Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #13 – Your Limbs Will Testify

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You may know that your deeds will appear in the form of human beings in your grave to speak of what you’ve sent forth. But what will happen when your limbs speak? Your possessions? The animals you encountered and the earth you prayed upon? On the Day of Judgment, Allah the All-Seeing will cause everything from your life in this world to testify for or against you according to your deeds.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of heart and the use of words like "has" and "has spoken" to indicate actions or words. The history of Islam, including the legal system for witnessing and the use of deadly drugs, is also discussed. The speakers mention the history of the legal system and the use of deadly drugs in court for witnessing, as well as the recording of a song by the Prophet and the upcoming video by the animal community.
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What if everything we owned, and everything we think we own of our body parts could speak? How paranoid would we be about our own hearts contradicting us and our own bodies, our homes, our devices testifying against us. And the trickiest of all of those is the heart because sometimes we're not even so sure of what's in our hearts. We might see what our hands and our feet do. But it's really what's in our hearts when we act that counts most. And you have this incident where I would that would Rahim Allah two out of the famous Hadith author, he said that I said to him, I'm an Rahim Allah, I wrote this book for the sake of Allah. And the amount of Muhammad said to me, that's

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a serious claim. Instead, say that this is something my heart has been made to incline towards. So I did it's panela. It's to that level. Like, are you sure you did this for Allah because the intentions are so volatile and can switch on us at any moment. And in general for ourselves Fela to zecco, and full circle, who are alone will be managed taka, do not claim purity for yourselves, because Allah knows who indeed is pious, if you feel like you did something for Allah. You don't have to constantly tell other people that you did something for Allah. Now, as far as what you assume of other people, let them always be good assumptions. And even then the prophets I said, I'm

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said, if you want to pray, someone say, assay will fall down and Allah who has evil, whether it was actually on a lie I had, I consider such and such a person to be good. But at the end of the day, Allah says, Only true assessor, and I cannot claim anyone for sure to be pious in his sight, because only Allah knows who we really are. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to bring forth all of these things that were silent in this world to speak, either for us or against us.

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At this point, on the Day of Judgment, you're already well aware that your deeds can speak they have been personified since you've been in the grave. But while you're standing before Allah, he suddenly causes so much more to speak. In that same Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the servant being brought forth and reminded of His favours and then his forgetfulness of Allah, Prophet slicin and said, Allah calls forth another servant FEHA kulula Who Mithra Dalek, Allah says to him similar things reminds him of his favorite upon him. The difference is that this person will say when asked if he remembered the meeting with Allah, yah, Rob, meant to bigger will

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be Kitab rica won't be Russo, deca, also later was some to what I saw Dr. My Lord, I believed in you. I believed in your book, I believed in your messengers, and I prayed and I fasted and I gave charity and he'll be going on and on and on until Allah says Hoonah either stop for now and earn another I thought shall he then I like now we're going to produce our witnesses against you and the prophets lie some said that this person yet to * her off enough See, mandala the shadow Alia who is it that is going to bear witness against me I'm pretty sure no one saw this or that or heard this or that. And in one narration, he even challenges the last pants it says love Jesus Alia inertia

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hidden enough. See, I only accept a witness from myself. And Allah responds and says, The angels are sufficient and you are sufficient. Kapha be enough seeker yo Malaika Siva, you yourself are sufficient of a witness against yourself, for you to more Allah fie. So his mouth is sealed. And it's said to his thighs to kill them speak and unto his flesh speak and then to his alarm to his bones speak. Ill Yeoman asked him or Allah for him. What to kill the Mona ad him what touched her to Angela Halina Academy.

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Today we have sealed their mouths, and their hands and feet will speak and bear witness against them. And as every part of your body comes forth, in the form of a human witness, called Rudy Giuliani him Nimisha hit to Marlena they say to their skins Why are you testifying against us? I was trying to protect you. If we go to hell, then you're going to be the one that suffers call on talkin hola hola the en Takakura che it's Allah Who caused us all to speak just as he caused anything that he wants to to speak. Now this is not the average person to be clear the Prophet size have said that he can Moon as well that he can lead the Yes How to Allahu it that this is the hypocrite and this is

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the one who Allah is angry with May Allah not make us amongst them. But it shows us the capability of the limbs to speak. So if your deeds can speak, and your lips can speak those things which you used to wrong, others can speak as well. And one of the defining traits of the hypocrites who were of course nearly perfect

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tending to be believers was that they hated to spend in charity or in the Cause of Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, money and power were what they truly worshipped. So what was the first thing they tried to eliminate from the religion after the death of the Prophet slice on them, they wanted to get rid of his account, because they're materialists, and they were trying to accumulate these mountains of gold, even if that meant abusing the religion to do so. And the prophets lie some gave us severe warning to those who abandons a cow. He said Salalah Hardy Islam anyone whom Allah has given wealth, but he does not pay it's a CA. Then on the Day of Resurrection, his wealth will be

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presented to him in the shape of a poisonous snake with two poisonous glands in its mouth, and it will encircle itself around his neck and bite at his face and say anima look, Anna Kendrick, I am your wealth. I am your treasure than the profit slice on recited when I accidentally named Haroon Habima at our home alarm and bodily heat who hired on the home, those who withhold and miserliness what Allah has given them out of his grace should not take it as good for them, then who will shuffle? No. So you've told what going on back it will be Hiyama piano rather, it is bad for them, because whatever they meanly withhold will be hung around their necks, on the Day of Resurrection.

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And then places and possessions they start to speak as well on the Day of Judgment Yoma tubular Salado the day that all of the secrets of the earth are brought forth. Again, for the repentance believer, the inevitable sins are forgiven. So you're not to despair as long as you're prepared for this moment. And by the same token, the places of goodness are also going to come to your defense and if you're sincere and trying to be on the side of righteousness with Allah subhanaw taala then Allah will forgive those things that the limbs have witnessed and that those places have witnessed, so long as they were not intentional and done in you know, extended periods of hypocrisy. Now for

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the wicked, Allah sanitize says mud buckets, Allah hemocytometer will neither the heavens nor the earth shed tears for them. Even bustle the Allahu Taala and Homer, he said that for the righteous person, the place of your such that your prostration it cries when you depart from the earth. And now your place of sujood is coming forth to testify on your behalf. Now what about those, for example, who made an ombre or Hajj are they intended to do so sincerely? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about the Blackstone walleye lair but I thought no hola who yomo piano de la who is a nanny, you will see it will be Hema while he sang Yong ki Kobe Yasha Douala Minister

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lemahieu Bihac by Allah Allah will raise the black stone on the day of resurrection with two eyes by which it sees and a tongue that it speaks with. And it will testify to whoever touched it in truth in another narration, the prophet slice and I'm said yet to rook new Yeoman piano at our allotment Abbey police law Holy Son was shefa tan the Yemeni corner of the carrabba will come forth on the Day of Judgment greater than a local base of local bases this huge mountain right next to the Holman Mecca. So again, a mountain, the prophesy some said the Yemeni corner will have a tongue testifying for all of those who touched it. Then you have the animals remember the bird and the camel that were

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complaining to the prophets lie Selim in a way that only he could hear? Well, now it's the day of judgment and the animals come forth as witnesses for you or against you. And the prophets lie some said that whoever kills a small bird for play, it will come on the day of judgment and say yeah, Rob, in the foot, Anna Patel any other than Well, me too needy mantra, Oh, my Lord, so and so killed me for sports and not for any benefit. On the other hand, the prophets lie some mentioned about the seeker of knowledge. Yes, Delphi Rula, who manifest some Allah to a man Phil Otto, will he turned off he joked that everything in the heavens and the earth seeks forgiveness for that person, even

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the fish in the depths of the ocean, the birds high in the sky, they're coming on the Day of Judgment, they're testifying. Why? Because the knowledgeable believer is mindful of everything and everyone around them and realizes they have a responsibility with what they have been given to everything that they encounter. And if Allah is going to make our limbs bear witness, and Allah is going to make our possessions bear witness, then the places that we go the environments and the animals. Imagine the weight of the testimony of people we encounter when they are brought forth to bear witness for or against

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