Omar Suleiman – Daily Khatira 11-04-2014

Omar Suleiman
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I mean, I initially told him smell 109 And I mean, well at one in our blind I mean when asked him to clean a lot more Saliba selama barichara, DeCaro Sudha, camo Hammond and sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala only he was happy for them to see when cathedra

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you know, obviously we're praying in a different place. As you can see, if you haven't noticed, mashallah, some of you might not have noticed from your house Sure. That, you know, there because of the rain and things of that sort. We've been backed up, and we have to pray back a few rows. And subhanAllah. My thought this morning is I came to select the budget. I thought about two narrations, one of the narrations is from Abu Huraira, the Allahu taala, where he describes the way that the Sahaba used to pray in the rain. And this is very interesting, because obviously, if any of you have ever seen a model of what the masters of the Prophet slice, and I'm actually used to look like, is

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very basic. In fact, most of it did not even have a roof. And the part of it that did that was covered, that was shaded. It was just, you know, simple palm branches, so it wasn't really much to cover from the top. So he describes that one, it would rain, and there is no carpet in the masjid. The Sahaba used to make sujood with their faces in the mud. And subhanAllah you could just think about that the prophets like Selim and these great companions, their humility in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala, where they used to come and they used to make some juice in the mud. And they wouldn't you know, a lot of times, if you go to a picnic, you'll see when people make the jewels in

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the park. People don't actually put their faces on the ground, but you should. And subhanAllah you think about the prophets like Selim and other companions in those days, and what it must have been like to literally make some jute in the mud. And then add on to that the evening prayers where you also didn't have lights.

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And obviously, the Hadith where the prophet slice and it mentions that the most difficult Salawat on the hypocrites most difficult prayers on the hypocrites, our budget, and our issue. And the reason the scholars explained that there was no light. So if you went to fuzzer and Russia, you wouldn't be seen. It was so dark, it was pitch black that you wouldn't actually be seen. And so the hypocrites felt no need to go to Fajr arratia because they wouldn't be seen anyway. So can you imagine what that must have been like walking to the masjid first of all to the Isha and the time of the Prophet slice Allah in pitch black darkness, and then it's raining as well and making scheduled in the mud.

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And some of the Sahaba you know, some of them being bitten by scorpions on the way to the masjid, falling into holes, and things of that sort because you didn't have streetlights. All of that is to show us the neuroma. The blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon us that what makes the masjid special is that there are people that are making Salah people that are worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada here that are declaring his greatness and declaring his glory and a lot of times we get carried away by the aesthetics and the you know, the superficial things, how big is the dome, how big is the minaret, we hope inshallah Tada that we'll be able to build a nice beautiful and visited for next

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year, Inshallah, that we can benefit from. But you know, what makes this place so special is that on the Day of Judgment, your place of such that is a light, your place of such that is testifying on your behalf the prophets lie Selim, he said, give glad tidings to those who used to walk in the dark to the masajid with far reaching lights on the day of judgments, you know, you would actually have a light on the day of judgment and just a reminder, call the Lord Tyler and we actually narrates a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari he said that there are two companions walking with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam from the masjid. And it was a dark night, you know, it was it was, it was completely

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a dark night, there was nothing, there was nothing there. And they all they both had some form of light that was in their hands. It wasn't a flashlight, it was just some form of light that was given to them from Allah Subhana Allah to add, and so they were walking together. And then one day, when they took their different directions to go home, the light split into two and it was each one of them had some light with them that carried on with them until they went to their homes. And the question that I always ask myself, and I think we should all ask ourselves is, would we still come to the masjid? If there was no light? Would we still come to the masjid if there was no socializing?

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If there was no, you know, catching up with one another after the salon, there was no

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credibility established, you know, by being a person who comes to the message that we we still be coming to the masjid on a daily and a nightly basis, and it's something that we all have to ask ourselves. And, obviously, one of the ways that we can

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struggle with our sincerity is to try to come to the Salas that aren't as populated, you know, to try to come at different times, you know, if you're in an area of a masjid, and it's the whole time, you know, and you go to a masjid the whole time and you go to

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them as somewhere that you don't usually go for example and also time that's one way to struggle with your sincerity to make sure that you're going to the masjid to worship Allah subhanaw taala and nothing else and you have no expectations from the masjid except that it offers you the reward of praying in the message. That's all we should have as an expectation. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us and accept our Salah and accept our coming for Jamara We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the full reward of it and we ask the last contact to protect our sincerity and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us light on the day of judgment that Lama Amin any questions

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second Allah walk home how you can shadow ally Lana stockbroker to be like us and I want

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