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Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica and I happen to live in a cut.

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Now Rama Haman Hamlet in Iowa and we know salatu salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah only he or sahih Intermarine

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it's good to be back home although it's for less than 24 hours because I'm in transit right now. Lauren passing through home insha Allah coming from Trinidad, heading to Detroit inshallah Tada for the ISNA convention this an MSA National Convention. But you know, I did want to of course, share a few thoughts from my experience in Trinidad. Mashallah, in Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad is a tiny, tiny, tiny island.

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I don't know what the total population is of Trinidad.

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But my guess is that's not much at all. And subhanAllah you still see there? The the amount of influence that the Muslims have in Trinidad is quite phenomenal because the number of Muslims though they're a very small percentage of the population. They're very proud minority. They contribute to their to their society. You have Muslims that are in Parliament's you have Muslims at a very high ranking levels and government in fact, they entered the Musharraf in with diplomat visa so it's nice. First time you get called off a plane in a nice way. Not because he did anything wrong but rather because they escort you.

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They have Khaled KFC is everywhere. Because the the Muslims provide the chicken, they have the chicken farms over there. So all the KFC s are headed over there and KFC over there is huge, it's everywhere.

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And just seeing like how again, how proud the Muslims are Michelle there protests real has had about 10,000 people, which again, compared to the size of that population is just phenomenal. And the convention which was actually called revival of the Ummah, had 15,000 People coming from Trinidad from Guyana, from Barbados, from Tobago, from Jamaica, from Brazil from Puerto Rico. So you had people from all over South America and the Caribbean coming to that convention. So it's really nice, mashallah, to see that beautiful display once again. And you know, mashallah shad. We're giving shahada on a daily basis to quite a few people. One of the shadows that was given I posted this

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online was actually to a world famous cricket player, named William Perkins he plays for West Indies. And when I looked him up, I know nothing about cricket. When I looked him up, he's a player for the West Indies. And I saw that his his All Star performance was in a World Cup a few years ago against the United States. So I didn't hold that against him, we still gave him shahada, and welcome to Islam and Hamdulillah. But it was it was just beautiful to see that that display, and you know, subhanAllah, as much as as we travel,

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we actually become more optimistic about the situation of the OMA whenever we travel. Why because no matter what small part of the world you go to, the Muslims are growing. And this is a sign of progress. And it's not just because of our birth rate, although that has a lot to do with it. Muslims are growing and Hamdulillah. You look at the work that brother Mujahid does with Islam in Spanish, all throughout South America. I even had Muslims from Aruba. And they're building a message in Aruba. And they were like, We want to invite you to as I said, I'll live there. I'll move to Aruba if you guys want

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Muslims in Aruba, really a masjid in Aruba? They said, Yeah, it's gonna be right on the beach. It's like somehow I can't imagine what it'd be like to pray in that Masjid. in Aruba, right. But that's how that's what it is Subhanallah they're just Muslims growing everywhere. And that's a sign of progress when her Oculus from from, from Rome. When he asked Abu Sufian, as Abu Sufyan was, was a non Muslim at that time, he asked about Sophia and questions about the profit slice. I'm in the Muslims. He said, one of the things that he asked after he asked about the way that they were treating the Muslims, he said, Are they growing? Are they increasing? Are they decreasing?

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And he said, they just don't stop increasing. They keep doing they constantly increase. And that's, that's what it is. The debt was so strong in every part of the world, despite I would say the, the, you know, obviously, the the Christian missionary effort is so much more sophisticated and strategic and targeted, and you know, taking advantage of poor people around the world, but the data will effort of Muslims are so strong, and the devil is so strong everywhere you go in the world, and the amount of Muslims is just constantly on the rise and hamdulillah everywhere you go in the world, there isn't an island in the world, except that there are people that are calling to Allah subhanaw

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taala. And there are people that are accepting that call. And it's amazing, especially in a place like Trinidad, by the way where the amount of corruption and the amount of immorality that you would see in that island is pretty scary, too. They have something called Carnival in February, where they were the the people say that like people come from all over to go to Trinidad for Carnival, of course they kind of they don't card carnival they they say kind of that and they're 20 accent and they say that people will actually commit Zina on the streets. Like I mean, it's to the extent that people would fornicating the streets. That's how bad it gets at that time.

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and still Subhanallah you have people that are holding on to their religion, may Allah make it easy for them in that in that environment holding on to their religion and calling people to Allah subhanaw taala. And again, they're very influential population. And it's very impressive, and it just gives us hope. And of course, you know, I was asking some of the people that came from South America, because if you look at what's happening with

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the South American governments, I mean, the way they responded to that conflict was pretty funny. It was pretty amazing. Right, expelling Israeli ambassador shutting down embassies, canceling all Israeli visas. And a lot of the Muslims that came from those countries, they said that the Muslims are very, very influential in those countries, they're very high ranking. They're very, they're very much liked by their societies, especially for disaster relief, the same story I heard in Japan actually, was that the Muslims became, they became loved by the people after the earthquake that took place over there, because of their efforts in disaster relief, the government actually even

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appreciated them and honored them. And it was actually helping hand the organization from here that's based out of here, that got so much recognition in Japan, the same thing in Haiti and in different places, you know, Muslims are still active in Hamden, in, in, you know, whenever there's a disaster that takes place in those countries, that that gets recognition throughout South America as well. So Hamdulillah we ask Allah Subhana Allah to continue to allow the data to grow all over the world and to continue to allow this religion to to rise and and the amount of Muslims to grow and of course we ask Allah to, to bestow upon the Ummah, Mohammed slice in every single place and to

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alleviate the difficulties that we face in different parts of the world. And just amazingly, I would say the worst, the worst part right now in the Muslim world is the Middle East. It's amazing. It seems like everywhere else you look, the Muslims are growing and the Muslims are flourishing. It's Subhanallah in the Middle East, where in the Arab world where you find all the tribulations and the trials that they have, so we asked last time to make it easy for our brothers and sisters everywhere alum I mean, any questions about the trip about doubles? Trinidadian food.

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Name? William Perkins. I think

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he's a wide, wide receiver.

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That's something I would say.

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Mufti mink. Yeah, I posted something about Mufti make Mufti mink, unfortunately,

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was he's in Zimbabwe, of course. And he is he's one of the big speakers and scholars that comes to to the convention. Unfortunately, somehow last week, he was actually attacked by a group of people. In the end, this was a group of extremist Muslims. And when I say extremist and radical I mean ideologically, they're not. I don't even want to say the name of the group or what they represent, but they are people that that claim that he disrespects the Prophet size alone. And this all stemmed because he because he gave a fatwa against moded against celebrating the birthday of the Prophet's life center. So this group, this person caught on to him.

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I forget which country is from his name is Raja Han. And they made this video about him saying disrespect he disrespects the Prophet's life. And that became a nickname for him that they started to throw in him because he's so popular. He's so famous. We don't realize how famous he is. I've never seen anything like it. We don't realize how famous he is in America because he never comes to America. But when you go around the world, you see the the way that Muslims love him. And so he's such a peaceful man, nice, sweet man, always smiling never says anything controversial. But the hatred that they have for him just because of that they started they put machines against him and

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they called him was stopped, but also whatever disrespected one who disrespects the profit slice on him. And so this man actually gave a fatwa that Muslims should be killed.

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And so unfortunately, you had a group of people that attacked him when they tried to attack him with his son in Zimbabwe at Hamdulillah. He got away from them, but this is obviously really sad. It shows you how the rhetoric online can can lead to this type of behavior towards especially people of that stature. May Allah protect him and his family.

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so I want to come on and cut

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