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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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The speaker discusses the potential for harm in the use of Prophet's words and the importance of writing down certain information to avoid causing harm. They emphasize the need for trust in actions to make one's life happen and encourage viewers to visit their Facebook page for more content. The speaker also highlights the importance of knowing the meaning behind actions and how to respond to one's doubts.

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last panel to Allah He says in the Quran yamhill Allahu nyesha. That he erases what he wants, he blots what He wills and he confirms that which He wills. Now that brings about a very important question. If Allah Subhana, Allah has already written everything down with a column with the pen. And if it's all contained in a low hilma foods in the preserved tablet, and everything that was to happen has already been written down, then how is it that we have any role in altering our destiny? How is it that anything can be erased or confirmed? is Allah subhanaw taala talking about a low hanging fruit? Or is the last panel to add to talking about something else? Well, the Prophet slicin

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um, he clarifies that, in that very hadith of not bustle, the Allahu anhu that we discussed, where the Prophet size cinema is telling him to be mindful of Allah, and he tells him that if the entire world was to gather to benefit you with something, they would not be able to benefit you with anything unless Allah has written it for you. And if they were to to gather together to harm you with something they could not harm you with something unless Allah has written it for you. At the end of that Hadith, the messengers lie sentences roofie it a clam? What Jeff, what is the pens have been lifted, and the pages have dried. So what the prophets lysozyme is indicating to us is that

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there is more than just a column there's more than one pen there are multiple pens. And we find this true for Addison, Allah, and the messenger sly Salaam, describing to us different types of writing. So for example, there is the Night of Decree Laila to cuddle, where Allah Subhana Allah writes down the decree, or causes the decree for the next year to be written down. And how merciful is the last panel tada to us, that the night in which that which is to come in the next year will be written down happens to be the night that most of us are going to be doing more than we will do for the entire year. So Allah subhanaw taala allows that to be written at a favorable time for us and the

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prophets. lysozyme. He mentioned hearing the pens hearing the ringing of the pens, and the unraveling of the pages as the angels were writing down on Laila to cuddle on the Night of Decree. And even above the law of Thailand who he takes it even further, he says that everything that has to happen the next year is written down that night. If you're if you are going to die that night, or if you're going to die that year. Rather, it's written down. If something you know misfortune is going to strike you or something you've been waiting for, or anticipating it's written down that night for the previous year. Then he even says that the names of the people who are doing Hajj the next year

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are written down on Native codons. And so Subhan Allah, you know, Mujahid the great scholar of Tafseer, who's actually the student of Ivanov, bustle the Allahu taala, and who he used to be known to make special darat for hedge on the latest of Qatar or during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Because that's really when you want to be asking Allah subhanho and to Allah for Allah to grant you and accepted Hajj, because it's going to be written down at some point during those last 10 nights. So you push yourself in Ramadan, for Hajj, also, the prophet slice Allah mentioned to us, the angel that comes to our mother's womb when we are still just four months. And he writes down the things

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that Allah subhana wa tada decrees, which are our lifespan. So it's already been written down how long you're going to live, your date of death Subhanallah, before your date of birth, before you're actually born, your date of death has already been written, think about how profound that is how you can't, you know, you will not be able to alter that right? Well, so last night, someone mentioned he writes down as well your list your sustenance, meaning every single penny that you would earn every penny that would go into your bank account, every single balance that you would ever have, it was already written before you were brought in. So don't think it's in your hands don't think that you

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need to rush to do how long or do prohibited things. Because you know, you're going to somehow get more than what's been decreed for you, it's already been written down for you. Lastly, the profit slice and I'm sad, sorry, OSHA T, he's written down as a happy person, or a deprived person. And Chucky is the opposite of Safi. So which which means to be full in which we which means to be fulfilled. So shut up here, the context of it is that he's deprived of goodness, he's deprived of true happiness, which is the happiness of the hereafter. And you know, that's something that's that's very profound as well, that were already written that way once were brought into this world.

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So again, how do we alter that? And then Rasulullah Sai Salaam, rather lots of parents, I mentioned to a school Yeoman who officia that every single day Allah subhanho wa Taala is writing every single day, a last panel and to Allah is decreed. Now where does that leave us? Then? What's the point of making your app? What's the point of working? What's the point of doing anything? If it's all been written down? You know, the only thing we've established now with multiple pens and multiple papers is that's more that's being written down against this right? Well, the prophets lie Selim said that all of that can be changed by all of that can be changed by supplication. Okay,

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The only thing that cannot be changed by virtue of supplication is a low Hill, my food is the preserved tablet, because a low hand my fourth in its writing already takes into consideration, what would have happened had you not made and what would happen as a result of you making the records of the angels do not indicate that so what that means is the records of the angels might say that your date of death is April 1 2015. Okay, but then you call upon a Lost Planet, Allah or you do good deeds, because the prophets lie Selim, he said that nothing causes the lifespan of a person to increase, like his good deeds. So you do good deeds and a loss of data, he sees that in the loss of

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Hannah Montana, causes your date of death to change. Now the angels records would be changed, Alo head Matt forth would already have your previously decreed date of death, as well as the new date of death that came as a result of you making your hour as a result of you doing good deeds. So allow him My food is perfect, it already has that into consideration the same way that, you know, by virtue of you eating or drinking, you know, you extend your life for another for another day or by virtue of you taking this medicine, you overcome that sickness, Allah subhanaw taala already takes it into consideration in the low hanging fruit, what would have happened, had you not taken the

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medicine and what does happen as a result of you taking the medicine and so that is spiritual medicine. Okay. supplication is our spiritual medicine and nothing is beyond our do. Nothing is beyond our supplication, even when it comes to matters of the hereafter. Okay, I'm gonna hop over to the allot of time, whoa. He said, My Lord, he said, Oh Allah, if you have written me down amongst a sir, that amongst the fortunate ones, then confirm that then affirm that. And if you've written me down amongst the deprived ones, then erase that. So almost all the time, and who is showing us that your app can change not only that which has been destined in this life, but also that which has been

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destined in the hereafter. And you know, on that point, the low tide and he makes a very powerful statement about the nature of our job. He says, You know, I don't even concern myself with the answer to my dress. I just concern myself with a loss of handling to Allah, giving me the trophy, giving me the success to be able to make the dura because I know that if Allah has guided me to be able to make a deal, then Allah subhana wa tada is going to respond to that do out with that which is best, I already know that I don't even need to worry about the result of it. I don't concern myself. I just say Allah home I make the Dharma and then whatever comes after that, whether it's

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good in my estimation, or evil in my estimation, I just accepted it haven't did Illa because I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a wisdom to me making that dura and Allah subhanho data by virtue of bringing me to a position of making dua, Allah subhanaw taala will not turn me away and Allah subhanaw taala will not leave me deprived and Subhana Allah, you know, on that note, any amount we've been taught in law, Allah to Allah He said, matter of luck Allahu lisanna COVID Paulo, the if a loss of Hannah hoods Allah allows your tongue to move to ask him for something fairland and who you read in your clinic. Know that Allah wants to give you something if Allah gave you the success

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to be able to move your tongue and move your lips and say Allah him, know that Allah wants to give you something. Now, on top of that, it's important for us to realize that sometimes when we make do we want a loss of manhood to add it to give us our alter destiny are destined things for us the way we see fit. And in that is a lack of understanding of a loss of Hannah hosannas knowledge and a lack of understanding of a loss of antis power and ability and Allah subhanaw taala seeing things that you don't see. And so we need to also have that trust when we make that even if destiny is not altered the way that we want it to be that Allah subhana wa tada is doing what's best for us and our

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hastiness and our impatience. It shows in our times and the prophets lysozyme said Allah would answer persons There are so long as he doesn't say, why isn't Allah Spano Tata answering my dear, we even see an istikhara the very famous deer out of a staccato or prayer is the Hata which is something the Prophet slicin him gave to us to ask Allah that if this is good for me, in my dunya in my Deen in my in my matters of the hereafter than Oh Allah guide me to it. And if it's bad for me, then remove it from me. You know, and you know, you see in so many different cultures, there are different ways to deal with this to hodel like you're supposed to see some form of dreams and colors

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and dreams or you're supposed to see, you know, you have like a staccato fairy that shows up under your pillow and gives you an answer or something like that, you know, everyone wants to see an answer to their istikhara. But at the end of the day, it's the hardest is not meant for you to get an answer. It's the heart of what it's meant.

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To be as that you have decided that something is best for you in regards to your dunya in regards to your deen in regards to your ocular, so it's best for you in this world in the hereafter in your estimation. And after doing St. Shara as the amount of no human losses, Shula st Shada is asking other people for advice. You do istikhara of Allah subhanho wa Taala you ask Allah Subhana Allah now for the ultimate guidance in that so I've had someone come to me for example, one time and say, you know, Chef I don't want to do is to harder for this girl that I want to marry. Because I don't want a lot of Take her away from me if she's bad for

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you know, be careful what you wish for but you know, that might not turn out to be the best sister for you. You know, so it's better you make that there is the photo and just deal with the consequences. Whether it's whether it's good in your estimation or bad in your estimation, it's better you cry for a day, then cry for a lifetime. So a lot knows how to respond to your doubts and Allah knows how to alter your destiny accordingly. And you know, Allah subhanaw taala always plans in the favor of the believer. He always plans in the favor of a servant. However, Allah Subhana Allah loves to hear your voice and so that's why Allah commands you to make sure and say Allah hum,

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Oh ALLAH and destiny can be changed and we ask Allah Subhana Allah, that all that is in our favor is confirmed and all that is against us is erased.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box. And if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that. And don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.