Suleiman Hani – Tafisr of Juz Tabarak #06

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various examples of evil behavior, including nuclear weapons, alcoholism, and murder, and the use of words like "will" and "will" to describe emotions and actions. They emphasize the importance of protecting individuals from evil behavior and avoiding bad behavior, while also acknowledging one's own actions and embracing one's own potential. The speakers stress the need for individuals to act in a way that helps them achieve their potential and disrespect the idea of "operational inequality." They also touch on punishment and its choice between staying true to beliefs or going back to past experiences, as well as the importance of forgiveness and embracing one's own potential.
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Bismillah from the riddle salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either early he or certainly he woman Wilder along will become Cena or because Buckner or became Lafayette will be kind of more to what you think and mostly and say now what I'm saying what it could mean a lot in earnest a nuclear hire or her the Lila fed her honest when you look at what Wahoo when our road will be coming shut the mafia will shut him up. We will continue with verse 17 If you want to follow along with the PowerPoint or your own translation channel

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What are the theology and commercial loan can we are

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going back to where we stopped last week verse 10 to 16. So the passage of 10 to 16. We mentioned that a person of CODA ish an elite of coalition arrogant person was not being named here. And some of the scholars believed that it was a lower lead and in Mojito, we mentioned that three of his 10 sons became Muslim, including the famous Khalid in in one eat as well as his brother. And while he didn't worried now, the vs begin by describing in this passage, some of the characteristics of evil and some of the characteristics of this individual, two of which he did not know about until this revelation. So going back to where we started, verse 10, this is what we covered and you love it and

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12 123 Aquila, her laughing Mahin do not yield do not give in to any contemptible swear someone who's always swearing by God. Why because this person is a pathological liar. Number two have Mazzy Masha in Binyamin so the next I have Mazzy Masha and Bina meme do not basically given to this person who is a Bathmate or slander monger, someone who is creating gossip creating fitna hearing from one person going to another and creating a rift between them manjeri little hiding or attending a theme, or a person who is a hinder too good to hide to anyone who is sinful and aggressive. And so we established from these verses a number of points and we covered these last week, and then we have

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some new characteristics as well. This is the one that he himself did not know about, or totally murder, because any this person is cruel. Moreover, an illegitimate pretender, an illegitimate pretender meaning what the word or tool generally is used for someone, an individual who might be aggressive, strong, but also what's greedy, strong in terms of how greedy they are in eating and drinking quarrelsome in their arguments. So they are seen by other people as someone who loves to eat a lot and someone who argues a lot and someone who is basically reckless, someone who is cruel someone who is harsh, they transgress lines when they talk to people, or too bad Daddy gets a name

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as well in addition to that Allah subhanaw taala saying this person is the name, the words the name is used to describe a person of illegitimate birth, who does not in fact belong to a family but has joined it meaning what some other way for them to have joined that family member

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I'm very cautious with my words. But in other words, he himself did not know that he was illegitimate. And some of the commentators have Quran from the earliest of generations. They said this word could also refer to a person who was notorious amongst the community for his evil doing and both of these meanings are accepted and they can be combined as well. So unbelieving Molina is the likeliest person this was referring to Allahu Adam, and Canada, many women in the next time, Allah said, and this I pay attention to the following point, it can be a continuation of what Allah is saying. And it can be what the prequel to the next day. So it can be a sequel and a prequel at

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the same time, a continuation of the last verse, and a prequel to the next verse. and Canada, early women, he, just because he has wealth and family, wealth, and sons, so he's a lot of wealth. And this was because of his status. And he has a lot of offspring we mentioned before he had at least 10 sons, and when even more later on, so just because he has wealth and sons, either too late to now call that so please don't worry. And when Our Verses are recited to him, he says, These are fairytales these are ancient peoples. Now, this is the continuation Now what if we took the verse before it, you have all these descriptions of this evil man are totally invalid, and he has a name

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and Canada money when he does not matter to him? Because what he has a lot of wealth and sons, either to cloudy, or to Nepal. So please don't worry, my dear brothers and sisters, these are the same words we still hear today. Today. 1400 plus years later, you still hear arrogant people with similar descriptions, who are very boastful, very cruel, very arrogant, they talk down about others, they mock the religious community, they mock Muslims, and this has always been the case. And they think they are upon truth. And when they hear about the Quran, the revelation of God, they say what No, this is perhaps a fairy tale. What do you mean, the one who studies the Quran can see very

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rationally, if you are intelligent, that this cannot be man made. But they have not even considered that their arrogance is too strong. It is clouding their judgment, their ability to see either to clarify or to not this evil person and some people today are that so please don't worry. So Allah subhanaw taala says at the end of this passage, so let's see more other photo, we will soon mark his snout or his nose. What does that mean? So because of this, some scholars say there's some evidence that this is referring to lled minimum leader, one of the leaders of the makin opposition to Islam. He rejected the Prophet SAW Selim insulted him attacked him. And of course, they tried to invite him

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and tempt him as well and he refused all these bribes. So the Quran responded, Allah responded by listing 10 of his qualities 10 of the qualities of Alvalade in the Molino again, two of which he did not know about before, the fact that he was born out of wedlock. So he's illegitimate in terms of the family, and that his nose would be marked. What does that mean? His nose would be mark, meaning he will be chopped off several years later, this took place at the Battle of Beddit. This is what had happened to Al when he didn't move at all. And it was almost as though to say this is a fulfillment of this prophecy, this revelation from Allah subhanaw taala from before. Now, in

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addition to this sadness, he moved to other horrible can also refer to on the day of judgment and in this world in terms of disgracing him. So sometimes you'll see, especially in some cultures, and this is not uncommon today, an arrogant person raising their chin and their nose up like this walking around as though they own the world. And in reality, because of his arrogance, and thinking that his status would protect him. That was the very same thing that caused him to be disgraced who is a leader and a leader today who follows his legacy or cares about his legacy. He's a disgraced man in history, he's a loser in history. And then you study the person who opposed the final

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messenger of God. SallAllahu wasallam, the most mentioned man in the world Sun Allahu alayhi wa sallam, along with Salah Mohammed, you say his name all the time. We mentioned his name throughout the day, and his name is always being mentioned around the world sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in fact today, the most common boy's name in the world Mohammed with all of its variations, you cannot compare the two. And yet that man had his nose up, as though he owned the world as though his wealth was going to protect him in the future or protect Him in the grave or protect them on the Day of Judgment. That type of arrogance is one of the reasons that people will be disgraced on their faces

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on the Day of Resurrection, they will be humiliated on that day. May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts, renters clarity and utilizes for height alarm me. So this is the passage of 10 to 16. After this, the attention shifts to something very different. And I'm going to ask you in sha Allah so be ready for this question later on. What is the link between the first part of sort of poem and this next passage, this next passage in sortable column from 17 all the way to 33. This is a story about the people of the garden. These are the people of the agenda or the Bustan the people

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Only a garden. And there are some opinions about what this was referring to as a context before we get into the story. In short, some of these farmers, they had access to this land with its fruits and its harvest. They plan they plotted and they schemed amongst themselves to go early in the morning to take the harvest so that the poor people would not show up and then get any of it or ask for any of it. So they would not see that there was actual harvest. But when they got to their harvest the next morning with this evil intention, they found that it had been destroyed during the night. This is the summary of the story. Now there's some context according to some of the books of

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Tafseer. I did not myself go back and trace these Hadith to see if they are authentic or not. But since it is a story, and this is vomit of Sierra Bella we and others, the short context for it is that there was a pious man who owned a large plot of land with a lot of vegetation, a lot of agriculture. And he had some children. And he was a very pious man, he tried to raise righteous children, but they were not like their father. They saw for example, poor people, taking some of the fruits or taking some of what they had, so they could not sell it and make more profits. The father passed away this this grateful a generous father, and he gave the land to his children. When he was

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alive, he used to be very generous when he passed away, his children started realizing if we want to make more money, we're going to have to keep more of the fruits for ourselves so that the poor people cannot access it. This is the context of the story. So looking at verses 17 and 18, for example, Allah Subhan Allah dialysis in bello now, who is this referring to we have tested them. This is referring to the Meccans in Bologna home as we come up Ilona of herbal genitive opera simultaneously Muna hemispheric, we tested the people of Mecca. So right as we tested the owners of the garden now we're gonna get into the story. But before we get into the story, what does this

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mean? Allah is testing the people of Mecca as the people of the garden were tested. Anything you have in this world is a test. Anything you have any blessing you have, it is a test. You have an electronic device, it's a test, you have clothes that attest, you have food today, that is a test, any kind of wealth, any possession anything at all, these are all tests. Yes, they are blessings. And these are blessings you will be asked about similar to Sedona Yama, in in and in nine you will be asked on that day about all the blessings that you had.

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So Allah gave the people of Mecca all that they had. They had status, they had honored the people of the Arabian Peninsula used to go there. It was known as an economic powerhouse in the peninsula. And yet many of them the elites of Quraysh rejected the final messenger when revolution came now. So Allah says, now we're turning our attention to a link between the people of Mecca and to the story. The people who own the garden, these are the three sons or let's say these are the people who own the garden without specifying who what would they say they swore they would go the next morning is our consumer yesterday Munna Homesmith, we will take the fruits for ourselves, we will hard to

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harvest all of this for us, when is deafening and they did not say Insha Allah, they did not leave any room or thoughts for the will of God. This is the first part of the story. And we want to take some lessons before we move on. Number one,

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we should consider the saying of Allah subhanaw taala in Surah 20 calf which resembles this. So you have the parable of the owners of the two gardens and you also have what the saying of Allah subhanaw taala tabula Nisha in Nephi and Danica Harden, Aisha ALLAH, do not say I'm going to do something tomorrow without saying if Allah wills by the will of Allah. So this is a lesson you also have insulted calf the lesson of the owners of the two gardens, one who was righteous one who was not, and the garden was destroyed, a second reflection here. So again, that was the first link synthesis between two different surah in the Quran, a second reflection here, these owners of the

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garden were so confident, they were so sure about their power and their authority that they swore that they will go and pluck the fruits of the garden the very next morning, without feeling without feeling the need to say insha Allah by God's will. Only an arrogant person will know this and not say inshallah intentionally. Every single humble human being who realizes who you are to God to the creator, you must say in sha Allah inshallah and of course, don't misuse Inshallah, don't use it in the wrong way. Number one and number two, don't align with insha. Allah this is very problematic. What do we mean? What do we mean exactly by number one? Don't say in sha Allah when it does not

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Are you doing well in sha Allah? So this is like someone trying to use in sha Allah for everything. Generally speaking, you say in sha Allah when you're talking about something you're going to do, right? I'm going to go to the store in Sharla. And what you see you tomorrow Cholatse you later in Sharla. So you're, you're talking about something of the future. How did that happen in the past in sha Allah? No, this does not apply. So I'm just reminding us here. There's a way

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to us in sha Allah, he means by God's will, right God willing, and it's okay to use this in English as well, God willing. And in fact, a number of non Muslims when we speak with them, don't be embarrassed to say God willing, right now, if you're typing up an email for a coworker or your supervisor or something happens, and you forget, you're talking to a non Muslim and you type in sha Allah, don't worry about it. But if you insist on seeing it, you can say God willing, there's nothing wrong with that. And in fact, you cannot get punished for that, in sha Allah. Number three, why were they going so early to the garden before people arrived? Simply put, so you understand the

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story, they wanted to take the fruits from the garden, so poor people would not see it or have access to it. This is exactly what's happening here. Number four, a reminder, kindness, when you're kind to other people is a door of blessings for oneself. You want more of your garden, give more to the poor, don't hide more of it, don't restrict it, you want more blessings in your life, share more of it with others share that risk with others, the one who gives charity does not lose or decrease in their wealth. This is a promise from Allah, and a promise from his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But they did not do that. They thought they were in control of their risk. And sometimes you

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think you're in control of your wealth. But the reality is, you cannot control the concept of Baraka. The concept of blessings that you have $10, but it multiplies to 100, or it's utilized as 1000. And that person who, for example, held back $5 in charity thought, I'm saving more money. But in reality, what did they do? They prevented themselves from access to $100 worth in that $5. And so this is something we must keep in mind. Number five, they did not say Inshallah, and there's something interesting about this here. I wonder if any of you noticed this, but they're intending to go to sleep and wake up and do what something good or something evil? So we're talking about

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utilizing the word Insha Allah, but I'm asking you, are they intending to do something good or something evil? Go ahead and let us know in the chat. It's very simple. They're planning to wake up and prevent poor people from access to food, access to fruits. So their intention is to commit a sin, their intention is one of evil, does that come off here? And yet, Allah says, While I asked if knew, they did not say Insha Allah, why is this interesting? Because generally speaking, when someone is intending to do something evil, or they even verbalize it, and they say, I'm going to do such and such, or let's do such and such, generally speaking, a person won't say Insha Allah, or

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whether you're Stephanie. So why, why is Allah's pattern mentioning this year? Why is that so important? Is it because they did not say Insha Allah, that they were not able to commit a sin? Or is there another reason. And so the reminder here is that a person who regularly says In sha Allah will realize that at times, saying it as a habit in life, will protect them from committing a sin. So if you think of a sin, and you think to yourself, I'm going to do it, and you cannot get yourself to think or say, insha, Allah, then that there's a problem with the action that you're doing. Because and this is the next point, if you say, in sha Allah, and you're talking about a sin, and

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you're sincere, and you know what in sha Allah means, what are you going to realize? What am I say? How can I possibly say I'm going to do such and such by Allah's Will, I'm going to do something evil. So the phrase itself will perhaps remind a person in that moment, what they are intending to do, and they're talking about a law and they're referencing God. So perhaps they will discontinue with their intention and action. Perhaps they won't proceed with that said, if you are in the habit of always thinking insha Allah by Allah's will. And you're always saying Insha Allah, then you are more likely when you fall into a thought or a trap or a whisper or you saw something, the thought of

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insha Allah will perhaps protect you, and that is from the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the one who always thinks of it. This is not something people talk about often, but insha Allah is utilized to protect oneself from sin as well. So we mentioned before one of the traits of this evil person, they were 10 characteristics, one of them was that he was Memnon. In Hawaii. I've also had Allah says do not inclined to these types of people do not give into them when they're in hiding or attending a theme. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada here is reminding us that these people as well, or manera LinHai, they were preventing something that was good. They were they were restricting

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something that was good in society, or access to something that was good. And in fact, it wasn't just something good. It was something that people needed to survive to live. You think about this often. What is your role when it comes to opening the doors of height rather than just restricting them? Does that come up here? And the second we mentioned before is the test the trial are lots of other blessed that people have Mecca with something and they many of them, not all of them. They rejected the blessing. They rejected the message

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Your last we've had a test all of us with something every single person here. We are all tested with so many blessings, when a blue conditionally will highly fitna what Elena told John, Allah says, We will test you all, with difficulty. And with ease as a trial for you. That's your test. And everyone's test is unique. Ultimately, after your test is done, when you die, your test time is over. And you will return to Allah subhanaw taala for your accountability. So every single one of us should assess frequently everything you have one law, he is a blessing. Look at all that you have. Look at the fact that we have you here in the 21st century during this pandemic, yes, an

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unprecedented moment in all of our lives. And yes, it is getting difficult for many people may Allah make it easy for you, and allow you to be optimistic and allow you to adjust and relieve you of your hardships, and protect us all in our loved ones in our communities, and relieve all of us from this pandemic. Alana Amin, may Allah grant she felt to all of those who seek Shiva, and all of those who have any illnesses whatsoever. Allama me. Having said that, think about what you have access to today, blessings we don't think about all the time, the clothes on your body, the food that you have, the fact that you have internet and you are able to study the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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during this pandemic, the fact that there is a camera right now in front of me, the fact that we are able to communicate these are blessings from Allah are you taking advantage of your blessings. So many people have access to the internet and they have no benefits whatsoever. All evil, all useless activities. And other people have access to the internet and they are not wasting time and opportunity for hive, they take an opportunity for solid thought they take it an opportunity for it they take it an opportunity to connect and say salon to a brother or sister from around the world they take it take advantage of every blessing it is a trial for you. Some people are tested with

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blessings and some people are tested with difficulties meaning what struggles in their life, and no two people have the same test and don't look at other people's tests in order to feel bad about yours no hamdulillah for what you have, you will be held accountable in proportion to what you had, for what you had. May Allah subhanahu allow us all to pass our test and to use every blessing in the best manner possible. This is gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala This is to be a grateful human being. Moving on to the next passage 1920 21 and 22. What happened they intended to destroy this garden, how to take away all the access of fire in other words, because they were preventing poor

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people from access to the garden they were creating the act of destruction that would come to them. Meaning what they were basically causing this they were asking Allah subhanaw taala to be punished by doing this far, far, far. Apart from erotica or hula. As they were sleeping a torment from Allah came a disaster came and struck the garden that they had that they wanted to basically use for evil by preventing, preventing the poor people from accessing when these poor people depended on it to live. And this is what they were depending on for a long time before when their father used to be alive. They also had cast Salim so by morning time it was stripped bare, it was a desolate land it

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was like ashes for us. mahadi became cast Salim LIKE ASHES Fantana almost behind. By daybreak they caught up to one another. What do we have to do today? We have a plan and it will do Anna how to take home in quantum *. Go early to your harvest. Let's go quickly. They are very aggressive. They are very determined. What are you determined about? What do you drive yourself for? When it's time for Salah do you say I have to get up for Salah I have to do this I have to do that. They were going with some passion. And they'll do other healthy coming Quinton *. Hurry up and go pick your harvest if you want to take all the fruit. And I want us to consider here are a number of

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points. Number one, the sleep of the oppressor or a person of evil is a blessing to others. Consider this, that if people feel happy that a person of evil disappears or become sick or goes to sleep, then there's a problem with this person's actions. Right. And this is something that is said in many expressions in many different ways in many languages. Number two, the one who becomes arrogant and oppresses other people should never think themselves in this invincible. Why? The punishment a lot from Allah subhanaw taala might not be through people, the punishment might come down from above. And we see this all the time in society, so many people overnight, their businesses are gone. And

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then they admit what I had been committing this and that I was doing this and that I had committed this kind of sin, the punishment might come from above. Do not ever become arrogant. Do not ever become prideful. And do not ever become complacent with your sin just because you're not seeing your punishment from God with your shortcoming May Allah protect us. May Allah protect us May Allah protect us. Number three of the worst habits and of the most foolish is for someone to sleep with the intention to

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come in as in the next morning for their temporary death, their sleep may lead to punishment the next morning, or that sleep may end up becoming their permanent death. Do not ever sleep there with the intention to wake up and come medicine. May Allah protect us. Number four, make your last deed before you go to sleep, one of the other one of righteousness. This is why the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was to recite some Quran and make some specific dua because if you die in your sleep, you die upon fit the law. You die upon the natural disposition, you die upon Islam and you are guaranteed Jana. So if someone knows this, that if you say this dua before you sleep sincerely,

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this includes so many components of submission, repentance, gratitude, humility, if you say this dua and you die, and the Prophet sighs and says you die upon fitrah you're guaranteed Jana. Why would you not see it every single night, spend five minutes less than five minutes every night with specific verses of the Quran, and very few DUA and you are guaranteed that if you died in your sleep, as many people die in their sleep every night around the world, you are guaranteed paradise. Do not dare allow yourself to make the last deed before you sleep, a sinful one in which you were watching something you should not watch talking to someone you should not talk to listening to

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something you should not listen to reading something inappropriate, saying something inappropriate or harsh or hurting somebody else. Make sure the last deed before you sleep is a righteous one. Number five, the prevention of higher manera and height is a trait of the disbelievers we're far from God, not the believers, meaning what the believer should not fall into the sin. Yes. Do we as believers sometimes fall into since it is yes, it is, of course something that people fall into. It is not something that we ever encouraged in our societies. Did you ever attend an Islamic function and hear people say, Go on hold on to your wealth? Go on, be stingy, focus on the on yourself. Don't

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that's not the Islamic theology. Because we know that it is. Provisions comes from Allah subhanaw taala. We know that in Islam, all of us as a collective, do not think about individualism. We think about social Collective, we think about societal benefits. And Islam gives preferences to society over the one individual. This is why when you consider the philosophies of our times, the ideologies, the movements that people are advocating for, or if you studied liberal philosophy, when you look at politics today, and the debates people have, there's a huge emphasis by some people and movements on individualism, the freedom of choice, meaning the individual chooses whatever lifestyle

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they want, even if it is immoral. And this is not what Islam costs for Islam calls for the protection of society and social values, moral values, and that comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. So this person here manera, and this is a trait of people who are far from God, be a source of height for others, be a facilitator of height for others, you might be young, you might be old, you might be in a specific situation in your life, regardless of who you are. Always be a door of hide for others, when you're around other people do something good for them, be kind to them. Even a smile is charity to them. When you know someone is in need of help. That's better for you than

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what's at camp and the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, so be a source of hate be the opposite of this. disbeliever who has mentioned in Sumatra, when I will hide loratadine a theme, may Allah protect us and use all of us to be sources of goodness, sources of help sources of assistance to other people all the time? Allah humma me. Number six, the world can change while you sleep. For the one who created and controls the world does not sleep Subhan Allah the latter, who will say no to water, no glory be to the one who is never affected by any kind of exhaustion, or any kind of fatigue, the one who does not need to rest, you might be sleeping, and as is the case in the

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story, their garden was wiped out, the world can change overnight, and the world seemingly changed to * overnight with this pandemic, so you're reminded what you remind me to never become arrogant to bid farewell to this world all the time. And to realize that things will always change in Adonia nothing remains in this world. Nothing is permanent in life, and even your stages of existence and our stages as human beings that are constantly changing. You might see changes in your wealth, you might see changes in your education, your health, whatever it may be, changes will always come expect that expect that there will always be change in this world. And in this case, these people

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slept and forgot about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala the One who created and controls the world, he is not affected by rest like they are. And so their evil plot came with its punishment. And finally, number seven, taking care of the poor and the needy in society is a source of higher source of blessings. We are in their service, not vice versa, because the source of blessings from Allah

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I will come through serving them for their status, these righteous people, specific individuals, and we might have many opportunities like this, perhaps a nation is given justice is given status is given honor and is blessed due to the dua of the weak and the oppressed in that society. Do not ignore someone who's struggling more than you financially. Do not disregard people who, upon whom others are looking down. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us may Allah Allah make us in the service of others. May Allah subhanaw taala utilize all of us for height Allama mean, there's so much that can be done, there's so many campaigns, there's always something happening, look for opportunities, and

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be amongst the first to raise to them. And when you hear of an opportunity, share it with others as well. But do not just share it be part of it. Insha Allah. Now, I want to ask another critical thinking question before our next passage. So you're going to have to think about this one. How can you link this passage that we just covered? How can you link this passage verses 19 to 22, with the concept of the pen, l column, so ALLAH SubhanA swore by the pen. So the first link between these two and this is a suggested link, a synthesis of sorts, is that, as we said before, pens are considered small and insignificant, but they are indeed powerful tools. And the lesson that we mentioned

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earlier in the Surah, is that it's not about the quantity or physical property of something, it's about the potential of that thing and the quality. And you have here a tool that was not used properly, you have here potential, what is the potential for them to increase their blessings, by allowing poor people to continue living to continue surviving with access to this food and these fruits, and they use that tool in the wrong way. And so they didn't fulfill its potential, they actually damaged it, they actually regressed Subhan Allah. The second link, is we mentioned that some people might use the power of the pen to commit evil in this world and to disobey God and to

00:32:00 --> 00:32:40

spread corruption and so on and so forth. These people had a blessing, a tool, a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala, that could have been used for good. Can you imagine someone who was righteous who has a garden, and they know that poor people are able to eat from this garden and they are living, they are surviving, you might save many lives, you're sustaining their lives, do you know how much Barack is coming your way that you are in this position this, this huge blessing Subhanallah they have so much property and land and fruits, but because you want more profits, you are willing to take profits over people. And this is a disgrace to that blessing. This is a type of ingratitude to

00:32:40 --> 00:33:13

Allah subhanho wa taala. May Allah subhana, Allah protect us. There are people today in the United States of America, especially and around the world, who are choosing profits over people. There are people in different communities who choose personal benefits over community benefit. And the reality is the believer is always looking for these opportunities. In fact, when this opportunity came to them, they should have said Hamdulillah, that these poor people are coming to our garden, perhaps that's why Allah still sustains our garden, perhaps that's why we still have this blessing. And it's increasing every year with every season. And they did the opposite. May Allah subhana, Allah guide

00:33:13 --> 00:33:54

us and protect us and forgive us for all of our shortcomings alone. I mean, with my comments about profits over people, I'm not only referring to politics here, but it is definitely a part of, because when you consider the political conversation, and you consider the economic inequality in the United States, a big part of it is because of corporations, because in this country, corporations with their wealth can buy out politicians and pretty much buy out some of the policy making in this country. And because they are able to affect the policies in this country, they are able to effectively control the country, they're able to continue to increase the disparity between

00:33:54 --> 00:34:33

the rich and the poor in this country, where you have people in the United States who are dying all the time, because they don't have access to basic needs, and other people are doing what's the Ultra Rich, they are thriving off of the work of these, let's say first, and lower and middle class. And the reality is that Allah subhanaw taala would want us in such a position to change the equation to change the system to work for something greater, something that would allow people who don't have access to food, or basic health care or just to survive, just to live another day, to be able to access that, especially, especially when you have some people who are living what with billions of

00:34:33 --> 00:35:00

dollars, which clearly no human being needs. And this is this is really far from moral values. This is far from morality. This is something that Islamic economics, and Islamic law would not accept. And so if you're able to advocate for something or work towards changing something, as a Muslim, you are required to eliminate or at least decrease harm in society. So if there's something you can do, or something you can say, to decrease this type of a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

of immorality and injustice and low oppression in society, you are required to do so in fact, some of you might not like this following statement, but because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us men now in little hide about this disbeliever of Quraysh. And then later on the story of the people of the garden, who are preventing others from accessing the garden, you have to ask yourself, What if you were watching as this took place, now this took place, and nobody else was able to advise them or stop them. It was these, let's say, brothers, this group of people who did what they wanted to do, they committed that sin. If you were able to change that, religiously speaking, you saw that

00:35:40 --> 00:36:02

some people were going to die because they did not have access to food. And you could advise, at the very least, you could advise these people not to do what they're doing. Or if you cannot do that you can bring about other people in society and say, Hey, let's all advise them collective and let's pressure them. Let's all say something because collectively the voices are stronger. Are you required to do so?

00:36:03 --> 00:36:41

I'll leave the answer for you. And I think it's a very obvious one. And coming back to the present time in the United States, if you are able to decrease the immorality and injustice in society, by doing something or saying something or addressing something, individually or collectively, then you cannot stand on the side and simply watch, you cannot allow this injustice, this manera LinHai to continue doing what he is doing, whether at an individual level or a collective level, you are required to be part of the change process. We don't just watch on the sidelines as Muslims we are part of the solution wherever and whenever. May Allah subhanaw taala utilize all of us along with

00:36:41 --> 00:37:19

me. Moving on to the next passage 2324 and 25 Allah subhanho wa Taala says and now this is the story continuing Allah subhanaw taala says from Paula who will whom Yetta Hoffa to so they went off whispering to one another. This is now a next morning. They intended something evil, they made a plan and they went to sleep. And there are people today making plans all the time to restrict access to health care and food and basic survival needs for the average human being in this country. For people who are struggling every single day and they are benefiting off of this in the billions while other people are working three and four jobs and still cannot afford basic needs and their children

00:37:19 --> 00:37:21

are dying. Their family members are dying all the time.

00:37:23 --> 00:38:01

And they are these individuals plotting planning doing what they want to do, and trying to keep people far from access to hide. From fatherhood, welcome Yatta Hava tune this group of people the next morning are talking to one another as they set off whisper are home yet to have it in why are they whispering? They're doing something wrong. They're whispering because they're trying to hide their sin. They're trying to avoid being caught and they know that they are doing something wrong. And Laird Hulan polyoma A Comiskey they are saying what as they were whisper do not allow any poor person to enter your garden today. Elia Solana This is referring to the garden and the Yeoman today

00:38:01 --> 00:38:14

Ali Comiskey upon you do not allow any poor person to enter today, meaning upon this garden will have no other holiday accordingly. And they proceeded early, totally fixated on their purpose.

00:38:16 --> 00:38:59

And I want us to consider here the word How old was although Allah heralding recorded in verse 25, the word How did in the Arabic language is used for hindering and withholding for a purpose for something that is of your resolution for making haste? While huddle Allah, how do they call during totally fixated on their purpose, I want us to consider the following three points. Every believer who is able to should consider the needs of others who are struggling, the poor, the needy, the homeless, the oppressed, widows and orphans and others as well. And consider them I don't just mean with one off Sadako here and there. Or when somebody tells you there's a fundraiser, go ahead and

00:38:59 --> 00:39:41

donate or you see a campaign on social media and you'll get Hamdulillah. That's great. Consider that as part of your life plan as well. Oftentimes, our life goals are not inclusive of solving some of these great problems in society. How can you the person who's watching this right now? How can you as an individual who's listening to this lecture right now, who's listening to this reminder right now? How can you make the lives of the poor and the homeless and the oppressed better, what portion of your income you give to facilitate change, and to help others as well specifically, this good intention in your life, part of your income, for example, is always given to charity. This good

00:39:41 --> 00:39:59

intention of life planning that is inclusive of resolving homelessness and poverty, and people's need for food starvation. If you make this part of your life mission as well, in addition to your general life mission, you will realize your good intention and your efforts of course, will bring soul

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

many blessings into your life, Oh Allah, He will bring so many blessings into your life. Number two, look at the status of the Messiah keen in the sight of Allah. These people are saying Allah Tala NALEO Malik Comiskey. And because of that Allah punished these evil people. Allah knows what is in the hearts of these specific Misaki these particular individuals and he blessed certain people, and he punished others through how they treated these Maasai focus on your relationship and your status with Allah, the next time you see an opportunity to help someone in need, don't come up with 55 105,000 excuses about not giving. When you see another charity product campaign, like even if

00:40:38 --> 00:41:13

it's $1 $5, whatever you're able to do you know what you're able to do. Don't tell yourself you can't, don't tell yourself, they're going to waste they don't tell you something's not real. Of course, assuming that it is something authentic, give and be generous, and Allah will bless you focus on your relationship and your status with Allah. For these people might have nothing in terms of a worldly wealth, they might be looked down upon, they have no social media, they might not have following. They don't have homes in many cases. But their status with Allah is greater than the person who had access to an entire garden, the person who had all of this wealth, that poor person

00:41:13 --> 00:41:49

was better in the sight of Allah than that rich person. Don't focus on your material wealth to judge and look around and assess where people aren't. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us? And number three, and the last point here, everyone has some ultimate reference point for morality. When you define something as good or evil, justice, injustice, where is this coming from? For us, it comes from the Quran and Sunnah. For these people, it was their own desires, their own neffs, and their own power, their own greed, their desire for more wealth and their status that they considered Misaki. And as people who should not access their body, may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and

00:41:49 --> 00:42:26

utilize all of us to resolve many of the problems of society alone. I mean, ultimately, so these individuals are acting like only they will know their plan, right? They forgot about Allah subhanaw taala. Now remember, we mentioned before, with the beginning of the story, that the context is what that these are believers, the context was that the father was a generous man. And he used to give access to the poor people, he used to give them access to this garden for food, and the three sons if that if they are only three sons, the sons were not like the father, right? So the level of religiosity was different here. And they got a little greedy here. And even the sons may not all be

00:42:26 --> 00:43:02

the same, but they forgot about Allah subhanaw taala, they forgot about Allah subhanaw taala. Now, I'm going to give you here something very interesting, which is that someone might see this situation and say, Well, I don't see what the problem is. What do I mean by this? These are people who own a garden. And from this garden, every morning, obviously, you come to the garden, you find that some of the fruits have fallen. So some poor people will come every morning, they don't have any food. And they will take only the fruits that have fallen. Because these fruits that have fallen, they feel like these aren't for everyone, especially the fruits are falling outside of the

00:43:02 --> 00:43:02


00:43:03 --> 00:43:44

And they'll move on. And so someone might see this and say, well, it's better for these rich people. And it's their right to control who has access to the garden. And they should be able to prevent anyone they want from accessing the garden. And then later if they want, they can decide to give some charity to the poor people. Some people will see that and say that what they believe is legitimate is more correct, or is at least a type of correct approach. And that is far from reality. These people had access and they inherited a blessing upon many blessings, a massive garden. That's not the only blessing. The fact that poor people are accessing the garden was a blessing. And for

00:43:44 --> 00:44:23

you to cut off access to life, this is life for these people to cut it off when they need it to survive and you are going to hide it so that they cannot find it. This is an injustice upon many in justices. So they planned and Allah subhanaw taala of course is aware of their plan. Does that muffle? The second response as Allah subhanaw taala gave you he can also take away from whatever Allah subhanaw taala gave you he can take away and in fact, everything Allah Subhana Allah gives you he can take away the Lahemaa Allah Houma alpha and we say this when someone has passed away, that Allah subhanaw taala gave us even the people in our lives, and the people in our lives we won't even

00:44:23 --> 00:45:00

last. So remember that so that you did not become greedy or arrogant or lose sight of what really matters. Cherish what you have utilized that moment that time that blessing for the sake of a loss of habitat. Another reflection here, the whispered why wanting to commit evil, so we should we should be vocal in spreading a desire communicator. Good. So you have here what are our strategy? Some people here are planning in private and they are secretive. So you should be the opposite when it comes to play when it comes to spread the hate and share it on social media make it powerful, make its creative, make it intelligent, make it coherent to people that is applicable to people

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

It is for the target audience it is something people will hear spread all the words of hate all the good that you can spread, spread it far and wide.

00:45:09 --> 00:45:12

And the last point here Java that should never stop a good deed is

00:45:13 --> 00:45:52

all of these are excellent answers and excellent reflections never stop a good deed you have here and inheritance of a good deed. Can you imagine they inherited something from their father, and he was already giving sadaqa through his land, this was why the land was blessed. And so they can't have access to a good deed. And of course, access to life to those who needed it. So Allah subhanaw taala punished them for that they had an error and they threw it away. We asked a lot of how to forgive all of us for our shortcomings, Aloma me, versus 26 to 29 for LML Oh, how are you in La La Lune. Okay, now they've reached the garden the next morning with their plots in their plan. And what

00:45:52 --> 00:46:22

happens they saw it devastated. They saw the burnt ashes of the garden that was their destroyed desolate land as though there is no garden. And they said in lobola now this has two meanings. And sometimes people get confused here. And with this phrase in lowball Loon, it means we must have lost our way like we're lost. This is not our garden clearly. And the second and you can combine the two is that there is no way that this is our garden, meaning what happened. We must have done so much evil what happened?

00:46:23 --> 00:47:07

The last one, in fact, we are now deprived my hood were deprived of life. And this is interesting. We are deprived of livelihood after preventing other people from their livelihood. And then one of them said call Oh Sato Adam Aquila, CO, lo now to submit the most sensible, I will support the most sensible amongst these brothers. He said, Did I tell you guys to Say Subhan Allah or in this case also Allah willing, God willing, didn't I tell you to say insha Allah did I tell you to remember Allah subhanaw taala and then they said, Are you Subhana Rabina in Canal monamy They said Glory be to Allah subhanaw taala we were truly wrongdoers. We have been sinful. So on seeing the garden Some

00:47:07 --> 00:47:48

scholars say they didn't even believe it was their garden. That's how it completely changed. It was of a land and they said perhaps we've lost our way and come to another place. But when they realized no guys, this is really our garden. This is really our garden completely destroyed. They said we are my huddled wound and we are balloon, meaning we are misguided. We are wrongdoers, and one of them said oh suppo whom are that Oh, Saddam and M Aquila, from Lola to Serbia now, there are several lessons we can take here before we proceed with the story. The remembrance of Allah is a shield against sinfulness. The remembrance of Allah as a way of life will protect you throughout your life.

00:47:49 --> 00:48:26

And this is why we should always be praying alone. In other victory can worship cricket or husband or invalidity, oh Allah help us to remember you often regularly, to praise you and thank you regularly, and to worship you in the best manner possible. The vicar of Allah subhanaw taala that remembrance when you build that habit, and it's always on your heart, in your heart and on your tongue all the time as a way of life you're thinking about Allah, it in your actions, you're with good friends, there's reminders, you have knowledge of the Quran playing, this will protect you from saying the wrong thing and doing the wrong thing. So make sure in your daily life you are building

00:48:26 --> 00:49:08

an atmosphere, a lifestyle, so that you aren't on the Day of Judgment amongst a 13 Allaha cathedral what decade automate a lawsuit Patternmakers from amongst them. Number two, test me in particular. So there's a lot of types of victory. There are many forms of remembrance of God, to be to say, Subhan Allah, how perfect Allah is. To be in particular is something many of us have become heedless with. glorifying Allah regularly is a powerful life changer. It is a source of relief for all of our hardships. It is a sign of attachment to Allah subhanaw taala How do we know that this will relieve you of your hardships? If we go through any hardships? If you remember Allah subhanaw taala follow

00:49:08 --> 00:49:46

Allah and who can let me know Musa behind a la vida de botany either Yom Yom battle, referring to Prophet Yunus it he said, had he not been amongst those who makes us be who remembered Allah glorified Allah, He would have remained in the belly of the wheel until the end of times. Number three, Allah Subhan Allah Aquila come Lola to Saburo. So when they started making this plan, and they said we will steal the fruits of the garden, we will pluck the fruit early so that poor people cannot access it. This person amongst the brothers had wonder, have you forgotten Allah? Have you forgotten to say if Allah wills that you want to pluck the garden, but they did not listen to this

00:49:46 --> 00:49:59

person? And what's interesting about this, is that our subtle home Some scholars say think of Martin was appalled that you are the moderate and balanced person balanced not meaning Oh, I don't do this or that no, no balanced.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

Receiving on the right path, the one on the right path amongst them the most righteous and religious amongst them in that moment. He said, Are you forgetting Allah subhanaw taala? Are you forgetting Lola to serve Israel you're free to glorify Allah's perfection. Now they were making up their mind and their minds not to give anything away to the poor. He again maybe advise them. Remember Allah stay away from evil intentions, but they insisted in what they had planned. Number four, someone of wisdom and religiosity and piety spoke from amongst them and reminded them, therefore be a person who reminds others insist on being a person of reminders, and do not be ashamed brothers and sisters

00:50:42 --> 00:51:18

of reminding others and of course of practicing the reminder yourself. Do not be embarrassed reminding your family, your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends, online, there's so many resources, there's so much access to remind other people when they have forgotten. And don't wait for someone else to do it. Don't wait for some email to post about it. Or someone who is a scholar or someone who has all the Hadith, let's say memorize. If you can remind people about something, remind them about something as long as you know what it is you're reminding them about. Another benefit here, another reflection is that this is a reminder about good company, and people

00:51:18 --> 00:51:52

who are receptive to advice. When someone in your group, wherever you are, whatever you're deciding to do, reminds you guys of Allah subhanaw taala remind you all of something good. Don't ignore that person. That might be the blessing from Allah in that guarding that will protect all of you from punishment or sin. When someone reminds all of you of something good. Don't put them down or laugh about sometimes in a group of people in a gathering. Someone says guys, look, let's start backbiting I don't feel comfortable with this. And other people start mocking laughing. What do you mean, what's wrong with you? You were just talking with us you were backbiting to the fact that someone

00:51:52 --> 00:52:22

reminded you to do something good, and to stop a sin. follow that advice that is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala the arrogant person is the one who doubles down another reflection here. The story mentions their response when they committed the sin. And they saw the punishment of Allah wipe out their garden. What did they say Palu Subhana Rabina in Cannavale mean we were wrong. They glorified Allah. And they said we were indeed wrong. In the Quran,

00:52:23 --> 00:53:03

the believers sees suffering and pain as a reason to get closer to Allah. To double down on one's arrogance or mistake is contrary to the methodology of Adam monism. It's the way of the devil for someone to see suffering in their life after committing a sin. And then to commit more central become more distant from God is a type of arrogance and pride and stubbornness. So when we go through hardship should come back to Allah. These people saw that they did something wrong. And now they were basically awakened when this entire garden is wiped out. What did they do? They repented, they admitted first of all, they acknowledged in the criminal law enemy we were wrong. We oppressed

00:53:03 --> 00:53:47

we were wrongdoers, another reflection here, the believer is always and also receptive. And aware of Allah signs around them and within them, see beyond what is happening. See beyond what is happening in the world, and look to the deeper side, the blessing of Allah I love to if we mentioned this in solitude, the signs that connect people to God, some people can see a pebble or a rock and remember Allah subhanaw taala and other people will see a miracle and still ignore God. Some people will see a leaf and Say Subhan Allah, other people will see the splitting of the sea and still pursue the Prophet Musa is set up to attack. And some people will see more desert upon more desert and they

00:53:47 --> 00:54:28

will hear the Quran the final moralism and they will ignore it. And other people Subhan Allah will see a cup of water and Say Subhan Allah of Hamdulillah this water is a blessing from Allah. This is the sustenance of life that Allah created in this world. Look all around you and within you and recognize everything as a sign as a way to link you back to Allah. I mentioned before the example during this pandemic, that you have access to a blessing Allah will ask you about technology, a smartphone, your internet, your internet is a blessing and also a trial, every megabyte every gigabyte of data, that's something you will be questioned about. And so when we consider all of

00:54:28 --> 00:55:00

these blessings we consider as well that these are signs. Do you see the sign right now? The fact that you are watching this live video from somewhere else from within your home from other states as well? Mashallah, do you recognize this sign prior to lawful, do you recognize when you look outside and it's now fall season, it's the autumn season, leaves are falling on more is aware of every single leaf that falls and every leaf that did not fall, and every leaf that could have fallen? Allah should happen is aware of every leaf that fell last fall as

00:55:00 --> 00:55:38

Well, in every leaf that will fall in the future, Allah subhanaw taala is aware of every drop of rain in this world, every single drop of water on earth and all across the universe. Allah is Aware of every single thing in his universe will who will be equally shade in early Allah hoo ha equally shade well who are other equally shade and Joaquin? Allah is the Creator of all things, that he is the one who manages and has power over all things. Think about all of these beautiful and wonderful and magnificent signs and will likely your heart will stay attached to Allah. Every time you look at your phone, your computer, your camera, whatever it is you're doing. This camera right here is a

00:55:38 --> 00:56:22

sign in May a loss of Hatter makers amongst people who notice the signs and praise Him for it. Alladhina Yatta Quran Allah pm and Wahoo rude and while you know him, the people who see signs of God in the universe, there are those who remember Allah subhanaw taala while standing while sitting and while on their sides. What are they doing? Why are they gonna feel hopeless sama wa T well, they are thinking about what the creation of the universe the heavens and the earth. And then as a result of reflecting on signs what naturally will you think insane? I'll bene Mao ha ha ha about pseudo ha our Lord you did not create all of this without purpose. We don't exist without purpose we have a

00:56:22 --> 00:56:32

clear purpose Subhanak you are too perfect. And above such a thing to create something like this aimlessly so good Chanukah file cleaner than

00:56:33 --> 00:57:14

Wallah you are so perfect all you control things all you created this world. So protect us from the punishment of the fire, signs all around and within. At number nine, Allah subhanaw taala mentions this group of brothers he mentioned their sin, but also mentions their total by their repentance, to show that redemption matters more than the sin itself. They were still alive and still had hope and don't don't misunderstand me this does not mean the sin does not matter. But the Redemption is highlighted here. Others who are mentioned the Quran were evil. They were arrogant they received signs of God they received miracles of God like the camel with Prophet saw the highest Salam, like

00:57:14 --> 00:57:53

the splitting of the sea with Prophet Musa he said they saw the signs, and yet they rejected them. And now that was their last chance. So they were punished and they died with the punishment as well in the punishment as well. This group of brothers saw a punishment from Allah and returned to Allah. They did not double down on their sin, they did not become even more arrogant and disconnected and distant from God. So long as your heart is beating, you still have hope. So long as your heart is beating, you still have hope but hurry, you don't know when you'll take your last breath. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us redemption and grant us a lifestyle of Tober where we recognize that we can

00:57:53 --> 00:58:27

always turn back to God but we don't have time. You're always in a rush to go back to Allah. You're never in a rush to become distant from him. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us and forgive us and guide us along I mean, do not lose hope and do not restrict the Mercy of Allah from others do not make others feel like there's no hope for them. Bring others closer to Allah Subhana Allah has mercy but remind them they don't have much time left there isn't much time left. So there's an element of mercy but there's also an element of fear that you don't want to be like those mentioned the Quran, who ignored that sign when it came to them for the last time and then they died upon that sinful

00:58:27 --> 00:59:10

state may Allah protect us Allama mean and the last passage in salt will find them or sorry in the story of the other people of the garden sorcerer column verses 3233 For Aqua Bella Babu Mata dolly yet Hello. So they said Subhana Rabina inner could another one I mean now what happened they started turning to one another and blaming one another. They're blaming get to Allah on one loan, they are blaming one another. What did they say? Fallujah Whelan in crinoline whoa to us. We have certainly transgressed we've certainly done something wrong. Another hopeful as a Buddha AUD than a Hydra. Minha in Isla Albina rosegal. Perhaps our Lord will give us something better than this garden better

00:59:10 --> 00:59:41

in its place. We truly, truly turn to him in hope. In Rabina Rasool returned to him with hope can barely colada Allah says this is our punishment, meaning in this world while other Filati Akbar, but the punishment of the Hereafter is certainly far worse. locanto Jana, if only they truly fully people with only the makings of Horatiu some reflections here we'll we'll cover at least 10 reflections in sha Allah and then we'll ask you one final question for critical thinking.

00:59:43 --> 00:59:59

These individuals all started to blame one another. Why? Because someone said let's do this and someone else agreed with it and someone else had proceeded with it. Maybe some of them thought of it. Some of them devices, some of them corrected, a flaw in it. They all plan this but now they're blaming one another

01:00:00 --> 01:00:38

And they had forgotten Allah subhana wa Tada and insisted on doing something evil. Number two, the believer is not always looking for someone to blame. But rather you're looking for what corrections solutions, learning lessons from the past from the mistake. The blame game is problematic as a general habit. Now, does this mean we don't assign blame or fault to people in certain situations? We do, of course, and with our business, for example, someone made a huge mistake, they are to blame for it, there may be consequences for it. But the believers in general, especially when you're talking about a group of people, do not play the blame game. If you're always looking for someone to

01:00:38 --> 01:01:11

blame, you'll never look at yourself. If you're always looking for someone to blame, you'll never see your own faults. May Allah Subhana Allah guide us. There are some people who sit down and all they do on social media is criticize others. They sit down and all they do is critique others. Everyone is doing everything wrong, our community is misled. Everyone is misguided. Everyone is a sellout. Everyone is a liberal salad, everyone is this and that. And they start insulting, creating fitting in the community critiquing and criticizing everyone. And they themselves are not doing anything to solve the problems. In fact, they are creating problems for the community, the blame

01:01:11 --> 01:01:50

game, and they don't see that perhaps they are part of another problem in the community. They are not solving it, they are making things worse. Does this mean we cannot advise of course, we must advise. First everyone will have their role and a specific position and specific qualifications, knowledge of the situation, all of that. But the blame game should not be a personality type should not be who you are. Number three, some people refuse to become better, because they always want to blame someone or something for their situation, for their circumstances for their shortcomings. For their lack of self discipline for their laziness. There's always going to be someone or something to

01:01:50 --> 01:02:29

blame if you want to play that game. But the wise, intelligent, mature, resolved, strong willed, sincere believer accepts responsibility and moves forward towards progress and towards Allah Robina Valentina and fusina Adam and Hawa Allahi wa sallam, what did they say when Allah condemned them for eating from the tree? Did they say shaytaan? tricked us? Yeah, Allah shaytaan told us to do the straight on promises. false promises. No. They said Rob bene of alumna and fusina. We have wronged ourselves. We're even tougher than our Hamner. liquorland Emil fasten. If you don't have mercy on us, and forgive us, we will surely be amongst the losers. The devil did the opposite. The devil

01:02:29 --> 01:03:06

blamed who did he blame? The devil blamed Allah subhanaw taala Bheema of waiting, he said, You You caused me to do this, that Allah forced the devil to do that. No, Allah Subhana. Allah gave him a command. What did the devil mean by that? He said, Bhima was waiting a while because you created Adam Meister. And the devil became arrogant and envious jealous of Adam, it says, Do not play the blame game with your own circumstances in life. There are things in your life and all of our lives that we cannot control. And they weren't given to us. You cannot control where you were born, or who your parents are. These are things you cannot control. However, there are things within your

01:03:06 --> 01:03:44

control. If you are going to blame your family, your society that everyone is corrupt, everyone is bad, which is not true. Everyone is wrong, which is not true. If you're going to always look for some reason to blame someone else. You're not going to accept responsibility for your own actions. And if you don't accept responsibility, and you don't take responsibility, what happens, you don't progress in life, you don't become a better person. If you keep saying the reason I'm as good as I am today is because of my situation. And you have the ability to change your situation. And there's no one to blame but yourself. You can't blame the devil. You can't blame your parents. Why? Because

01:03:44 --> 01:04:19

you reach a certain point in your life in which you are old enough to understand and mature enough to understand that you have freewill. You have decisions to make every day you make 1000s of decisions major and minor. When you make these decisions all the time, you have to realize that you can change your situation by the will of Allah. So someone for example, let's say is blaming everyone for their health, and they can change their health. Why are you blaming others? Someone is blaming their parents or their community for not being religious? Why are you blaming the community? Can you become religious? Can you do something about it? Can you get yourself closer to Allah

01:04:19 --> 01:04:55

subhanaw taala do that. Don't play the blame game with your life. Otherwise, you will think in your mind that you're always the victim. And if you think with regards to this victim identity and victim culture, that you are always the victim of so many circumstances so you cannot progress and proceed. You want to progress or proceed. You want to become a better person, be strong willed, and be mature. Accept that when things are out of your control. They're out of your control, but so much is within your control. And that is what you are held accountable for. You want to become the best person you can possibly be. You want to reach a greatest version of yourself. You have to accept

01:04:55 --> 01:04:59

responsibility for all of your actions every single day. We all need to do that.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:47

Last products from all of us along at any number for redemption comes with hope. Perhaps Allah subhanaw taala will replace this situation with a better one. Now that we learned our lesson, so redemption here, they are trying to redeem themselves by turning to Allah subhanaw taala ALLAH SubhanA Rabina inac who nobody right? And that redemption also came with hope. They said Perhaps Allah will replace our situation with a better one. Why? Because now we learned our lesson. Now we have repented. Now we have remorse. Number five. Redemption also comes with hopes of forgiveness, and moving onwards. Beware of losing hope after you perform tilba repentance. Perhaps Allah will

01:05:47 --> 01:06:28

elevate your ranks beyond your imagination, because of how sincere you are in your Toba and how much remorse and regret you have. Number six, in this particular story, the owners of the garden hoped for a replacement, and they put their trust in Allah. And what's amazing about this, if you think about what they just lost, they lost a garden that takes so much effort and money, capital and investments and also a lot of time for that garden to get back to the situation it was in before for a garden to come back like the one that they had, will take a long time and a lot of effort. And yet their standard was high in their hope and Allah, their standard in terms of how much hope they had

01:06:28 --> 01:06:32

was that they hoped Allah would give them something even better than what they lost.

01:06:33 --> 01:07:20

Number seven, if an opportunity in life passes by you, and you miss it, or a situation in general, is not what you like, pray to Allah subhanaw taala optimistically that and you recognize as you're praying to Allah subhanaw taala the one who says convey a good pray to Allah Subhana Allah as to optimistically for a situation that is better than the one that you lost. And remember, these words are bona AUD, Donna, hi, Ramona as Arambula you didn't hide all right, from what you lost or what you had. Number eight, even after a punishment, it is possible for people to return to Allah. And it is necessary to still think good of Allah has the one biller and what he can provide for you. Some

01:07:20 --> 01:07:57

people will fail during that moment. Some people will fail that test in life. And then a lot of people don't realize that this test is happening all the time. So what ends up happening, they double down on their sinfulness, they double down on their arrogance, may Allah protect us. Number nine, everything in this life comes and goes, people come and go as well. Nothing worldly is guaranteed. And you and I, we are not entitled to anything in this world. The only thing we know for sure, the only thing we are all guaranteed of in this world is that we will leave this world. As for what you have today, it's not guaranteed for tomorrow, but may Allah preserve all that we have.

01:07:57 --> 01:08:40

Number 10 Some people will fail tests and punishment due to their own arrogance, or their temptations or their ignorance, arrogance and temptations. These are very obvious. The third one ignorance is not Jan Jan watercop, as well compounded ignorance. Ignorance is for someone to think that hardship, whether a trial or a punishment should be a reason to feel so bad about everything pertaining to God and the afterlife, or this world or that it symbolizes Allah's Anger and therefore a person has no hope. And no, this is far from reality. Some people think that punishment means that they should not come back to God, that they will necessarily commit another sin. And this is not

01:08:40 --> 01:09:19

true. And this is an example of that. This is a trick of the devil. Frankly, it is ignorance for a person to to think that because a punishment came into their life, they cannot get closer to God. That is a choice you make every single day. Hardship difficulty should cause you to think twice about the matter. If it is a punishment, take it as a sign that you're still alive. And you should go back to Allah subhanaw taala while you still have hope, you're still breathing, admit your sin, confess to Allah, repent to Allah and go back to him. Because the punishment of the next life is eternal, meaning the punishment that is coming, whether other will karate Akbar local reality, it is

01:09:19 --> 01:09:56

much worse. So if Allah punishes anyone in this world, and they're still alive, they're still breathing. They better repenting, go back to Allah, because they were lucky not to have died during that punishment, because the punishment of the next life is much worse. And if it's not a punishment, but a test a trial, use it to turn to Allah, closer to Allah as for increased status, relief, patience and forgiveness can only kill other what other naughty acquerello can we animal and the last point here, no matter how bad the punishment is, for some people in this world, when you see people of evil, killing many people, hurting other people, attacking people of religion,

01:09:56 --> 01:10:00

murdering the people of religion, people of Islam, when you see this happen

01:10:00 --> 01:10:22

When, and then you see them experience any kind of punishment. Just remember the punishment of the Hereafter is unimaginably more severe. So a person should take heed, become humble figure with regard to your shortcomings and your sins and work harder to earn the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa barakato low FICO Solomonic martial law he barakato

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