Nadim Bashir – Khatira – A Believer is Like a Tree

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of the concept of the tree in Islam is highlighted, including the need for proper soil and protecting one's faith. The challenges of growing and developing seed, including the need for dedication and companionship, are also discussed. The importance of finding one's course of action is emphasized, and helping others, particularly those who have been through difficult circumstances, is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the benefits of being around people and finding one's own success in life, and encourages everyone to ask themselves how they are doing to benefit others.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran He gives us many examples. For example, thanks to the last year, at the end Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For Allah young Verona era EBk for Holy God, He gives the example of a camel. And then he says what you just said Ma ek for raffia. He gives the example of the sky, where llg Barely K for new sleeve and he gives the example of a mountain, we will order the K for City Heights, and he gives the example of Earth. And so the Holodomor fustian When they say that all these four examples that Allah has given us is directly linked with us is linked with a human being. Allah subhanho wa Taala has surrounded us with things for us to reflect from things

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that we can learn from. And this is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says in a hadith which is found in Bukhari, that there is a tree amongst all the trees that represents a Muslim in goodness. And that is the palm tree that is the day palm tree. This is a quote of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when we think about a tree today, you shall and as we've heard that, I want to talk about how this Muslim represents that tree, how that Muslim is resembling that tree. First of all, we talk about the roots, we put the seed into the ground, we make sure that that seed is surrounded by proper soil. If the soil is corrupt than that, see, no matter how good of a

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seed it is, it will never sprout, it will never grow. Likewise, when we talk about the concept of roots, we will talk about the concept of the foundation of a tree. And then starting from that seed and that seed and there's there's roots that go deep into the ground. The first thing that we learned from this is, in order for that seed to grow, it has to be surrounded with proper soil. Likewise, when it comes to the human being, when it comes to the believer, we have to be surrounded by proper people, we have to make sure that we're always in the company of righteous people, in order for us to grow. We've heard this before so many times, that we are a representation. We are a

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manifestation, we are a reflection of who we are with and who we sit with, and who we stand with, and who do we hang out with. And that is why we find in the province that Allahu Allah He was selling his life that he is told by Allah subhanho wa Taala that who should who should you be with and who you should not be with? Allah says was business soccer, my Lavina you're the owner of the home Bella daddy, well actually you read when I watch that be around those kinds of people who remind themselves about Allah subhanho wa taala, who remember Allah day and night. And not only that, but these are yet that come after this that comes out of the story of those few young men who

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sought refuge in the cave to protect your iman. And your honor, they have derived from this, that if you really want to protect your faith that you have to pay attention to who are your friends, you have to pay close attention to who are your companions? What is their mindset, like if they are those who stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. You want to be around those people, no matter what the society calls them, society, you may call them, you know, backwards society, you may call them that they are not smart and so forth. But Allah and His Prophet saw some teach us that this is who you need to be around. And once again, going back to the example of that seed, in order for that seed to

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sprout and grow, it has to be surrounded by proper soil. Number two is that just like it takes seed takes a seed to time to grow, you put a seed, you water it and you water it and you take care of it. And the roots began to go deeper into the ground, and then the plant sprouts, and as a plant sprout, it's still fertile, is still weak is still, even though it's fertile, it's weak. People can stop right over it, people can kick it and so forth. But it takes time to grow brothers and sisters. Likewise, when it comes to the emaan of a believer, it takes time to grow. You cannot grow the emaan overnight, we find them Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam brought Islam, our

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mother I shall have you Allah Allah says had Rasulillah salam from day one said this is halal and this is haram. People have never accepted it. But that's why it took 13 years 13 years to grow and develop the Iman of the Sahaba of yellow unknown and that is why in the beginning years, there was no halal and haram besides the fact that Schilke is haram Of course we know we know that we have to believe in Allah salah, but overall all the halal and haram even salah defy time de Sala came 10 years into the prophethood of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Why? Because in order for us to stick to our iman and accept everything from Allah and His Prophet Salem, it takes time for our Eman to

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develop. And sometimes we make a U turn in life. We've we have been living a life of transgression, we're living a life of oil, we are committing sins and then we realize I need to turn my life around and then we expect that just

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like that, just like a light switch, I will turn my entire life around and then we fall we find ourselves at times falling into the sin and that is when shaytaan brings disparity and he says, Look at you, you tried to start from that sin, where was the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. But that is the disparity of the shape on and that is why we have to understand that if I had been committing a haram for so many years for so many years, and now overnight, I want to change that it may not happen, it takes time. It takes dedication, it takes commitment, it takes companionship and so forth, in order for us to stay away from the haram. So that is why just like it takes the seed time

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to sprout. Likewise, for a believer, it takes the EMA and time to grow and so forth. The next thing is that just like the roots of the seed that come from the seed cannot develop by itself. Likewise, our EMA cannot develop by itself through our own through just on our own, we have to work on it, we have to proactively work on it. That means solid cm zakat, of course, the calendar is sadaqa, but Anttila dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala always hearing something, always being around those kinds of people who remind you of doing good, it doesn't have to be you don't have to be around someone that will always give you a lecture. But even if you are around someone that stops you when you're

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doing something something that is haram, I've talked about this before that why was bunnies saw in cursed because they will see the other company haram. And because they are my friends, they're my best buddies, I'm gonna let them come into haram whatever they want No, a true friends of another friend, a true friend says that no matter how deep our friendship is, if I see you doing something that is wrong, I will stop you. That is what a true friend is. And a lot of times we will say that what kind of a friend are you I thought you had my back, I thought you would you have my back in all circumstances. But that is where we put our foot down and say yes, I am your friend and good. But at

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the same time, I will stick with the hug and I will never stand on the side about it. If I see you doing something that is wrong, or you asked me to stand by your side, when you have done something that is wrong, I will never stand by your side. This is something that is happening often today. So just like the root, or the seed has to be surrounded by others. And not only that, but it has to be surrounded, it has to be given water and sunlight over and over again for that seed to grow. Likewise, we always need a dose of the Quran, we always need a dose of the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala in order for us to grow now, you talk about after that seed has grown and now it's a full

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tree. If the roots are deep of that tree, what happens is that no matter what challenges come that way, if even if there's a strong wind that comes, it will never put you will never throw the tree onto the floor. It can ever put the tree onto the floor, that tree will remain there. Yes, it may move in, you will see you'll see a palm tree when there are strong winds that come you will see that you know you will see it going you know you see the the leaves or the branches, you know in one direction of the wind and so forth. But you don't see that tree on the ground most often. That is a sign of a believer, likewise a believer no matter what challenges come its way it will always stand

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firm. Yes, the wind may push it down. adversities may push it off his heels a little bit a person a true believer will always remain firm, even if you get pushed off his heels and even he does follow fall down a little but always remain firm in his place. And then the last thing how he resembles a believer How Does it resemble a believer is always fourth giving. See this is something that's beautiful about our dean or Dean has taught us that you cannot be selfish, or Dean has taught us that the best are those who just don't only benefit themselves, but they benefit others. For example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did not say the best person is that person who

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learns the Quran? No. He said the best person is that person who learns the Quran and then teaches it to others. You cannot be selfish in our deen, why is there a concept of self kajaria? Yes, you're benefiting but you're benefiting someone else too, right? When you talk about so many different aspects of our deen. It's not only about ourselves, it's about benefiting ourselves, but making sure that we benefit others. You have a date palm tree that provides dates and from that days there is Shiva in those dates. And then people came nourishment from those dates. But Subhanallah if you look at trees in general, you look at trees in general, so many animals they eat from that same tree and

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they benefit the human being to this is why a believer is not a believer, if he only benefits himself. A believer is that person who benefits himself and then they benefit others. Think about it for a moment. The day comes when the announcement has been made fuller and fuller has died. Your announcement has been made in the masjid, you have died for example, what legacy Do you have behind to benefit other people? What have you left behind so people can benefit from it? Are you

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You're a person who just paid his bills every single month, and you took care of your own matters and you passed away and you have nothing left to show for. That is not what a believer is a believer leaves behind something, it does something to benefit others, just like a tree is there and every single animal is benefiting from that tree, a silkworm that eat from that tree. It provides silk. And silk is something that is used by people. When you see a musk deer eating for the same tree. It provides droppings, it has musk in it, it has droppings and there is money in it. And at the same time you have other animals eating for that same tree and other you see that same be coming to the

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same tree or the same flowers and so forth. And eating from that. And it provides honey, you have so many plants and they're all providing likewise, a believer is such that they take care of themselves, they maintain their faith, they have a proper surrounding. They're always working on their faith and so forth. But then they do something to benefit others. And it doesn't have to be that situation that where you are in the best situation. Only then you can help many people believe only when I'm in the best situation. Only then I will help Russell wa sallam taught us you don't have to be in the best situation to help someone else out. If you have a heart. If you have a heart

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and you care for people, no matter what your situation is, you will be there to help other people and when you help other people and you benefit other people than Allah subhanho wa Taala will be with you. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in the Quran woman Asad hola me. Manda in Allah he will Amina Saleh, and they do righteous deeds, but then they call other people to Allah subhanho wa taala. A believer is not a person who only weighs about their own akhira and their own well being and their own development. But a believer is that person who cares about everything I just mentioned, but they also want others to be benefited also, all the orlimar that we see

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everything that we have learned from our past from our books, these were all a man who lived a life and they wrote books, they wrote articles today we are benefiting from them from them and their education, so forth. That is what a believer is. The question is, when the Prophet alayhi salam gives the example of a tree and the tree benefits. The question is, what are we doing to benefit so these are few things that we have to look at from the perspective of a tree and from the perspective of iman, and ask ourselves How much are we liked that tree and so forth, in terms of the roots in terms of the tree and in terms of benefiting others? This is a moment of reflection for all of us.

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Ask yourself every single day How much am I doing? I asked Allah subhana wa to make us amongst those who are able to do their own T sub N amongst those who are able to do their own reflection on these matters on daily basis. I'm a little bit odd I mean, what does that sit on? Why they come off the law here but I'll catch you

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