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The upcoming fundraiser for a project only will happen once, and the success of the community's campaign is discussed. The long term commitment to raising money before the fundraiser is emphasized. The event will be held in the Valley Ranch Missouri and the speakers discuss the possibility of raising money in the future. A historic event like MAC is expected, and attendees discuss bringing back three cards and giving away a large sum of money, as well as reaching out to people from the community to make them feel like they are part of the community.

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And while earning heat will be your Manuela so you remember how we told you guys July 10 Is the fundraiser. Remember that? You guys look nervous. We changed we just said you know what, there's too much Baraka tonight to let it go. So we just decided we're gonna go ahead and do it tonight. But in all seriousness, one of the things that, that Allah Subhan Allah that Allah subhana wa says in the Quran that we recited tonight, woman AR T and Holika coming to Robin from Ada and timber, Sharon tanta, Sharon, that one of the signs of Allah subhanaw taala is that he created you from dirt and then suddenly you You rose up, and you were complete human beings and you were spread throughout the

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earth, everything has a beginning. And many times when we forget our beginnings, that's when we become arrogant and Allah subhanaw taala constantly reminds us of our origins in the Quran that we were created from multifile We were created from a dirty drop of fluid and then here we are men and women with careers with reputations on the line that are very concerned with their appearances and things of that sort. And that's when you become arrogant. When you become arrogant. You become stingy when you become stingy. You lose the purpose and the meaning of life. Now about this project July 10 is still the fundraiser. Okay? But here's the thing, this community inshallah Tata has a

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great capacity. Can anyone tell me how much money we're going to raise in Shell over the next 12 to 15 months? How much money are we going to raise inshAllah

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$3.8 million? I saw someone is that a robot signer? Is that the $4 million dollars? Or is it both? Okay, $3.8 million, my salah maybe $4 million. How many of you guys doubt and I'm being very real here. How many of you don't think that this community can raise that much money in 12 months?

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How many of you believe we can raise that money in 12 months inshallah time? I'm 100% confident. You know, I'll tell you something funny. Last fundraiser. We did the fundraiser that convention center. We were disappointed that we only raised a million dollars when shifty acid came and did the the follow up in the masjid. We were disappointed with that because we know how special the community is. Now $3.8 million

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over 12 months. What that tells us is that you know we're only going to have two or three fundraisers inshallah Tada to raise that money. Why? Because the project has started now Inshallah, and we're delighted to Allah we are not going to stall because of a shortage of funds. We trust that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will provide it and those that Allah chooses to provide through are the fortunate ones. They're the ones whose names will be written down in sha Allah to Allah. If you remember last year

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before the fundraiser, we took a long term commitment from everybody. The long term commitment is not going to be what you're going to pledge inshallah to Allah on Friday on Friday, you're expected to pledge a lot more than this inshallah Tyler the long term commitment is that over the next 12 months, which is the span of this project, 12 to 15 months Inshallah, to Allah over the next 12 months, you're going to put your automatic draft of $100 a month inshallah to add at least there's 205 100 For those that want to add to that no matter what you're giving inshallah on Friday, this is your long term commitment. We're not going to do this in the next couple of fundraisers why because

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this will span inshallah Tada through the through the project so I have this crazy idea that before the fundraiser actually starts because we're going to raise well over a million inshallah Tada This coming Friday. Everyone say Inshallah, we're gonna raise well over a million Inshallah, we're not aiming for a million dollars a million dollars will cry, we were disappointed last time. We're going to be very disappointed if we reach only a million dollars this Friday inshallah Tada, we're going way over that I have this crazy idea that we can actually raise half a million dollars before the fundraiser actually starts on Friday Inshallah, tada, here's how we're going to do that inshallah.

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Tada. These cards, each one of you is going to receive brothers and sisters sisters are included in the fundraiser insha Allah to Allah, each one of you is going to receive three cards. The three cards that you're going to receive, one of them is for you to fill out Inshallah, tada I don't care how much you're going to donate on Friday, that separate this is your long term commitment through the span of the project inshallah Tada the other two or three you can ask for more than three. I want you to talk to people that are not regular in this community. So someone you know in Plano, you know in ici you know in Frisco wherever it may be someone you know in other massages inshallah Tada

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I want you to go to them or out of state contact someone out of state you're responsible as almost suddenly of the Valley Ranch Missouri to come back with at least three of these cards inshallah Tada Do we have a deal or not?

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Yes or no.

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So if you're willing to take three cards and bring them back before Friday inshallah and we will award the person who brings back the most cards Inshallah, if you're willing to take at least three cards Inshallah, one of them yourself. So that means at least two other people from out of state and bring them back before Friday. Let me see your hands.

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reasoning Shaolin. I'm hoping everyone in the muzzle raise their hand. I'm gonna raise my hand I'm going to take that commitment Shala right, can we can we get this done before Friday inshallah Tada. So raise your hands high and keep them up Bismillah if you're willing to take at least three cards inshallah and wait till someone comes to you in sha Allah to Allah, your hands are not very high some of your like

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21st night maybe the moon sighting was wrong.

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Raise your hand high. If you're willing to do at least three sisters as well by the way sister Sahaja is going to also take your hands inshallah and take a headcount in sha Allah town and she's gonna get that back. So if you raise your hand type, even if you got your forms, raise your hands high. Do we have 100 people that are willing to do that and chulmleigh Raise your hands high. Three people that you will get to fill these out before Friday and sell on Friday. We're gonna collect all these we'll have a grand total. Some of you guys are not raising your hands. Let me see those hands raised and shallow. Just go ahead and give them out inshallah Tada and bring them back. Okay, one

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more time. All Hands raised one more time five seconds, raise all your hands inshallah. Everyone in the masjid that's going to take three of these and bring them back inshallah at least. Alright, who's going to do more than three?

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Where'd everyone go? No one wants to do four. All right. So inshallah Tada we're going to take a head count on Friday, we're going to collect these back maybe just maybe inshallah Tada we can have all of these back and we can have inshallah Tada already a few $100,000 Put away over the span of this project inshallah so that we can raise that amount of money but in the light Allah on that night, I want to remind you all as well that you don't have the dinar I mean, this message is not a masjid that fatigues you. You know we have a lot of refugees from other Masada as we like to call them, that are bombarded with fundraisers and this is not a masjid that fatigues you you come in you

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pray in peace. We have a world class body mashallah half of the owner use it from none other than New Orleans, Louisiana, mashallah, who leaves the salon here. We we we provide as comfortable of a situation as we can. And what I want you guys to realize is now that we're in these last 10 nights in sha Allah to Allah, it's upon you to push yourself to that extra level. So I really want you to reach out to people out of state Inshallah, reach out to people out of this community, get as much as you can in sha Allah so that Friday we can put that amount aside and come Friday ready to give more than you've ever given before you guys understand that come on Friday inshallah ready to give

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more than you've ever given before because it's going to be a historic fundraiser midnight to Allah and if not, then I just made myself look like a fool. So inshallah Tada it will be and I want you guys to really be enthusiastic about it and get the word out even though we're going to be crammed in and things of that sort. It's a special community inshallah to Allah and we want it to be even more special and this is something that everyone is capable of doing. Yes.

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And of course reach out to the online audience and to everyone that's online as well that's watching the thought that inshallah Tada if you watch this video take it as color that you were to give $300 a month at least as well the two are to get three people as well we have people online that join us mashallah all the time be a part of it and sha Allah and all of you use your social media whatever it is trying to get these commitments long term commitments inshallah to Allah make them automatic so that you don't look at it again. Does that come along? Hayden was set on wanting to live it accounts.