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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 7 – Al Anaam and Al A’raaf

June 12, 2016

Juz 8
Of the disbelievers Allah says, even if the angels came with the truth they will still disbelieve. Allah doesn’t force people into disbelief.
People who challenge you in your faith are there to strengthen you.
NO matter what we show to a person who is misguided, if they insist upon it they will not be guided.

Verse 116
If you were to follow the majority of those on they will misguide you. Allah is saying don’t follow the majority, they aren’t necessarily correct. Allah wants to strengthen the believers as they are a minority.
Allah will open the hearts of those Allah wishes to guide and those who insist upon misguidance, their hearts will be constricted. This is what happened to Umar Ibn Al Khattab. His heart opened to the deen of Islam. When Allah wishes good for the person h grants them guidance.

Verse 133
“And you Lord I free of need…. If Allah wills he can do away with you…”
Allah does not need us, he can easily replace us. We should be grateful for receiving guidance. We are privileged. Sacrifice at the time in Makkah in the early days of Islam was a form of Ibadah.
Allah reminds that HE (swt) is the possessor of Vast Mercy especially for those who still have not accepted Islam, so do not continue is disbelief.

Verse 161 – 163
“Say that My Lord has guided me to the straight path…”
Ibrahim (as) is mentioned again, who built the kaaba, that was built for One Allah. Remind them of that so they may stop using the kaaba to worship multiple gods.
“Prayer and sacrifice” – these two are equated. To mention Ibrahim is to insist upon monotheism. Everything is for Allah alone.
Suratul A’raaf
Suratul An’aam – establish the warnings
Suratul A’raaf – talks about the consequences for not heeding the warnings?
The first ten verses speak about the regret of the people once they have been punished.
They lament over their inability to follow guidance.

Verse 12
They turned away from guidance only because the messenger was not from their tribe. It wasn’t because they didn’t believe in the message or didn’t believe Islam was the guidance. They followed their ego. Just the same as shaytan said – “I am better than him.” The first racist in the world was Shaytaan – do not follow him!
Abu Jahal couldn’t accept it! The surah draws parallels with Shaytaan and the disbelievers of Makkah.
Shaytaan blames Allah for leading him astray but Allah has given us intelligence to choose between right and wrong.
Allah tells the story about Adam and Hawa eating from the tree and the deception of Shaytaan. But while Adam and Hawa (as) turned back to Allah, shaytan remained steadfast in his arrogance. Shaytaan lead them astray through ingratitude. This is the way Shaytaan gets to us all, beware of his deception.

Verse 27
“O children of Adam, don’t let shaytan…”
Don’t let shaytan deceive you the way he deceived your parents – Always turn back to Allah.
“All praise to Allah who guided us to this and we would not have been able to find guidance if not for Allah…” The believer is ALWAYS grateful!

Juz ends off with the conversations between people of hellfire and people of Jannah and their respective rewards.

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So now money comes from the library cards, everyone. So hamdulillah we are.

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I'll give you guys a minute to get on.

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And we'll just prepare inshallah, because I realized that I start too fast and I don't give anyone a chance to log on. So I'll give you guys a chance to get on.

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Okay, so first of all, Smilodon, Los Altos and Omarosa de la vida, le, he was like to be human Well, first of all, obviously, we missed yesterday because of the situation and again, I was just kind of too caught up with everything that's going on.

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So I do apologize. So basically, the way that

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the way we're actually going to structure today inshallah tada is that we'll go ahead and do just eight, and we'll do the live stream and then I'll take a 10 minute break inshallah tada after just eight. And then I'll start another live stream right away and challenge out of where we'll start on just nine. So today, we're actually going to cover to juice. But I do want to keep them as separate videos and sell lots out and just for the sake of storing them, and hopefully they can be used in the future, as well. So we left off with Joe's number seven with Su, N. And right now we move into juice eight, which is still within certain and around. And as we said this was revealed towards the

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end of towards the end of Mecca.

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So it's sort of now a warning to the people of Mecca and the last call to the people of Mecca while also tying in the madonie elements, the Medina elements that we that we've seen in the suitors that come before. So as we move on to this Jews in particular when it comes to sort of that and

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a loss of Hannah Montana stuff, so starts off at verse 111. a loss of hands, Allah says, Hello Amnon as an ETA one minute. What can lemma one Mota and even if we were to send upon them, the angels themselves and even if the if the dead that that have experienced what we're warning them of were to speak to them or to actually come back and speak to them, then Allah subhanho wa Taala says ma con with me, no, they would not believe in nothing a sha Allah, well, I can act alone Allah Spanish, Allah says they would not believe except that Allah subhana wa, tada wills, but most of them will remain in their ignorance. And so the idea here is that again, no matter what happens, whether an

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angel comes to you and speaks to you, if we were to show you the matters of the unseen, if we were to allow the dead to speak to you, you still would not be guided unless the last panel is Allah wills. Now the idea here is that in sha Allah, this is actually a prominent trends within this juice, the idea of a laws will, sort of in general, is a sort of, through which you could learn the entire creed, you know, really the the the arcada, and the theology of Islam is really contained within Switzerland. So this idea of the machine of a love the will of a loss of Hannah Montana, it's highlighted so frequently in the ads, I'm actually going to point out, I'm gonna stop you guys in

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Charlottetown, when we come across anything that mentions the will of God, and how that relates to predestination and our choices. And Chatelet because it's important to note that that trend in this surah in particular, so here last pelletize mentioning that even if all the proofs in the world were to come to them, they would not believe unless the last minutes out of wills. Now to say that a lot of times our forces people into this disbelief is wrong. Essentially what Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning is that they have turned away from Allah subhana wa tada all of his proofs, they've turned away from all of the messengers, the prophets that came before. So what makes you think that

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they're going to believe now, what makes you think that they're going to be able to see it now. And basically, a fella unlocks a person's heart, when a person turns that heart to allow when a person expresses willingness to be guided when a person unlocks their hearts with loss of data, then they're willing to believe in a loss of Hannah Montana, and they're willing to believe in the matters of the unseen even if they've never seen them before. So let's compare the beginning of the poor and basically, to this. The first idea of sort of Bekaa Valley, Kalki tavolara, Buffy houden, monoterpene, alladhina. Yamuna, like the first verse of the Quran, are those who believe in the

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unseen why because they believe that this is divine legislation. So they accept what Allah subhanaw taala reveals to them. So here now Allah subhanaw taala. After summarizing all of these rejections that came to the previous prophets, to Moses, to Jesus, to Abraham to David peace be upon them all, and the people of Mecca readjusting Mohammed rejecting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says, no matter what

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Saw they still would disbelief. Okay, no matter what Allah shows them they still disbelief, which shows you that it's a matter of the heart. It's a matter of taqwa. If a person is pious and if a person is paying attention to the instruction of their Lord and to the divine instruction that comes within the scriptures, then even if they see nothing they will believe. If a person has insisted on keeping their heart away from Allah, Allah will keep that heart locked. And Allah will seal their vision, no matter what they see if they were to see previous nations speaking to them, if they were to see angels, they would still reject divine truth. So this is sort of the trend now that we have

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the last printer I was going to mention throughout the eighth just the next verse, the last sanitizers will cover it because I'm not equaling it. And I do want to every profit there was an enemy that has been set up for that profits, shale clean and in see what a gin whether they are devils from the human beings or from the demons themselves from the jinn themselves. And these people, you know, are these sales team, they try to lead people astray from these profits. And a lot of times I says, When OSHA autoboca naffaa Alou further home when I have thrown and lost franchises and how Allah willed, they would not be able to do any of that the sale thing would not exist, they

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would not be able to tempt and lead astray. So leave them and leave their heresies. So again, the machine or the will of God has been mentioned here as well. So the wisdom of Allah subhana wa tada is being mentioned to these prophets and to the believers, that you will have adversaries, you will have people that will, that will challenge you in your faith and that's a means of keeping you stronger and keeping you upon the path. So right away in this just the first two verses Allah mentions his will, with both wisdoms, again, a lot does not prohibit a person from finding guidance. Allah does not stop a person from finding guidance that's willing to find guidance that's looking

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for guidance alone never leads a person astray, that seeking guidance. That's illustrated in certain facts. In US it often was helping guide us to the straight path. So why would we ask Allah for guidance if Allah is going to guide us in the way that he wants to guide us anyway, so it's a matter of how we respond to His guidance and based upon that, we ultimately go astray or we go towards the right path and we ask a lost contact to make us from those who are guided. So the first two verses the will of God, the two wisdoms are already mentioned, okay? One of them that no matter what is shown to a person that does not want to receive guidance, that person will not believe if they have

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insisted on misguidance. Number two, it's better for the believers for the prophets and their followers, to be challenged in their faith because that's a means of keeping them firmer. And you know, don't waste too much time. You know, wondering about them, but rather focus on yourself and focus on keeping yourself firm on that path of guidance. Then Allah Subhana Allah says in verse 116, what in tilter, octoman fell out of leoben, Luke and Sabine de la, last pantai says, if you were to follow the majority of those upon Earth, they will mislead you from the path of God. This is a very, very powerful verse because a lot is telling us don't follow the majority, that the path of

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guidance, you know, is not necessarily restricted, or it's not necessarily manifest in the majority of the people of the world. Look for guidance, honestly with integrity, and follow that path of guidance no matter who's upon it, no matter who's following it. So last, Pattaya is mentioning that it's not a necessity for truth, that it be adopted by the majority. And of course, the believers now in a mechi context and American context, because this sorta isn't the end of Mecca, they are truly in the minority. Right? They're truly in the minority. This is a small group of believers in Mecca, that are that are that are living amongst idol worshipers and being persecuted for not being idol

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worshipers. The next surah is going to put them in the modern context in the Medina context where there suddenly the majority there in Medina, their majority, but here they're really a minority. So last time, I was saying, just because you're a minority, don't take that as a sign that guidance, that guidance is not with you. Okay, so you are in the minority, but you are the ones that are applying the commands of God and doing what you're supposed to do. So stay put on that stay put on that no matter what, and don't buckle to the social pressure around you. So spamela the next several verses are actually once again about the laws of food. Why because it's social pressure. So last

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privatized, says don't eat from the things that have been slaughtered in the names of other than a loss of Hannah Montana don't eat from those animals that have been slaughtered the meat that's been slaughtered in the names of the idols because these the sacrifice in Mecca to the idols so hold firm to your path. Don't buckle to the social pressure around you stick to worshiping God and sticking upon the path that Allah subhanaw taala has laid out for you and the last patch I mentioned. So just

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There's a majority that will stay away, it only takes a few dedicated individuals for guidance to shine light. So in verse 122, this is actually a verse that was revealed at the, you know, according to the scholars of many of the scholars about the Islam of Allah know how powerful the law and how the conversion of Ahmedabad hospital the low tide on our last anti says a woman cannot meet and vacay now, which I'm neither who nor on the MTV fitness, and is one who was dead, and we gave him life. He was dead. And we gave him life. And we made for him lights by which to walk amongst the people. Most of the scholars say this is referring to I want him to follow the law and Hawaii,

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because the believers were not just the persecuted minority. They were from the weakest people of Mecca. They were, they were of the lowest social class. So obviously, the influencers also have to, you know, you have to see some people become Muslim amongst them, or some people accept guidance amongst them. And that's exactly what happened. I'm going to hop on the allot of time who accepted Islam, and suddenly they were able to proclaim their faith publicly. They were able to protest, you know, the injustice is that were being committed towards them for you know, insisting upon that guidance, and the entire tide in Mecca has changed. So loss of habitat is saying, don't follow the

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majority things will come around. And here you have almost all Pablo, the Alon who coming around. So that's verse 122. And then Allah mentions in verse 125, from a URI de la dia who Yes, sir sobre la, Julio Islam. And so whoever Allah wishes to guide, Allah will expand his hearts to contain Islam. And that's exactly what happened to honorable kebab. It'll be a lot of time, and those who Allah subhanaw taala wishes to misguide, then his heart is going to be late he can Howard, you know, it's going to be constricted and tough as if he was the slot officer as if he's trying to climb through the skies. Right? So meaning Allah subhanaw taala will open the hearts of those who a lot who who

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are lost pounds, Allah wills to guide and those that insist upon misguidance they're going to find constriction in their hearts. And that's exactly what happened. The believers were not bothering anybody, you know, somehow in Mecca, they were not causing any problems whatsoever. The persecution towards them was for them saying La ilaha illAllah and nothing else. They were not trying. They were not doing anything. They were not disrupting society. Right. They were they were a civilized bunch. But the misguided people, the majority, the oppressors, you know, they had so much constriction in their hearts and so much noisiness because they turned away from Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah

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mentions that what Allah which is good for a person, Allah opens their hearts towards Islam. And that's exactly what we see happening with the honorable hopital the law of his heart was opened was expanded, to be able to contain

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Islam. In verse 133, Allah subhanaw taala says wobbu kehlani use the Rama and your Lord is free of need. And he's the possessor of mercy in Yeshua youth Himachal. If he wants, if he if he wills again the mercy of Allah, if Allah wills, then he can do away with you. We are stuck living in bear that Allah subhanaw taala would would, would give you succession and Burundi Kumbaya shot with people after you that he wills. So the machine of a loss of Hannah to Allah is mentioned here, the will of God is mentioned here that look a lot does not need you and I owe if Allah wills, He could have replaced us with someone else. So basically, we should feel the favor of God upon us that he chose

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us to be amongst those who were, who receive divine guidance, who, you know, in the person of the Prophet slice element in the scripture of the poor, we should feel privileged by that, that Allah subhanaw taala guided us despite obviously the troubles that comes, that come with, with with submitting to the path of God with being upon divine revelation with upholding that set of moral values, obviously, you're going to have troubles that come your way. But if Allah wills, He could have replaced you. So you are amongst the favorite of God, by virtue of Allah subhanaw taala having allowed you, to your heart to be able to contain this message that he has sent to you. So after that

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you have more laws of food, you know, the sacrifices at the time because remember, sacrifice at that time in Mecca, is a form of a bad it's a form of worship. So it falls really within the same category of prayer and fasting and so on so forth, because this was their means of illustrating their, you know, their or showing their reverence to their idols. So when Allah Subhana Allah keeps on insisting on people upholding the laws, in regards to their food and their sacrifices. This is because it falls within the Bible, especially in a murky context, especially within Mecca. And then in verse 147, Allah Subhana tacis for in Canada boom.

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So if they turn away from you, so we just mentioned the verse 133 were a loss of hundreds of dimensions that your Lord is free of need, and he's full of mercy. So philosophy patents, Allah wills, He could do away with you, and he could replace you with another group of people. In verse 147. The same thing is illustrated here for in Canada buka. And if they deny you a prophet of Allah, for or Rob welcome Rama. So know that your Lord is the possessor of mercy and not just the one and not just mercy but the Rama was here. It is an expansive mercy your Lord is the possessor of vast mercy, meaning you can come back to him that he you know, he has not that Allah subhana wa tada will

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not neglect your repentance, if you are to repent, even if you've denied the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but at the same time, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, his punishment will not be repelled from the people who insist on oppression and insist on on rejection and so on, so forth. So the prophets lie Selim is told to tell them that look, if you turn away, your Lord is still merciful. He is one a vast mercy then you could hope that he would not punish you. But at the same time, if you insist upon wrongdoing, then the punishment cannot be repelled from God. And then so verse 161, to 163. Allah subhanaw taala says, to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called in and he had

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Danny Robbie Lancelot and Mr. Payne, say that my Lord has guided me to the straight path, Dean and pm in a correct religion, Minh letter Ibrahim, it is the way of Abraham Hanif and will not count him in a machine always inclining towards monotheism always inclining towards the truth. And he was not amongst those who associated others with Allah. So again, the emphasis is on Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, the prophet Abraham, who is of course, the father of monotheism, in that sense, the father of the Abrahamic way. So last time, I was saying, say that you are upon the way of Ibrahim it is Salaam, that that's what you're going to stick to. And this is, of course, to the people of Mecca. Right

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now, it's really directed to the audience of Mecca, these people who are slaughtering for the sake of idols, and these idols are placed in the same house that has been built for the worship of one God. So it's it doesn't make sense, right? It doesn't make sense you're using the house that's been built for the sake of God, by the father of monotheism to be a place of sacrifice in the name of polytheism. It doesn't make sense. So the prophets lie someone's told say that I'm going to stick to the true way of Ibrahim it his Salaam milliliter Ibrahima hanifa. And it's the it's the straight path always inclined towards the truth. And then Allah Subhana, Allah says,

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In US aloud to you and also Chioma haoma, Mati lillahi, Rabbil alameen. So say that, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying, are for a lot of the Lord of all the worlds. The idea here, so again, to show you where sacrifice falls into, right, the sacrifice is falling in the same category, a Salah as prayer here. So say that my prayer and my sacrifice, and this is referring to the rights of sacrifices, actually referring to animal sacrifice, and my living and my death are only for Allah, the Lord of the worlds lash at each other, there is no partner to be associated with him, what he that he can't move to what No, oh, well, muslimeen. And that's what I've been commanded to

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be upon. And I'm the first of those who submit, I'm the first of the Muslims. So this sort of gives you the, you know, the the end of sort of an, an insistence upon upholding the way of Abraham upholding monotheism. Again, it is the surah it is the chapter of IP, that's the chapter of Islamic creed. This is how we learn our creed. You know, it illustrates all of the different aspects of a loss of Hannah Montana's dominion, his creation, what how God, you know, establishes his mercy over his punishment, yet some people insist upon punishment, and so on, so forth. So it's a very, very powerful discourse that we have inserted. And that's really a beautiful way to really think about an

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ending of it, right? That you that you say, Listen, my prayer, my service of sacrifice, my life, my death, or for a law, the Lord of all the worlds, and that is what I've been commanded. And I'm going to submit to that, and I'm not going to associate any partners with him. So it's sort of an insistence upon that no matter what happens. Now, when you move on to the next Surah Surah

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Surah 10 are off is revealed in the same time period asserted and so it's the end of Mecca, okay, but sort of an am uncertain are off, they work together and how did they work together sort of that and

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sort of establishes the warning and it establishes

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The good the glad tidings for those who believe. And it's it lays out a final argument to the people of Mecca sorbitan out off the next sort of talks about the consequences to those now that will reject. So it's sort of fast forwards to the hereafter. And and you know, what the the the regret and remorse that people feel in the hereafter for not having listened to that guidance not having accepted the guidance that came to them in the form of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So again, sort of sort of lays the premise, it's the final argument sort of an ad off talks about the consequences. And the circumstances now, as a result of people sort of choosing their different

00:20:41--> 00:21:29

paths are the believers obviously choosing to accept that guidance, despite being a persecuted minority, and sticking firm to that, while the oppressors, and those who reject faith continuing to insist on oppressing the believers and putting them in these difficult situations, so sorted out off is, you know, it remains in that same breath in that same argument. And the first 10 verses have sorted out off it's very powerful, speak about the regrets of the people once they've been punished. So the punishment has now come to them. So last talking about the punishment coming to them, and the people admitting the wrongdoers admitting in nanavati mourn, that, indeed, we were amongst the

00:21:29--> 00:22:10

oppressors, we were amongst the transgressors. We did not listen to the way that a loss of headwinds either told us to listen to, we were not paying attention. And so the first 10 verses are nothing but the regrets of the people that have insisted upon turning away from misguidance. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in verse 12. The real reason why they disbelieve the real reason why they turned away from guidance. It wasn't because the arguments of the Prophet sallallahu it was some were not convincing to them. It wasn't because the plan was not mind blowing to them. It wasn't because the moral uprightness of the prophets lysozyme in his companions, was not you know, was not

00:22:10--> 00:22:56

pristine. It wasn't because any of that, it was because the messenger was not their person. He You know, he was not from their tribe. It was tribalistic, it was nationalistic, it was economic. The the reason why they turned away from the prophets I send them was not because of the poor and or the poor and being unconvincing. Right? And how do we know that Allah mentions to us the story of Adam and Eve is Salaam and at least once again, the story of Adam and the Satan once again, but Allah Subhana Allah mentions particularly called nanaka Allah, what what is it? You know, what is it that that that forbade you to do such that to a loss of Hannah Montana men aka what forbade you? oh

00:22:56--> 00:23:44

shavon oh blease a curse and devil to prostrate to me if amount of took what I commanded you to do. So what stopped you from doing so Julian's gonna hide on men who Halekulani now or falaka who maintain so Billy's responds and says I am better than him. You created him from You created me from fire, and you created him from dirt. And that's exactly why the people of Mecca rejected the profit slice of them. Right, his outside of his tribesmen. Abuja is from benomyl zone, right? So for Abuja, I can't have a person from bento Hashem having the upper hand on me. So it was an idea of I'm better than him for the people of beef. They said had this message not been revealed to one of the two

00:23:44--> 00:24:25

people. Roger MNL, Khadija Tamia Arlene one of the great people, you know of the two great towns Why did it come to him? Why the prophets lie Selim? So it was not about the message it was about the messenger and to some people of course to Abuja to tabula was economic he's from bento Hashem, but I will not have this as a matter of economics and so on so forth. So it was it was truly nationalistic or was tribalistic. And there were other motives why they turned away from the profits license for many of them. It was because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not from amongst them so we almost have a parallel in the shape on rejecting Adam it his Salaam because of the way Adam was

00:24:25--> 00:24:59

created, and we see that with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So yes, the first racist in the world is shaped lon so how long the first racist created is the devil himself. So when you are racist, you are satanic by by necessity, because you're following along in that same discourse, that shape bonded and the people of Mecca, you know, adapted collectively, and as a result of that obtain the punishment of a loss of Hannah Montana, rather than the guidance. And this is where we start to see and sort of off the particular

00:25:00--> 00:25:45

ways that shavon insists upon leading us astray. Okay, so shame on, you know, asking Allah subhanaw taala for respite to be left alone to be, you know, to be able to live without being put in Hellfire immediately. And Allah subhanaw taala granting him that respite and then shape on saying that as you lead me astray, I will lead all of them astray locally and the home edge Marian shape on blaming a law for leaving demonstrate, if you realize in the first few, in the last parts of Switzerland, I'm fading into the sort of what is Allah mentioned, he mentioned his will. Allah mentions that he guides those who seek guidance and he leads astray those who seek to be a straight so you cannot

00:25:45--> 00:26:24

blame a loss of Hannah and Santa for your guidance or your Miss guidance because Allah has given you choice, Allah has given you the ability to recognize guidance and to accept it or to reject it. So shavon is one of those people that scapegoating you know, the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the concept of predestination so he blames Allah himself be my awakening you led me astray of Allah not his arrogance not his pride when he refused to prostrate to other money has set out because Adam was made from dirt while he's made from fire. No, he blames Allah subhanaw taala for leading chemistry so it's like Allah squash the argument and the other suit that and and he's not giving us the way

00:26:24--> 00:27:07

that Satan made that argument and he says don't matter at all no human being ad him woman healthy him or and a man whom are inshallah alien, that I will come to them from in front of them from behind them from their right from their left. And he says that I you know, that the end goal of my debt what to people, the end goal of my calling people away from you, Oh Allah, is that when attaching to axon shackling, you will find that the majority of them will be ungrateful people. And so how Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says that shavon was right, that you will find that the majority of them are not grateful people and a manifestation of that just a few hours later Allah subhana wa

00:27:07--> 00:27:50

tada mentions Adam and Eve his setup, right and Adam it is Salaam, and, you know, an Eve obviously being approached with their desire. So once again, the same concept that shavon rejected for pride, the mighty his Salaam turned away temporarily because of his desires. So when I lost Hannah Hosanna mentioned to them, you know, why isn't that you that you did not respond to the command of Allah not to eat from that tree, Adam and Eve, why did you Why did you still eat from that tree? And what was the thing that shape on came to them and said that the only reason this is verse 20. The only reason your Lord forbid you from eating this tree is that you would become Medicaid, you would become

00:27:50--> 00:28:29

angels or outotec Unum and outside a dean or you would become immortal. So the only reason God stopping you from this tree is because it would make you angels or it would make you immortal. So shaytaan led them astray with their desires, right? He led them temporarily astray with their desires. But he maintained permanent disobedience, because of his pride. And what's the connection shape on again, the end goal of his data with the end goal of his call to people is to make them ungrateful, right, if I can make them not shackling, and this is exactly what it is. Adam and Eve had gender, they had everything, but that they didn't have that one treat, and we are ungrateful.

00:28:29--> 00:29:05

When we look to what we don't have as opposed to what we do have. That's the definition of ingratitude. Right. We focus on the things that we don't have, as opposed to the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has actually bestowed upon us. So shavon actually says, here's the blueprints of how I can lead the children of Adam history. I led him astray worked for him, even though it was temporarily it worked for him and it worked for Eve. It will work with his children as well, to lead them astray through in gratitude. And this is where in verse 23 we find Adam alayhis salam and Eve calling upon Allah and saying it'll Been a while I'm not in full so now we're in lamb tough Atlanta.

00:29:05--> 00:29:19

What's our Hamner learner Khun enemy no shocker de mano Casa de the, O our Lord, we have wronged ourselves and if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then we will be from the ultimate losers. This is actually this

00:29:21--> 00:29:59

is the tough see if it is the explanation of the words that Allah mentions and sort of buckler for tilaka Adam Ravi Kelly, not that, Adam it is Saddam was inspired with some words of repentance from Allah. This is the Tafseer These are the words that Allah subhanaw taala inspired Adam and Eve with to come back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah mentions in verse 27 Yeah, then he Adam Oh Children of Adam, lefty Nana comerciais Pon. Don't let the shape on test you or put you to trial come out. The other way come in agenda the way that he loves your parents out of gentlemen. Don't let the safe bond do the same thing with you that he did with them.

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

So maintain, you know, maintain the eye, that gratitude to a loss of Hannah Montana and maintain that pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala by coming back to him, so when you're temporarily led astray, always come back to a loss of Hannah Montana. And so beautifully Allah mentions the believers when they enter into paradise shavon blamed Allah for his misguidance, Allah mentions the believers entering into paradise and they say and hamdulillah he led, he had Anna Lee hada, when I could not even tell the loader and hadn't Allah there in Paradise, and they're saying All praises be to Allah who guided us to this. And we certainly one that couldn't have not had you, Lola and hidin, Allah,

00:30:44--> 00:31:21

we would not have been able to find guidance, had it not been for the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. So they're thanking Allah subhanaw taala for their guidance, and for the things that Allah has bestowed upon them. And this is a beautiful manifestation of the attitude of the believer, and he doesn't blame the will of God. Right. He thanks a lot for having willed that he be guided, or he doesn't blame the will of God for misguidance or shortcomings. He thanks a lot for having guided him to goodness. And this just ends off with the conversations between the people of Geneva and the people of hellfire. So the people of Hellfire are now seeing the consequences. The people of Germany

00:31:21--> 00:31:58

are now seeing the reward. And the people of Hellfire asking the people of paradise for water they're asking the people of paradise for for respite and relief. But the fact of the matter is that at that point it's too late. Right so a lot gave you the warning and swithun and RM and along gives you the consequences and the reward and sorted out off. And so you have the conversations between the people of Jenna and the people of hellfire. And then some of the stories of the prophets particularly that warned their people in North ensure aid and Sarla enrolled in masa. May Allah send his peace and blessings upon them all. They warned their people about being punished, but they still

00:31:58--> 00:32:10

turned away. So Allah mentions to us the manifestation of that punishment while mentioning to us the manifestation of the reward of those who held firm. So again, that's just eight. And just eight goes all the way up to

00:32:12--> 00:32:21

let me see the exact verse number for you guys. Just eight goes all the way up to a last the verse number

00:32:22--> 00:32:52

all the way up to verse 87 of sorts that are off. So, inshallah tada here's what we're gonna do. I know a lot of you guys are tuned in live and some of you are probably trying to catch up. I'm going to give a 10 minute break in sha Allah tada and then I'm going to start a new live stream in 10 minutes and shout out to Hannah where I'll go ahead and I'll do just nine so that we can catch up so I apologize again for not having been able to do yesterday, but inshallah tada hopefully we can catch up today and hopefully you guys are finding this meaningful so please do inshallah tada

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you know, continue to study and make that and pay attention. So I'll give you guys a 10 minute break, get your notes in order inshallah tada and get caught up and then we'll go ahead and we'll start with the ninth Joseph zachman low height on Santa Monica.