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AI: Summary © The title "Ok," by the speaker is used to express pride and confusion, and the importance of properly presenting information is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the need for research and understanding of the context of the information, as well as the importance of being a guide to others and showing mercy. The speaker emphasizes the need for proper research and presenting the right information to the right people.
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Come on I have to live with a cattle

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spring load handle now salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While Ernie he was lucky to be here, woman Werner.

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Tonight we covered in slightly Hello hottie the hadith of Abu Hurayrah, all the longtime, who were a man comes to the Prophet sly Solomon saying, saying sang to him or your family of love? What is the best of deeds? And we talked about how the prophets lie Selim is to answer this question, you know, in a different way, depending on who the questioner was, but the prophets lie, some always used to redirect people into a pot in a positive direction. And subhanAllah really in that and what I just, you know, just to comment on that, further, this idea of answering questions with wisdom, with optimism, in a prophetic manner, you can be saying the same thing, but the way that you say it,

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you know, means the entire world Subhanallah one of my teachers I used to observe him, someone comes to him and says, Chef is listening to this. Hello, right is listening to this huddle. Now, you could respond and say haram, with all of the Dinneen of the evidence, why It's haram, stay away from it, fear Allah move on to the life instead, somehow I remember the way that answered he said, he said, Well, wouldn't you want to listen to the Quran instead? Isn't it better to listen to the word of Allah? What's your purpose in life? Why were you sent here? You were sent here to worship Allah subhanaw taala so shouldn't you be engaging your ears with things your heart on your ears with

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things that will bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala so why don't you listen to the Quran instead of Why don't you listen to some beneficial words, some beneficial machines instead? And so Subhanallah the person you know, I remember this, this guy was like, okay, yeah, you know, make sense. Exactly. Love it. Now, there's, it's the same answer that he's giving. But it's the way that you answer the question. And sometimes we feel like we have to bombard people, we have to overwhelm people, with everything that we've read on an issue and everything that we know on an issue and at the expense of turning them away from Allah subhanahu wa jal. And you know, when the prophets lie,

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some says to moron if a turn on NTm Why are you going to be a fitna to the people? Oh my god, what does the Prophet slice I'm talking about because more I used to read long sorrows in Russia.

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And the people felt tortured by he wasn't reading, you know, suited eyes up, you know, or portions of the Quran. He was reading a book on earlier Milan and so

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He's torturing people. I mean, people love the Quran and he called them hypocrites because they complains that he was reading too long at Isha. Okay. fatahna enantiomer. Either you're gonna be a fitna for the people. It's there's nothing wrong with reading the Quran. But don't make the people hate the Quran and Allah you know, the a lot of time and we also study said don't give people information that they cannot properly digest. Do you want them to disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes you pull these very obscure issues out from the Quran and the Sunnah that you don't even know about properly, okay, but you haven't studied comprehensively. And you overwhelm the

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person like, Hey, did you know that this is in the Quran, and this is in the Sunnah and that this happened, and that happened, not you yourself, not knowing the proper context. And what happens is, you you cause that person to feel a diversion or to feel a wave, you know, to feel a distance from Allah subhanaw taala and from the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. It might be that you spoke the truth, you might have said the truth, the Huck, right. But that person didn't need to hear that part yet. Or in the way that you present it. Right, the way you presented, it was incorrect. It wasn't necessary for that discussion. It wasn't necessary for that moment. So it's not just having the

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truth. It's knowing when to present things, and how to present them properly, and learning how to talk to people. All right. So there's a way to say the same when the prophets license says yes, you do want to ask zero. Beshear Well, that's enough to make things easy not to make them hard to give people Glad Tidings not to deflate them prophesy Sam is not saying change the message. He's saying think about consider the way you present the message. He's not saying present the religion he's not saying give them a different religion. He's saying give it in a way that people can digest. People can understand people can apply. People can feel motivated by people can feel hope by right they can

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feel like they can come close to Allah subhanaw taala so you never find the prophets like Selim. You know we mentioned the hadith of inshallah the law of time and again, it comes to the profit slice and I'm here then to Nabi SallAllahu, and he was telling me that she asked the Prophet size and to go out and fight and battle that's inshallah the law and prophets lie some didn't say, you know, you're a woman What are you going to do sitting you know, standing in the battlefield, you know, carrying a sword, you know, stick to something else. He didn't do that. He said your hedges jihad.

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Jihad the coin hedge, okay. Are in the opposite your hedge is your

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Yeah. All right, your hedges, your struggle, go ahead and do hedge, redirect people to good. Consider the way you speak to people, whether they're Muslims or non Muslims, especially in this day and age when there are a lot of Muslims on the fence. Muslims that are, you know, they're Muslim, they grew up Muslim, but they're very uncomfortable with certain aspects of the snuff. Right? Because they don't know any better. Don't bombard people in a way that they can't tolerate that they can't digest in a way that you would turn them away from Allah subhanaw taala remembering everything, you know, human love to and I actually wonder if they mean said something very powerful.

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Never forget this. He said this in a lecture he said that when you call someone to Allah subhanaw taala make sure that if they don't accept your Dawa, that they don't come away from hating the religion.

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Okay? If at the very least, even if they're not going to accept your call, don't make them hate the deen as a result of what you said to them, as a result of the way that you spoke to them and as a result of the way that you presented the religion. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us the people who are guided and who guide people properly and who who are showing mercy via loss of Hannah to Allah and who show mercy to others, and who are able to illuminate the path of Islam properly for people by understanding the light of it, that Allah Subhana Allah has centered within We ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings in ourselves and in the way that we present the religion to

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others along I mean, any questions?

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All right, Zach, I'm a little Hayden's private law firm to get Shadowland stuff we'll go to like the barbecue inshallah. So tomorrow's tafsir chef, Yasser Steph citizens environment