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Santa Monica Mata Mata La Habra LA County to brotherly ahead Rahim again with another Jews a day We're number five at hum de la of our daily tfcu

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and hamdulillah Jews. Number five, we're in the middle or near the beginning of salt in the sap. And once again, we said that this surah is a sort of that deals directly about families, women, the oppressed is an overall arching theme. And taking center stage is the issues that relate to family law, the laws that relate to relatives, laws that relate to disputes and reconciliation, all of that is addressed in the concept of a soul, how to rectify one's affair and to come back together when there is disharmony. Verse number 36 is a very interesting verse in this surah it's near the beginning of these Jews and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives 10 commandments to you and I and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says why Buddha law how Allah to Allah begins worship Allah alone and do not take partners in worship with him. And then he says what we do every day. So worshiping Allah subhanaw taala take good care of your parents will be do it Dania Santa will kotoba look after those who are near near relatives to Yoo hoo, the tie of the womb ties us together when the uttama number for the orphans when Misaki those who are impoverished and poor, not necessarily that they have nothing they work but it just doesn't meet.

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Their ends just don't meet when Misaki when God the kotoba and your nearest nearest neighbors, the one that's right next door to you is someone that's important and you're given almost a year to look after them. At number six, what do you have in general, you know that the community in general those who surround you will Sahib and your friend Belgium, the one who lives near you, and who you consider as a maintenance a friend, what, what needs to be the one who's traveling and is foreign to your land, the one who's a refugee, the one who isn't from your area and territory, from your ethnicity from your race.

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Women malakut a man who come and whatever a law has given you charge of those who you have duty of care to look after anyone who's a responsibility of yours. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that these are essential, inalienable rights that we will be questioned and I you and I will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment, verse number 41. And it says if a law saying that these are the rights we have with each other, but the prophets I seldom has a greater right above us. And he had a right. His laws right upon him was to look after all of us. And this was a heavyweight and the prophets. I seldom understood this. And the verse that made him cry is is in the famous hadith of

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God alone. I knew that the Prophet asked him to recite the Quran. And he began from sorting this out until he reads verse number 41. It's like a big nap. I mean, Coolio met him. Shaheed what will the condition on the Day of Judgment be when we bring a weakness unto mankind from every nation wedgie Nabokov that would that shahida and they bring you all Mohammed again, as a witness, above all of humanity, an enormous and enormous task. Allah subhanaw taala continues to speak about discovering the truth, and those who change the truth to suit their sinful desires. And also, tada warns us about, you know, playing around with Scripture, and the law here begins to address the hypocrites

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and one of the main special interests that this sorta addresses are the conditions of hypocrisy, the attitude of the hypocrite, and how they view themselves and how they should be viewed by others. One of the things that's important is that the signs of hypocrisy that are described in the sutra are ones of self evidence that you are to worry about to look out for yourself and to know others, not just as area to be on the lookout of others in society.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also speaks about looking at what other people have, when at aminomethyl, Allahu Allahu Allah, but don't look and be critical of what Allah has given to some that maybe you have been deprived from, and that's about men to women and, you know, neighbors to each other and all of these kind of segments, it's a major theme that is found in the soul of a lot then begins to speak about a man trust. And Allah Subhana Allah says in the La Jolla, Morocco, and to Abdul MNF Illa Allah, Allah gives you an instruction, an order, a command that you fulfill the trust to those who they belong to. And tied with the fulfillment of trust is that overall arching theme of

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releasing oppression, and doing just by people in particular, the weakest men, men who are weak, weak in a physical sense, financial sense, orphans, women, the destitute the end, the widowed law speaks about this in clear terms in this area. And the law says and invites us to be from those who have this concept of America and teach it and instill it into others. Then a law begins by speaking about

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obedience to a law. I'll take a law while also we're all in agreement can be obedient to God and His Messenger and those who have been established as leaders amongst you. The prophets, I seldom taught us that our leaders should be followed, even when they're not entirely the best of people. If they are not forbidding us what is commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of that, which is the prayer and righteousness and so on, and this revolutionary spirit and the tech theory and that hydrology that carries a hot edge, it

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is something condensable in the Quran, and then a lot immediately begins to discuss the character of the hypocrites. It's almost as if Allah subhana wa Taala saying that those who don't give their allegiance to align the messenger and who are rebellious against their leadership, they have these characteristics of hypocrisy. What are the characteristics of hypocrisy, they don't stand up in prayer. And if they do, they don't remember a lot often they do it sluggishly laziale your own anass the only reason that they pray is that people see them from a vantage point. Well if Koran ilaha illa kalila and their remembrance of God is literal. And therefore, Allah uses that as an example

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for you and I to be worried about increase your prayer, be vigilant in your Salah, be vigilant in your reading of the Quran, and be accepting of the leadership of Allah and His messenger and those who call us to that which is good.

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A law also warns us from the hypocrites and signs of hypocrisy that they're fluent and recite the Koran but don't understand it fly into the bedroom. An Allah says it's not flf color own don't they read the Quran Allah says do they not ponder understand reflect D deeply analyze the whole and when okay meaning the law and if it came from other than a lot they would find dispute in it a lot also ask us in this in this juice near the end of saltan nice app

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to be from those who take caution when in times of warfare when in times of hostility, which was something in the context of the revelation of the surah was experienced by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fayemi Runa, Aleikum mailjet and wider Be careful, be on guard or else your enemy may slight against you in one push. And Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the sinfulness of killing, harming other people fighting amongst Muslims amongst themselves killing another believer. All of these are things that are condemned herbal and mentioned in particular, in this chapter, and then nearing the end of this juice juice in number 25 Allah subhanaw taala talks about

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in times of warfare to be vigilant of your prayer and it's almost as if you would say well wow you know there's all this warfare maybe we can delay our prayer pray it later. No actually Allah legislates salata health, how to pray at a time of fear and Allah in these same verses as in the salata, cabinet Almudena, keytab and Mel quota that the prayer is written to be prayed at precise times, not even in warfare, can you delay it? Finally, a lot ends this Jews by once again reflect upon the hypocrites that they have their laziness, their inability to make their Vic, they seek to produce dissension and rebellion amongst the ranks of the believers. And their heart is not with

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Allah and His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah protect us from this Aloma I mean, I hope you join me again for another day as a part of my daily tips here. It's your brother. Yeah, Abraham once said Mr. Deacon, welcome to law one or two. This was Joseph number five