Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #12

Yahya Ibrahim


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Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim lemina, Nick hamidou Majeed, Lama Sanjana, Mohammed Ali Mohammed income el sol Nita, Ibrahim, Allah early Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income Allah wa hemo Allah early Ibrahim I mean in neck Hamid Dong Majeed a long masani Allah Muhammadu Allah, Mohammed Inca mouse all night Allah era Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Villa al amin in NACA, hamidou Majeed, Allah we begin making your art for our brothers and sisters in Mr. luxan in the occupied territories. Allah we do you know we do for those who are oppressed and those who are need those whose land is being stolen before us as we watch it on our TV screens and our news reports. Allah, we ask you, Mr. Romine,

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to grant them patience in this moment of adversity to give them firmness in their resolve to allow them to resist oppression to allow them to turn back the hate that is being shown to them. We pray the outcome or amin that you protect those who are going to be falsely incarcerated. We ask you, Mr. Amin to shelter those who will be left without their fathers without their brothers without their sons. Yeah, Allah we ask you to protect those who will be imprisoned and jailed and tortured. Yeah, I mean, we ask you to return the lands and the homes that are being destroyed and occupied illegally. Yeah, our hammer I mean, we ask you to give victory and support to the people of Al Aqsa,

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the people who have been oppressed for years yeah, Oh, come on. Well, I mean, allow us to be of support to them with our drama and with our wealth. Allah we ask you to let peace return to this land and as it had been for many years, yeah, Allah we ask you to open the doors of good to these people. Yeah, Allah we have met many of them and seen them we have prayed in this Masjid. Do Allah allow us a prayer there? Once again? Allah let the word of Allah Illallah Muhammadan rasul Allah be supreme as it always is in the hearts and in the minds of the Palestinian people. Allow them to find comfort in it. Yeah, I'll have more I mean they have no one to console them but you Yeah, Allah

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forgive us our inability Forgive us our weak Miss yellowhammer. I mean, forgive us the fact that we have not been able to do what is necessary to give them peace and to remove the impression from them yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to Freeman's you the officer from the hostility and tyranny of those who throw in it gas bombs and concussion grenades or hammer I mean, we ask Allah to remove the hostility that is projected towards them yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to be from those who are a victor for them when we are not able to be a victor yet Allah we ask you to use us for that which is good yada but somehow it will arc Allah you are the one who has split the seed You're the one year

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or hamara amin who has revealed the Torah and the Gospel the Allah You're the one who has revealed to us this forgotten and follow only Allah Allah we ask you to protect us and then from all evil yeah or hammer I mean, now that we come in shorter equally Sure. Yeah Allah we ask you to protect us from evil and from all the evil yeah Allah and even be now see it whatever he will that belongs in your domination you can change it you know Allah, we ask you to Amara mean to remove the oppression Yeah, or hammer I mean, La Ilaha Illa. Allah Subhana Allah in in equal to me, nobody me. Allah, we acknowledge our mistakes before you and you ask you for forgiveness to Allah.

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We ask you to remove the sins that bring down your wrath and angry at Allah. Allah Allah Mohammed has strayed from the teaching those of its prophet yet Allah, we ask Allah to return us to our guidance and the guidance of the Holy Land. We asked Mr. Amin Oh Allah you are our Creator and we recognize that your We are your slaves and your creatures. Yeah Allah We are the ones that you have put on this earth with obligation set upon us Allah. Allah open our hearts to the duty that is necessary Allah, Allah We promise you and we make a covenant and renew it with you again. We believe in your in your promise yeah Allah we believe in jenaya Allah we believe that there is a better life

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yeah, Allah. We believe that we can have good in this life and good in the next life and that we seek from you to protect us from the punishment of our sins in the in the next life here Allah, Allah we ask you in these blessing days and nights of the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, to protect our brothers and sisters in Palestine yet Allah to protect that Uighur Muslims yeah Allah, we ask you I've hammer I mean to me remove the oppression of those

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who are seeking harm for them? Yeah Allah those who are claiming to be retraining them yeah Allah but they seek to brainwash them from you yeah Allah to remove the man from the or their hearts yeah Allah Oh Allah they have desecrated them aside you didn't remove them and destroyed them yeah Allah, Allah we ask you to protect the poor and weak Muslim women yeah a lot of the OIG or people who have only you as a resistance here Allah will ask you or hammer Rahimi to be there Victor when others are not giving able to give them victory, love be their support. Yeah, Allah. They have no one to turn to but you Yeah, Allah, we ask you to guard them with your eye that does not sleep, Allah, we ask

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you to be always observant of their needs and entering to their door Allah. We asked our hamara Hamid to grant us purity and forgiveness from our sin so that we can be righteous and moral in our dealings with others Our Allah that we can bring about better effect into the world yet Allah We seek refuge in Allah from knowledge that won't benefit us yeah, love it doesn't make our heart move to action that doesn't humble it yet Allah we ask a hammer I mean to allow us to subdue our inner cravings and our sinful desires and impulses, yeah, Allah to protect us from being unable to be satisfied and unable to be accepting of the other. Yeah, Allah, we ask you a lot to protect us from

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our do not being into the harbor. I mean, all we ask you to enter I will do a lot or ask you to protect us with your most perfect names and your most perfect attributes from your anger from your punishment to Allah and to protect us from any evil that exists within your creation. You know, Allah, Allah, Allah by the sacredness of this month, that is soon to end and our prayers in it that we put forward towards you and our fasting by de Allah. Allah we put these before us humble, humble tokens of our belief in Uriah, Allah, Allah we stood in prayer and stand in the night seeking Uriah Allah, we fast by day showing you obedience to Allah. You're the one who said don't drink so we

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don't drink and don't eat so we don't eat Allah. Allah as we have obeyed you in this allow us to be from those who request of you to bring good into our life and good into our next life and protect us from jaton nebia Allah, Allah in Mecca forward to him Allah for Allah you are the partner that forgiveness of sins you love to pardon forgive sins forgive us yeah, Allah, Allah Mecca forward to him will live without for Allah Allah in Mecca forward to him we live with our for under Allah Homer in Mecca forward to him Bula for for under Allah for Allah Karim, Allah who matter for andaya Karim Allah who matter for andaya Karim. Allah we ask you to give us Sabrina the moment of calamity Allah

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to give us a cool heart and and a moment of pause and clarity Allah we ask you to temperance and two coolers when we are in angria Allah to grant us humility when we have ascendancy and success and high station in the sight of others yet Allah, Allah remove pride from our hearts and allow us to be forgiving and cause forgiveness to be a part of our life. Yet Allah will ask you to protect us from being offensive to others yet Allah, we ask you the ability to forgive those who have wronged us even when it's difficult to Allah, that we leave that affair to you via Allah and allow you to settle it for us, Allah. Allah we ask you to make us from those who are kind when we have power over

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others, and merciful when we have the right to extract vengeance and revenge from others. We ask for your hammer. I mean,

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to use our wealth for not just ourselves but for the betterment of mankind as a charity to those who are needy and weak at Allah.

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We ask you to make our wealth, the clothing of the destitute, the shelter of the homeless, the food of those who are hungry, and the watcher of those who are thirsty Allah. We're asking you out of Hama Rahimi to make our wealth the healing for those who need health care, Allah will ask you to be the one to stand be between danger and the orphans yet Allah, Allah Allah we ask you to help us to protect the orphans, Allah, Allah that there are many that we are seeking to sponsor and protect this area Allah Oh Allah make it easy that we can facilitate it for them you know, how much do I mean? I will open the hearts to those who are in need. Yeah, Allah, open our hearts and minds to

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appreciate the importance of giving Allah that it returns to us in our families in our home, in our wealth in our healthier Allah. Allah we ask you as we protect other people's children, we asked you to send those who will protect our children you know, Allah, Allah as we stand on guard for the rights of others, allow others to stand on guard for our rights and the rights of those who we love Allah. Allah as we teach the Quran and the Sunnah to others yet Allah if we're not here allow others to teach it to our families and our home in our absence here Allah, Allah we ask you to make us from those who are loyal to your word and true to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Yeah, our

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hamara himedia will feed you

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The Most Merciful yeah Allah you are the protector of the weekend Allah protect us in moments of weakness yeah or hammer I mean yeah Allah give us a cure with the whole aniline we ask you to make the hole and the light of our eyes and the and the and the and the light of our heart to Allah. We ask you to make the Quran what shines forth from us a guidance for ourselves and all those we love and those who are near and far yeah Allah, we ask you to make the horror, the removal of our depression and sorrow and anger and anxiety Allah, we ask you to lighten our burden in this life so that we will have an easy question in the grave and an easy questioning on the Day of Judgment. A

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lot will ask you How about I mean, to not hold us accountable for the things that we have forgotten or made a mistake and yet Allah grant us has not been navicat Allah let us always have good expectations of you Allah that we see in you that you will be always Generous and Merciful to us Allah. Allah Allah we ask you to show us your greatest mercy on the day of judgment that they have are returned. Allah we ask you to make our best day of life that day we return to you where we have worshipped you and ended our moments in this world with the law Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah we ask you to make our scales light with sins and heavy with good detail Allah, Allah will ask you

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to remove our fear and anxiety and terror at the moment of death and give us a peaceful exit from this world yet Allah we ask you to give us that the death of the Shahada, with the Shahada upon our tongue, Allah give us a death of the martyrs Yeah, Allah who are a witness to your truthfulness up until the final moments Allah, Allah allow us to use our wealth and our life for that which is pleasing to Allah that brings peace into the world and stability Allah, we ask you you are hamara herminia we are Cafiero Karim. Allah you are the partner and the forgiver to forgive our sins and part of them for us yeah Allah. Allah you have told us level millio that there will be no wronging

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and oppression on the Day of Judgment yeah Allah Allah we have wrong there were self now do not hold us accountable in the future. Yeah, Allah allow those who have offended and have done wrong to accept our apologies and forgiveness Yeah, Allah and that we expiated with your heart for them. Yeah, Allah. Allah we asked you to grant the softness of speech and protect our tongue from exaggeration and lying, backbiting and hurting others. Yeah, Allah, we ask you to grant us the ability to forgive it over the Allah. It is difficult to forgive those who have heard us yeah, Allah, it is difficult to forgive Yeah, Allah We ask Allah to open our hearts and as we are

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forgiving to others that you forgive us yeah, Allah. Allah give us the beautiful patience that you described for the prophets of Allah give us the correct belief in urea Allah allow us to understand the deen in a deeper sense yeah Allah allow us to spend our wealth of learning and books that will benefit us and our homes and our families Yeah, Allah Allah bless our parents and forgive them And grant them hug good health and a high station if they have passed away a lot

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yeah, our hammer I mean we're asking you to make us for those who are able to see and correct our own faults before they are seen by others. Yeah, Allah give us pause yeah Allah and allow us to correct our mistakes. Yeah, Allah help us to be courageous and confident and positive people within our homes and communities. Yeah, law that we can correct others with mercy and assistance. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to be forgiven the sins that bring down your wrath Yeah, Allah. Allah remove the sins from the mouth Mohammed Salah Allah and he will allow us to grow and flourish in that which is righteous Yeah, Allah, Allah increase our mm and tawakkol and your team in urea Allah, Allah

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remove the doubts from the heart with an understanding of the truth Allah, Allah where we don't yet understand Don't let it be something that shakes our faith to Allah. Don't let people humiliate us or oppress us or Mark us or take advantages of us. Allah, Allah don't allow us to be under the coercion and the power of others yet Allah Allah allow us to stand up with confidence and and and and ability to fix what is right when it's needed. Yeah, Allah allow us to show what is right when it's needed. Yeah, Allah allow us to have our do and Eva and deeds accepted in this month of Ramadan. Allah Maha Belbin, Nasha Ramadan, Allah with a husbandman nakshatra Ramadan, Allah with a

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humble v hecm. And we'll see and oroku I know once we do that, I mean, Allah we ask you to protect us from the sicknesses and illnesses that are out in society, Allah, Allah protect our hearts from their sicknesses, of envy and arrogance and pridefulness and showing off here Allah, Allah remove Rhea mytho, from our heart to Allah. Allah cures from hypocrisy, Allah, Allah allow us to increase our federal cuts through good deeds. Yeah, Allah, allow us to increase and protect our love and mercy through your Baraka Allah. Allah protect our spouses and our children yet Allah Allah uplift us with the miracle

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And allow them to uplift us and allow us to uplift them. Yeah Allah, Allah allow us to come together even when there is hardship and dissension in the homea Allah Allah protect us from ever not speaking to each other yeah a lot protect our home from those who seek to middle of it from a distance yeah Allah we ask you to protect us from the envious eyes and the envious whispers yeah Allah we ask you to protect us from the dark hearts that try to be friendly with us yeah Allah but inside that they are in a state of anger and jealousy Allah we ask you to protect us from those who are hypocritical with SEO Allah to make us from those who are transparent to others and loving as we

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should be Allah we ask you to come over I mean to forgive us so that we can forgive others and to forgive others so that you will forgive us how Allah we ask you to enter I would indicate the Serbian or the Allah was set up to identify indicate the severe Alani you were the old hearing the old seeing the old knowing Allah answer our door I mean

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yeah Allah alone You are the one who controls the hearts keep our heart firm upon your faith yet Allah keep our heart firm upon your faith Allah Allah myth a bit further over now Allah dainik Allah homophobe tolovana Allah Dini all our remove it and we can from it, the desire of how about Allah, Allah home about I've been an elevator hot I come about

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Allah homeserve Allah separate between us and our sins and our sinful desire, the way you've separated between the East and the West to Allah. O Allah make us from those who are successful in this dunya and after I Allah and grant us protection from Johanna via hammer, I mean, yeah, what are you still Javi Allah one so no one sort of know well, Athens for Alina wadena illa civilis Allah give us support and don't support others against us or while we ask you to support us and not to support others against us yeah, Allah Allah assists us to the all that which is good. We raise our hands and our voices and we're drawn to you yeah, Allah, we bend our backs Do you record a lot and

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place our head on the ground for you? Yeah, Allah and other seeking you and begging you and worshipping you in a way that none is deserving of Allah. Allah forgive us the sins that bring down your wrath here Allah, Allah right Nick I fall into him Allah for FAFSA and Allah Wa salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala he was so heavy It was so Linda Steven kathira Allah we ask you to send your greatest solo out and blessings upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out so later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed gamma Baraka Ibrahim Ali Rahim Allah when saddam that I learned and I then

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Allah grant us victory and ascendancy against those who are sinfully seeking to hurt us yeah Allah we ask you to protect us in this life and in the next life and that of our children yeah Allah into their future Allah protect them from the shade lasagna or however I mean, Allah except from all of us. Yeah, a camel acromion We ask Allah to give peace to our families our fathers and our mothers to open for them the doors of old good to give them a long life with good deeds. Yeah Allah, we ask you you are hamara II mean to make us and them regular in their prayers that our final words all of us is Illa Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was on your eyelid

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habibie Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah wa salam ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed can also lay data Ibrahim wider early Ibrahim, Allah my burdock level, Hamad Mohammed come about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Villa lemina in Nick Hamid Majeed as I do each and every night when I'm ending, I do remind you that I have a charity project seeking to fulfill our duty towards 1000 orphans May Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to complete this number Allahumma I mean, may Allah subhanho wa Taala Open your hearts to them. May Allah give you and us purity through our charity, or sallallahu wasallam was it whoever recall sad now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam in my Instagram and chat lie You can find the link in my LinkedIn link tree bio up at the top of my page. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala opens your heart towards that cause Allah I mean, was said I want yquem warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Allah wa Sanjana