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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the lack of respect for Muslims among their own community and the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus. They stress the need for everyone to not be un depthled and for gifts specifically to religious or non-immigrant speakers to avoid confusion. The speakers also mention the birth of Saudi Arabia and the upcoming holiday.
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I want to come on to why would a cat

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you know blind I mean what I want to elaborate upon I mean when I want people to begin with tapping Allama Saliba, Selim abiotic, and I'm Dakota so the command in Salalah Heini was salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to see when cathedra

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Well, I want to reflect on actually Subhanallah is the irony of the first verse that was that I recited in the first lecture.

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You know, unfortunately shaytaan bombards us with thoughts and things of that sort, but sometimes, if you think about how timeless the Quran is in its message

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Subhan Allah, you'll find that it applies to situations to us today. The first idea that we recited in the first lecture, what was it? Does anyone remember?

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lotsa Cohen, okay, Latina as the most to not be amongst those who have harmed Musa Ali has set up. And subhanAllah the irony of that, obviously, is that there is a movie right now that's out about Musa alayhis salaam

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where the image of Masada his Salam, obviously as tarnish just as the image of Nurhaliza. And I'm just tarnished. I mean, you've got the same actor that plays Batman, playing Musashi his salaam, making comments about the character of Musa alayhis salam after he played, you know, he was interviewed after he played this movie and or acted in this role of Musa alayhis salam. And he actually called moosari snapnames, he actually said that I don't think that he was not either mentally stable character after studying his life and playing him and things of that sort. And we have Muslims that are going obviously, and watching these movies about more Saturdays, and the new

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holiday has set up played by the same guy that plays gladiator and whatnot. And then here you have an image of new Heidi his setup. And you know, at the end of this movie, you know, apparently no honey has Salam is, you know, doing major sins and things of that sort, drinking alcohol and things of that sort. And you have a Muslim sitting there watching that and completely okay with that. And the problem with this all number one, it represents a very clear double standard within our community. That imagine if there was a movie about the profit slice that was made, we'd all be up in arms. Are these not our MBAs? Are these not our prophets? Are these not people that are Beloved to

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us? And they're in obviously, I say this in the context of, you know, today being the day of Christmas and things of that sort, you know, a day that is supposedly the birth of very Saudi salaam, but anyone that studied an iota of history of Christmas knows that this is actually a pagan holiday, it has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of our East it has Salam. But Muslims, you know, out there saying Merry Christmas, and here it is, you know, and this is the birth of a sys Nam and why can't we also celebrate the birth of a Saudi Salman? These are the nature of the questions that that imams are getting today is that how can we as Muslims not celebrate Christmas? Because we

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believe in reciting his sin I'm too so because we believe in Jesus peace be upon him, why don't we have Christmas as well, within our households, we'll have a halal Turkey and it'll all be okay. Right.

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And subhanAllah, it just shows us the lack of reverence that we have, for our profits, the lack of knowledge we have for them, the lack of sanctity that we hold them in, and the lack of reverence we have towards them. Now, this is not to say that the the reflection that I'm giving tonight, the purpose of that is not that we start having protests and busting windows, or burning the American flag, or burning, you know, a portrait of Christian Bale, or Russell Crowe because of this. The point of this is that as Muslims, we have to take a very clear stance in general about the way that we hold our prophets in a certain regard that we have a certain that we are actually offended. On a

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personal level, we will not support anything that would portray the prophets in a way that would be that would not be fit them. And I mean, General, obviously, the position of Anderson or gemera, as against some of the MBR is against the portrayal of the prophets, even in a positive light. Because there's no way it's just human psychology, there's no way that after watching two or three hours of an individual,

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you know, being the image of a prophet that the next time that you hear the name of that prophet that that image is not going to pop into your head and actually asked a group of individuals, sincere individuals, and this is, look, you know, there's some people and this is not to say that everyone that believes in certain things or take certain positions is to be condemned, or things of that sort. But some people that went and saw the Noah movie, for example, asked them I said, Now when you hear the story of no headaches, and um, there's an image of Russell Crowe pop in your head, and all of them said, Yes, right. So now when you think of Musa alayhis salam, who by the way, just

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historically speaking Musa Islam would not look nothing like Christian Bale would look because we're so lost. I sell them he said, I saw Musa Islam and he read

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And he looked like one of the people of Shenandoah or the people visit, which were, you know, people from Africa. So Christian Bill certainly doesn't look like he's from Africa. But you know, that's the image that you're going to have with most artists. And I'm the same guy that played The Dark Knight is now most artists and I'm in your head when you hear about most artists now, isn't there a problem with that altogether? And so this isn't to push people towards taking an extremist position per se or to again, not to abuse property or to or to be uncivilized? No, but to at least say that this is not something that we're okay with as a community. This is not something that we're okay

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with as individuals because we hold our profits in a certain regard. And just as if you made a movie about Mohamed Salah lice, and I would not watch it and I would not have anything to do with it, I would not be amongst those that harmed him already his salatu salam, I also will not be amongst those Subhan Allah the timeless wisdom of the Quran that tekun Okay ladina Allah Musa, don't be like those who are most Eisner. And though you know when, when you when you see your Christian friends outside and things of that sort, there is no harm and you know, wishing them a happy break and saying, you know, I hope you enjoy your holidays and things of that sort, but not to in any way,

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validate a holiday that is a pagan holiday that is historically a pagan holiday, in essence, to some, you know, December 25. The day that we are in today was the day that the Romans used to celebrate their pagan gods that Mithraism Mithras is celebrated on that day. This was the day that was simply replaced. When Christianity took over those areas. It's simply instead of celebrating the pagan gods will celebrate the birth of a size and I'm the birth of Jesus peace be upon him. But there's absolutely no connection historically, between this day and the birth of a scientist and I'm so we revere our prophets. And we're also in a world where the image of the prophets lie Selim as

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well. Unfortunately, the reverence that will be shown to the prophets lie, some is not the reverence that the Companions show to the prophets, I saw them again missing the point, that these are prophets that are held in a certain honor Allah sent them to be followed, Allah sent them to be loved and to be followed, as well, to be on just an emotional attachment. It's beyond a cake, it's beyond. You know, I'm not really sure how the connection between loving a sorry, Islam, you know, if you love Jesus enough, then you'll have a new car in your driveway for Christmas, or you'll have gifts under a tree in your house, or, you know, Santa Claus will come down your chimney. I don't

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know how that really gets bundled into religion in the first place. But let's face it as Muslims, I literally just came from the UK. I literally just got in from the UK a few hours ago. And obviously it'll be starting in the UK. And you can already see the the cars in the streets that have the capital on top of the cars and have the you know, the green dome of the profit slice and I'm just messages on their cars in the celebration starting and it's like Subhanallah where are we as an Oma? That's not why our Prophet was sent to us it his salatu salam, he was sent to us for something far more profound. He was sent to us to be followed, to be loved to be obeyed, to be followed it his

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salatu salam so that we follow in his example. So that's just a reflection and really, I mean, it's latter Kunal Killa. Dina Alamosa, don't be like those people will harm the profits Don't be people that harmed the profits, either by hurling insults towards them, or by doing anything that would take away from the reverence that we hold towards them and also at the same time by missing the point of why they were sent. That also harms the prophets. They were sent to you for a reason they were sent to mankind for a reason to call you back to the worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and we love them and we hold them in the highest regard and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his

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peace and blessings upon all of them, and to join us with them and with the Prophets why Selim and his family has companions in the highest level of genital Philadelphia a llama? I mean, I don't know if I open the can of worms but questions maybe you guys just want to go back to sleep now.

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Tell them any questions.

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Inshallah, I will be doing the hopefully tomorrow but I don't I don't know why. I would hope you'd come to Jamar anyway but

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but hey, if that's gonna give you you know, an incentive then fine. So be it.

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Any questions?

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Something like, almost scenes, like, create

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something that was

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not from the same angle, how it was being portrayed, but rather things based on

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Alright, things that are known often. But if you have watched many of the episodes beginning and

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what you just mentioned about the picture of the brain and pops in as the accuracy is.

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Absolutely. And the same thing, you know, the question is, you know about the armor series, for example. I mean, I think one of the earliest movies that came out was the resale of the message that came out a long time ago, but must have caught it.

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and just naturally, when you would see and when you hear the the name of they didn't know how to use the for example, you'll think of the Zaid in the message again, who looks nothing like the truth a little the a lot of times are below the law taller and or so on so forth. What I would say though some theater Sahaba the portrayal of the companions is a far it's a different discussion altogether. There is more flexibility amongst the right amount within the discussion of theta Sahabah portrayal of the prophets is forbidden by near consensus. It's not consensus, it's by near consensus, whereas portrayal of the companions is not forbidden by consensus. There is a discussion amongst the right

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amount in that regard.

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And, you know, there's strong evidence on both sides. Obviously, one of the the harms, again is that a picture of a person is associated now, with the name of a companion however, the Companions may Allah be pleased with them are not infallible. And they are not to the status of the prophets, though they hold a very lofty status. Now the problem is now that same actor, when Anthony Quinn for example, when he played Hamza will the Allah Han Alright, and then he played honorable thought. And Anthony Quinn played a lot of other things when you mentioned Hemsedal, the Allahu Taala a lot of people would think of Anthony Quinn from the message, the movie the message back that

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Are there benefits to the series into these things? Absolutely. There are certainly benefits.

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The problem is when that same actor that plays that companion now will go and play in another movie and will be in in the capacity of doing the complete opposite of what would be sanctioned by the religion and that's where the the real Pfitzner comes in. Honestly, that's where the real fits in it comes out this person that I was associating now, with a companion his image with the companion, he goes now and he's drinking alcohol and doing something else in another movie. That's where the true fitna comes in.

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But when it comes to the to the armor series in particular, that's a debate that you know, you have the likes of, of shixin Man and Odin, Dr. Hyde there's part of me and Jeff Yusuf al Qaradawi that approved of that and then you have the likes of you know, Shama Vamsi, and others on the other side that were against it so I can see the evidences on both sides so what I would say is that that's where it's a matter of your comfort level and it's a matter of listening to both sides of the evidences and then choosing one there's no doubt there's benefit in it there's no doubt there is benefit in it but it's it's just a matter of do the harms outweigh the benefits and is this falling

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out into the the area of prohibition of tahini

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and Allah knows best yes

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Christian holiday in general not

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there as long as you don't specify the religious aspect of it

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then there is nothing wrong with inshallah time.

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Okay, so if someone says Merry Christmas to you, for example, just say thank you and walk away you know, they don't have to you don't you don't have to say Merry Christmas back you know, to say thank you and walk away Be courteous, you don't have to be rude. The The point is, is not to congratulate in anything specific to a religious celebration here and again, a religious celebration that has nothing to do not even with Christianity.

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One reason why Christianity has done this thing, from what I understand because they sold their religion that puts a price that they're getting back in return Christianity, and this

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Christmas Day is all about money. And because of the money that they're making, they continually do it. Even though they know that Jesus

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they know that

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so it's not a hidden secret they know it's Megyn Kelly from Fox News does not know that. Just letting you know

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suppressing Absolutely.

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The other thing is about this movie Exodus, I heard the director of the movie said the reason why they have these people in the movies because they could not market it. If they put people that look like meat in the movie, it wouldn't be marketable. So that's why we

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your problem, you know, subhanAllah Yeah, I mean, Musa that looks like Christian bill. Obviously, it will sell more. It is the point is is capitalism, its money at the end of the day, there's no of course a religious holiday that's been turned into that as well. What what of Christmas has to do with religion and theology in the first place? So absolutely. Zakka article Aphakia last one, and so then I'll let everyone go and tell you.

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If a Christian gives you a gift, can you return you cannot give a gift that's specific to a holiday that's specific to a religious celebration. Now, giving gifts to non Muslims in general is actually praiseworthy, and are in the religion, it's a praiseworthy thing. But to give a gift that is specific to a religion or to or to a celebration or to

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Anything that's specific to a religion is not permissible. Would I tell honestly look and this is this is something that I would encourage all of us to do. Why is it that on our eighth we don't give gifts to our non Muslim friends and to our neighbors, we should take things to our non Muslim colleagues and say, you know, we just finished Ramadan fasting an entire month and things of that sort. I mean, instead of always kind of we always find ourselves in the awkward situation of well, do I need to give a gift here or not so, giving gifts is praiseworthy. But to give a gift specific to a celebration is not Alright, does that mean my highness panagsama Hamlet get shadowline and

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stuff Hirokawa to Blake cinema ACHEMA time to catch up