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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the relationship between father and son, where the father is seen as a good father and his son is seen as a bad father. They also touch on the importance of fatherhood and burying great fathers for success. The speakers emphasize the need for great fathers, including burying men's work and honoring their fathers again. They also discuss the importance of culture and respect for great individuals.
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The brothers and sisters have been DNR reports that the love normal model of the Lakota on home, one V, the great companion, the son of the great companion, was one day riding on his way to Mecca, and he was riding on a simple mule.

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And as he was riding,

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he had this turban that he was wearing on his head. And then they passed by this bedwin man in the middle of the road. And I'm the love normal all the time. And he gets off of his mule, and he gives him the animal. And then he takes the turban off of his head, and he puts it on his head, and he continues to walk the rest of the way. So we were shocked by his accent, it just seemed out of nowhere misplaced. Why would he leave his animal and take off his turban and give it to the man and continue to walk by foot to Mecca. And their assumption because of the appearance of the man was that he was probably just the beggar some simple person. So they said that we said time to love

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normal all the time and Houma. May Allah reward you. But these headwinds, they're satisfied with very little they used to say low sell off the who be tumbled if he would just you know, send them off with a date or two dates, they'd be satisfied. So these headwinds are satisfied with so little Why did you give him your writing animal as well as your turban and listen to what he says. He says, My father used to love his father. So panela not that my father used to love him, my father or my brother, a long time who used to love his father, and I heard the Prophet salallahu it he was some of them say about a verbal diary. And you'll see the word you know, would be He, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about rolesville, that the finest act of good good deeds, the finest act of goodness, on the part of a son is to treat kindly the loved ones of his father, that concept is such a foreign concept to us, we wouldn't even know where to start with that. But for him to just get down off of his animal and give the man his riding animal and his turban just on the basis that my dad loved his dad. And so I wanted to honor him because by honoring the son of my father's friends, I'm actually honoring my father and I'm actually honoring what Allah has taught me to honor.

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That is not an accident. That type of a father son relationship doesn't just happen. I'm the love No matter what the Allahu taala and Houma is the most frequent narrator of ahaadeeth on behalf of a parent there are more heavy from Abdullah from his father, than any other son from his father, any other child from their parents. In the entire collection of a heavy he resembled the honorable hypocotyl the alongside. In his appearance, he resembled him in his character. He had two marks under his eyes because he used to stand up and pray at night and he used to cry the way that his father would stand up that night, and cry at night. He was noted amongst the Nevada amongst them the

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laws for his love for the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just as his father was noted for his love of the prophets, Allah lahardee, who was some of them.

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And all of these characteristics and qualities that we see in him that were so profound, that when I thought about the alone time and who was stabbed, everyone rushed to all metal, the low tide Einhorn as he was assembling the shooter, to decide who will be the halifa. After him the companions were saying, You should have pointed out the law, because there won't be a drop off, then he's just like you he resembles you exactly. In character in judgment, he will be able to carry the map where you left it off. And it was Omar, who said that this office can only be for one, one person from the family book club, we don't need to tire more people. He didn't want to set that precedent of a

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father passing it down to his son. But I want to just point out one more thing here about this relationship. Because sometimes you see a person and you might think, well, that's just the greatness of that person. And you don't trace it back. It's kind of luck of the love No matter what they allow. Tyler Angela was noted for one thing, as well, Canada

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and illawarra he won he a team. He would refuse to have a meal except that an orphan was sitting with him when he was eating. That's special. That's special on the Prophet sly. Some says the worst of feasts are the one that only the privileged can attend. And the poor are left out. He took it to the next level. Don't you think that his father taking him out on the night patrols and his khilafah to serve the poor at night had that impact on him? That wasn't it

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accidental dear brothers and sisters, we look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the greatest girl that of all time, a father to follow him about the Allahu Tana. And what was faulty model the Allahu taala. And no one no one resembled the Prophet. The prophet SAW lifestyle and more in appearance and character, her walking her talking her worship, then faulting up all the time. Doesn't that have to do with the profit slice I'm checking in on her every night Even after she was married, treating her like a queen, giving her his spot in the midst of this in any place that he was sitting and honoring his daughter had a lot when we talk about fatherhood. In the era where

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fathers are represented by buffoons, and almost every movie or cartoon or anything that is presented, these types of things are lost upon us. But we need great fathers again, and we need to greatly honor our fathers again. This is something that is so prevalent in the Sunnah, so prevalent in the stories of these companions, and the small things that we would mark as traditions that no longer exists, right all the time. And he saw two men walking together and he said to the young man, who is the man next to you? He said, that's my father, who said do not call him by his name. Do not walk in front of him, and do not seat yourself before he sits for I heard the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam c'est la Yahtzee when are doing well either who Ella and Jada whom am Luca, for your study of Who are your people who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a son does not repay his father, unless he buys him as a slave finds him as a slave and buys him and emancipate him from slavery.

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We know the lofty status of the mother in Islam. It's always there that Jenna is that her feet that who should you honor first your mother then your mother than your mother than your father. But there's something here that we need to pay attention to avoid that that will be a long time and who's saying that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Edward osato, a wearable janetta injector for other radical about our health. He said some a lot. He was solemn. The father is the middle gates of the gates of paradise. So keep to this gate if you want or lose that gates. Now, it was almost all the time and who, who's most famous narration and fatherhood was a man coming to complain about his

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son, and almost siding with the son against the Father. It's not just to say that we need great fathers, it's to say that we need to try to be great fathers again, that we have to bring that culture back to our communities that we take pride in this position. This Amana that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives to us. And here we are today. Once again, burying a father this week has been a burial of fathers we have seen sons stand over the fog. They're their graves of their fathers over and over again this week in particular, started off six days ago, a young man standing over the grave of his father, then walking over to the grave of his grandfather, just a few rows over

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standing over that grave where his father once stood, and promising to continue something forward. Then we had a few a few days after that couple of days after that, another janazah. Happily, Sam said, even his father, and he reminded us at the grave site, to forgive our fathers, and to revive this tradition that we have today. So Pamela, we bury a beautiful father. The first thing that his kids say about him was that he took care of our mother, that he honored us that he always prioritize this first.

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And he didn't have to do all of that, but he did it. And that is the definition of what a great father is. The saying goes that one of the greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mothers, and Subhanallah we need great fathers again, but we need to greatly honor our fathers again. This is something that is lost often in our cinema, dear brothers and sisters, and I wanted us just in these few minutes as we prayed janazah Today on our beloved brother Sam Yusuf May Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on him and be pleased with him who stepped in and who demonstrates and just in the tributes that his children paid to him today, what a great father is supposed to be

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that we don't just use these texts when we need to weaponize them, or we should never weaponize religious texts period. But we look to these texts. And just as when we're looking at a husband wife relationship, we say you know if you want a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as your husband and B but the other one has a wife and if you want so these are the other one has a wife then via Mohammed Salah Lai Selim as a husband, and it goes that way for the mother son, mother daughter relationship when it comes

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To these relationships of fatherhood, this is the position the middle gate and gentlemen, you don't get around it. And even if it is a foreign tradition to us, we honor our fathers, with our gestures with our dads with our with our utmost respect and love of them, even if they have passed away to continue to do solder pot on their behalf and to take the best of what they taught us May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with our parents and forgive them. But the hammelmann came out of bonus era Allah amin Apolo Korea there was a lot he will come with a certain Muslim infrastructure for working and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was a happy woman with a lot

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more meaning to me now it's women listening you know what a Muslim out here in in Kissimmee or on katiba Mooji with their a lot, a lot more kerlan our Hamner word for and now what are the what the now what I'm gonna enforce in our income tax for linode Hanna Lerner coonan nominal ha serene along in the Capital One killing to Shibboleth for Anna Allahumma February Dina Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Allah homophily Valley Dina rob the hammer McNamara bonus it all along so this one and mustafina famous article all of them already have a llama f1 f1 and among kobina frequently McCann along the ethical bar the mean of his body mean was written out with one and they even said anything

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about the law and the law yet neurological exam where he talks about why an infraction even monkey will be able to come in and look into the Coronavirus Corolla he has kuroko muscular guru one and erema is it black on whether they call la Akbar Wallah. We are now in our own salon.

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