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By earning he also can be women Wila so tonight in sha Allah Tala since we're about to go into the last two nights with the Lightoller as we have our icebreaker inshallah to Allah, meaning I want you to introduce yourself to the person next to you what I want you to do inshallah Tada as I want you to basically share your name make sure they hear your name loud and clear and requests from them a do app for them to make for you in the last 10 Nights inshallah Tada so go ahead

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all right

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so inshallah Tada now we can get back to it

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this is a trust now that

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each one of you has given to the other person in regards to the drive that they're going to make inshallah Tada so please don't forget the person that spoke to you and the day that they requested.

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I saw you guys have a lot to do.

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So long list,

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One thing I want to share with you all as Subhanallah today as

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we pray janazah on brother and when He is father may have lost parents have mercy upon him. Just this concept that you know, we really are blessed by Allah subhanaw taala to be going into these last two nights and of course we still haven't reached them. And we should be incredibly grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for having allowed us to live to see this month and then in the night Allah, the last two nights in particular where the greatest night of the year is concealed. Today as we pray Janessa on on brother monitors father it was Subhanallah is pretty surreal to think that you know, right before these last 10 Nights start, a man is going to his grave but Allah Subhana Allah

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blessed him to be able to pass away in this blessed month and this blessed time, And subhanAllah from an ailment as well which is the stomach ailment which is a means of Shahada. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept him as a Shaheed as a martyr, this Ramadan Allah I mean, you know, as we were listening to the Quran being recited, we were in certain number and then in social costs, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and SUTA Naml asks this question over and over and over again, Isla Houma Allah, is there a God besides Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is there anyone but Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah azza wa jal mentions the various things that he's done and the reasons why there

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could be no God but Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and he calls to witness his creation, he calls to witness the way that he's fashioned the heavens and the earth. He calls to witness the provisions that he's given to mankind and is that he's given to His creation. But somehow law one particular area amongst those is really stands out Allah subhanho Allah, Allah says, Emanuel Ji will matawa either way, actually for Sue, who is the one that responds to the caller when he's in need, and removes the harm, removes the harm from him. And Subhan Allah, you know, the other ayat that Allah subhanaw taala called to our attention are things that are visible to us meaning, there really is no

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arguing with the perfection of the creation of the heavens and the earth. But as far as who answers you, when you find yourself in vulnerability, and when you find yourself in need, then that's something that you really have to have faith and that's something that requires a level of certainty. That's something that requires a level of trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, but a monumental claim Rahim Allah to Allah he comments on this verse, and he comments on it in a very beautiful way. He says that most people go through this world trying to impress others and they'll use anything in the world to impress others And subhanAllah you know, they you know, some people

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will even stoop to using the religion to impress others that's why you have the entire warning of React right you know, react which is the hidden * that the Prophet slice and I mentioned showing off even without religion, ambition, and happy Rahim Allah to Allah, he said in a famous narration he said I'd rather a person pursue the dunya by means of being a singer rather than being an island for example why because the one that was a singer and of course he's referring to haram music the one that does it through that uses corrupt means to a corrupt and but to use noble means to a corrupt and is something that's that's very, that's very much so condemned.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly mentioned in the Quran in the messenger slice and I'm in the Sunnah, you know Mansons this concept of using the religion weighed on minimal saline Alladhina Hama Ancelotti, Ahimsa Han Allah the you know you were on our way of narrowing in the mountain when Allah mentions very early on in the Quran in regards to the revelation, a person that shows off with their prayer. The point is of Rahim, Allah to Allah says that people seek to impress, you go out there and you put a face on you go out there, and what determines, in many ways, you know the car that you're going to buy the house that you're going to buy, the clothes that you're going to wear, you know,

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the job that you're going to pursue, what what you know, one of the primary factors is what people are going to think about you and it's to varying degrees, depending on who you are. Right? Some people will make that the primary factor, some people will go into bankruptcy to have an amazing wedding just so that for one night, people can see mashallah, that was an amazing wedding. They would rather go into bankruptcy, make their children miserable, right? Do everything that's haram in the book, just to have that one mashallah that wedding was mind blowing. Right? So to some people, it becomes a it becomes an obsession. But if they'll claim Rahim, Allah to Allah said that this

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verse killed three out for him Subhanallah, this verse and Manuel Jeevan, Matata era that we actually for Su, he said, this was the verse that he found that killed react for him. Why? He said, Because if I managed to impress every single person in the world, and they said, if nilkamal Josie Rahim Allah which they do, and they praised him, and they spoke well of him, and they said, he's one of the most amazing scholars that's ever lived. And they said this about him and that about him. He said, What would that benefit me in my moment of vulnerability in this world? We're not even talking about the Ark and we're not even talking about the hereafter. It's not going to do me any good in

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this dunya. So it certainly won't do me any good and the hero who's going to answer you, let's say that you impress those people. Let's say that people say mashallah about you. Let's say that people think your house is amazing, your cars, amazing, your clothes are amazing. Your wedding was wonderful, the wedding of your children was wonderful. Where are they going to be when you're in your moments of vulnerability? Are they going to save you? Are they going to come to your aid? Or are they just going to let you go and go find another person to mashallah about right, they're not going to do anything for you. And so think about the hereafter. Those people that you are trying to

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impress that you spent your life trying to impress, masala slice and I'm says that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala would say and this is in Muslim Imam Ahmed, Hadith Bootsy very scary Hadith that Allah azza wa jal would say to his OB, is hobble Illa Latina contoura owner for dunya found zero helter gtuner in the home Jessa. Go find those people used to show off to in the dunya see if they have anything to give you today. See if they have any compensation for you today. See if they have any words of praise for you today. Where are those people? Nowhere. In fact, even when we go to our grave Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that as people are eulogizing us and

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people are saying mashallah, he was this and that, that the angels would poke that person and say a hacker The Quint. Were you really what they say you were? Were you really that great? Were you really that person of this loss and Masha Allah, or were you a hypocrite? It's a very scary thought. And even Acharya Rahim, Allah said that I killed reaffirm, it didn't matter to him anymore. Why? Because he came to realize that people will do you nothing. People will do nothing for you in this world or in certainly not in the Hereafter if you impress them. So instead, focus on impressing Allah subhanaw taala focus on calling Allah subhanaw taala. And when you're in your moment of

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vulnerability, that's the one who's going to respond to you in the first place, and Subhanallah we see in certain classes, if you notice there's a trend on certain courses. Musa alayhis salam gets in a situation and then what does he do? It makes do

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it's just a trend as we're going through the surah. Musa finds himself in trouble Ali Salam, and then he says Robbie, he says, Oh my Lord, he finds himself you know, in a, you know, he gets himself into trouble with killing that man, you know, and he calls upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he finds himself abandoned and you know, in a strange place, he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala. He finds himself being burdened by his people he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala. His mother finds herself in a vulnerable situation, Allah subhanaw taala comforts her. So Allah azza wa jal says, I'm Manuel de Bucha Mortara Ada, who's the one that responds to you in your moments of vulnerability and

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then Allah azza wa jal gives us the story of this incredible man, once again in the Quran as he as he does so frequently, this incredible human being who despite his strength, and his and his dignity, never

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refines himself to proud to call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that Allah azza wa jal will always make a way out for him. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us that same telecoil that same humility, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to direct our hearts towards him and to direct our longing towards him, and not towards the creation we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that that his sight becomes more beloved to us than the sight of people and we ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us when our good deeds are spoiled by Ria and to instead purify those deeds and accept them as if they were done with full sincerity and to grant us sincerity Allah Amin Zachman, la Hainault, salaam

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alaikum. Council