of of doing this get to knifes and cleaning your your heart from all of this nonsense. And saying that how can I indulge in something which takes me away from the

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zinger of Allah subhanaw taala remember as a wellness manager

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And if somebody is going to tell me that the Muslims who are jumping up and down in a football match are also doing Zeger at the same time, I say I will say Alhamdulillah that we are surrounded by God Allah

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seriously seriously Let us ask ourselves this question What are we doing to attract the mercy and kindness of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he has kept us well, when he has kept us happy, we are not floating on a plank in the sea.

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We are sitting happily amongst our families, in the midst of our resources and wealth, what is it that we are doing to attract the Mercy of Allah? Because Allah subhanaw taala if he wants to wake us up, and if he wants to force us to worship him, Allah subhanaw taala can do that believing

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can do that. All it needs is one little flick.

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And you will be in in such then one second and you will not raise your head from that self then you will be weeping and crying. or Allah save me from this from this Ziva. Oh Allah save me from this problem.

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Allah can make you do that.

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Don't make Allah subhanaw taala force you into such the void to search the voluntary word to say that because you love Allah, going to search the shocker.

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Otherwise Allah will send you into a search our habit

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where you will scream and yell and weep tears because of the masiva that has descended on your head. Then you will remember Allah don't put yourself in that situation I remind myself and you let us not put ourselves in that situation. Ensure that we are in sujood before Allah, ensure that we live a life where we remember Allah subhanaw taala ensure that we live a life where we are constantly in Zulu, in shocker of Allah subhanaw taala as such there are literally as in putting your head on the ground and aside figuratively as in living a life which is completely in obedience to the outcome of Allah subhanho wa Taala and on the Sunnah of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, stay away from all these

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pursuits of collective insanity. Stay away from all these pursuits we take you away from the seeker of Allah. Fear Allah before you spend money on these nonsensical things,

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which only make other people rich. Fear Allah before you turn on your television and sit and watch all these matches, because that is what is called prime TV and make somebody else very rich because you are stupid enough to give away your life for nothing.

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Let us not live lives like sheep. Let us live lives as human beings Allah subhanaw taala did not make you and me a sheep, he made us human beings. So let us live like human beings let us not live like sheep. Every other sheep does the same thing we also do the same thing.

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Let us exercise the Judgment that Allah has given us

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and consciously choose to do what we do and ensure that when we make that choice, we make that choice only and only to please Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter who else it displeases, who cares about displeasing a bunch of sheep, who cares what sheep take anyway. Right forget about this trying to please sheep. Please Allah Subhana Allah Allah Jalla Jalla and the sheep will automatically be pleased with you. Not that it matters one way or the other anyway. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from doing anything will displeases Him, and to help us to live our lives thoughtfully, so that when we face him, we will not be ashamed

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to stand before him was Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was savage mine para hortica