Omar Suleiman – Daily Ramadan Khatira 07-02-2015

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of reassuring people about the prophets and the success of those who have been targeted is emphasized in various settings, including a group of people who succeeded in gaining control over their emotions and lost their faith. The title boss SubhanA wa Tada claims to have created a group of people to achieve their goals, and the speakers warn of the consequences of not wanting to pray until one feels it. The speakers also discuss the negative impact of missing school events on children, and encourage parents to pray for their children to come through. Live streaming and gearing up for the second half of the year are also mentioned.
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many of you had someone successfully point oh five.

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Oh, that's not good.

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Okay, so and so we need to work harder than to acquaint ourselves with one another. Right now we're in surah. Maryam is power. This is one of my personal favorite suitors if not my favorite sutra. And of course it comes within a sequence of the sorrows that were revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you know, to comfort him to, to reinforce the prophets lie Selim his mission to basically reassure the messenger slay Salem, that what he was doing was indeed upon that he was indeed upon the truth and that what the Prophet slicin was doing was noble and that Allah Subhana Allah Allah would eventually give the prophets lie some victory over those that slandered him over those that tortured him over those that ran him out. Now Subhanallah what's amazing about the surah as Allah subhanaw taala is going through the stories and you know, see if you can actually name which names were mentioned sort of money um, so first who was the first person mentioned? So with Maria Zakaria then

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Yeah here then who?

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Maria then who?

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Where's your poop?

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Masha Allah He caught it. ZACHARY And then actually are called Dre theny. We are so ARIA coupe. Okay, very good. So Zachary Iacob. Yeah.

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The family of who

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the family of heroin heroin was mentioned? Was Harun mentioned before after a sudden

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before Aisyah right. Okay, so you had Haro and then you had our isa then you had what's good for Kitabi Ibrahim. After Ibrahim you had

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a smile.

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Who is it guys? Ibrahim and then who

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is hack and then who?

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Jacoba. And then who?

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Musa then after Musa

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who comes after Musa it's marine networks actually how to win as mentioned. Right? All right, then it's made then Idris and Allah subhanaw taala mentions that this is a group of prophets that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah this is a group of great people that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave the mission to that worshipped ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that carried it on so that it could reach us and Allah subhanaw taala mentions that whenever they are reminded of IATA Rahman of the words of a black man Haru Suja then what buki they fall down in prostration and in tears, so Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and this is what I want you to pay attention to. And Hodor wellhow Sure. Okay, hold on is

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to physically lower yourself. Here sure is to internally Humble yourself. The physical humbling is the prostration the internal humbling humbling is the tears I'm going to call Pablo the Allahu Tada and who wants was leading the salon and he actually read sort of mme and when he came across this idea the people made to do it as as you all need to do tonight. And after the Salah was over almond Raha Pablo the Allahu Tada and who says, We all made sujood but nobody cried? No Subhanallah he was he actually had that observation of the Sahaba and of the tuber in we all made sujood but nobody did the crying part. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentions in the very next idea what for Hollis I'm

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embarrassed to him call for our Salah to a tabula rasa Shallotte ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that after them came a group of people that succeeded them not in a good way but in a bad way. Okay, a group of people came after them a lot of Salah they lost the prayer is prayer, external or internal what's being referred to here? A lot of Salah is it external or internal? External in this situation external is even Mr. Little the law and who says they started to delay their prayers beyond the time? Allah called that losing their salon, Allah Salah. So they started to pray their subtle lats outside of their acceptable windows, right, which is actually a very stern warning to us when we

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delay our prayers. beyond what's permissible. There is absolutely no Pastor

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and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of a person who miss a lot intentionally, all of the Hadith that refer to Kalani that refer to making Uppsala refer to people that miss the law due to some other circumstances due to things that were beyond their control due to not being able to make her do it. And then came the ruling of, you know, to your mom, or due to sleep, or due to some form of compulsion. They all came in that context, we don't find any Sahaba coming to the Prophet sighs someone saying, you know, I didn't pay off sit on time today, what should I do? I missed Austin, what should I do? That was something that was completely, you know, out of out of the

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Sahaba spots, they would not even think to do that. They kept their salon, they guarded their salon, within their times, and with all of their restrictions. So our raw salah, they lost their salah, meaning they started to pray their prayers outside of acceptable windows, what Tibet or shallots. And instead, they sought out their desires. Now if you notice in the aisle before Allah's parents are described the prophets and those who follow the prophets as falling in sujood, externally, and internally, there's something that causes them to cry. So they had a whole door and they had a whole sure the generation that came after them, they lost a whole door and they lost a whole sure they

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lost both the external and the internal pieces of it. Now, obviously, the lesson for us is that those two things go hand in hand. That doesn't mean don't make sujood then don't pray until you feel it internally. It means you force yourself into servitude, you pray on time, you guard all of the external obligations that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you, and you give it such attention, so that it would hopefully bring about that same reaction that it brought about our predecessors. And that's the idea here that we, we constantly obey Allah subhanaw taala. And we do what our prophets told us, I let him know Santa Elena was salam. And we hope that after that, as we continue to exert

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ourselves in that, and we direct our focus and attention, not following our desires internally, but instead, desiring the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala the tears start to come, the horseshoe or the humility starts to come, the internal purification of this starts to come as well. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of people who guard their salah, both externally and internally, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our souls to all be in observance of Salah as Allah subhanaw taala and the messenger slice them commanded us and that is the first thing we'll be asked about in our grazing on the day of judgment we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make

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it good and pleasing to Him and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to enter us into Janna by His mercy Allah Allah Ameen Salah to Allah the brothers tonight for the youth, we have all night the Aman sha Allah to Allah tomorrow and sha Allah to Allah there's myself and Shakira acid we'll be doing the halftime report, this is for M So it'll be live streaming on and also be inshallah Tada at ICI live at ICI Inshallah, so that will be at Irving Masjid after slotted Austin for one hour inshallah where we'll talk about how to gear up for the second half of Ramadan if you guys haven't noticed it's already halfway gone. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to preserve it

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for us and allow us to derive the full bulk of it we asked last pronto to accept it from us alum I mean, Zach Miller Hayden, also the kids just this last announcements there are a lot of kids inside and there's plenty of space in the free daycare that's being provided. So please inshallah

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